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Keyword list maker
puts "Please enter a keyword to go with your 50 states"
keyword = gets.chomp
puts "Would you like your keyword to go before (b) or after(a) your state?"
answer = gets.chomp
states = ["Alabama", "Alaska", "Arizona", "Arkansas", "California", "Colorado",
"Connecticut", "Delaware", "Florida", "Georgia", "Hawaii", "Idaho",
"Illinois", "Indiana", "Iowa", "Kansas", "Kentucky", "Louisiana",
"Maine", "Maryland", "Massachusetts", "Michigan", "Minnesota",
"Mississippi", "Missouri", "Montana", "Nebraska", "Nevada",
"New Hampshire", "New Jersey", "New Mexico", "New York",
"North Carolina", "North Dakota", "Ohio", "Oklahoma", "Oregon",
"Pennsylvania", "Rhode Island", "South Carolina", "South Dakota",
"Tennessee", "Texas", "Utah", "Vermont", "Virginia", "Washington",
"West Virginia", "Wisconsin", "Wyoming"]
if answer == "a"
new_keywords = { |e| "#{e} #{keyword}"}
elsif answer == "b"
new_keywords = { |e| "#{keyword} #{e}"}
keyword_file ="#{keyword}.out", "w")
keyword_file.puts new_keywords
puts "Your file has been created."
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