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Mina Mikhail MinaMikhailcom

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MinaMikhailcom / Xiaomi.txt
Last active Nov 28, 2018
Xiaomi Tracking/Ads IPs.
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#IPs that attempt to send data from my Xiaomi device to Xiaomi servers hosted on AWS Singapore.
nmap -p 443 --script ssl-cert |grep ssl-cert
| ssl-cert: Subject:
MinaMikhailcom / lighttpd.conf
Created Oct 18, 2017
Basic authentication configurations for Lighttpd under Ubuntu
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apt install apache2-utils
htpasswd -c /etc/lighttpd/.htpasswd <Username> #Replace <Username>, you will be prompted to enter the password.
# Make sure that "mod_auth" is loaded in "server.modules".
nano /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
#Add the following to lighttpd.conf.
auth.backend = "htpasswd"
auth.backend.htpasswd.userfile= "/etc/lighttpd/.htpasswd"
MinaMikhailcom / gist:0825906230cbbe478faf4d08abe9d11a
Created Sep 10, 2017
Fix for "couldn't run /usr/bin/dumpcap in child process: permission denied"
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sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common #Select "Yes"
chmod +x /usr/bin/dumpcap
MinaMikhailcom / gist:7abdc4a2f25087604077d3a3a5d791cc
Created Sep 10, 2017
Start a VM without GUI with VMware Workstation on Linux
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vmrun -T ws start /path/to/vm.vmx nogui #"-T ws" for VMware Workstation
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echo -e "\ndeb all main" | tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list > /dev/null
apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver C1289A29
apt-get update ; apt-get install seamonkey-mozilla-build
MinaMikhailcom / sysctl.conf
Last active Jan 18, 2018
Spoof FreeBSD passive fingerprint
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#This will spoof FreeBSD fingerprint to be detected as Linux generic.
#Test with p0f or
net.inet.tcp.sack.enable=0 #Turns TCP Selective Acknowledgments (SACK) off
net.inet.tcp.rfc1323=0 #Turns TCP window scaling off
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Boot into single user mode from the boot menu
#Remount root file system to allow write
mount -ruw /
#Change root password
passwd root
MinaMikhailcom / gist:09c870391ad897371c982b9d07e5a3e8
Last active Jan 18, 2018
Use DNSCrypt for local network DNS queries
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dnscrypt-proxy -a -L /usr/share/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv -R
# "-a": The local IP that will listen to other devices DNS requests (by default it listen on DNS port 53),
# can be phones (Since DNSCrypt can't run on non-rooted IOS or android devices),
# where you will manually need to configure WIFI to use for the DNS server.
# For the same local machine that runs this DNSCrypt command, use in /etc/resolv.conf
# "-L": The path to "dnscrypt-resolvers.csv" file where it includes all the servers that can be used with DNSCrypt.
# "-R": The DNS resolver name, copy the server name from "dnscrypt-resolvers.csv" file.
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