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A simple hangman game for Python Cali August Meetup about Testing in Python
import random
'| |',
'| O',
'| |',
'| /|\ ',
'| |',
'| / \ '
class Hangman():
The hangman game class with his methods
def __init__(self, word_to_guess):
self.failed_attempts = 0
self.word_to_guess = word_to_guess
self.game_progress = list('_' * len(self.word_to_guess))
def find_indexes(self, letter):
Method that takes a letter and returns a list with his indexes in
the word to guess
:param letter: String, Letter to find his indexes
return [i for i, char in enumerate(self.word_to_guess) if letter == char]
def is_invalid_letter(self, input_):
Method to validate if an user input is not just a letter (it means the
input is a number or a text with more than 1 char)
:param input_: String, user input to be validated
return input_.isdigit() or (input_.isalpha() and len(input_) > 1)
def print_game_status(self):
Method to print the word to guess blankspaces with the remaining
attempts and the guessed letters
# We append withespaces both sides to make the game look prettier
print(' '.join(self.game_progress))
def update_progress(self, letter, indexes):
Method to update the game progress with the guessed letters
:param letter: String, Letter to be added to the game progress
:param indexes: List, found occurrences (as indexes) of the given
letter in the word
for index in indexes:
self.game_progress[index] = letter
def get_user_input(self):
user_input = input('\nPlease type a letter: ')
return user_input
def play(self):
Method to play the game, it prompts the user for a letter and plays
the game until the user guesses the word or lose his attempts
while self.failed_attempts < len(HANGMAN):
user_input = self.get_user_input()
# Validate the user input
if self.is_invalid_letter(user_input):
print('¡The input is not a letter!')
# Check if the letter is not already guessed
if user_input in self.game_progress:
print('You already have guessed that letter')
if user_input in self.word_to_guess:
indexes = self.find_indexes(user_input)
self.update_progress(user_input, indexes)
# If there is no letter to find in the word
if self.game_progress.count('_') == 0:
print('\n¡Yay! You win!')
print('The word is: {0}'.format(self.word_to_guess))
self.failed_attempts += 1
print("\n¡OMG! You lost!")
if __name__ == '__main__':
word_to_guess = random.choice(WORDS)
hangman = Hangman(word_to_guess)
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