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Flexible Skills Mod - Skill List

Flexible Skills Mod is a mod that adds a simple skill system to the Minecraft game.
Here is a list of all the skills included in version 1.14.4-1.1.0 and later of this mod.

Positive Skills

No. Icon Name Effect
1 Attack M Attack M +3.0 melee damage dealt
2 Attack C Attack C +5.0 critical melee damage dealt
3 Attack S Attack S x1.65 attack speed
4 Attack R Attack R +1.0 attack range
5 Attack P Attack P +3.0 projectile damage dealt
6 Attack L Attack L x2.0 initial speed of projectiles
7 Resistance A Resistance A x0.7 all damage taken
8 Resistance P Resistance P x0.5 projectile damage taken
9 Resistance E Resistance E x0.5 explosion damage taken
10 Resistance F Resistance F x0.5 fire damage taken
11 Resistance G Resistance G x0.2 fall damage taken
12 Stepping Stepping +0.5 step height
13 Healing Healing x1.5 health recovery
14 Stamina Stamina -50.0% food exhaustion
15 Swift Swift +5.0% movement speed
16 Experience Experience x2.0 experience points gained
17 Knockback Knockback +3 Knockback level
18 Efficiency Efficiency x3.0 mining speed when using the proper tool for a block
19 Lure Lure +2 Lure level
20 Mending Mending Grants Mending effect to all held or equipped items
21 Shielding Shielding x5.0 movement speed while holding shield
x0.2 shield activation time
22 Farming Farming Surrounding crops grow faster
Prevents farmland from beeing trampled
23 Breeding Breeding +50.0% movement speed of animals trying to reach food
Breeding animals give birth to twins
24 Gathering Gathering Can pick up items within a 8.0 block radius
25 Fast Eating Fast Eating x3.0 eating and drinking speed
26 Food Stats Food Stats Displays food saturation level and food exhaustion level
27 Stealth Stealth x0.25 detection range of some mobs
28 Aquatic Aquatic x2.0 movement speed underwater
x2.5 mining speed underwater
x3.0 breathing time underwater
29 High Jump High Jump Press Jump key when landing on the ground to jump higher
30 Skill Mastery Skill Mastery Skills are kept on death

Negative Skills

No. Icon Name Effect
1 Weak M Weak M x0.75 melee damage dealt
2 Weak C Weak C x0.68 critical melee damage dealt
3 Weak S Weak S Partially charged melee attacks deal same damage as non charged
4 Weak P Weak P x0.2 projectile damage dealt
5 Vulnerable A Vulnerable A x1.5 all damage taken
6 Vulnerable E Vulnerable E Increases knockback taken from explosion
7 Vulnerable F Vulnerable F x5.0 burn duration
x0.25 Fire Resistance duration
8 Vulnerable L Vulnerable L Contact with lava causes instant death
Catches fire when near lava
9 Vulnerable G Vulnerable G -2.0 height of fall at which fall damage occurs
10 Vulnerable W Vulnerable W Cannot breathe underwater
11 Vulnerable P Vulnerable P Poison deals lethal damage
12 Vulnerable I Vulnerable I x0.2 damage immunity duration
13 Exhaustion Exhaustion +100.0% food exhaustion
14 Slow Slow -10.0% movement speed
15 Heavy Heavy x0.75 initial speed of jumping
16 Penalty Penalty -2.0 maximum hit points for each enchanted item in hotbar, armor slots or offhand
17 Dislooting Dislooting x0.5 the number of items dropped from killed mobs
18 Awkward Awkward Cannot use items in offhand
19 Expiration Expiration x0.1 lifetime of your dropped items
20 Careless Careless Cannot hear 95.0% of ambient sounds made by hostile mobs
21 Sleepless Sleepless Cannot use a bed
22 Cavity Cavity 33.333% chance to get 2.0 damage when eating food
23 Lost Lost One of the item stacks in an inventory disappears on death
24 Monochromatic Monochromatic The world becomes black and white
25 One Way One Way Cannnot walk backwards
26 Carsick Carsick Affected by Nausea while riding on entities
Cannot fix a viewpoint while affected by Nausea
27 Languid Languid Affected by Mining Fatigue and Slowness when the weather is not sunny in the Overworld
Affected by Mining Fatigue and Slowness when in certain chunks out of the Overworld
28 Hated Hated Untamed animals become hostile
Cannot do right-click action on untamed animals
29 Coward Coward Takes 0.5 damage when targeted by mobs
30 Skillless Skillless x2 cost of skills

Unique Skills

No. Icon Name Effect
1 Fighter Fighter +4.0 melee damage dealt
x1.5 all damage taken
2 Striker Striker +5.0 unarmed damage dealt
x0.5 attack speed
3 Assassin Assassin Prevents mobs from being knocked back and having immunity period
x2.0 attack speed
x0.667 all damage dealt
4 Archer Archer x3.0 bow charging speed
x3.0 bow durability loss
5 Alchemist Alchemist Throwable potions come back to the hand after being thrown and exploded
Mobs will not drop items and experience orbs
6 Defender Defender x0.5 all damage taken
-30.0% movement speed
7 Decoy Decoy Changes the target of mobs within a 10.0 block radius to yourself
8 Critical + Critical + +7.0 critical melee damage dealt
x0.3 noncritical melee damage dealt
9 Critical - Critical - Cannot deal critical melee attack
x1.2 melee damage dealt
10 Sweep + Sweep + All melee attacks cause sweep attacks
Sweep attacks deal same damage as normal melee attacks
x0.4 melee damage dealt
11 Sweep - Sweep - Cannot deal sweep attacks
+1.0 melee damage dealt
12 Food Armor Food Armor In reducing damage, food level is used instead of defense points
In reducing damage, saturation level is used instead of armor toughness
In reducing damage, increases food exhaustion instead of armor durability loss
13 Uniform Uniform All damage taken will be 6.0
14 Static Static Immune to any status effects except those which are related to allocated skills
15 Stable Stable Prevents being knocked back
16 Casual Casual +2.5% movement speed per taking off a piece of armor
17 Detonation Detonation Explodes on death
This explosion will not destroy items
18 Indifferent Indifferent Ignores dropped items except while sneaking
19 Link Link Shares status effects with team members with this skill
20 Cartoon Cartoon Sounds and particles are spawned in melee combat
21 Crab Crab x2.3 left and right strafing speed
x0.7 forward and backward walking speed
22 Mole Mole x4 travel distance ratio of Overworld to Nether
23 Miner Miner Dirt and stone like blocks will drop experience orbs when broken
Mobs will not drop experience orbs
24 Gardener Gardener Plants flowers on blocks at the feet
25 Smelter Smelter Picks up ores and raw foods to smelt them instantly
It costs 2.0 times experience points gained from smelting them
26 Glutton Glutton Can eat anytime
x0.5 hunger points restored
27 Morphing Morphing Body morphs based on food level and food saturation level
28 Spectral Spectral Becomes translucent during the day
29 Patron Patron Villagers immediately resupply their trades
The price of items increases for 10 minutes each time resupplied
30 Charisma Charisma Always affected by Glowing
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