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Set Up Instructios for Foundations Batch

Set Up Instructions

  • Complete the set up by or before the deadline mentioned in the enrollment email

  • If you have any problem in the set up you must tell us on Discord along with a clear description of the problem.

1.Set Up VSCode and Nodejs

  • Watch the video in the link to setup Github and other things and make sure to use your first and last name in your GitHub Profile.

  • Video Link

  • Please visit this link and install the appropriate version of VSCode on your computer.


  • Install NodeJS on your computer.

    for Windows

    for MacOS

2. Submit Code on Airtable

  • As mentioned in the video create a folder named 'Foundations' where you can save the 'helloWorld.js' file.
  • Run the code by typing node helloWorld.js in the terminal and make sure there are no errors.
  • Copy the code and create a gist for it on GitHub.
  • Copy the gist link and submit the gist link under 'Day 0 -Hello World' on the airtable.
  • Here is the link for the airtable

3. Submit SmileyFace Screenshot

  • Draw a smiley face and submit the screenshot on the Airtable under 'Day 0 -Smiley Face' excercise. You can use any of the methods below.
    1. Draw on pen and paper, take a photo with your phone and submit.
    2. If you have a mouse, go to WhiteboardFox, draw a smiley face and save the image then submit the image.

4. Create a Zoom Id

  • Create a Zoom Id by registering on zoom and download the Desktop App. Do not join from the browser.
  • To join the classes on Zoom :
    1. Open the Zoom meeting link pinned on the Discord Channel
    2. Login with your zoom credentials when prompted by the App.
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