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My public speeches, presentations and and stuff

My public speeches

Actually, more like hall of shame because I cannot watch/listen to myself without cringe, but in this time and age everyone has to be a salesman. Well, not really, but it kind of help with self-development and getting confidence, so whatever. Remember kids! You don't have to be competent to be a public speaker! (Or write a book. Or blog. Or OSS. Or get a job.)

Optimizing Heavy Web Service presentation

My first public presentation. I made a test run of it internally, in ScalaC, but speaking in front of a lot of unfamiliar faces for the first time was super scary. :) I talked about what I learnt when I was working with my first, big Scala project, about the tools that were used to instrument application and a few techniques that we used when we discovered bottlenecks. And none of these techniques involved tuning JVM. :D

High Quality with Scala from Day One presentation

This one was even more scary to me than the first one. I was the first time in London, and everyone there was someone new to me. I felt really nervous through all the presentation. :D The presentation was about basically using linters and conventions to move away from all that crap that "better Java" approach produces, though today I would have 10x more to say about the topic.

High Quality with Scala from Day One presentation (again)

  • ScaLAB conference
  • Wrocław, at Afrykarium conference hall, 2016.06.25
  • Unfortunatelly no videos

I was a bit anxious about this one so whenit was my turn I decided to start ASAP before the stress kick-in. As a result it was the first presentation I gave with a relative ease. Probably, because I was presenting it for the second time.

Scala On Android presentation (in PL)

This was a small, local conference organised by Wrocław Scala community members. Talks were in Polish, and no video was uploaded to this day, still it was fun. I talked about my findings when I tried to develop some small project on Android (for the first time) and for that I used, Scala, Scalaz and Free monads. Well, it run.

Nice Scalaz (and Cats) monads you want to use: State, Free, Task, as well as Validation workshop

This workshop was crazy. Even though I started working on it quite early, even diring the weekend before the conference I saw a lot of flaws to address (which were not fast to fix, as I still wrote all HTML tags for Reveal.js manually at a time) and I was running out of time. Workshops were at Wedensday, and I was driving from Wrocław to Gdańsk at Tuesday. It was something like 5h of driving after 4h of sleeping, because there was so much to do, and no day off (I took half of the Tuesday off, and whole of Wedensday and Thursday because of conference). Never again. I though I was gonna die on highway. Tuesday evening was a test run, internally at ScalaC, so later that night and the next morning before workshops, I was still commiting fixes based on a feedback. But at least, a few good people became interested in Cats ecosystem and became contributors, so it was worth it, I guess?

Scala Is Not Java presentation

I didn't have any dry run with this one, so I was waaaay overtime and organiser wanted to kill me afterwards. But I wasn't super stressed, so I guess I slowly got used to making a fool of myself publicly.

Nice Scalaz (and Cats) monads you want to use: State, Free, Task, as well as Validation workshop again

I did my ScalaWave workshop again to get a free ticket to Lambda Days conf. This time I had the presentation done, and ScalaC hired some public speaking coach, so for the first time I was actually prepared to make a speech! One of the improvements I made was changing the time of workshops from 4h to 6h. Today I would probably suggest 8h. Except today, I would redo almost everething, but why should I if some other competent people already prepare such courses and keep them up to date?

From Type To Kind Projector presentation

They wanted a presentation about types, they got everything I have. The first half I presented completely sober, and after some break from presenting, so I was a bit nervious. The second part I did after one beer, and I admit it helped. At least it helped me, content was of the same quality as always (low). But this was the first time I used ASCIIDoctor generator for Reveal.js, so I was able to create the slides faster that ever before!

Explain FP Like Richard Feynman presentation (in PL)

When I was encouraged to apply to Scalar, I saw all these technical stuff that was already spoken, and I though: "Oh, go to hell! Let's do a light speech that will set the lower bound of quality!". But in the meantime, ScalaWAW organisers suggested that I could present it before Scalar. So I did. It was really fun.

Explain FP Like Richard Feynman presentation (again but in EN)

I got this talk right after John do Goes and Wiem Zine and I know I will look bad in comparison. But since I already decided that I will just speak about a few things that are interesting me, and heavy, mind-bogging stuff will be taken care by other speakers, so the dissapointment in lowering the bar won't be that much of an issue, I went with it at it and it was OK. It would be much worse if I had to present after much more presentations of higher quality.

Guest at Scala Love podcast discussing Things You Need to Know about JVM

Dear Scala Lover organisers invited me to talk a bit about my book about Scala and JVM. :) It was really nice experience after which a lot of my friends complained to me about the quality of my mic. So I had to buy a better one.

Why You Should Care About JVM presentation

My first public presentation after a long break. To my surprise, I didn't go overtime. While preparing it I decided to experiment a bit with drawing and handwriting as something to illustrate what is happening. Kinda worked? I was invited, I had no better idea, so I used this as an opportunity to do some shameless self-promotion and sell millions of copies of my book. It didn't work, I still have to be employed.

A Few Tips on Modellling things in Scala presentation

Scala Love set up a high bar for other on-line conferences. It was a pleasure to be there. I presented the topic that became deer to me - how to define your models so maintenance of code would be easier, intentions more self-evident and dealing with the edges of your world (API, DBs) a little less hacky. The topic is huge and I could only cover a small portion of it, so I picked what I believe is both quite important, and hardly ever discussed (= no conflicts with other speakers) - breaking away from omnipresence of flat models, often full of options.

Why Event Sourcing is hard presentation

LambdaDats 2022 was a great and refreshing experience after a long break from presenting in front of a live audience. I loved how I meet many people in person and the discussion we had. It made it easy go on stage and present what I believed was hardly ever mentioned by many intruductions to event sourcing: that once you start dealing with a real project and a real world there are challenges. They are not impossible to overcome (after all we use ES on prod and it works!) but it helps being aware of certain things upfront.

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