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1710 Grad Portfolio


  • Students will also prepare a 10-12 minute slide presentation to give to a panel of 3-4 reviewers.


  • What was your biggest achievement of the module? In mod 4, I felt like my biggest achievement was the capstone project. We were able to take a challenging and complex board game and turn it into a playable React-Native app. Neither of us had experience with React or React-Native, so that was a bit of a challenge. Overall, it was totally worth it. I felt like we learned a lot of new things, and most of them were how not to do things.

Quantified Self

Group Member Names: Max Stackhouse, Tim Joo

  1. When are group members available to work together? What hours can each group member work individually? Are there any personal time commitments that need to be discussed? Tim - Starts early, works through evening Max - Starts early ~6:30ish, Leave by 6

  2. How will group members communicate? How often will communication happen, and how will open lines of communication be maintained? Slack


JS Drum Kit

function playSound(e) {
    const audio = document.querySelector(`audio[data-key="${e.keyCode}"]`)
    const key = document.querySelector(`.key[data-key="${e.keyCode}"]`)
    if (!audio) return
    audio.currentTime = 0

M4 Reflection

  • What brought you to Turing? Desire for a new engineering skill that would allow me more flexibility in where I was able to work. My previous engineering degree required an expensive laboratory to work in, which limited my potential job prospects to large corporations and highly specialized roles.
  • Where do you see yourself after Turing? Working for a mid to small sized company where I am required to contribute to multiple areas and not forced to specialize in my department's work.
  • From concepts taught in class or your personal learning, what technical concepts do you enjoy exploring most? Optimization and architecture. They go hand in hand and I really enjoy thinking through the problems and finding the best solution to meet our needs. Also, exploring refactoring solutions for large projects where many layers of abstraction are needed to build a solid program.
  • What technical concepts do you enjoy exploring least? Not many of them, but going through and learning syntax in clas

Solar Calc


A web tool that can be used to determine the size of a battery needed to store solar energy for a residential application.


During the day solar cells are producing more energy than ever before, but peak demand for electricity is in the evening time when solar cells are not producing. In order to meet peak demand, utility companies resort to producing energy from traditional sources. To combat this, a battery sizing tool will be build so that residential solar installations can college energy during the day for use at night to offset the need for utility companies to need produce. This problem is commonly referred to as the duck curve:

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## Find the average grade for each class
SELECT, ROUND(AVG(e.grade),2) AS avg_grade
FROM classes c
INNER JOIN enrollments e ON
View Feedback II Reflection
* Date of feedback conversation:
* How did you prepare for the conversation?
<br>I looked at our individual goals over the project that we set in our DTR and reflected on whether or not we met those goals.
* How did the conversation go for you? What was easy about the conversation? What was more difficult?
<br>The conversation was easy for the most part. We had good communication throughout the project, so going into the convo there wasn't a lot of stress about what was going to be said.
<br>Working with this group was so easy, because we all were specific about what we were working on and made few assumptions.
<br>The more difficult part was when discussing areas we could each do better in. There wasn't a lot of feedback here. I'm guessing that it was because we didn't have a lot of conflict or clashing work styles.
View Outreach & Networking Plan
Meetups/Networking Events: Identify 1 meetup and/or other networking event that you'll attend between now and the end of Module 3. Answer these questions:
Why will you attend this particular event?
I have several social connections that attend this one frequently.
Who do you hope to connect with at this event?
Make some contacts, maybe find a few leads on interesting companies in Ft Collins.
How will you follow-up with the people you connect at this event?
I will get their contact info & reach out.
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