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Lightning Talk Ideas
* what it's like to not be technical in the industry
* what you do in tech that people forget is needed
* the most interesting thing you've worked on recently
* what your day-to-day is like
* must-have gifs for every techie
* horrible code from the past that shows I'm much better now
* the best music for hacking
* mistakes you've made that make you groan
* how you've made it at well-known companies
* self-care in the tech bubble
* here's why I'm not going to learn to code
* differences between learning spoken languages and programming languages
* your efficiency tricks at work
* apps you hope no one ever builds
* setting up two-factor authentication
* web scraping tips
* the best technical metaphor you've used
* your tips for working with technical recruiters
* the best San Francisco and Oakland cafes for hacking or coffee meetings
* cool data visualization you've done
* deploying with ease
* mentoring
* onboarding juniors
* Medium posts you've been wanting to write for the tech world
* your learning-to-code journey
* why your company is the best place to work
* getting started with the _________ open-source project
* how you're helping underrepresented groups in tech
* cool things you didn't know you could do with [whatever technology]
* why [this technical practice] should stop
* projects you've been meaning to do
* how to clean up your LinkedIn/GitHub/whatever
* online privacy
* advice that should be should be ignored
* conferences you suggest
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Thanks for sharing this!

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MarcL commented Dec 21, 2017

Thanks for this Michelle. This is really helpful for ideas.

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