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A method of backing up your website to Amazon S3.
## Email Variables
EMAILDATE=`date --date="today" +%y-%m-%d`
SUBJECT="[servername] Backup Script Started! - "$EMAILDATE
echo "Just to let you know that the backup script has started."> $EMAILMESSAGE
/bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE
# Set up the variables
### The URI of the S3 bucket.
### An array of directories you want to backup (I included a few configuration directories to).
### The databases you want to backup
### The directory we're going to story our backups in on this server.
## The MySQL details
MySQLDetails[0]='localhost' # MySQL Host
MySQLDetails[1]='backup_user' # User
MySQLDetails[2]='yourstrongpassword' # Password
## The expiry dates of the backups
### Only store 0 days of backups on the server.
### Changed to 0 days to not fill the server with unneccessary backups
Expiry[0]=`date --date="today" +%y-%m-%d`
### Only store 2 weeks worth of backups on S3
Expiry[1]=`date --date="2 weeks ago" +%y-%m-%d`
### Using ExpiryDayOfMonth to skip first day of the month when deleting so monthly backups are kept on s3
ExpiryDayOfMonth=`date --date="2 weeks ago" +%d`
### Todays date.
TodayDate=`date --date="today" +%y-%m-%d`
## Finally, setup the today specific variables.
# Start backing up things.
## Check we can write to the backups directory
if [ -w "$TmpBackupDir" ]
# Do nothing and move along.
echo 'Found and is writable: '$TmpBackupDir
echo "Can't write to: "$TmpBackupDir
## Make the backup directory (Also make it writable)
echo ''
echo 'Making Directory: '$Today_TmpBackupDir
mkdir $Today_TmpBackupDir
chmod 0777 $Today_TmpBackupDir
## GZip the directories and put them into the backups folder
echo ''
for i in "${DirsToBackup[@]}"
filename='dir-'`echo $i | tr '/' '_'`'.tar.gz'
echo 'Backing up '$i' to '$Today_TmpBackupDir'/'$filename
tar -czpPf $Today_TmpBackupDir'/'$filename $i
## Backup the MySQL databases
echo ''
for i in "${DBsToBackup[@]}"
echo 'Dumping DB '$i' to '$Today_TmpBackupDir'/'$filename
mysqldump -h "${MySQLDetails[0]}" -u "${MySQLDetails[1]}" -p"${MySQLDetails[2]}" $i > $Today_TmpBackupDir'/'$filename
tar -czpPf $Today_TmpBackupDir'/'$filename'.tar.gz' $Today_TmpBackupDir'/'$filename
rm -R $Today_TmpBackupDir'/'$filename
## Alert admin that backup complete, starting sync
SUBJECT="[servername] Backup Complete, Starting Sync! - "$EMAILDATE
echo "Just to let you know that the backup script has finished and we're starting sync to s3 now."> $EMAILMESSAGE
/bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE
## Sending new files to S3
echo ''
echo 'Syncing '$Today_TmpBackupDir' to '$S3URI$TodayDate'/'
s3cmd put --recursive $Today_TmpBackupDir $S3URI
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
SUBJECT="s3cmd put failed on [servername]"
echo "Just to let you know that the s3cmd put of '$Today_TmpBackupDir' failed."> $EMAILMESSAGE
echo "You should check things out immediately." >>$EMAILMESSAGE
/bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE
# Cleanup.
echo ''
echo 'Removing local expired backup: '$TmpBackupDir'/'${Expiry[0]}
rm -R $TmpBackupDir'/'${Expiry[0]}
if [ "$ExpiryDayOfMonth" != '01' ]; then
echo 'Removing remote expired backup: '$S3URI${Expiry[1]}'/'
s3cmd del $S3URI${Expiry[1]}'/' --recursive
echo 'No need to remove backup on the 1st'
echo 'Making '$Today_TmpBackupDir' permissions 0755'
chmod 0755 $Today_TmpBackupDir
echo 'All Done! Yay! (",)'
## Notify admin that the script has finished
SUBJECT="[servername] S3 Sync Complete! - "$EMAILDATE
echo "Just to let you know that the s3 sync has now completed."> $EMAILMESSAGE
/bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE
## Email Report of What Exists on S3 in Today's Folder
exec 1>'/tmp/s3report.txt'
s3cmd ls s3://bucketname/$TodayDate/
SUBJECT="S3 Backup Report of [servername]: "$TodayDate
/bin/mail -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL" < $EMAILMESSAGE
CREATE USER 'backup_user'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'SomeSecurePassword!';
GRANT SELECT, LOCK TABLES ON *.* TO 'backup_user'@'localhost';
0 3 * * * bash /path/to/your/

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planetahuevo commented Feb 2, 2014

I am trying to understand how this works:
### Using ExpiryDayOfMonth to skip first day of the month when deleting so monthly backups are kept on s3
ExpiryDayOfMonth=date --date="2 weeks ago" +%d

I am trying to do a weekly backup using your script. Will this still work to save one copy every month on S3?


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TroyWolf commented Jan 2, 2015

THANKS for this script! Just today, 2015-01-01, used this on a relatively new AMI EC2 to backup my mysql databases and websites. Instead of s3cmd, which is not available by default on AMI Linux, I just replaced with those lines with the newer "aws s3" command. For example, instead of:

s3cmd put --recursive $Today_TmpBackupDir $S3URI

I used:

aws s3 cp $Today_TmpBackupDir $S3URI$TodayDate --recursive --profile my-backup-user

Similarily, I modified the "del" and "ls" command lines in the script using:
aws s3 rm
aws s3 ls

Documentation here for the aws s3 CLI:
Note that you must configure an aws access key and secret for use with the AWS CLI tools. The docs were confusing to me, but this helped me through it:

I believe the script has a couple of small bugs. The first and most important is this line:
s3cmd put --recursive $Today_TmpBackupDir $S3URI

I believe is supposed to be this:
s3cmd put --recursive $Today_TmpBackupDir $S3URI$TodayDate

Without that last bit, you won't have daily directories in your S3 bucket.

The second more minor change is this line:
s3cmd ls s3://bucketname/$TodayDate/

I assume was supposed to be this:
s3cmd ls $S3URI$TodayDate/

So I ended up changing the 3 S3 commands to these:
aws s3 cp $Today_TmpBackupDir $S3URI$TodayDate --recursive --profile my-backup-user
aws s3 rm $S3URI${Expiry[1]}'/' --recursive --profile my-backup-user
aws s3 ls $S3URI$TodayDate/ --profile my-backup-user

Note that mail does not work by default on EC2 AMI instances, so for now, I have the mail lines commented out in my script, but it looks like I might use the AWS SNS service for that notification functionality.


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iamkingsleyf commented Sep 8, 2015


Can i exclude the MYSQL backup options? also i want a weekly backup to S3


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ejazhashmi commented Apr 25, 2016

Retention is not working, in details script in not able to remove the older backups

I have change few things in the script as follows

change the date format from +%y-%m-%d to +%d-%m-%y

can you please help me out in it or do i have to change the date as mention in the script

This is not working
s3cmd del $S3URI${Expiry[1]}'/' --recursive

Moreover echoing is also not display expiray
echo 'Removing remote expired backup: '$S3URI${Expiry[1]}'/'

I need help

Syed Ejaz

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