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Dark Souls 2 Parts ID's
WP_1000_A Dagger
WP_1010_A Bandit's Knife
WP_1040_A Mytha's Bent Blade
WP_1050_A Shadow Dagger
WP_1060_A Thief Dagger
WP_1070_A Broken Thief Sword
WP_1100_A Parrying Dagger
WP_1110_A Manikin Knife
WP_1140_A Blue Dagger
WP_1150_A Umbral Dagger
WP_1160_A Retainer's Short Sword
WP_1200_A Broken Straight Sword
WP_1210_A Shortsword
WP_1220_A Longsword
WP_1230_A Broadsword
WP_1240_A Foot Soldier Sword
WP_1250_A Puzzling Stone Sword
WP_4921_A Possessed Armor Sword
WP_1270_A Varangian Sword
WP_1280_A Blue Flame
WP_1290_A Fume Sword
WP_1320_A Heide Knight Sword
WP_1330_A Red Rust Sword
WP_1340_A no text
WP_1350_A Black Dragon Sword
WP_1360_A Sun Sword
WP_1370_A Drakekeeper's Sword
WP_1380_A Ashen Warrior Sword
WP_1390_A Ivory Straight Sword
WP_1400_A Estoc
WP_1410_A Mail Breaker
WP_1420_A Chaos Rapier
WP_1430_A Spider's Silk
WP_1440_A Espada Ropera
WP_1500_A Rapier
WP_1520_A Black Scorpion Stinger
WP_1530_A Ricard's Rapier
WP_1580_A Ice Rapier
WP_1600_A Falchion
WP_1610_A Shotel
WP_1620_A Warped Sword
WP_1630_A Eleum Loyce
WP_1640_A Manikin Sabre
WP_1650_A Scimitar
WP_1660_A Red Rust Scimitar
WP_1670_A Spider Fang
WP_1680_A Melu Scimitar
WP_1690_A Monastery Scimitar
WP_1700_A Uchigatana
WP_1710_A Washing Pole
WP_1720_A Chaos Blade
WP_1730_A Blacksteel Katana
WP_1740_A Manslayer
WP_1760_A Darkdrift
WP_1770_A Berserker Blade
WP_1790_A Bewitched Alonne Sword
WP_1800_A Bastard Sword
WP_1810_A Flamberge
WP_1820_A Claymore
WP_1830_A Majestic Greatsword
WP_1831_A Majestic Greatsword
WP_1850_A Drangleic Sword
WP_1860_A Thorned Greatsword
WP_1870_A Bluemoon Greatsword
WP_1871_A Moonlight Greatsword
WP_1880_A Mastodon Greatsword
WP_1900_A Ruler's Sword
WP_1910_A Mirrah Greatsword
WP_1911_A Old Mirrah Greatsword
WP_1920_A Black Dragon Greatsword
WP_1930_A Black Knight Greatsword
WP_1940_A Royal Greatsword
WP_1950_A Old Knight Greatsword
WP_1960_A Defender Greatsword
WP_1970_A Watcher Greatsword
WP_1980_A Key to the Embedded
WP_1990_A Drakeblood Greatsword
WP_1995_A Loyce Greatsword
WP_1996_A Charred Loyce Greatsword
WP_2000_A Hand Axe
WP_2010_A Battle Axe
WP_2020_A Bandit Axe
WP_2030_A Infantry Axe
WP_2070_A Gyrm Axe
WP_2080_A Dragonslayer's Crescent Axe
WP_2090_A Butcher's Knife
WP_2100_A Silverblack Sickle
WP_2200_A Crescent Axe
WP_2210_A Greataxe
WP_2220_A Bandit Greataxe
WP_546_A Lion Greataxe
WP_2250_A Giant Stone Axe
WP_2260_A Gyrm Greataxe
WP_2290_A Black Dragon Greataxe
WP_2300_A Black Knight Greataxe
WP_2310_A Drakekeeper's Greataxe
WP_2400_A Club
WP_2410_A Mace
WP_2420_A Morning Star
WP_2430_A Reinforced Club
WP_2440_A Craftsman's Hammer
WP_2470_A Mace of the Insolent
WP_2500_A Handmaid's Ladle
WP_2520_A Blacksmith's Hammer
WP_2530_A Black Dragon Warpick
WP_2540_A Aldia Hammer
WP_2560_A Barbed Club
WP_2600_A Large Club
WP_2610_A Pickaxe
WP_2620_A Great Club
WP_2630_A Gyrm Great Hammer
WP_2660_A Iron King Hammer
WP_2670_A Malformed Skull
WP_2680_A Dragon Tooth
WP_2690_A Giant Warrior Club
WP_1054_A Malformed Shell
WP_2710_A Demon's Great Hammer
WP_2720_A Archdrake Mace
WP_2730_A Old Knight Hammer
WP_2740_A Drakekeeper's Great Hammer
WP_2750_A Sacred Chime Hammer
WP_2760_A Sanctum Mace
WP_2800_A Spear
WP_2810_A Winged Spear
WP_2820_A Pike
WP_2830_A Partizan
WP_2840_A Stone Soldier Spear
WP_2850_A Spitfire Spear
WP_2855_A Yorgh's Spear
WP_2860_A Silverblack Spear
WP_2870_A Heide Spear
WP_2880_A Pate's Spear
WP_2890_A Channeler's Trident
WP_2895_A Gargoyle Bident
WP_2896_A Dragonslayer Spear
WP_2900_A Heide Lance
WP_2920_A Heide Greatlance
WP_2930_A Grand Lance
WP_2940_A Chariot Lance
WP_2950_A Rampart Golem Lance
WP_2960_A Smelter Hammer
WP_3000_A Great Scythe
WP_3010_A Great Machete
WP_3020_A Full Moon Sickle
WP_3040_A Crescent Sickle
WP_3050_A Scythe of Nahr Alma
WP_3060_A Bone Scythe
WP_3070_A Scythe of Want
WP_3200_A Lucerne
WP_3210_A Scythe
WP_3220_A Halberd
WP_3240_A Helix Halberd
WP_3250_A Santier's Spear
WP_3251_A Santier's Spear
WP_3270_A Mastodon Halberd
WP_3280_A Blue Knight's Halberd
WP_3290_A Dragonrider's Halberd
WP_3300_A Black Knight Halberd
WP_3310_A Syan's Halberd
WP_3320_A Roaring Halberd
WP_3330_A Old Knight Halberd
WP_3340_A Old Knight Pike
WP_3350_A Drakekeeper's Warpick
WP_3370_A Wrathful Axe
WP_3410_A Claws
WP_3420_A Malformed Claws
WP_3430_A Manikin Claws
WP_3440_A Work Hook
WP_1367_A Caestus
WP_3510_A Shadow Claws
WP_3530_A Bone Fist
WP_3600_A Whip
WP_3610_A Notched Whip
WP_3620_A Bloodied Whip
WP_3630_A Spotted Whip
WP_3660_A Old Whip
WP_3800_A Sorcerer's Staff
WP_3810_A Staff of Amana
WP_3820_A Witchtree Branch
WP_3830_A Lizard Staff
WP_3850_A Olenford's Staff
WP_3860_A Archdrake Staff
WP_3870_A Bat Staff
WP_3880_A Bone Staff
WP_3890_A Staff of Wisdom
WP_3900_A Sunset Staff
WP_3910_A Pilgrim's Spontoon
WP_3930_A Azal's Staff
WP_3940_A Retainer Staff
WP_4010_A Cleric's Sacred Chime
WP_4020_A Witchtree Bellvine
WP_4030_A Priest's Chime
WP_4040_A Dragon Chime
WP_4050_A Chime of Want
WP_4060_A Archdrake Chime
WP_4080_A Idol's Chime
WP_4090_A Caitha's Chime
WP_4100_A Protective Chime
WP_4110_A Disc Chime
WP_4120_A Chime of Screams
WP_4150_A Black Witch's Staff
WP_4200_A Short Bow
WP_4210_A Long Bow
WP_4220_A Composite Bow
WP_4230_A Sea Bow
WP_4240_A Dragonrider Bow
WP_4270_A Bell Keeper Bow
WP_4280_A Bow of Want
WP_4290_A Hunter's Blackbow
WP_4400_A Alonne Greatbow
WP_4420_A Dragonslayer Greatbow
WP_4430_A Possessed Armor Greatbow
WP_4440_A Twin-headed Greatbow
WP_4600_A Light Crossbow
WP_4610_A Heavy Crossbow
WP_4630_A Shield Crossbow
WP_4660_A Avelyn
WP_4670_A Sanctum Crossbow
WP_4680_A Sanctum Repeating Crossbow
WP_5000_A Murakumo
WP_5010_A Arced Sword
WP_5040_A Curved Dragon Greatsword
WP_5050_A Curved Nil Greatsword
WP_5200_A Zweihander
WP_5210_A Greatsword
WP_5220_A Smelter Sword
WP_5225_A Aged Smelter Sword
WP_5230_A ????????? Ultra Greatsword
WP_5240_A King's Ultra Greatsword
WP_5250_A Fume Ultra Greatsword
WP_5255_A Ivory King Ultra Greatsword
WP_5270_A Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword
WP_5275_A Drakekeeper's Ultra Greatsword
WP_5280_A Crypt Blacksword
WP_5285_A Old Knight Ultra Greatsword
WP_5290_A Black Knight Ultra Greatsword
WP_5295_A Lost Sinner's Sword
WP_5310_A Stone Twinblade
WP_5330_A Dragonrider Twinblade
WP_5340_A Twinblade
WP_5350_A Red Iron Twinblade
WP_5360_A Curved Twinblade
WP_5370_A Sorcerer's Twinblade
WP_5400_A Pyromancy Flame
WP_5410_A Dark Pyromancy Flame
WP_5500_A Black Flamestone Dagger
WP_5510_A Yellow Quartz Longsword
WP_5520_A Bound Hand Axe
WP_5530_A Homunculus Mace
WP_5540_A Transgressor's Staff
WP_5600_A Longsword
WP_5610_A Murakumo
WP_5620_A Blacksteel Katana
WP_5630_A Rapier
WP_5640_A Greataxe
WP_5650_A Great Club
WP_5660_A Caestus
WP_6100_A Binoculars
WP_1000_A Buckler
WP_1005_A Benhart's Parma
WP_1010_A Small Leather Shield
WP_1020_A Iron Parma
WP_1030_A Foot Soldier Shield
WP_1040_A Target Shield
WP_1050_A Golden Falcon Shield
WP_1070_A Manikin Shield
WP_1080_A Llewellyn Shield
WP_1091_A Crimson Parma
WP_1110_A Cleric's Parma
WP_1120_A Cleric's Small Shield
WP_1130_A Magic Shield
WP_1140_A Cursed Bone Shield
WP_1150_A Sanctum Shield
WP_1160_A Varangian Shield
WP_1185_A Watcher's Shield
WP_1200_A Large Leather Shield
WP_1210_A Blue Wooden Shield
WP_1220_A Silver Eagle Kite Shield
WP_1230_A Drangleic Shield
WP_1240_A Lion Clan Shield
WP_1250_A Archdrake Shield
WP_1260_A King's Shield
WP_1270_A Mirrah Shield
WP_1280_A Old Knight's Shield
WP_1290_A Loyce Shield
WP_1295_A Charred Loyce Shield
WP_1300_A Spirit Tree Shield
WP_1310_A Golden Wing Shield
WP_1320_A Vessel Shield
WP_1330_A Shield of the Insolent
WP_1350_A Silverblack Shield
WP_1360_A Stone Parma
WP_1370_A Grand Spirit Tree Shield
WP_1380_A Moon Butterfly Shield
WP_1390_A Slumbering Dragon Shield
WP_1395_A Chaos Shield
WP_1400_A Wooden Shield
WP_1420_A Hollow Soldier Shield
WP_1430_A Royal Kite Shield
WP_1450_A Red Rust Shield
WP_1455_A Rampart Golem Shield
WP_1470_A Bell Keeper Shield
WP_1475_A Defender's Shield
WP_1480_A Black Dragon Shield
WP_1485_A Drakekeeper's Shield
WP_1490_A Porcine Shield
WP_1495_A Bone Shield
WP_1500_A Twin Dragon Greatshield
WP_1510_A Tower Shield
WP_1530_A Orma's Greatshield
WP_1540_A Reeve's Greatshield
WP_1550_A King's Mirror
WP_1560_A Dragonrider Greatshield
WP_1570_A Mastodon Greatshield
WP_1590_A Havel's Greatshield
WP_1600_A Gyrm Greatshield
WP_1610_A Pursuer's Greatshield
WP_1620_A Pate's Shield
WP_1630_A Old Knight Greatshield
WP_1640_A Drakekeeper's Greatshield
WP_1650_A Greatshield of Glory
WP_1700_A Phoenix Parma
WP_1710_A Sunlight Parma
WP_1720_A Watchdragon Parma
WP_1730_A Blossom Kite Shield
WP_1740_A Rebel's Greatshield
WP_1750_A Wicked Eye Greatshield
WP_1800_A Black Flamestone Parma
WP_1810_A Yellow Quartz Shield
WP_1820_A Bound Wooden Shield
WP_1830_A Homunculus Wooden Shield
WP_1840_A Transgressor's Leather Shield
HD_1010_A Pate's Helm
BD_1010_A Pate's Armor
AM_1010_A Pate's Gloves
LG_1010_A Pate's Trousers
HD_1020_A Thief Mask
BD_1020_A Black Leather Armor
AM_1020_A Black Leather Gloves
LG_1020_A Black Leather Boots
HD_1030_A Wanderer Hood
BD_1030_A Wanderer Coat
AM_1030_A Wanderer Manchettes
LG_1030_A Wanderer Boots
HD_1040_A Hunter's Hat
BD_1040_A Leather Armor
AM_1040_A Leather Gloves
LG_1040_A Leather Boots
HD_1041_A Hunter's Hat
HD_1050_A Knight Helm
BD_1050_A Knight Armor
AM_1050_A Knight Gauntlets
LG_1050_A Knight Leggings
HD_1060_A Elite Knight Helm
BD_1060_A Elite Knight Armor
AM_1060_A Elite Knight Gloves
LG_1060_A Elite Knight Leggings
HD_1070_A Tattered Cloth Hood
BD_1070_A Tattered Cloth Robe
AM_1070_A Tattered Cloth Manchettes
LG_1070_A Heavy Boots
HD_1080_A Brigand Hood
BD_1080_A Brigand Armor
AM_1080_A Brigand Gauntlets
LG_1080_A Brigand Trousers
HD_1100_A Imported Hood
BD_1100_A Imported Tunic
AM_1100_A Imported Manchettes
LG_1100_A Imported Trousers
HD_1140_A Traveling Merchant Hat
BD_1140_A Traveling Merchant Coat
AM_1140_A Traveling Merchant Gloves
LG_1140_A Traveling Merchant Boots
HD_1160_A Havel's Helm
BD_1160_A Havel's Armor
AM_1160_A Havel's Gauntlets
LG_1160_A Havel's Leggings
HD_1210_A Jester's Cap
BD_1210_A Jester's Robes
AM_1210_A Jester's Gloves
LG_1210_A Jester's Tights
HD_1230_A Moon Hat
BD_1230_A Astrologist's Robe
AM_1230_A Astrologist's Gauntlets
LG_1230_A Astrologist's Bottoms
HD_1320_A Faraam Helm
BD_1320_A Faraam Armor
AM_1320_A Faraam Gauntlets
LG_1320_A Faraam Boots
HD_1330_A Black Dragon Helm
BD_1330_A Black Dragon Armor
AM_1330_A Black Dragon Gauntlets
LG_1330_A Black Dragon Leggings
HD_1340_A Xanthous Crown
BD_1340_A Xanthous Overcoat
AM_1340_A Xanthous Gloves
LG_1340_A Xanthous Waistcloth
HD_1350_A Mask of Judgment
BD_1350_A Robe of Judgment
AM_1350_A Manchettes of Judgment
LG_1350_A Tights of Judgment
HD_1360_A Helm of Aurous
BD_1360_A Armor of Aurous
AM_1360_A Gauntlets of Aurous
LG_1360_A Leggings of Aurous
HD_1361_A Helm of Aurous
BD_1361_A Armor of Aurous
AM_1361_A Gauntlets of Aurous
LG_1361_A Leggings of Aurous
HD_1370_A Monastery Headcloth
BD_1370_A Monastery Longshirt
AM_1370_A Monastery Long Gloves
LG_1370_A Monastery Skirt
HD_1390_A Dingy Hood
BD_1390_A Dingy Robe
AM_1390_A Dingy Cuffs
LG_1390_A Blood-Stained Skirt
HD_1430_A Durgo's Hat
AM_1440_A Engraved Gauntlets
BD_1450_A Barrel
LG_1460_A Flying Feline Boots
HD_1470_A Moon Butterfly Hat
BD_1470_A Moon Butterfly Wings
AM_1470_A Moon Butterfly Cuffs
LG_1470_A Moon Butterfly Skirt
HD_1480_A Catarina Helm
BD_1480_A Catarina Armor
AM_1480_A Catarina Gauntlets
LG_1480_A Catarina Leggings
HD_1490_A Alva Helm
BD_1490_A Alva Armor
AM_1490_A Alva Gauntlets
LG_1490_A Alva Leggings
HD_1500_A Black Witch Veil
BD_1500_A Black Witch Robe
AM_1500_A Black Witch Gloves
LG_1500_A Black Witch Trousers
HD_1501_A Black Witch Hat
HD_1502_A Black Witch Domino Mask
HD_1600_A Drakeblood Helm
BD_1600_A Drakeblood Armor
AM_1600_A Drakeblood Gauntlets
LG_1600_A Drakeblood Leggings
HD_1610_A Northwarder Hood
BD_1610_A Northwarder Robe
AM_1610_A Northwarder Manchettes
LG_1610_A Northwarder Trousers
HD_1630_A Crown of the Old Iron King
HD_1640_A Crown of the Ivory King
HD_1650_A Crown of the Sunken King
HD_1660_A Old Bell Helm
HD_1670_A Hollow Skin
HD_1680_A Pharros Mask
LG_1690_A Flower Skirt
HD_1700_A Minotaur Helm
HD_1710_A Symbol of Avarice
HD_2020_A Hollow Soldier Helm
BD_2020_A Hollow Soldier Armor
AM_2020_A Hollow Soldier Gauntlets
LG_2020_A Hollow Soldier Leggings
HD_2021_A Royal Soldier Helm
BD_2021_A Royal Soldier Armor
AM_2021_A Royal Soldier Gauntlets
LG_2021_A Royal Soldier Leggings
HD_2030_A Hollow Infantry Helm
BD_2030_A Hollow Infantry Armor
AM_2030_A Hollow Infantry Gloves
LG_2030_A Hollow Infantry Boots
HD_2031_A Infantry Helm
BD_2031_A Infantry Armor
AM_2031_A Infantry Gloves
LG_2031_A Infantry Boots
HD_2060_A White Priest Headpiece
BD_2060_A White Priest Robe
AM_2060_A White Priest Gloves
LG_2060_A White Priest Skirt
HD_2062_A Priestess Headpiece
BD_2062_A Priestess Robe
AM_2062_A Priestess Gloves
LG_2062_A Priestess Skirt
HD_2080_A Rogue Hood
BD_2080_A Rogue Armor
AM_2080_A Rogue Gauntlets
LG_2080_A Rogue Leggings
HD_2110_A Spiked Bandit Helm
BD_2110_A Bandit Armor
AM_2110_A Bandit Gauntlets
LG_2110_A Bandit Boots
HD_2130_A Varangian Helm
BD_2130_A Varangian Armor
AM_2130_A Varangian Cuffs
LG_2130_A Varangian Leggings
HD_2180_A Black Hollow Mage Hood
BD_2180_A Black Hollow Mage Robe
HD_2182_A White Hollow Mage Hood
BD_2182_A White Hollow Mage Robe
BD_2190_A Lion Mage Robe
AM_2190_A Lion Mage Cuffs
LG_2190_A Lion Mage Skirt
HD_2220_A Steel Helm
BD_2220_A Steel Armor
AM_2220_A Steel Gauntlets
LG_2220_A Steel Leggings
HD_2230_A Shadow Mask
BD_2230_A Shadow Top
AM_2230_A Shadow Gauntlets
LG_2230_A Shadow Leggings
HD_2240_A Manikin Mask
BD_2240_A Manikin Top
AM_2240_A Manikin Gloves
LG_2240_A Manikin Boots
HD_2270_A Prisoner's Hood
BD_2270_A Prisoner's Tatters
AM_2270_A Prisoner's Gloves
LG_2270_A Prisoner's Waistcloth
HD_2271_A Prisoner's Hood
BD_2271_A Prisoner's Tatters
HD_2310_A Archdrake Helm
BD_2310_A Archdrake Robes
AM_2310_A Archdrake Gloves
LG_2310_A Archdrake Boots
HD_2350_A Gyrm Warrior Helm
BD_2350_A Gyrm Warrior Armor
AM_2350_A Gyrm Warrior Gloves
LG_2350_A Gyrm Warrior Boots
HD_2351_A Gyrm Warrior Greathelm
HD_2360_A Dark Mask
BD_2360_A Dark Armor
AM_2360_A Dark Gauntlets
LG_2360_A Dark Leggings
HD_2370_A Warlock Mask
HD_2460_A Tseldora Cap
BD_2460_A Tseldora Robe
AM_2460_A Tseldora Manchettes
LG_2460_A Tseldora Trousers
AM_4847_A Peasant Hat
AM_7555_A Peasant Attire
HD_2510_A Ironclad Helm
BD_2510_A Ironclad Armor
AM_2510_A Ironclad Gauntlets
LG_2510_A Ironclad Leggings
AM_3039_A Old Ironclad Helm
AM_8627_A Old Ironclad Armor
HD_2520_A Royal Swordsman Helm
BD_2520_A Royal Swordsman Armor
AM_2520_A Royal Swordsman Gloves
LG_2520_A Royal Swordsman Leggings
HD_2530_A Syan's Helm
BD_2530_A Syan's Armor
AM_2530_A Syan's Gauntlets
LG_2530_A Syan's Leggings
HD_2540_A Bone Crown
BD_2540_A Bone King Robe
AM_2540_A Bone King Cuffs
LG_2540_A Bone King Skirt
HD_3010_A Heide Knight Greathelm
BD_3010_A Heide Knight Chainmail
AM_3010_A Heide Knight Gauntlets
LG_3010_A Heide Knight Leggings
HD_3011_A Heide Knight Iron Mask
BD_3040_A Singer's Dress
BD_3041_A Singer's Dress
BD_3042_A Singer's Dress
HD_3050_A Smelter Demon Helm
BD_3050_A Smelter Demon Armor
AM_3050_A Smelter Demon Gauntlets
LG_3050_A Smelter Demon Leggings
HD_3060_A Alonne Captain Helm
BD_3060_A Alonne Captain Armor
HD_3061_A Alonne Knight Helm
BD_3061_A Alonne Knight Armor
AM_3061_A Alonne Knight Gauntlets
LG_3061_A Alonne Knight Leggings
HD_3070_A Vengarl's Helm
BD_3070_A Vengarl's Armor
AM_3070_A Vengarl's Gloves
LG_3070_A Vengarl's Boots
BD_3080_A Lion Warrior Cape
AM_3080_A Lion Warrior Cuffs
LG_3080_A Lion Warrior Skirt
HD_3081_A Lion Warrior Helm
BD_3081_A Red Lion Warrior Cape
HD_3120_A Grave Warden Mask
BD_3120_A Grave Warden Top
AM_3120_A Grave Warden Cuffs
LG_3120_A Grave Warden Bottoms
HD_3130_A Falconer Helm
BD_3130_A Falconer Armor
AM_3130_A Falconer Gloves
LG_3130_A Falconer Boots
HD_3140_A Rusted Mastodon Helm
BD_3140_A Rusted Mastodon Armor
AM_3140_A Rusted Mastodon Gauntlets
LG_3140_A Rusted Mastodon Leggings
HD_3160_A Desert Sorceress Hood
BD_3160_A Desert Sorceress Top
AM_3160_A Desert Sorceress Gloves
LG_3160_A Desert Sorceress Skirt
HD_3170_A Dragon Acolyte Mask
BD_3170_A Dragon Acolyte Robe
AM_3170_A Dragon Acolyte Gloves
LG_3170_A Dragon Acolyte Boots
HD_3171_A Dragon Sage Hood
HD_3250_A Ruin Helm
BD_3250_A Ruin Armor
AM_3250_A Ruin Gauntlets
LG_3250_A Ruin Leggings
HD_3300_A Old Knight Helm
BD_3300_A Old Knight Armor
AM_3300_A Old Knight Gauntlets
LG_3300_A Old Knight Leggings
HD_3310_A Drakekeeper Helm
BD_3310_A Drakekeeper Armor
AM_3310_A Drakekeeper Gauntlets
LG_3310_A Drakekeeper Boots
HD_3320_A Throne Defender Helm
BD_3320_A Throne Defender Armor
AM_3320_A Throne Defender Gauntlets
LG_3320_A Throne Defender Leggings
HD_3330_A Velstadt's Helm
BD_3330_A Velstadt's Armor
AM_3330_A Velstadt's Gauntlets
LG_3330_A Velstadt's Leggings
HD_3340_A Throne Watcher Helm
BD_3340_A Throne Watcher Armor
AM_3340_A Throne Watcher Gauntlets
LG_3340_A Throne Watcher Leggings
HD_5040_A Looking Glass Mask
BD_5040_A Looking Glass Armor
AM_5040_A Looking Glass Gauntlets
LG_5040_A Looking Glass Leggings
BD_5060_A Agdayne's Black Robe
AM_5060_A Agdayne's Cuffs
LG_5060_A Agdayne's Kilt
HD_5090_A Leydia Black Hood
BD_5090_A Leydia Black Robe
HD_5100_A Insolent Helm
BD_5100_A Insolent Armor
AM_5100_A Insolent Gloves
LG_5100_A Insolent Boots
HD_5110_A Imperious Helm
BD_5110_A Imperious Armor
AM_5110_A Imperious Gloves
LG_5110_A Imperious Leggings
HD_5120_A Leydia White Hood
BD_5120_A Leydia White Robe
AM_5120_A Leydia Gauntlets
HD_5130_A King's Crown
BD_5130_A King's Armor
AM_5130_A King's Gauntlets
LG_5130_A King's Leggings
HD_6100_A Dragonrider Helm
BD_6100_A Dragonrider Armor
AM_6100_A Dragonrider Gauntlets
LG_6100_A Dragonrider Leggings
HD_6180_A Executioner Helm
BD_6180_A Executioner Armor
AM_6180_A Executioner Gauntlets
LG_6180_A Executioner Leggings
HD_6260_A Penal Mask
BD_6260_A Penal Straightjacket
AM_6260_A Penal Handcuffs
LG_6260_A Penal Skirt
HD_6510_A Fume Sorcerer Mask
BD_6510_A Fume Sorcerer Robes
AM_6510_A Fume Sorcerer Gloves
LG_6510_A Fume Sorcerer Boots
HD_6590_A Rampart Golem Helm
BD_6590_A Rampart Golem Armor
AM_6590_A Rampart Golem Gauntlets
LG_6590_A Rampart Golem Leggings
HD_6650_A Sanctum Knight Helm
BD_6650_A Sanctum Knight Armor
AM_6650_A Sanctum Knight Gauntlets
LG_6650_A Sanctum Knight Leggings
AM_6660_A Sanctum Soldier Gauntlet
HD_6700_A Sanctum Priestess Tiara
HD_6750_A Raime's Helm
BD_6750_A Raime's Armor
AM_6750_A Raime's Gauntlets
LG_6750_A Raime's Leggings
BD_6770_A Retainer Robe
HD_6800_A Alonne's Helm
BD_6800_A Alonne's Armor
AM_6800_A Alonne's Gauntlets
LG_6800_A Alonne's Leggings
HD_6880_A Loyce Helm
BD_6880_A Loyce Armor
AM_6880_A Loyce Gauntlets
LG_6880_A Loyce Leggings
HD_6890_A Charred Loyce Helm
BD_6890_A Charred Loyce Armor
AM_6890_A Charred Loyce Gauntlets
LG_6890_A Charred Loyce Leggings
HD_6900_A Ivory King Helm
BD_6900_A Ivory King Armor
AM_6900_A Ivory King Gauntlets
LG_6900_A Ivory King Leggings
BD_7210_A Llewellyn Armor
AM_7210_A Llewellyn Gloves
LG_7210_A Llewellyn Shoes
HD_7240_A Drangleic Helm
BD_7240_A Drangleic Mail
AM_7240_A Drangleic Gauntlets
LG_7240_A Drangleic Leggings
HD_7420_A Creighton's Steel Mask
BD_7420_A Creighton's Chainmail
AM_7420_A Creighton's Chain Gloves
LG_7420_A Creighton's Chain Leggings
HD_7430_A Benhart's Knight Helm
BD_7430_A Benhart's Armor
AM_7430_A Benhart's Gauntlets
LG_7430_A Benhart's Boots
HD_7440_A Standard Helm
BD_7440_A Hard Leather Armor
AM_7440_A Hard Leather Gauntlets
LG_7440_A Hard Leather Boots
HD_7510_A Cale's Helm
BD_7510_A Cale's Leather Armor
LG_7510_A Cale's Shoes
HD_7520_A Lucatiel's Mask
BD_7520_A Lucatiel's Vest
AM_7520_A Lucatiel's Gloves
LG_7520_A Lucatiel's Trousers
HD_7521_A Mirrah Hat
HD_7530_A Bell Keeper Helmet
BD_7530_A Bell Keeper Bellyband
AM_7530_A Bell Keeper Cuffs
LG_7530_A Bell Keeper Trousers
HD_7550_A Mad Warrior Mask
BD_7550_A Mad Warrior Armor
AM_7550_A Mad Warrior Gauntlets
LG_7550_A Mad Warrior Leggings
BD_7630_A Rosabeth's Dress
HD_7680_A Black Hood
BD_7680_A Black Robes
AM_7680_A Black Gloves
LG_7680_A Black Boots
HD_7690_A Saint's Hood
BD_7690_A Saint's Dress
AM_7690_A Saint's Long Gloves
LG_7690_A Saint's Trousers
HD_7700_A Hexer's Hood
BD_7700_A Hexer's Robes
AM_7700_A Hexer's Gloves
LG_7700_A Hexer's Boots
HD_7710_A Chaos Hood
BD_7710_A Chaos Robe
AM_7710_A Chaos Gloves
LG_7710_A Chaos Boots
HD_7830_A Nahr Alma Hood
BD_7830_A Nahr Alma Robes
HD_7950_A Targray's Helm
BD_7950_A Targray's Armor
AM_7950_A Targray's Manifers
LG_7950_A Targray's Leggings
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