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Mike iLL Kilmer MikeiLL

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MikeiLL / gist:6771f8d41f197e23398188881108bc28
Created September 2, 2021 02:41
Roots/Trellis Ansible Log
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TASK [connection : Announce which user was selected] ***************************
39447 1630547938.14962: sending task start callback
39447 1630547938.14965: entering _queue_task() for
39447 1630547938.14967: Creating lock for debug
39447 1630547938.15122: worker is 1 (out of 1 available)
39447 1630547938.15166: exiting _queue_task() for
39447 1630547938.15228: done queuing things up, now waiting for results queue to drain
39447 1630547938.15231: waiting for pending results...
39470 1630547938.15392: running TaskExecutor() for connection : Announce which user was selected
39470 1630547938.15497: in run() - task 787b8ab3-5afa-c129-75a7-000000000016
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ffmpeg -i input.aif -i image.png -filter_complex \
"[0:a] showwaves=mode=cline:s=1600x900:colors=Magenta|Azure|White[sw]; \
color=s=1600x900:c=#f40b0f[bg]; \
[bg] [1:v] overlay=(1600-820)/2:(900-770)/2:enable='between(t,0,20)'[mid]; \
[mid] [sw] overlay=format=auto:shortest=1,format=yuv420p[v]" \
-map "[v]" -map 0:a -c:a copy output.mkv
MikeiLL /
Last active May 9, 2021 13:07
Oscilloscope from File
Jupyter Notebook code to generate a stream of matplotlib canvas plots
based on PyAudio data for a wav file.
original source
Also need to brew install portaudio on OSX or in an ENV perhaps
pip install --global-option='build_ext' --global-option='-I/usr/local/include' --global-option='-L/usr/local/lib' pyaudio
# ffmpeg -i song.mp3 -acodec pcm_u8 -ar 22050 song.wav
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# use Node's blc to check broken links
# see:
# this might make gettext available in env
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# Aliases here for zsh
alias random='openssl rand -base64 32 | pbcopy'
alias s3ltv='s3cmd -c ~/.s3cfg-ltv'
alias s3ofn='s3cmd -c ~/.s3cfg-ofn'
alias zippit="bash ~/Shed/managed-directory-compressor/"
alias affinity="open -a Affinity\"
MikeiLL / repeatable-fields-metabox.php
Created March 31, 2021 16:31 — forked from helen/repeatable-fields-metabox.php
Repeating Custom Fields in a Metabox
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* Repeatable Custom Fields in a Metabox
* Author: Helen Hou-Sandi
* From a bespoke system, so currently not modular - will fix soon
* Note that this particular metadata is saved as one multidimensional array (serialized)
function hhs_get_sample_options() {
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Web Design Contract

Based on Contract Killer, an open-source contract for web developers.


I’ll always do my best to fulfill your needs and meet your expectations, but it’s important to have things written down so that we both know what’s what, who should do what and when, and what will happen if something goes wrong. In this contract you won’t find any complicated legal terms or long passages of unreadable text. I have no desire to trick you into signing something that you might later regret. What I do want is what’s best for both parties, now and in the future.

So in short;

You ([CLIENT COMPANY]), located at [CLIENT ADDRESS] are hiring me ([DEVELOPER]) located at [DEVELOPER ADDRESS] to design and develop a web site for the estimated total price of [QUOTE] as outlined in our previous correspondence.

View workout music tempos 2021
'Happiest Girl - The Pulsating Orbital Vocal Mix': 117.982,
'I Feel Loved - 2007 Remaster': 127.858,
'The Chosen One': 116.079,
'Policy of Truth - 2006 Remaster': 114.209,
'Enjoy the Silence - 2006 Remaster': 112.969,
Little Treasure - 2006 Remaster': 132.132,
"Sugar Daddy - Sweet n' Low Mix": 111.91,
'Behind the Wheel - Vince Clarke Remix': 125.052,
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// -----------------------
// TypeScript [2.6.2]
// -----------------------
import MSeriesReceiverParser from './mSeriesReceiverParser'
const RECEIVER_VENDOR_ID = 0x0483
const RECEIVER_PRODUCT_ID = 0x5740
const DEVICE_NAME = 'USB Multi-Bike Reciever'
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ARPT: 112558.838864: CNT(rts_tx)=0 CNT(frag_tx_cnt)=7 CNT(cts_rx_cnt)=0
ARPT: 112558.838868: DequeueTime: 0x4ab2a000 LastTxTime: 0x38dba137 PHYTxErr: 0x0000 RxAckRSSI: 0x0000 RxAckSQ: 0x0000
ARPT: 112558.838879: Raw[0] 1 Valid
ARPT: 112558.838882: [2] 0 IM
ARPT: 112558.838885: [3] 0 PM
ARPT: 112558.838887: [7-4] 0 Suppr
ARPT: 112558.838889: [14:8] 1 Ncons
ARPT: 112558.838891: [15] 0 Acked