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joaocunha / How To Hide The Select Arrow On
Last active Jul 20, 2021
How to hide <select> dropdown's arrow in Firefox when using "-moz-appearance: none;".
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This is no longer a bug. I'm keeping the gist for historical reasons, as it helped to get it fixed. Make sure to read the notes by the end of the post.

How to remove hide the select arrow in Firefox using -moz-appearance:none;

TL;DR (or, the fix)

  1. Set -moz-appearance to none. This will "reset" the styling of the element;
  2. Set text-indent to 0.01px. This will "push" the text a tiny bit[1] to the right;
webster /
Last active Nov 20, 2015
Minneapolis City Council and Mayor's responses to #JamarClark

Online public statements and media comments from, and actions by, Minneapolis City leaders regarding the November 15 shooting of Jamar Clark and the protest actions following. If you're aware of any new statements or actions, please let me know on Twitter (@webster) or via email (

I stopped updating this shortly after the November 18 raid, but I am still capturing and archiving to create a more meaningful timeline down the road.

Ward 1 – City Council Member Kevin Reich

No public statements.