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(OBSOLETE: now part of quickscript-extra) Fetches a quickscript at a given url and adds it to the library
#lang racket/base
;;; License: [Apache License, Version 2.0]( or
;;; [MIT license]( at your option.
(require quickscript
(script-help-string "Fetches a quickscript at a given url and adds it to the library.")
(define dir user-script-dir)
(define url2script-submod-name 'url2script-info)
;; Will be in quickscript/utils at some point
(define (smart-open-file drfr f)
[(not (file-exists? f))
(message-box "Error"
(format "File not found: ~a" f)
'(ok stop))
[(send drfr still-untouched?)
(send drfr change-to-file f)
[(send drfr find-matching-tab f)
(λ (tab)
(send drfr change-to-tab tab)
(send drfr open-in-new-tab f)
(define (parse-url str)
; Do not keep trailing anchors
(set! str (regexp-replace #px"[#?].*" str ""))
(match str
; We can extract the filename
; ""
[(regexp #px"^https://gist\\.github(?:usercontent|)\\.com/[^/]+/[0-9a-f]+/raw/[0-9a-f]+/([^/]+)$"
(list _ filename))
(values str filename)]
; ""
; ""
[(or (regexp #px"^https://gist\\.github(?:usercontent|).com/[^/]+/[0-9a-f]+/raw$")
(regexp #px"^https://gitlab\\.com/snippets/[0-9]+/raw$")
(regexp #px"^http://pasterack\\.org/pastes/[0-9]+/raw$")
(regexp #px"^[0-9a-zA-Z]+$"))
(values str #f)]
; ""
; ""
; ""
[(or (regexp #px"^https://gist\\.github(?:usercontent|)\\.com/[^/]+/[0-9a-f]+$")
(regexp #px"^https://gitlab\\.com/snippets/[0-9]+$")
(regexp #px"^http://pasterack\\.org/pastes/[0-9]+$"))
(values (string-append str "/raw") #f)]
; ""
[(regexp #px"^[0-9a-zA-Z]+)$" (list _ name))
(values (string-append "" name) #f)]
; Any other kind of url, we assume a link to a raw file
[else (values str #f)]))
;; TODO: check it is indeed a (valid?) quickscript
;; TODO: get-pure-port also handles files. This could be useful.
;; To prevent CDN caching, add "?cachebust=<some-random-number>" at the end of the url
;; (or "&cachebust=..."), just to make sure the url is different.
(define (get-text-at-url aurl)
(port->string (get-pure-port (string->url aurl)
#:redirections 10)
#:close? #t))
;; Notice: Does not ask to replace (should be done prior).
;; Doesn't add a submodule if one already exists.
;; Allows the designer to give the default file name to save the script.
(define (write-script fout text aurl #:filename [filename (file-name-from-path fout)])
;; First, write the script to a temp file so as to check if it has some good module properties.
(define ftmp (make-temporary-file))
(display-to-file text ftmp #:exists 'replace) ; replace because `make-temporary-file` creates the file
(define submod-first-line
(string-append "(module " (symbol->string url2script-submod-name) " racket/base"))
(define add-submod?
(not (has-submod? ftmp))
#;(not (string-contains? text submod-first-line)))
#:exists 'replace
(if add-submod?
(provide filename url)
(define filename " (format "~s" (and filename (path->string filename))) ")
(define url " (format "~s" aurl) "))
(delete-file ftmp))
;; Don't allow file or network access in the url2script submodule,
;; in particular because this module is `require`d right after downloading,
;; before the user has a chance to look at the file.
(define dynreq-security-guard
(make-security-guard (current-security-guard)
(λ (sym pth access)
(unless (or (equal? access '(exists))
(equal? access '(read)))
(error (format "File access disabled ~a" (list sym pth access)))))
(λ _ (error "Network access disabled"))))
;; Get information from the url2script submodule.
(define (get-submod f sym [fail-thunk (λ () #f)])
(parameterize ([current-security-guard dynreq-security-guard]
[current-namespace (make-base-empty-namespace)])
(dynamic-require `(submod (file ,(path->string f)) ,url2script-submod-name)
;; Does the file contain a url2script submodule?
(define (has-submod? f)
(with-handlers ([exn:fail? (λ (e) #f)])
(get-submod f #f)
(define-script url2script
#:label "Fetch script…"
#:help-string "Asks for a URL and fetches the script"
#:menu-path ("url2script")
(λ (selection #:frame frame)
(define str (get-text-from-user
"Enter a URL to gist, gitlab snippet or pasterack, or to a raw racket file:"))
(when str
; At a special commit, with the name at the end, which we could extract.
(define-values (aurl maybe-filename) (parse-url str))
(define text (get-text-at-url aurl))
(define ftmp (make-temporary-file))
; Write a first time to maybe-write and read the submod infos
(write-script ftmp text aurl #:filename maybe-filename)
(define filename (get-submod ftmp 'filename))
; Ask the user for a filename and directory.
; Notice: If the directory is not in the Library's paths, Quickscript may not find the script.
; TODO: Check that it's in the Library's path and display a warning if not?
(define fout (put-file "url2script: Save script as…"
(or filename ".rkt")
'(("Racket source" "*.rkt")
("Any" "*.*"))))
(when fout
(write-script fout text str)
(smart-open-file frame fout))
(define-script update-script
#:label "Update current script"
#:help-string "Updates a script that was downloaded with url2script"
#:menu-path ("url2script")
(λ (selection #:file f #:frame drfr)
(when f
(define submod-url (get-submod f 'url))
(define-values (aurl _name) (parse-url submod-url))
(define text (get-text-at-url aurl))
(define ok?
(message-box "Attention"
"This will rewrite the current file. Continue?"
'(ok-cancel caution)))
(when ok?
(write-script f text aurl)
(when drfr (send drfr revert)))]
"Unable to find original url. Script may not have been downloaded with url2script."
'(ok stop))]))
;=== Tests ===;
(module+ test
(require rackunit)
(let ()
(define f (make-temporary-file))
(define aurl "")
(write-script f "#lang racket/base\n" aurl)
(check-equal? (get-submod f 'url)
(define (test-parse-url url)
(call-with-values (λ () (parse-url url)) list))
(test-parse-url "")
(test-parse-url "")
(test-parse-url "")
(list ""
(test-parse-url "")
; Filename is a little annoying to parse
(list ""
(test-parse-url "")
(list ""
(test-parse-url "")
(list "" #f))
(test-parse-url "")
(list "" #f))
(test-parse-url "")
(list "" #f))
(test-parse-url "")
(list "" #f))
(test-parse-url "")
(list "" #f))
(test-parse-url "")
(list "" #f))
;; TODO: Check that updating a script where the source does not have a url2script-info
;; submodule produces a script that still has the submodule
;=== url2script-info submodule ===;
(module url2script-info racket/base
(provide url filename)
(define filename "url2script.rkt")
(define url ""))
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Metaxal commented Jan 29, 2021

First install this script: Scripts|Manage scripts|New…, type url2script, then paste the content of the script at the url above in place of the default template, save, and finally Scripts|Manage scripts|Reload menu

Then to install a new script from (say) gist, just click on Scripts|url2script, paste in the url of the target script, type a script name (save it in the default directory if you don't know what you're doing) and reload the menu. Sometimes it can figure out a good default name.

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Metaxal commented Feb 1, 2021

The new version can update a script that was downloaded with url2script. This is possible because the url is stored in and read from the file (in a submodule).

url2script can even update itself!

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Metaxal commented Mar 27, 2021

You can find quickscripts to download with url2script here.

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Metaxal commented Oct 28, 2021

NEW: url2script is now part of the quickscript-extra package, which makes its installation much easier: raco pkg install quickcsript-extra or use DrRacket's File|Package manager….

You may need to delete the old url2script script file, or deactivate it in Scripts|Manage|Library… (make sure to disable the correct one).

The script on this page is deprecated but will be kept for reference. It will not be updated anymore.

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