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AppleScript for "spring-loaded" jump to a frequently used app.
-- OS X script for "spring-loaded" app switching
-- Useful if you have a preferred app for jotting notes and ideas.
-- I use MacVim with Vimwiki, but you can use whatever by changing one line in this script.
-- To make this useful, you need to assign a hotkey.
-- OS X won't let you directly assign a hotkey to a script.
-- You can get around that by creating an Automator Service that runs this script.
-- See for how to do that.
-- I use Ctrl-Cmd-B because its not commonly used by other apps. You may need something else.
-- With a hotkey in place, you can press it from within any app and jump to your target app.
-- When you're done, the same hotkey takes you back to your prior app.
global frontAppName, targetAppName
tell application "System Events"
set targetAppName to "MacVim" -- Change to your preferred target
set frontApp to first application process whose frontmost is true
set frontAppName to name of frontApp
-- display dialog "front app name: " & frontAppName -- debug
end tell
if ((frontAppName as string) is equal to targetAppName) then
set apps to {}
set pathToSaved to (path to scripts folder as text) & "LastFrontApp.txt"
set apps to paragraphs of (read file pathToSaved)
set lastApp to (first item of apps)
-- display dialog "last app: " & lastApp -- debug
tell application lastApp to activate
set outputFile to (path to scripts folder as text) & "LastFrontApp.txt"
set fileReference to open for access file outputFile with write permission
set eof fileReference to 0 -- truncate it
write frontAppName to fileReference
close access fileReference
on error
close access file outputFile
end try
end try
tell application targetAppName to activate
end if
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