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Beeminder writing check
#!/usr/bin/env python
import envoy
import requests
import time
r ="find /Users/mike/Dropbox/writing | grep -v DS_Store | xargs wc -c")
count = r.std_out.split()[-2]
kb_written = int(count) // 1024
url = ""
r =,
{'auth_token': BEEMINDER_TOKEN
,'timestamp': time.time()
,'value': kb_written
with open('/Users/mike/.logs/writing_outputs', 'a') as f:
f.write('kb written: ')
f.write('excess bytes: ')
f.write(str(int(count) % 1024))

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commented Oct 27, 2012

Little script I keep in cron to track the size of my writing folder in my dropbox. I write to text files (from any computer connected to my dropbox) and it tells me if I'm not writing enough.

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