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A topic which lists filterscripts, includes and plugins


Filterscripts and includes


Admin systems

Vip systems

House systems

Business/properties Systems

Vehicle systems

Bank Systems


IRC related

Textdraw Related

Object Related

Chat related


Useful topics

Useful tools

Useful plugins


Command processors

Dialog Includes

Bits includes

Callback includes

Misc Includes

Timer includes

INI Writers


Animation FS/includes

Clothes FS/includes

NPC FS/includes/tutorials

Ban FS/Includes

Language FS/Includes

Mail FS/Includes

Skin FS/Includes

Interior filterscripts

Vehicle FS/Includes

Animal FS/Includes

Misc Filterscripts

Vehicle and weapon (spawner/dialog)

Weapon Drops






Password encryption


I got this idea from reading this page. I noticed (and saw a post) that most of the links didnt work anymore. Also i see alot of people asking for filterscripts like 'i want a car system with this and that'. Well, take a look inside this thread and im sure you will find something! If you got any addictions on this topic, with some links, streamers, anything that would help someone find a good filterscript or include, then post them so i can edit the topic .

The original Filterscript and Includes thread

Feel free to fork and edit this file so you can add your own scripts - or improve this file in general


  • me - topic creator
  • Wesley221 - Creating the first topic
  • Cow, woops, correction: Hiddos - Animal category
  • Jeffry - Weapon drop category
  • Cessil - Restoring this topic when i was hacked
  • Everyone else - Gave me some links and names to includes/filterscripts

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zoranzoki21 commented Feb 24, 2018

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