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Simple usage of Racket's logging facility
#lang racket/base
; One way to define a logger
(define lg (make-logger 'my-logger))
; Define a receiver for this logger, along with a log level
(define rc (make-log-receiver lg 'error)) ; also try with 'debug
; Another way to define a logger, with additional forms
(define-logger lg2)
(define rc2 (make-log-receiver lg2-logger 'debug))
; Listen for events on the two log-receivers
(λ()(let loop ()
(define v (sync rc rc2))
(printf "[~a] ~a\n" (vector-ref v 0) (vector-ref v 1))
; Set the current logger
(current-logger lg)
; Log messages for the current logger
(log-error "Exterminate!")
(log-fatal "Exterminate! Exterminate!")
(log-debug "What's the red button for?")
; Log messages for lg2 specifically
(log-lg2-info "We're on a mission from God.")

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@Metaxal Metaxal commented Sep 10, 2013


[error] my-logger: Exterminate!
[info] lg2: We're on a mission from God.
[fatal] my-logger: Exterminate! Exterminate!

Note that messages may not be in their initial order because they are asynchronous events

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