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Federation welcome message

Make your own message for the user here. For example: Hey @JohnSmith, I like #sports as well.

Here is some more information about this social network.

Welcome to the Federation!

The Federation is a global social network that works by having different computers talk to each other, instead of having one computer having full control over the network and people's data.

The Diaspora* Federation includes five different projects:

They are interconnected

Each of those projects are installed onto different computers called nodes, and those nodes talk to the others, and together make the full Federation. If someone is sharing something with you on a different node, your content will be sent to that node.

Think email. One person on GMail can easily send a message to another person on Hotmail or Yahoo. It works the same way in the Federation. I can be on, and you can see my posts on, or any of the other pods.

Unlike other networks like Facebook, you see what you want, not what others want you to see. Content does not get bumped up because of popularity or what you do on the social network.

#Hashtags are essential to The Federation. You follow hashtags, and posts tagged with it appear in your stream. Hashtags open up your posts to different communities. For example, the #newhere tag is followed by people that want to welcome new users into the community, and the #linux tag is followed by people that like GNU/Linux systems, or just computers in general.

Just remember, if you want to find content here remember to follow #hashtags, and other people.

When you post things there is an option called visibility. It decides who sees your posts. Public means everyone can see them (even non-users and search engines), "all aspects" (or similar) means only your contacts can see them, etc,

It is our job as the community to make posts, interact with others, invite people, fight spam, and even work on the projects themselves if we are able.

Have fun in this community.

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