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connerbrooks / cgd-werc.service
Last active Jan 8, 2018
cgd for swerc or werc with systemd
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Description=Job that runs cgd for my cool swerc site.
ExecStart=/home/cbrooks/develop/bin/cgd -f -c /home/cbrooks/swerc/bin/werc.rc
OsandaMalith / obfuscated.cpp
Last active May 19, 2019
Obfuscating a String using C++
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* Title: Obfuscating a String using C++
* by @OsandaMalith
??=include <iostream>
??=include <string>
??=include <stdlib.h>
TjWallas /
Created Apr 22, 2013
Embedding Vimeo Videos using WebView on Android
//Auto playing vimeo videos in Android webview
// how plugin is enabled change in API 8
if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < 8) {
} else {
btoone /
Last active Nov 19, 2020
A curl tutorial using GitHub's API


An introduction to curl using GitHub's API.

The Basics

Makes a basic GET request to the specifed URI

joergschiller /
Created Jan 24, 2012
A2DP Sink on Ubuntu Linux with bluez (streaming bluetooth stereo audio from smartphone to pc)

Howto Enable and Use A2DP Sink on Ubuntu Linux with Bluez

  1. Add Enable=Source to /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf right after [General].

  2. Find address in form XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX of phone with hcitool scan.

  3. Pair and trust smartphone with sudo bluez-simple-agent hci0 XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX and sudo bluez-test-device trusted XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX yes.

  4. Create loopback in pulseaudio connection bluetooth a2dp source with alsa sink:

kinopyo / gist:1062397
Created Jul 3, 2011
How to install coffee-script, and how to enable textmate bundler to compile coffeescript
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# don't forget to update your port tree first
sudo port selfupdate
# install coffee script using macport
sudo port install nodejs
node -v
# install npm - the Node Package Manager
git clone
cd npm