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Last active June 20, 2024 13:25
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List of recent projects

Software Projects

Larger Projects

(circa 2018) Trym delivers a barber on-demand to your home to cut your hair. I worked on this project with a friend, he got the barbers and did marketing while I build the site.

Arshia is working on this full-time as his start up but I couldn't fully commit to another startup so I put this on hold.

(circa 2017) A mobile marketplace for 'selling to your friends first,' similar to letgo or OfferUp but taking advantage of your social network. It's a React Native app (iOS is stable, Android was under construction when we stopped working on the project) with a Firebase / Google Cloud backend.

I worked on it with a friend of mine and we received a Letter of Intent from an accelorator to invest in us. However, my co-founder didn't want to take the investment. I was very excited to take Selbi seriously so we split ways and I open sourced the code.

Check out the bi-weekly sync page if you wanna follow our process and checkout this medium post when I was trying to crowdsource an engineering review.

Fun things I actually use

(circa 2023) A small web-app that displays a timer and will talk me through a sequence of stretches or exercises. I use this multiple times per day. What's fun about this project is that web code was written almost entirely by ChatGPT.

(circa 2019) Nudge blocks distracting apps and suggests alternative activities. The idea is to break the habit cycle. You have some trigger (eg. feeling sad or lonely or bored) that causes you to instinctively open an addicting app. Nudge blocks the app and suggests an alternative app like Kindle or a meditation app that you might find more productive.

(circa 2016) An android app to filter notification down to only the important ones. It filters all notifications without "@username" and uses machine learning to offer improved filters over time.

(circa 2023) Commandline tool to play Dungeons & Dragons with audio. The dungeon master is GPT4 and the voice is from ElevenLabs

(circa 2014) An android game for comparing how well one can say the word "penis." It's totally a joke but some people will get really into it.

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