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Created Feb 26, 2020
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Some functions for exploring the Collatz graph
from typing import Dict
import numpy as np
collatz_graph: Dict[int, int] = dict()
collatz_path_lengths: Dict[int, int] = dict()
def collatz(n: int):
collatz_path_lengths[n] = collatz_iter(n)
return collatz_path(n)
def collatz_path(n: int):
path_length = collatz_path_lengths[n]
path = np.zeros(path_length, dtype=np.int64)
n_i = n
path[0] = n
for i in range(1, path_length):
path[i] = collatz_graph[n_i]
n_i = collatz_graph[n_i]
return path
def collatz_iter(n: int):
if n == 1:
return 1
n_i = collatz_graph.get(n, None)
if n_i is None:
if n % 2:
n_i = (3*n) + 1
collatz_graph[n] = n_i
n_i = n / 2
collatz_graph[n] = n_i
return 1+collatz_iter(n_i)
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