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Micah Zoltu MicahZoltu

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MicahZoltu / ZoltuAutoLevelCrafting.psc
Last active Nov 2, 2016
Skyrim Auto-Level Crafting Mod
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Scriptname ZoltuAutoLevelCrafting extends Quest Hidden
Actor Property PlayerRef Auto
String[] allNonCraftingSkills
Int version
event OnInit()
MicahZoltu / ABI
Created May 22, 2017
Unexpected Parity Solidity Output
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Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am micahzoltu on github.
  • I am micahzoltu ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASClorQtzJePn4dedMK71QZ6-ilRAz6_Tyb3RKb30sH7jQo

To claim this, I am signing this object:

MicahZoltu / Program.cs
Last active Jul 21, 2018
Restore Repro
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using System;
namespace App
class Program
static void Main(String[] args)
var program = new Program();
MicahZoltu / repro.log
Created Jul 21, 2018
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\2.1.302\MSBuild.dll -nologo -distributedlogger:Microsoft.DotNet.Tools.MSBuild.MSBuildLogger,C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\2.1.302\dotnet.dll*Microsoft.DotNet.Tools.MSBuild.MSBuildForwardingLogger,C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\2.1.302\dotnet.dll -maxcpucount -target:Restore -verbosity:m -verbosity:diag tests.csproj
Build started 2018-07-21 17:43:50.
Environment at start of build:
APPDATA = C:\Users\micah\AppData\Roaming
CommonProgramFiles = C:\Program Files\Common Files
CommonProgramFiles(x86) = C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
CommonProgramW6432 = C:\Program Files\Common Files
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"xhrStatus": "complete",
"request": {
"method": "GET",
"url": "api/datasources/proxy/2/query",
"params": {
"db": "my_database",
"q": "SELECT last(\"number\") FROM \"my_measurement\" WHERE time >= now() - 30m GROUP BY time(1s) fill(previous)",
"epoch": "ms"


  1. User has 10 ETH.
  2. User wants 10 ETH worth of an insured YES position.
  3. User buys 10 complete sets, giving them 10 YES + 10 NO + 10 INVALID.
  4. User trades 10 NO for x YES on the open market.
  5. User ends up with 10+x YES + 10 INVALID.
  • If the market resolves as YES, they get 10+x ETH (net profit == x).
  • If the market resolves as NO, they get 0 ETH (net loss == VAR).
  • If the market resolves as INVALID, they get 10 ETH (net neutral).
MicahZoltu / merkle-patritia-proof.sol
Last active Apr 1, 2020
Merkle Patritia Proof Validator in Solidity
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pragma solidity 0.6.4;
library RLP {
uint constant DATA_SHORT_START = 0x80;
uint constant DATA_LONG_START = 0xB8;
uint constant LIST_SHORT_START = 0xC0;
uint constant LIST_LONG_START = 0xF8;
uint constant DATA_LONG_OFFSET = 0xB7;
uint constant LIST_LONG_OFFSET = 0xF7;
View augur-constant-product.sol
contract AugurConstantProduct {
IAugurMarket market = 0x0;// TODO
IErc20 dai = 0x0; // TODO
uint256 numTicks;
function addLiquidity(uint256 amountInAttodai) {
uint256 poolBalanceBefore = poolBalance();
dai.transferFrom(msg.sender, this, amountInAttodai);