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Discover ec2 instances by tag and tag value
from boto import ec2
class Resource(object):
Represents a single resource returned from the Discovery class's
get_resources method.
def __init__(self, host_name, private_host_name, ip, private_ip, tags):
self.__host_name = host_name
self.__private_host_name = private_host_name
self.__ip = ip
self.__private_ip = private_ip
self.__tags = tags
def host_name(self):
return self.__host_name
def private_host_name(self):
return self.__private_host_name
def ip(self):
return self.__ip
def private_ip(self):
return self.__private_ip
def tags(self):
return self.__tags
class Discovery(object):
def __init__(self, region):
self.__ec2conn = None
self.__ec2conn = ec2.connect_to_region(region,
aws_access_key_id="<An AWS access key>",
aws_secret_access_key="<An AWS secret key>")
if self.__ec2conn is None:
raise Exception("ec2 discovery: connection to region {} failed.".format(region))
def get_resources(self, tag=None, tag_value=None):
Returns the list of all running resources tagged with the named tag
having the passed value. If the value is None all running resources having
the tag are returned. If tag is None all running resources are returned.
result = []
reservations = self.__ec2conn.get_all_instances()
for res in reservations:
for inst in res.instances:
if inst.state != 'running':
if tag is None:
if tag not in inst.tags:
if tag_value is None:
if inst.tags[tag].lower() == tag_value.lower():
for i in range(0, len(result)):
inst = result[i]
tags = dict()
for tag in inst.tags:
tags[tag] = inst.tags[tag]
resource = Resource(inst.dns_name, inst.private_dns_name,
inst.ip_address, inst.private_ip_address, tags)
result[i] = resource
return result
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