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Example payload which could be POSTed to
"orderId": "fakeorderid",
"services": { "haircut": 1},
"name": "Matt Dailey",
"phone": "+12064379006",
"email": "",
"requestedBarber": "Any",
"address": "376 San Carlos St",
"orderDate": "2018-03-25T17:24:19.726Z",
"orderTimestamp": "2018-03-25T17:24:19.726Z",
"startDate": "2018-03-25T17:24:19.726Z",
"startTimestamp": "2018-03-25T17:24:19.726Z",
"endDate": "2018-03-25T17:24:19.726Z",
"endTimestamp": "2018-03-25T17:24:19.726Z"
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