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Objectives for the PHPNW13 Hackathon

For the Open Source PHPExcel library (

  • Autodetect separator, enclosure and line endings for CSV Reader

    An autodetect option that will identify the separator (e.g. comma, semicolon, pipe, tab, etc), the enclosure (e.g. quote, double quote), enclosure escape character (e.g. "" or ") and line endings for csv files, and set them up for the CSV reader.

  • Helper Wizards for number format masks

    A simple helper class allowing user to specify number of decimals, leading zeroes, currency symbol, etc for numeric, accounting, etc format masks, returning a string with the appropriate format mask value

  • Helper Wizards for chart building

    A helper utility class to simplify the task of building charts

  • Helper to convert HTML markup and/or RTF markup strings to PHPExcel Rich text runs

    A helper class that will accept a string containing either HTML or RTF markup and convert to a PHPExcel Rich Text run

And anybody with a good grasp of mathematics is more than welcome to help me provide better calculations for BESSEL functions, or for some of the more complex statistical functions of MS Excel

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