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Last active Dec 20, 2019
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a (really) simple way to hide mailto to bots
;[]"js-MailTo"), function(el) {
el.setAttribute("href", "mailto:" + el.getAttribute("data-mailto-user") + "@" + (el.getAttribute("data-mailto-domain") ||
<!-- will create a href="mailto:hello+from-website@{current domain}" -->
<a class="js-MailTo" data-mailto-user="hello+from-website">this is a mail to a user from this domain<a/>
<!-- will create a href="" -->
<a class="js-MailTo" data-mailto-user="hello+from-another" data-mailto-domain="">this is a mail to a user with his own domain<a/>
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Clever : i used to regex on the regex, but yours stays accessible.

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