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Math extension functions and float-math functions for Kotlin
* Copyright 2015 Michael Rozumyanskiy
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
fun Double.sin(): Double = Math.sin(this)
fun Double.cos(): Double = Math.cos(this)
fun Double.tan(): Double = Math.tan(this)
fun Double.asin(): Double = Math.asin(this)
fun Double.acos(): Double = Math.acos(this)
fun Double.atan(): Double = Math.atan(this)
fun Double.toRadians(): Double = Math.toRadians(this)
fun Double.toDegrees(): Double = Math.toDegrees(this)
fun Double.exp(): Double = Math.exp(this)
fun Double.log(): Double = Math.log(this)
fun Double.log10(): Double = Math.log10(this)
fun Double.sqrt(): Double = Math.sqrt(this)
fun Double.cbrt(): Double = Math.cbrt(this)
fun Double.IEEEremainder(divisor: Double): Double = Math.IEEEremainder(this, divisor)
fun Double.ceil(): Double = Math.ceil(this)
fun Double.floor(): Double = Math.floor(this)
fun Double.rint(): Double = Math.rint(this)
fun Double.atan2(x: Double): Double = Math.atan2(this, x)
fun Double.pow(exp: Double): Double = Math.pow(this, exp)
fun Double.round(): Long = Math.round(this)
fun Double.abs(): Double = Math.abs(this)
fun Double.ulp(): Double = Math.ulp(this)
fun Double.signum(): Double = Math.signum(this)
fun Double.sinh(): Double = Math.sinh(this)
fun Double.cosh(): Double = Math.cosh(this)
fun Double.tanh(): Double = Math.tanh(this)
fun Double.expm1(): Double = Math.expm1(this)
fun Double.log1p(): Double = Math.log1p(this)
fun Double.copySign(sign: Double): Double = Math.copySign(this, sign)
fun Double.exponent(): Int = Math.getExponent(this)
fun Double): Double = Math.nextAfter(this, direction)
fun Double.nextUp(): Double = Math.nextUp(this)
fun Double.scalb(scaleFactor: Int): Double = Math.scalb(this, scaleFactor)
fun Double.clamp(min: Double, max: Double): Double = Math.max(min, Math.min(this, max))
fun Float.sin(): Float = FloatMath.sin(this)
fun Float.cos(): Float = FloatMath.cos(this)
fun Float.tan(): Float = FloatMath.tan(this)
fun Float.asin(): Float = FloatMath.asin(this)
fun Float.acos(): Float = FloatMath.acos(this)
fun Float.atan(): Float = FloatMath.atan(this)
fun Float.toRadians(): Float = FloatMath.toRadians(this)
fun Float.toDegrees(): Float = FloatMath.toDegrees(this)
fun Float.exp(): Float = FloatMath.exp(this)
fun Float.log(): Float = FloatMath.log(this)
fun Float.log10(): Float = FloatMath.log10(this)
fun Float.sqrt(): Float = FloatMath.sqrt(this)
fun Float.cbrt(): Float = FloatMath.cbrt(this)
fun Float.IEEEremainder(divisor: Float): Float = FloatMath.IEEEremainder(this, divisor)
fun Float.ceil(): Float = FloatMath.ceil(this)
fun Float.floor(): Float = FloatMath.floor(this)
fun Float.rint(): Float = FloatMath.rint(this)
fun Float.atan2(x: Float): Float = FloatMath.atan2(this, x)
fun Float.pow(exp: Float): Float = FloatMath.pow(this, exp)
fun Float.round(): Int = Math.round(this)
fun Float.abs(): Float = Math.abs(this)
fun Float.ulp(): Float = Math.ulp(this)
fun Float.signum(): Float = Math.signum(this)
fun Float.sinh(): Float = FloatMath.sinh(this)
fun Float.cosh(): Float = FloatMath.cosh(this)
fun Float.tanh(): Float = FloatMath.tanh(this)
fun Float.expm1(): Float = FloatMath.expm1(this)
fun Float.log1p(): Float = FloatMath.log1p(this)
fun Float.copySign(sign: Float): Float = Math.copySign(this, sign)
fun Float.exponent(): Int = Math.getExponent(this)
fun Float): Float = FloatMath.nextAfter(this, direction)
fun Double): Float = Math.nextAfter(this, direction)
fun Float.nextUp(): Float = Math.nextUp(this)
fun Float.scalb(scaleFactor: Int): Float = Math.scalb(this, scaleFactor)
fun Float.clamp(min: Float, max: Float): Float = Math.max(min, Math.min(this, max))
object FloatMath {
val PI: Float = Math.PI.toFloat()
val E: Float = Math.E.toFloat()
fun sin(value: Float): Float = Math.sin(value.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun cos(value: Float): Float = Math.cos(value.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun tan(value: Float): Float = Math.tan(value.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun sqrt(value: Float): Float = Math.sqrt(value.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun acos(value: Float): Float = Math.acos(value.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun asin(value: Float): Float = Math.asin(value.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun atan(value: Float): Float = Math.atan(value.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun atan2(x: Float, y: Float): Float = Math.atan2(x.toDouble(), y.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun pow(x: Float, y: Float): Float = Math.pow(x.toDouble(), y.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun ceil(x: Float): Float = Math.ceil(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun floor(x: Float): Float = Math.floor(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun toRadians(angdeg: Float): Float = Math.toRadians(angdeg.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun toDegrees(angrad: Float): Float = Math.toDegrees(angrad.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun exp(x: Float): Float = Math.exp(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun log(x: Float): Float = Math.log(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun log10(x: Float): Float = Math.log10(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun cbrt(x: Float): Float = Math.cbrt(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun IEEEremainder(x: Float, y: Float): Float = Math.IEEEremainder(x.toDouble(), y.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun rint(x: Float): Float = Math.rint(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun sinh(x: Float): Float = Math.sinh(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun cosh(x: Float): Float = Math.cosh(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun tanh(x: Float): Float = Math.tanh(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun expm1(x: Float): Float = Math.expm1(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun log1p(x: Float): Float = Math.log1p(x.toDouble()).toFloat()
fun nextAfter(start: Float, direction: Float): Float = Math.nextAfter(start, direction.toDouble())
fun clamp(value: Float, min: Float, max: Float): Float = Math.max(min, Math.min(value, max))
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LouisCAD commented Dec 22, 2016

You can add the inline prefix to all the functions to save method calls for optimal performance, and add this line @file:Suppress("NOTHING_TO_INLINE") at the top of your file to remove the warnings

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