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Adding a Custom Text Field to PMPro Checkout Page
* Register Helper example for five fields. This is a test Register Helper example.
* Please add the below code to your custom plugin or Code Snippets Plugin by following this guide -
function my_pmprorh_init() {
//don't break if Register Helper is not loaded
if(!function_exists( "pmprorh_add_registration_field" )) {
return false;
$fields = array();
$fields[] = new PMProRH_Field(
'sport', // input name, will also be used as meta key
'text', // type of field
'label' => "What Sport Are You Involved In?",
'required' => true, // make this field required
'profile' => true, // show in user profile
'memberslistcsv' => true, //includes in CSV export
//add the fields into a new checkout_boxes are of the checkout page
foreach($fields as $field)
'checkout_boxes', // location on checkout page
$field // PMProRH_Field object
//that's it. see the PMPro Register Helper readme for more information and examples.
add_action( "init", "my_pmprorh_init","my_pmprorh_depends_fields_init");
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