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Pyramid functional testing example
from contextlib import contextmanager
import tempfile
from unittest import mock
import factory
import pytest
from betterevidence import models
def engine(app_settings):
from betterevidence.models.meta import Base
from betterevidence.models import get_engine
engine = get_engine(app_settings)
return engine
def connection(engine):
connection = engine.connect()
yield connection
def transaction(connection):
transaction = connection.begin()
yield transaction
def session(app_settings, connection, transaction):
from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
Session = sessionmaker()
session = Session(bind=connection)
return session
def app_settings():
yield {"secret": "secret", "sqlalchemy.url": "sqlite://"}
def root_app_inner(app_settings):
from betterevidence import main
app = main({}, **app_settings)
app.registry["dbsession_factory"].kw["bind"] = connection
yield app
def root_app(root_app_inner, connection):
root_app_inner.registry["dbsession_factory"].kw["bind"] = connection
yield root_app_inner
def webtest(root_app, session):
from webtest import TestApp
return TestApp(root_app)
def test_sites_json_returns_empty_list_if_no_sites(self, webtest):
result = webtest.get("/sites.json")
assert result.json == []
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