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Last active Jul 24, 2017
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Buggy code...
import Glibc
import Qlift
class ChrysalisFM {
let app = QApplication()
let window = QMainWindow()
let mainWidg = QWidget()
var layout: QHBoxLayout
let v_layout = QVBoxLayout()
var button: QPushButton
init() {
self.layout = QHBoxLayout(parent: self.mainWidg)
self.button = QPushButton(text: "Add Col")
//self.layout.add(widget: self.button)
//self.layout.add(item: self.v_layout)
func run() -> Int32 {
print("Entering main()")
self.window.centralWidget = self.mainWidg
print("Main Widget added")
print("Event loop starting")
let app = ChrysalisFM()
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