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A Python script to intelligently remove duplicate entries from Pocket
#!/usr/bin/env python
from pocket import Pocket
import webbrowser, sys
# Get consumer key from cmd line
consumer_key = sys.argv[1]
request_token = Pocket.get_request_token(
auth_url = Pocket.get_auth_url(
print '------ '
print 'Now opening a browser tab to authenticate with Pocket'
print 'When finished, press ENTER here...'
print '------ '
# Open web browser tab to authenticate with Pocket
# Wait for user to hit ENTER before proceeding
access_token = Pocket.get_access_token(
print 'Got authenticated request token - ' + request_token
pocket_instance = Pocket(consumer_key, access_token)
# Retrieve list items
items_list = pocket_instance.get()
def filterurl(url, char):
''' Function to prune off extra URL options '''
return url[:url.index(char)]
except ValueError:
return url
# This dictionary is a straight copy of the data from Pocket, but
# with only the ID and URL properties.
# It will also strip all of the extra social media crap from each URL.
masterdict = {}
for item in items_list[0]['list']:
article_id = items_list[0]['list'][item]['item_id']
article_url = items_list[0]['list'][item]['given_url']
# Remove extra crap from URLS (DANGEROUS - don't remove too much!)
article_url = filterurl(article_url, '?utm')
#article_url = filterurl(article_url, '#')
masterdict[article_id] = article_url
# This dictionary will hold only unique entries
filtereddict = {}
# This loop will find the duplicate URLs and delete them from the list
for k, v in masterdict.iteritems():
if not v in filtereddict.values():
filtereddict[k] = v
print "Removing duplicate: " + v
pocket_instance.delete(str(k), wait=False)
print str(len(filtereddict)) + " unique articles in your Pocket list."
print "Done!"
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