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Some git-svn workflow stuff from my .bash_aliases, before our office switched to git and I switched to .gitconfig
alias g="git"
alias com="g commit"
alias add="g add"
alias dif="g diff"
alias res="g reset"
alias co="g checkout"
alias branch="g branch"
alias merge="g merge"
alias st="g status"
alias sreb="g svn rebase"
alias push="g svn dcommit"
alias fetch="g svn fetch"
alias resh="res --hard"
alias reb="g rebase remotes/trunk"
alias pull="fetch; merge remotes/trunk"
alias col="co collection"
alias master="co master; sreb"
alias prepush="branch -D master; co -b master; g rebase -i --onto remotes/trunk mergebase"
alias rebc="g rebase --continue"
alias rebs="g rebase --skip"
alias reba="g rebase --abort"
alias mb="branch -D mergebase; branch mergebase"
alias recol="branch -D mergebase oldc; co -b mergebase remotes/trunk; branch --no-merged | grep -v collection | grep -v nm- | xargs git merge; col; branch oldc; g rebase mergebase; dif oldc;"
alias rebcol="g rebase -i mergebase"

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MichaelBlume commented Apr 11, 2011

recol allowed me to keep a bunch of branches with unpushed commits I wanted to work on top of. I'd start branches with nm- if I didn't want them going in the collection.

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