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Daily CSS Images: full list of tasks

Daily CSS Images

Week 1

Day 1. Bear Cub

The challenge begins! Don't overthink it. A cub can be made in only a few shapes.

Day 2. Elephant

Remember that simple is usually better. Just a face will do, but you can do more if you'd like. Dumbo? Peanuts? What will be your take?

Day 3. Beaver

Think about how you can continue to keep it simple, but give this a personal touch.

Day 4. Tiger

Don't worry. It can be still be cute and simple. Just a face is still perfectly ok.

Day 5. Favorite Animated Animal

End the animal series with a bang! Dig deep and pull out that creativity. Dory? Snoopy? What animated animal would you like to showcase?

Week 2

Day 6. Clock

Tick tock! Back to the journey.

Day 7. Ruler

This one is gonna rule.

Day 8. Notepad

Any shape, size, or kind will do.

Day 9. Calendar

Do something unique.

Day 10. Pencil Jar

...and anything else it may hold.

Week 3

Day 11. Pizza

This week is going to be delicious. Make some mouths water.

Day 12. Hamburger

Give this image some extra toppings.

Day 13. Taco

Crunchy or soft?

Day 14. Cheesecake

So many options, make it rich.

Day 15. Pie

Pecan, pumpkin, or banana cream? Slice or whole? What are you feeling?

Week 4

Day 16. Frankenstein

Monster week has been constructed. Put pieces together.

Day 17. Zombie

Mmm. Brains.

Day 18. Vampire

I want to sucka yo code.

Day 19. Werewolf

It's a full moon. What will come out tonight?

Day 20. Monster's Inc

Mike or Sully from Monster's Inc may not be as scary, but they will be a lot of fun!

Week 5

Day 21. Superman

Time to let the inner coding superhero shine!

Day 22. Green Lantern

Put on your coding ring!

Day 23. Wolverine

Anything related to Wolverine, be creative!

Day 24. Iron Man

Suit up and add your unique style!

Day 25. Captain America

Last superhero, time to shine!

Week 6

Day 26. Apple App Store Icon

Icon series this week, let's start with this popular icon!

Day 27. Bug

Hopefully, this bug is the only bug in your code.

Day 28. Cogs

Now that your creative juices are flowing, let's shift gears.

Day 29. Download

How will you get a user to download with this icon?

Day 30. Bar Graph

Make your last icon off the charts!

Week 7

Day 31. JavaScript Logo

Let's start the web developer series at any easy pace, you deserve it! See the logo

Day 32. Angular Logo

A little more challenging, but still a light pace. See the logo

Day 33. Vue JS Logo

Give this a nice Vue. See the logo

Day 34. React Logo

How will you react? See the logo

Day 35. Elm Logo

This is a challenge, but you got this! See the logo

Week 8

Day 36. Cell Phone

Gear up for a week of electronics. What will you create?

Day 37. Laptop

Don't forget, laptops have screens too.

Day 38. External Monitor

Where will it be and what will it show?

Day 39. Keyboard

There are more keyboards than you may initially think. Keep up the creativity.

Day 40. Nintendo 2DS

Put your creative hat on to wrap up this week.

Week 9

Day 41. Mascot for Startup

A new startup needs a cute mascot for branding. Can you deliver?

Day 42. Critter

Another mascot for this week's theme. This time make a cute critter.

Day 43. Animal

Choose an animal that will make for a great mascot, just make sure to not repeat from our first week.

Day 44. Robot

It's a bot time for a new challenge. Give this your all!

Day 45. Space-Inspired Mascot

The space is enourmous. Where will you draw your idea for a space mascot?

Week 10

Day 46. Pinata

Almost there! Time to celebrate!

Day 47. Cake

4 days to go! Let's have some cake to celebrate!

Day 48. Craft Beer

3 days to go! Cheers!

Day 49. Dance Dance Revolution Mat

So close to the end! It's time to dance on the DDR mat!

Day 50. Party City

You are done! Time to party at Party City!

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