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Created July 19, 2011 00:12
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process of adding validator test
The process of adding a validator test
When a validator has a problem, someone (Jorge probably) files a bug with the error message.
Matt isolates the bug and writes a unit test for it.
A functional test also needs to be written. The functional test runs the addon through the validator and checks that the same error messages does not show up.
Here is a bug:
"Don't show "missing type" warning for dictionary add-ons in validator"
Sometimes there is a link to a specific xpi file/addon. This one doesn't have one but since it's for any dictionary, chose the smallest dictionary file available "chichewa"
Download the xpi file to test-amo-validator/addons
Edit the file test_amo_validator/
There are a few categories of tests, pick one and add a check for the file that was just downloaded.
git push marlena master for github
pull request
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