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Megalovania / Webpage Proposal
Last active Jan 18, 2017
Personal Webpage Proposal
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For this personal webpage, I'll be proposing two main content panels supported by several extra features accessible from all pages
but the main. When the site is first accessed, the home page will contain a photographic background of something to be determined
along with a quote centered on the page which will also be determined at a later time. The quote will be randomly selected from a
set each time the main page is accessed. Perhaps the background will use the Photo Album feature I wish to include by creating a
background from multiple photographs and updating them accordingly. The user will find a continue button below the quote that will
lead to the Blog section of my page.
The blog section of this site will continue to use the photograph background from the home page but with a grey tint. I have nothing
special planned for this blog section other than the ability to create posts from text and images. To the right of the blog, there
will a "Recent News" section which copies headlines and article
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