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Small script that syncs the current now playing (MPD) with Icecast
By Melan
import time
import os
import requests
from mpd import MPDClient
UPDATE_RATE = 5 # Update rate in seconds
MPD_HOST = "localhost"
MPD_PORT = 6600
ICECAST_HOST = "localhost"
ICECAST_MNT = "/nurds"
prev_meta = ""
mpd = MPDClient()
mpd.connect(MPD_HOST, MPD_PORT)
def update_metadata(metadata, prev_meta):
if metadata == prev_meta:
url = "http://%s:%s/admin/metadata" % (ICECAST_HOST, ICECAST_PORT)
data_params = {"mount": ICECAST_MNT, "mode": "updinfo", "song": metadata} # mount=/mystream&mode=updinfo&song=ACDC+Back+In+Black
r = requests.get(url, params=data_params, auth=(ICECAST_AUTH_USR, ICECAST_AUTH_PWD))
while True:
metadata = None
mpd_status = mpd.status()
# When we are playing music
if mpd_status['state'] == "play":
current_song = mpd.currentsong()
# When the metadata contains both artist and title
if "artist" in current_song and "title" in current_song:
metadata = "%s - %s" % (current_song['artist'], current_song['title'])
# When the metadata only contains the title
elif "title" in current_song and not "artist" in current_song:
metadata = current_song['title']
# When the metadata only contains the artist
elif "artist" in current_song and not "title" in current_song:
metadata = current_song['artist']
# When it contains neither, fall back to the file name
metadata = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(current_song['file']))[:-1]
# If not display MPD status
metadata = "MPD state: %s" % (mpd_status['state'])
if metadata:
update_metadata(metadata, prev_meta)
prev_meta = metadata
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