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Matti Schneider MattiSG

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MattiSG / Artifacts, practice and knowledge
Created May 29, 2014
“Artefacts, practice & knowledge elaboration” seminary notes
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Artefacts, practice & knowledge elaboration: an interdisciplinary perspective


Two views of artefacts:

  • [Artefacts in groups?]
  • Artefacts as the prolongation of cognitive systems.
MattiSG /
Created Jun 25, 2014
Faire science avec l'incertitude — notes de séminaire

Positivisme et Constructivisme

Les objets d'étude des SHS et leur connaissance est incertaine. La connaissance des objets physiques peut être incertaine, mais celle des objets sociaux l'est d'autant plus que ces derniers sont des constructions sociales. Double constructions ontologique car l'interprétation dépend à la fois des catégories du chercheur et de

Systèmes complexes : métathéorie. Individus, sociétés, cultures sont des systèmes complexes. Approche qui focalise sur les interactions, imbrication des niveaux, phénomènes émergents, imprédictibilité… changement car réductionnisme impossible.

Deux sources de complexité en SHS :

  • Grand nombre d’éléments et interactions, même si les interactions sont simples.
  • Complexité des interactions, caractéristique en SHS : comportements, stratégies, intentionnalité…
MattiSG /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Watai v0.6.2 tutorial

Watai tutorial: the DuckDuckGo example


We’ll present a test for the DuckDuckGo search engine. This engine is just like Google, except that it doesn’t track you, and that it has a nice disambiguation feature: the “Zero Click Info box”.

Let’s imagine we are engineers at DuckDuckGo, and we want to test if a Zero Click Info box is shown for an acronym: “TTIP”.

MattiSG /
Created Oct 14, 2014
Humble Mozilla Bundle

I'll try to elaborate a bit more on and explain why the Humble Mozilla Bundle is such a noticeable event.

Let's recap what's happening: a non-profit (Mozilla) partners with an indie promotion platform (HumbleBundle) to promote its free open-source tech (asm.js and Firefox). It uses all its communication power for this (social accounts but, more importantly, the Firefox start page that morphs into a game itself). Private, independent actors (the game creators and HumbleBundle) benefit from this, the non-profit does too (portions of the bundle price go back to Mozilla), and most of all the union of such big actors proves the platform can deliver the promise.

Mozilla had done several demos of HTML5 + WebGL + asm.js being a proper platform for

MattiSG / Count unread mails.js
Created Nov 21, 2014
Userscripts for Outlook webmail
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/** If you use, this is a drop-in.
* The variable storing the count of unread mails is window.fluid.dockBadge, change it as needed for your use case.
window.fluid.dockBadge = '';
setTimeout(updateDockBadge, 1000);
setTimeout(updateDockBadge, 3000);
setInterval(updateDockBadge, 5000);
function updateDockBadge() {
MattiSG / gist:91cc73e0f8cf76ddf094
Created Jan 9, 2015
OpenFisca failure stack trace
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14:57:59,557 ERROR [openfisca_core.formulas] An error occurred while calling formula individus@reintegration_titre_restaurant_employeur<2015-02> in openfisca_france.model.cotisations_sociales.remuneration_prive.reintegration_titre_restaurant_employeur
14:57:59,558 ERROR [openfisca_core.formulas] An error occurred while calling formula individus@salbrut<2015-02> in openfisca_france.model.cotisations_sociales.remuneration_prive.salbrut
14:57:59,558 ERROR [openfisca_core.formulas] An error occurred while calling formula individus@ratio_smic_salaire<2015> in openfisca_france.model.cotisations_sociales.allegements.function_2012
14:57:59,558 ERROR [openfisca_core.formulas] An error occurred while calling formula individus@allegement_fillon_annuel<2015> in openfisca_france.model.cotisations_sociales.allegements.allegement_fillon_annuel
14:57:59,558 ERROR [openfisca_core.formulas] An error occurred while calling formula individus@allegement_fillon<2015-01> in

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am mattisg on github.
  • I am mattisg ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 4153 9680 D622 BF41 8CFE 53AD D175 0153 BF1B E9D0

To claim this, I am signing this object:

MattiSG / gist:3075116
Created Jul 9, 2012
Drop-in cross-platform OSX “open” functionality
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# Cross-platform Darwin open(1)
# Simply add this function definition above any OSX script that uses the “open” command
# For additional information on the “open” command, see
open() {
if [[ $(uname) = "Darwin" ]]
then /usr/bin/open "$@" #OS X
else xdg-open "$@" &> /dev/null & # credit:
MattiSG / gist:3471250
Created Aug 25, 2012
Automatically install Symfony 1 and dependencies on OS X
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if ! /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysql.server start > /dev/null
then echo "MySQL package installed ? Check"
exit 1
echo '[client]
socket = /var/mysql/mysql.sock
MattiSG /
Created Aug 25, 2012
Extract PDF preview from Pages document
extract() {
if echo $1 | egrep -q '.pages\/?$'
then arg="$1"
trimmed="$(echo $arg | sed 's:/$::' | sed 's:\.pages::')"
else arg="$1.pages"
echo "source : $arg/QuickLook/Preview.pdf"
echo "dest : $trimmed.pdf"
if cp "$arg/QuickLook/Preview.pdf" "$trimmed.pdf"