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MaxEtMoritz / artist_title.lua
Created November 8, 2023 11:34
VLC Lua script to extract artist and title metadata from the filename
Tries to extract artist and title from the filename.
Expected file name format: <artist> - <title>.ext
Usage: put this script inside <vlc-dir>/lua/meta/fetcher folder (create if not present).
If a music file is opened without meta tags, the script analyzes the filename and, if the pattern applies, sets the extracted artist and title info as metadata.
function descriptor()
return { scope="local" }
MaxEtMoritz / woov_timetable_2_ical.js
Last active May 25, 2024 16:01
Woov ( event timetable to ical. Designed to run in NodeJS, but can be adapted for browser if needed.
const fs = require('fs');
const { exit } = require('process');
const readline = require('readline');
const rl = readline.createInterface({ input: process.stdin, output: process.stdout });
const prompt = query => new Promise(resolve => rl.question(query, resolve));
const {sep} = require('path')
// TODO: The current color-coding does not work (first, it seems to be the same for every stage in woov; second, ical expects CSS3 named colors and not css hex string like woov provides)
// TODO: The schema provides the possibility to set artist overrides per show. Have never seen one being set, though. Thus not yet implemented.
MaxEtMoritz /
Last active June 15, 2023 08:36
Muzio to ListenBrainz

Muzio to ListenBrainz

Helper to import listens of a music player app to ListenBrainz.

Written for Muzio Player, but can maybe be adapted for other players.

How did i get the music player's history?

Step 1: Backup app data