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Google Summer of Code 2021 | Work Report

GSoC 2021 Final Evaluation Work Report

By Meghal Bisht | @MeghalBisht

Parent Organisation - DIAL

Sub Organisation - FOSSASIA

Project Name - Open Event

About the Project

Open Event is an open source Event Management Solution for Virtual and In-person events. The platform allows users to create events and manage them with a rich dashboard. It supports a variety of features like event creation, ticket management system, speaker, exhibitors and attendee management dashboards, groups (similar events can be grouped together) management system, video integrations using open source solutions like BBB rooms, Jitsi etc, payment integration via Stripe and Paypal, chat integration using RocketChat. Email service for event updates and invites. It also has a dedicated admin panel to manage and track the system.

Work Overview

My work includes -

  1. Creating Group APIs (Group create, Group edit, Group delete, Group list, Group Follow, Group Unfollow) [GET, POST, PUT, DELETE]
  2. Integrating the Group APIs in the frontend.
  3. Improving application render time by removing all sequentially awaited code.
  4. Adding validation unit tests in server.
  5. Solving miscellaneous bugs and reviewing PRs from other developers.
  6. Monitoring the deployment of the project and solving production errors.

My Contributions (Commits)

Frontend Commits

Server Commits

Other Contributions

Apart from the above mentioned PRs, I have also reviewed PRs in open-event-frontend and open-event-server, attended bi-weekly and deployment meetings, provided weekly blog updates using the DIAL platform, helped other contributors and completed a few unattended PRs by other contributors.

Scrum Reports

Scrum Link

DIAL Weekly Updates

DIAL Weekly Update Link




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