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Last active Dec 15, 2018
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Info for the OpenOversight Hackathon

OpenOversight Hackathon

OpenOversight promotes police accountability through public data. Many police departments require individuals to provide a police officer's name and badge number when filing a complaint. Often, victims of police misconduct do not know this information, which causes their complaints to be summarily rejected. OpenOversight acts as a directory where individuals can search for officers and locate the information needed for a complaint.

How you can contribute to OpenOversight

OpenOversight welcomes various forms of contribution, code and otherwise. We require all project contributors to abide by our code of conduct. If you would like to contribute code to OpenOversight, please read the contributing guide.

Ways to contribute

  • Choose a task from the issues tracker
  • Open an issue
  • Sort through photos

Stay in contact

  • Join our gitter for hackathon chat
  • Join the Lucy Parsons Labs mailing list to stay in contact afterward
  • Speak to a Lucy Parsons Labs member if you'd like to continue working on OpenOversight
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