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Created March 25, 2011 23:45
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workman keyboard layout for vim
"A blatant workman ripoff of bmx 007's beautiful colemak version called 'colqer' It makes vim so that you can insert and Ex mode in the workman keyboard layout, but can do the rest in qwerty.
"usage: put it in ~/.vim/plugin/ as workman.vim
"press \; in normal mode to activate/deactivate it.
"Keyboard is qwerty
" we want workman in insert mode
function IMapColemak()
if s:imap_colemak == 0
noremap! q q
noremap! w d
noremap! e r
noremap! r w
noremap! t b
noremap! y j
noremap! u f
noremap! i u
noremap! o p
noremap! p ;
noremap! a a
noremap! s s
noremap! d h
noremap! f t
noremap! g g
noremap! h y
noremap! j n
noremap! k e
noremap! l o
noremap! ; i
noremap! z z
noremap! x x
noremap! c m
noremap! v c
noremap! b v
noremap! n k
noremap! m l
noremap! Q Q
noremap! W D
noremap! E R
noremap! R W
noremap! T B
noremap! Y J
noremap! U F
noremap! I U
noremap! O P
noremap! P :
noremap! A A
noremap! S S
noremap! D H
noremap! F T
noremap! G G
noremap! H Y
noremap! J N
noremap! K E
noremap! L O
noremap! : I
noremap! Z Z
noremap! X X
noremap! C M
noremap! V C
noremap! B V
noremap! N K
noremap! M L
let s:imap_colemak = 1
function IUnmapColemak()
if s:imap_colemak == 1
unmap! q
unmap! w
unmap! e
unmap! r
unmap! t
unmap! y
unmap! u
unmap! i
unmap! o
unmap! p
unmap! a
unmap! s
unmap! d
unmap! f
unmap! g
unmap! h
unmap! j
unmap! k
unmap! l
unmap! ;
unmap! z
unmap! x
unmap! c
unmap! v
unmap! b
unmap! n
unmap! m
unmap! Q
unmap! W
unmap! E
unmap! R
unmap! T
unmap! Y
unmap! U
unmap! I
unmap! O
unmap! P
unmap! A
unmap! S
unmap! D
unmap! F
unmap! G
unmap! H
unmap! J
unmap! K
unmap! L
unmap! :
unmap! Z
unmap! X
unmap! C
unmap! V
unmap! B
unmap! N
unmap! M
let s:imap_colemak = 0
"Keyboard is workman
"we want to keep the qwerty for command mode
function CMapQwerty()
if s:cmap_qwerty == 0
noremap q q
noremap <c-q> <c-q>
noremap d w
noremap <c-d> <c-w>
noremap r e
noremap <c-r> <c-e>
noremap w r
noremap <c-w> <c-r>
noremap b t
noremap <c-b> <c-t>
noremap j y
noremap <c-j> <c-y>
noremap f u
noremap <c-f> <c-u>
noremap u i
noremap <c-u> <c-i>
noremap p o
noremap <c-p> <c-o>
noremap ; p
noremap <c-;> <c-p>
noremap a a
noremap <c-a> <c-a>
noremap s s
noremap <c-s> <c-s>
noremap h d
noremap <c-h> <c-d>
noremap t f
noremap <c-t> <c-f>
noremap g g
noremap <c-g> <c-g>
noremap y h
noremap <c-y> <c-h>
noremap n j
noremap <c-n> <c-j>
noremap e k
noremap <c-e> <c-k>
noremap o l
noremap <c-o> <c-l>
noremap i ;
noremap <c-i> <c-;>
noremap z z
noremap <c-z> <c-z>
noremap x x
noremap <c-x> <c-x>
noremap m c
noremap <c-m> <c-c>
noremap c v
noremap <c-c> <c-v>
noremap v b
noremap <c-v> <c-b>
noremap k n
noremap <c-k> <c-n>
noremap l m
noremap <c-l> <c-m>
noremap Q Q
noremap D W
noremap R E
noremap W R
noremap B T
noremap J Y
noremap F U
noremap U I
noremap P O
noremap : P
noremap A A
noremap S S
noremap H D
noremap T F
noremap G G
noremap Y H
noremap N J
noremap E K
noremap O L
noremap I :
noremap Z Z
noremap X X
noremap M C
noremap C V
noremap V B
noremap K N
noremap L M
let s:cmap_qwerty = 1
function CUnmapQwerty()
if s:cmap_qwerty == 1
unmap f
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-f>"
unmap <c-f>
unmap p
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-p>"
unmap <c-p>
unmap g
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-g>"
unmap <c-g>
unmap j
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-j>"
unmap <c-j>
unmap l
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-l>"
unmap <c-l>
unmap u
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-u>"
unmap <c-u>
unmap y
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-y>"
unmap <c-y>
unmap ;
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-;>"
unmap r
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-r>"
unmap <c-r>
unmap s
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-s>"
unmap <c-s>
unmap t
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-t>"
unmap <c-t>
unmap d
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-d>"
unmap <c-d>
unmap n
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-n>"
unmap <c-n>
unmap e
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-e>"
unmap <c-e>
unmap i
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-i>"
unmap <c-i>
unmap o
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-o>"
unmap <c-o>
unmap k
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-k>"
unmap <c-k>
unmap F
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-F>"
unmap P
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-P>"
unmap G
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-G>"
unmap J
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-J>"
unmap L
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-L>"
unmap U
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-U>"
unmap Y
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-Y>"
unmap :
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-:>"
unmap R
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-R>"
unmap S
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-S>"
unmap T
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-T>"
unmap D
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-D>"
unmap N
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-N>"
unmap E
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-E>"
unmap I
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-I>"
unmap O
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-O>"
unmap K
echo "UNMAPING unmap <c-K>"
let s:cmap_qwerty = 0
map <Plug>IMapColemakUnmapColemak :call IMapColemak()<CR>
map <Plug>IUnmapColemakUnmapColemak :call IUnmapColemak()<CR>
map <Plug>CmapQwertyUnmapColemak :call CmapQwerty()<CR>
map <Plug>CunmapQwertyUnmapColemak :call CunmapQwerty()<CR>
let s:imap_colemak = 0
function IMapColemakSwitch()
call CUnmapQwerty()
if s:imap_colemak == 1
call IUnmapColemak()
echo "Normal"
call IMapColemak()
echo "WORKMAN"
let s:cmap_qwerty = 0
function CMapQwertySwitch()
call IUnmapColemak()
if s:cmap_qwerty == 1
call CUnmapQwerty()
echo "Normal"
call CMapQwerty()
echo "QWERTY"
nnoremap <Leader>; :call IMapColemakSwitch()<cr>
nnoremap <Leader>o :call CMapQwertySwitch()<cr>
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