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Marlena's github cheats
From forked & updated repo:
create branch
-git branch litmus_11759_test_blank_search (create branch)
-git checkout litmus_11759_test_blank_search (switch to that branch)
-git checkout -b litmus_11759_test_blank_search (create & switch to branch)
do work in branch
-if added files, add them to git
git add <filename>
-commit in branch
git add <changed files>
git commit -m 'message'
(do not use "git commit -a -m 'litmus 11759: added test for blank search' " as it will make AutomatedTester cry.)
push forked branch
- (if never pushed before)
git remote add myfork
- (every push)
git push origin litmus_11759_test_blank_search
Click "pull request" on original github repo
To move head back to master: git checkout master
Once work on branch is finished, clean up.
Sync back up with automatedtester's master:
git remote add automatedtester git://
git fetch automatedtester
git merge automatedtester/master
To change filename:
git mv
(commit the file)
Undoing stuff:
1. If a file has been added but not committed:
git reset <filename>
2. If you did git add -a, git commit and didn't want to commit the file BUT you don't want to discard changes:
git reset HEAD <file with changes you to uncommit but don't want to discard changes>
3. If you've made changes but haven't committed and ur new code sucks so you want to roll back to the last commit:
git checkout -- <filename>
4. If you want to get rid of a commit and go back in history,
a. look up the commit with: git log --pretty=format:"%h - %an, %ar : %s"
b. reset the head to that commit: git reset --hard a6b4c974
If you delete lots of files and git status shows you all of them:
git add -u
This stages the files to be removed from the repository index.
They will disappear after the next git add/git commit
Before you hit that big green button:
If libraries in requirements.txt get updated, will need to:
pip install -r requirements/mozwebqa.txt
or will get import errors for missing libraries.
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after all this time I'm still using this Gist :D

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Marlena commented Nov 10, 2013

Me too! <3

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nhirata commented Dec 10, 2013

Thanks Marlena! I found this useful.

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