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A custom property transformer to translate a ndb.JsonProperty into a repeated record with fields for each of the keys in the original JSON.
class TransformedVideoTranslationInfo(bq_property_transform.TransformedEntity):
'translated_youtube_ids': {
'name': 'translated_youtube_ids',
'type': 'record',
'mode': 'repeated',
'fields': [
{'name': 'language',
'type': 'string'},
{'name': 'youtube_id',
'type': 'string'}
def transform_custom_property(cls, entity, schema_field):
"""Do a custom transform for the translated_youtube_ids field.
This will convert the json property to a repeated record property
containing subproperties 'language' and 'youtube_id' for each
if schema_field['name'] == 'translated_youtube_ids':
languages = []
parsed_json = json.loads(entity[schema_field['name']])
for k, v in parsed_json.items():
languages.append({'language': k, 'youtube_id': v})
return {'translated_youtube_ids': languages}
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