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Last active August 29, 2015 14:17
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DefClass basic
(defclass tagged () ((tag :reader get-tag :writer set-tag :initform "Empty tag" :initarg :tag)))
(defclass 3d-point (tagged)
(x :reader get-x :writer set-x :initarg :x)
(y :reader get-y :writer set-y :initarg :y)
(z :reader get-z :writer set-z :initarg :z)
(setf point (make-instance '3d-point :x 1.0 :y 2.0 :z 3.0 :tag "Overwrite"))
(print (get-x point))
(print (get-y point))
(print (get-z point))
(defmethod len((obj 3d-point))
(expt (+ (expt (get-x obj) 2) (expt (get-y obj) 2) (expt (get-z obj) 2)) 0.5)
(print (len point))
(print (get-tag point))
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