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Mike Tatsky MikeTatsky

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Fancy.MODULESDIR = ';'
MikeTatsky / App.js
Last active Feb 4, 2020
React FancyGrid
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import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { Fancy, Grid } from 'fancygrid-react';
import 'fancygrid/client/modules/sort.min';
import 'fancygrid/client/modules/dom.min';
import 'fancygrid/client/modules/edit.min';
import 'fancygrid/client/modules/grid.min';
import 'fancygrid/client/modules/selection.min';
import 'fancygrid/client/modules/menu.min';
MikeTatsky / ag-grid-columns-resize.js
Last active Apr 1, 2019
Sync columns resize for ag-Grid
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onColumnResized = {
(e) => {
if (rootStore.viewGrids.length === 1) {
if (window._agGridActiveResizeGridIndex !== undefined && window._agGridActiveResizeGridIndex !== gridIndex) {
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chart: {
alignTicks: true, // When using multiple axis, the ticks of two or more opposite axes will automatically be aligned by adding ticks to the axis or axes with the least ticks.
animation: true, // Set the overall animation for all chart updating. Animation can be disabled throughout the chart by setting it to false here.
backgroundColor: '#FFF', // The background color or gradient for the outer chart area.
borderColor: '#4572A7', // The color of the outer chart border.
borderRadius: 5, // The corner radius of the outer chart border. In export, the radius defaults to 0. Defaults to 5.
borderWidth: 0, // The pixel width of the outer chart border.
className: null, // A CSS class name to apply to the charts container div, allowing unique CSS styling for each chart.
defaultSeriesType: 'line', // Alias of type.
MikeTatsky / paging.js
Last active Aug 30, 2017
FancyGrid - Server side paging and sorting
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new FancyGrid({
title: 'Paging & Sorting',
width: 700,
height: 400,
data: {
proxy: {
url: 'paging.php'
defaults: {
MikeTatsky / countries.json
Created Jul 25, 2017 — forked from keeguon/countries.json
A list of countries in JSON
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{name: 'Afghanistan', code: 'AF'},
{name: 'Åland Islands', code: 'AX'},
{name: 'Albania', code: 'AL'},
{name: 'Algeria', code: 'DZ'},
{name: 'American Samoa', code: 'AS'},
{name: 'AndorrA', code: 'AD'},
{name: 'Angola', code: 'AO'},
{name: 'Anguilla', code: 'AI'},
{name: 'Antarctica', code: 'AQ'},
MikeTatsky / form.js
Last active Feb 16, 2017
Form sample to edit grid
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var form = new FancyForm({
renderTo: 'form',
title: 'User Data',
width: 290,
height: 500,
defaults: {
type: 'string'
items: [{
name: 'id',
View file.js
function searchtags(params){
var nprice_from = params.paramroom;
var nprice_to = params.paramroom;
var narea_from = params.paramkorpus;
var narea_to = params.paramarea;
var nprice_from = $("#number_price_from").text();
var nprice_to = $("#number_price_to").text();
MikeTatsky / .htaccess-mod_headers
Created Nov 24, 2016 — forked from hans2103/.htaccess-mod_headers
.htaccess rules to set cache control.
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<IfModule mod_headers.c>
Header set Connection keep-alive
# Cache-control headers
#<filesMatch "*">
Header set Cache-Control "max-age=7200, must-revalidate"
# 480 weeks - 290304000
View cookieselection.js
var arr = [];
function isOdd(n){
return Math.abs(n % 2) == 1;
function isSortedAsc(arr){
var value = arr[0],
i = 1,
iL = arr.length;