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// Android
packagingOptions in Android := PackagingOptions(Nil, Nil, Seq("META-INF/NOTICE.txt", "META-INF/LICENSE.txt")),
platformTarget in Android := "android-23",
minSdkVersion in Android := "23",
targetSdkVersion in Android := "23",
debugIncludesTests in Android := false,
dexMulti in Android := true,
typedResources in Android := false,
// Proguard
proguardOptions in Android ++= Seq(
// duplicate definition :P
"-dontnote com.facebook.**",
"-dontnote org.apache.http.**",
// classes that should stay
"-keep class com.facebook.**",
"-keep class com.talkie.client.**",
"-keepattributes *Annotation*",
"-keep public class * extends { *; }",
"-keep public class * extends { *; }",
// removed unused
"-dontwarn org.slf4j.**",
"-dontwarn scala.slick.**",
"-dontwarn scalaz.**",
"-dontwarn shapeless.**"
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