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Rearranged natives.h
#pragma once
// Generated 29 Mar 2017
#include "types.h"
#include "nativeCaller.h"
namespace PLAYER
static Ped GET_PLAYER_PED(Player player) { return invoke<Ped>(0x43A66C31C68491C0, player); } // 0x43A66C31C68491C0 0x6E31E993
static Entity GET_PLAYER_PED_SCRIPT_INDEX(Player player) { return invoke<Entity>(0x50FAC3A3E030A6E1, player); } // 0x50FAC3A3E030A6E1 0x6AC64990
static void SET_PLAYER_MODEL(Player player, Hash model) { invoke<Void>(0x00A1CADD00108836, player, model); } // 0x00A1CADD00108836 0x774A4C54
static void CHANGE_PLAYER_PED(Player player, Ped ped, BOOL b2, BOOL b3) { invoke<Void>(0x048189FAC643DEEE, player, ped, b2, b3); } // 0x048189FAC643DEEE 0xBE515485
static void GET_PLAYER_RGB_COLOUR(Player player, int* r, int* g, int* b) { invoke<Void>(0xE902EF951DCE178F, player, r, g, b); } // 0xE902EF951DCE178F 0x6EF43BBB
static int GET_NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS() { return invoke<int>(0x407C7F91DDB46C16); } // 0x407C7F91DDB46C16 0x4C1B8867
static int GET_PLAYER_TEAM(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0x37039302F4E0A008, player); } // 0x37039302F4E0A008 0x9873E404
static void SET_PLAYER_TEAM(Player player, int team) { invoke<Void>(0x0299FA38396A4940, player, team); } // 0x0299FA38396A4940 0x725ADCF2
static char* GET_PLAYER_NAME(Player player) { return invoke<char*>(0x6D0DE6A7B5DA71F8, player); } // 0x6D0DE6A7B5DA71F8 0x406B4B20
static float GET_WANTED_LEVEL_RADIUS(Player player) { return invoke<float>(0x085DEB493BE80812, player); } // 0x085DEB493BE80812 0x1CF7D7DA
static Vector3 GET_PLAYER_WANTED_CENTRE_POSITION(Player player) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x0C92BA89F1AF26F8, player); } // 0x0C92BA89F1AF26F8 0x821F2D2C
static void SET_PLAYER_WANTED_CENTRE_POSITION(Player player, Vector3* position, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x520E541A97A13354, player, position, p2, p3); } // 0x520E541A97A13354 0xF261633A
static int GET_WANTED_LEVEL_THRESHOLD(int wantedLevel) { return invoke<int>(0xFDD179EAF45B556C, wantedLevel); } // 0xFDD179EAF45B556C 0xD9783F6B
static void SET_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL(Player player, int wantedLevel, BOOL disableNoMission) { invoke<Void>(0x39FF19C64EF7DA5B, player, wantedLevel, disableNoMission); } // 0x39FF19C64EF7DA5B 0xB7A0914B
static void SET_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL_NO_DROP(Player player, int wantedLevel, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x340E61DE7F471565, player, wantedLevel, p2); } // 0x340E61DE7F471565 0xED6F44F5
static void SET_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL_NOW(Player player, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE0A7D1E497FFCD6F, player, p1); } // 0xE0A7D1E497FFCD6F 0xAF3AFD83
static BOOL ARE_PLAYER_FLASHING_STARS_ABOUT_TO_DROP(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAFAF86043E5874E9, player); } // 0xAFAF86043E5874E9 0xE13A71C7
static BOOL ARE_PLAYER_STARS_GREYED_OUT(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0A6EB355EE14A2DB, player); } // 0x0A6EB355EE14A2DB 0x5E72AB72
static void SET_DISPATCH_COPS_FOR_PLAYER(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xDB172424876553F4, player, toggle); } // 0xDB172424876553F4 0x48A18913
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL_GREATER(Player player, int wantedLevel) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x238DB2A2C23EE9EF, player, wantedLevel); } // 0x238DB2A2C23EE9EF 0x589A2661
static void CLEAR_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xB302540597885499, player); } // 0xB302540597885499 0x54EA5BCC
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_DEAD(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x424D4687FA1E5652, player); } // 0x424D4687FA1E5652 0x140CA5A8
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_PRESSING_HORN(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xFA1E2BF8B10598F9, player); } // 0xFA1E2BF8B10598F9 0xED1D1662
static void SET_PLAYER_CONTROL(Player player, BOOL toggle, int possiblyFlags) { invoke<Void>(0x8D32347D6D4C40A2, player, toggle, possiblyFlags); } // 0x8D32347D6D4C40A2 0xD17AFCD8
static int GET_PLAYER_WANTED_LEVEL(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0xE28E54788CE8F12D, player); } // 0xE28E54788CE8F12D 0xBDCDD163
static void SET_MAX_WANTED_LEVEL(int maxWantedLevel) { invoke<Void>(0xAA5F02DB48D704B9, maxWantedLevel); } // 0xAA5F02DB48D704B9 0x665A06F5
static void SET_POLICE_RADAR_BLIPS(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x43286D561B72B8BF, toggle); } // 0x43286D561B72B8BF 0x8E114B10
static void SET_POLICE_IGNORE_PLAYER(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x32C62AA929C2DA6A, player, toggle); } // 0x32C62AA929C2DA6A 0xE6DE71B7
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_PLAYING(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5E9564D8246B909A, player); } // 0x5E9564D8246B909A 0xE15D777F
static void SET_EVERYONE_IGNORE_PLAYER(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x8EEDA153AD141BA4, player, toggle); } // 0x8EEDA153AD141BA4 0xC915285E
static void SET_ALL_RANDOM_PEDS_FLEE(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x056E0FE8534C2949, player, toggle); } // 0x056E0FE8534C2949 0x49EAE968
static void SET_ALL_RANDOM_PEDS_FLEE_THIS_FRAME(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x471D2FF42A94B4F2, player); } // 0x471D2FF42A94B4F2 0xBF974891
static void SET_HUD_ANIM_STOP_LEVEL(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xDE45D1A1EF45EE61, player, toggle); } // 0xDE45D1A1EF45EE61 0x274631FE
static void SET_AREAS_GENERATOR_ORIENTATION(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xC3376F42B1FACCC6, player); } // 0xC3376F42B1FACCC6 0x02DF7AF4
static void SET_IGNORE_LOW_PRIORITY_SHOCKING_EVENTS(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x596976B02B6B5700, player, toggle); } // 0x596976B02B6B5700 0xA3D675ED
static void SET_WANTED_LEVEL_MULTIPLIER(float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0x020E5F00CDA207BA, multiplier); } // 0x020E5F00CDA207BA 0x1359292F
static void SET_WANTED_LEVEL_DIFFICULTY(Player player, float difficulty) { invoke<Void>(0x9B0BB33B04405E7A, player, difficulty); } // 0x9B0BB33B04405E7A 0xB552626C
static void RESET_WANTED_LEVEL_DIFFICULTY(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xB9D0DD990DC141DD, player); } // 0xB9D0DD990DC141DD 0xA64C378D
static void START_FIRING_AMNESTY(int duration) { invoke<Void>(0xBF9BD71691857E48, duration); } // 0xBF9BD71691857E48 0x5F8A22A6
static void REPORT_CRIME(Player player, int crimeType, int wantedLvlThresh) { invoke<Void>(0xE9B09589827545E7, player, crimeType, wantedLvlThresh); } // 0xE9B09589827545E7 0xD8EB3A44
static void _SWITCH_CRIME_TYPE(Player player, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9A987297ED8BD838, player, p1); } // 0x9A987297ED8BD838 0x59B5C2A2
static void _0xBC9490CA15AEA8FB(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xBC9490CA15AEA8FB, player); } // 0xBC9490CA15AEA8FB 0x6B34A160
static void _0x4669B3ED80F24B4E(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x4669B3ED80F24B4E, player); } // 0x4669B3ED80F24B4E 0xB9FB142F
static void _0xAD73CE5A09E42D12(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xAD73CE5A09E42D12, player); } // 0xAD73CE5A09E42D12 0x85725848
static void _0x36F1B38855F2A8DF(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x36F1B38855F2A8DF, player); } // 0x36F1B38855F2A8DF 0x3A7E5FB6
static void _0xDC64D2C53493ED12(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xDC64D2C53493ED12, player); } // 0xDC64D2C53493ED12 0xD15C4B1C
static void _0xB45EFF719D8427A6(float p0) { invoke<Void>(0xB45EFF719D8427A6, p0); } // 0xB45EFF719D8427A6 0xBF6993C7
static void _0x0032A6DBA562C518() { invoke<Void>(0x0032A6DBA562C518); } // 0x0032A6DBA562C518 0x47CAB814
static BOOL CAN_PLAYER_START_MISSION(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDE7465A27D403C06, player); } // 0xDE7465A27D403C06 0x39E3CB3F
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_READY_FOR_CUTSCENE(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x908CBECC2CAA3690, player); } // 0x908CBECC2CAA3690 0xBB77E9CD
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_TARGETTING_ENTITY(Player player, Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7912F7FC4F6264B6, player, entity); } // 0x7912F7FC4F6264B6 0xF3240B77
static BOOL GET_PLAYER_TARGET_ENTITY(Player player, Entity* entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x13EDE1A5DBF797C9, player, entity); } // 0x13EDE1A5DBF797C9 0xF6AAA2D7
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_FREE_AIMING(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2E397FD2ECD37C87, player); } // 0x2E397FD2ECD37C87 0x1DEC67B7
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_FREE_AIMING_AT_ENTITY(Player player, Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3C06B5C839B38F7B, player, entity); } // 0x3C06B5C839B38F7B 0x7D80EEAA
static BOOL GET_ENTITY_PLAYER_IS_FREE_AIMING_AT(Player player, Entity* entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2975C866E6713290, player, entity); } // 0x2975C866E6713290 0x8866D9D0
static void SET_PLAYER_LOCKON_RANGE_OVERRIDE(Player player, float range) { invoke<Void>(0x29961D490E5814FD, player, range); } // 0x29961D490E5814FD 0x74D42C03
static void SET_PLAYER_CAN_DO_DRIVE_BY(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x6E8834B52EC20C77, player, toggle); } // 0x6E8834B52EC20C77 0xF4D99685
static void SET_PLAYER_CAN_BE_HASSLED_BY_GANGS(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD5E460AD7020A246, player, toggle); } // 0xD5E460AD7020A246 0x71B305BB
static void SET_PLAYER_CAN_USE_COVER(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD465A8599DFF6814, player, toggle); } // 0xD465A8599DFF6814 0x13CAFAFA
static int GET_MAX_WANTED_LEVEL() { return invoke<int>(0x462E0DB9B137DC5F); } // 0x462E0DB9B137DC5F 0x457F1E44
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_TARGETTING_ANYTHING(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x78CFE51896B6B8A4, player); } // 0x78CFE51896B6B8A4 0x456DB50D
static void SET_PLAYER_SPRINT(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xA01B8075D8B92DF4, player, toggle); } // 0xA01B8075D8B92DF4 0x7DD7900C
static void RESET_PLAYER_STAMINA(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xA6F312FCCE9C1DFE, player); } // 0xA6F312FCCE9C1DFE 0xC0445A9C
static void RESTORE_PLAYER_STAMINA(Player player, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA352C1B864CAFD33, player, p1); } // 0xA352C1B864CAFD33 0x62A93608
static float GET_PLAYER_SPRINT_STAMINA_REMAINING(Player player) { return invoke<float>(0x3F9F16F8E65A7ED7, player); } // 0x3F9F16F8E65A7ED7 0x47017C90
static float GET_PLAYER_SPRINT_TIME_REMAINING(Player player) { return invoke<float>(0x1885BC9B108B4C99, player); } // 0x1885BC9B108B4C99 0x40E80543
static float GET_PLAYER_UNDERWATER_TIME_REMAINING(Player player) { return invoke<float>(0xA1FCF8E6AF40B731, player); } // 0xA1FCF8E6AF40B731 0x1317125A
static int GET_PLAYER_GROUP(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0x0D127585F77030AF, player); } // 0x0D127585F77030AF 0xA5EDCDE8
static int GET_PLAYER_MAX_ARMOUR(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0x92659B4CE1863CB3, player); } // 0x92659B4CE1863CB3 0x02A50657
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_CONTROL_ON(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x49C32D60007AFA47, player); } // 0x49C32D60007AFA47 0x618857F2
static BOOL _IS_PLAYER_CAM_CONTROL_DISABLED() { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7C814D2FB49F40C0); } // 0x7C814D2FB49F40C0
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_SCRIPT_CONTROL_ON(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8A876A65283DD7D7, player); } // 0x8A876A65283DD7D7 0x61B00A84
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_CLIMBING(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x95E8F73DC65EFB9C, player); } // 0x95E8F73DC65EFB9C 0x4A9E9AE0
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_BEING_ARRESTED(Player player, BOOL atArresting) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x388A47C51ABDAC8E, player, atArresting); } // 0x388A47C51ABDAC8E 0x7F6A60D3
static void RESET_PLAYER_ARREST_STATE(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x2D03E13C460760D6, player); } // 0x2D03E13C460760D6 0x453C7CAB
static Vehicle GET_PLAYERS_LAST_VEHICLE() { return invoke<Vehicle>(0xB6997A7EB3F5C8C0); } // 0xB6997A7EB3F5C8C0 0xE2757AC1
static Player GET_PLAYER_INDEX() { return invoke<Player>(0xA5EDC40EF369B48D); } // 0xA5EDC40EF369B48D 0x309BBDC1
static Player INT_TO_PLAYERINDEX(int value) { return invoke<Player>(0x41BD2A6B006AF756, value); } // 0x41BD2A6B006AF756 0x98DD98F1
static int INT_TO_PARTICIPANTINDEX(int value) { return invoke<int>(0x9EC6603812C24710, value); } // 0x9EC6603812C24710 0x98F3B274
static int GET_TIME_SINCE_PLAYER_HIT_VEHICLE(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0x5D35ECF3A81A0EE0, player); } // 0x5D35ECF3A81A0EE0 0x6E9B8B9E
static int GET_TIME_SINCE_PLAYER_HIT_PED(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0xE36A25322DC35F42, player); } // 0xE36A25322DC35F42 0xB6209195
static int GET_TIME_SINCE_PLAYER_DROVE_ON_PAVEMENT(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0xD559D2BE9E37853B, player); } // 0xD559D2BE9E37853B 0x8836E732
static int GET_TIME_SINCE_PLAYER_DROVE_AGAINST_TRAFFIC(Player player) { return invoke<int>(0xDB89591E290D9182, player); } // 0xDB89591E290D9182 0x9F27D00E
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_FREE_FOR_AMBIENT_TASK(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDCCFD3F106C36AB4, player); } // 0xDCCFD3F106C36AB4 0x85C7E232
static Player PLAYER_ID() { return invoke<Player>(0x4F8644AF03D0E0D6); } // 0x4F8644AF03D0E0D6 0x8AEA886C
static Ped PLAYER_PED_ID() { return invoke<Ped>(0xD80958FC74E988A6); } // 0xD80958FC74E988A6 0xFA92E226
static int NETWORK_PLAYER_ID_TO_INT() { return invoke<int>(0xEE68096F9F37341E); } // 0xEE68096F9F37341E 0x8DD5B838
static BOOL HAS_FORCE_CLEANUP_OCCURRED(int cleanupFlags) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC968670BFACE42D9, cleanupFlags); } // 0xC968670BFACE42D9 0x4B37333C
static void FORCE_CLEANUP(int cleanupFlags) { invoke<Void>(0xBC8983F38F78ED51, cleanupFlags); } // 0xBC8983F38F78ED51 0xFDAAEA2B
static void FORCE_CLEANUP_FOR_ALL_THREADS_WITH_THIS_NAME(char* name, int cleanupFlags) { invoke<Void>(0x4C68DDDDF0097317, name, cleanupFlags); } // 0x4C68DDDDF0097317 0x04256C73
static void FORCE_CLEANUP_FOR_THREAD_WITH_THIS_ID(int id, int cleanupFlags) { invoke<Void>(0xF745B37630DF176B, id, cleanupFlags); } // 0xF745B37630DF176B 0x882D3EB3
static int GET_CAUSE_OF_MOST_RECENT_FORCE_CLEANUP() { return invoke<int>(0x9A41CF4674A12272); } // 0x9A41CF4674A12272 0x39AA9FC8
static void SET_PLAYER_MAY_ONLY_ENTER_THIS_VEHICLE(Player player, Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x8026FF78F208978A, player, vehicle); } // 0x8026FF78F208978A 0xA454DD29
static void SET_PLAYER_MAY_NOT_ENTER_ANY_VEHICLE(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x1DE37BBF9E9CC14A, player); } // 0x1DE37BBF9E9CC14A 0xAF7AFCC4
static BOOL GIVE_ACHIEVEMENT_TO_PLAYER(int achievement) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBEC7076D64130195, achievement); } // 0xBEC7076D64130195 0x822BC992
static BOOL _0xC2AFFFDABBDC2C5C(Any p0, Any p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC2AFFFDABBDC2C5C, p0, p1); } // 0xC2AFFFDABBDC2C5C
static Cam _0x1C186837D0619335(Any p0) { return invoke<Cam>(0x1C186837D0619335, p0); } // 0x1C186837D0619335
static BOOL HAS_ACHIEVEMENT_BEEN_PASSED(int achievement) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x867365E111A3B6EB, achievement); } // 0x867365E111A3B6EB 0x136A5BE9
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_ONLINE() { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF25D331DC2627BBC); } // 0xF25D331DC2627BBC 0x9FAB6729
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_LOGGING_IN_NP() { return invoke<BOOL>(0x74556E1420867ECA); } // 0x74556E1420867ECA 0x8F72FAD0
static void DISPLAY_SYSTEM_SIGNIN_UI(BOOL unk) { invoke<Void>(0x94DD7888C10A979E, unk); } // 0x94DD7888C10A979E 0x4264CED2
static BOOL IS_SYSTEM_UI_BEING_DISPLAYED() { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5D511E3867C87139); } // 0x5D511E3867C87139 0xE495B6DA
static void SET_PLAYER_INVINCIBLE(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x239528EACDC3E7DE, player, toggle); } // 0x239528EACDC3E7DE 0xDFB9A2A2
static BOOL GET_PLAYER_INVINCIBLE(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB721981B2B939E07, player); } // 0xB721981B2B939E07 0x680C90EE
static void _0xCAC57395B151135F(Player player, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xCAC57395B151135F, player, p1); } // 0xCAC57395B151135F 0x00563E0D
static void REMOVE_PLAYER_HELMET(Player player, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xF3AC26D3CC576528, player, p2); } // 0xF3AC26D3CC576528 0x6255F3B4
static void GIVE_PLAYER_RAGDOLL_CONTROL(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x3C49C870E66F0A28, player, toggle); } // 0x3C49C870E66F0A28 0xC7B4D7AC
static void SET_PLAYER_LOCKON(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x5C8B2F450EE4328E, player, toggle); } // 0x5C8B2F450EE4328E 0x0B270E0F
static void SET_PLAYER_TARGETING_MODE(int targetMode) { invoke<Void>(0xB1906895227793F3, targetMode); } // 0xB1906895227793F3 0x61CAE253
static void _0x5702B917B99DB1CD(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x5702B917B99DB1CD, p0); } // 0x5702B917B99DB1CD
static Any _0xB9CF1F793A9F1BF1() { return invoke<Any>(0xB9CF1F793A9F1BF1); } // 0xB9CF1F793A9F1BF1
static void CLEAR_PLAYER_HAS_DAMAGED_AT_LEAST_ONE_PED(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xF0B67A4DE6AB5F98, player); } // 0xF0B67A4DE6AB5F98 0x1D31CBBD
static BOOL HAS_PLAYER_DAMAGED_AT_LEAST_ONE_PED(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x20CE80B0C2BF4ACC, player); } // 0x20CE80B0C2BF4ACC 0x14F52453
static void CLEAR_PLAYER_HAS_DAMAGED_AT_LEAST_ONE_NON_ANIMAL_PED(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x4AACB96203D11A31, player); } // 0x4AACB96203D11A31 0x7E3BFBC5
static BOOL HAS_PLAYER_DAMAGED_AT_LEAST_ONE_NON_ANIMAL_PED(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE4B90F367BD81752, player); } // 0xE4B90F367BD81752 0xA3707DFC
static void SET_AIR_DRAG_MULTIPLIER_FOR_PLAYERS_VEHICLE(Player player, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xCA7DC8329F0A1E9E, player, multiplier); } // 0xCA7DC8329F0A1E9E 0xF20F72E5
static void SET_SWIM_MULTIPLIER_FOR_PLAYER(Player player, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xA91C6F0FF7D16A13, player, multiplier); } // 0xA91C6F0FF7D16A13 0xB986FF47
static void SET_RUN_SPRINT_MULTIPLIER_FOR_PLAYER(Player player, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0x6DB47AA77FD94E09, player, multiplier); } // 0x6DB47AA77FD94E09 0x825423C2
static int GET_TIME_SINCE_LAST_ARREST() { return invoke<int>(0x5063F92F07C2A316); } // 0x5063F92F07C2A316 0x62824EF4
static int GET_TIME_SINCE_LAST_DEATH() { return invoke<int>(0xC7034807558DDFCA); } // 0xC7034807558DDFCA 0x24BC5AC0
static void ASSISTED_MOVEMENT_CLOSE_ROUTE() { invoke<Void>(0xAEBF081FFC0A0E5E); } // 0xAEBF081FFC0A0E5E 0xF23277F3
static void ASSISTED_MOVEMENT_FLUSH_ROUTE() { invoke<Void>(0x8621390F0CDCFE1F); } // 0x8621390F0CDCFE1F 0xD04568B9
static void SET_PLAYER_FORCED_AIM(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x0FEE4F80AC44A726, player, toggle); } // 0x0FEE4F80AC44A726 0x94E42E2E
static void SET_PLAYER_FORCED_ZOOM(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x75E7D505F2B15902, player, toggle); } // 0x75E7D505F2B15902 0xB0C576CB
static void SET_PLAYER_FORCE_SKIP_AIM_INTRO(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x7651BC64AE59E128, player, toggle); } // 0x7651BC64AE59E128 0x374F42F0
static void DISABLE_PLAYER_FIRING(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x5E6CC07646BBEAB8, player, toggle); } // 0x5E6CC07646BBEAB8 0x30CB28CB
static void _0xB885852C39CC265D() { invoke<Void>(0xB885852C39CC265D); } // 0xB885852C39CC265D
static void SET_DISABLE_AMBIENT_MELEE_MOVE(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x2E8AABFA40A84F8C, player, toggle); } // 0x2E8AABFA40A84F8C 0xCCD937E7
static void SET_PLAYER_MAX_ARMOUR(Player player, int value) { invoke<Void>(0x77DFCCF5948B8C71, player, value); } // 0x77DFCCF5948B8C71 0xC6C3C53B
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_DEACTIVATE(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xD6A953C6D1492057, player); } // 0xD6A953C6D1492057 0x80C2AB09
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_DEACTIVATE_FAST(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x9CB5CE07A3968D5A, player); } // 0x9CB5CE07A3968D5A 0x0751908A
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_RESET(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x375F0E738F861A94, player); } // 0x375F0E738F861A94 0xA7D8BCD3
static void _0xC9A763D8FE87436A(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xC9A763D8FE87436A, player); } // 0xC9A763D8FE87436A 0x4136829A
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_CHARGE_SMALL(Player player, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x2E7B9B683481687D, player, p1, p2); } // 0x2E7B9B683481687D 0x6F463F56
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_CHARGE_MEDIUM(Player player, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xF113E3AA9BC54613, player, p1, p2); } // 0xF113E3AA9BC54613 0xAB55D8F3
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_CHARGE_LARGE(Player player, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xF733F45FA4497D93, player, p1, p2); } // 0xF733F45FA4497D93 0xF440C04D
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_CHARGE_CONTINUOUS(Player player, Ped p2) { invoke<Void>(0xED481732DFF7E997, player, p2); } // 0xED481732DFF7E997 0x5FEE98A2
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_CHARGE_ABSOLUTE(Player player, int p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xB7B0870EB531D08D, player, p1, p2); } // 0xB7B0870EB531D08D 0x72429998
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_CHARGE_NORMALIZED(Player player, float normalizedValue, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xA0696A65F009EE18, player, normalizedValue, p2); } // 0xA0696A65F009EE18 0x8C7E68C1
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_FILL_METER(Player player, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x3DACA8DDC6FD4980, player, p1); } // 0x3DACA8DDC6FD4980 0xB71589DA
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_DEPLETE_METER(Player player, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1D506DBBBC51E64B, player, p1); } // 0x1D506DBBBC51E64B 0x9F80F6DF
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_LOCK(Hash playerModel) { invoke<Void>(0x6A09D0D590A47D13, playerModel); } // 0x6A09D0D590A47D13 0x1B7BB388
static void SPECIAL_ABILITY_UNLOCK(Hash playerModel) { invoke<Void>(0xF145F3BE2EFA9A3B, playerModel); } // 0xF145F3BE2EFA9A3B 0x1FDB2919
static BOOL IS_SPECIAL_ABILITY_UNLOCKED(Hash playerModel) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC6017F6A6CDFA694, playerModel); } // 0xC6017F6A6CDFA694 0xC9C75E82
static BOOL IS_SPECIAL_ABILITY_ACTIVE(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3E5F7FC85D854E15, player); } // 0x3E5F7FC85D854E15 0x1B17E334
static BOOL IS_SPECIAL_ABILITY_METER_FULL(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x05A1FE504B7F2587, player); } // 0x05A1FE504B7F2587 0x2E19D7F6
static void ENABLE_SPECIAL_ABILITY(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x181EC197DAEFE121, player, toggle); } // 0x181EC197DAEFE121 0xC86C1B4E
static BOOL IS_SPECIAL_ABILITY_ENABLED(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB1D200FE26AEF3CB, player); } // 0xB1D200FE26AEF3CB 0xC01238CC
static void SET_SPECIAL_ABILITY_MULTIPLIER(float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xA49C426ED0CA4AB7, multiplier); } // 0xA49C426ED0CA4AB7 0xFF1BC556
static void _0xFFEE8FA29AB9A18E(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xFFEE8FA29AB9A18E, player); } // 0xFFEE8FA29AB9A18E 0x5D0FE25B
static BOOL _0x5FC472C501CCADB3(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5FC472C501CCADB3, player); } // 0x5FC472C501CCADB3 0x46E7E31D
static BOOL _0xF10B44FD479D69F3(Player player, int p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF10B44FD479D69F3, player, p1); } // 0xF10B44FD479D69F3 0x1E359CC8
static BOOL _0xDD2620B7B9D16FF1(Player player, float p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDD2620B7B9D16FF1, player, p1); } // 0xDD2620B7B9D16FF1 0x8CB53C9F
static void START_PLAYER_TELEPORT(Player player, float x, float y, float z, float heading, BOOL p5, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { invoke<Void>(0xAD15F075A4DA0FDE, player, x, y, z, heading, p5, p6, p7); } // 0xAD15F075A4DA0FDE 0xC552E06C
static BOOL _HAS_PLAYER_TELEPORT_FINISHED(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE23D5873C2394C61, player); } // 0xE23D5873C2394C61
static void STOP_PLAYER_TELEPORT() { invoke<Void>(0xC449EDED9D73009C); } // 0xC449EDED9D73009C 0x86AB8DBB
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_TELEPORT_ACTIVE() { return invoke<BOOL>(0x02B15662D7F8886F); } // 0x02B15662D7F8886F 0x3A11D118
static float GET_PLAYER_CURRENT_STEALTH_NOISE(Player player) { return invoke<float>(0x2F395D61F3A1F877, player); } // 0x2F395D61F3A1F877 0xC3B02362
static void SET_PLAYER_HEALTH_RECHARGE_MULTIPLIER(Player player, float regenRate) { invoke<Void>(0x5DB660B38DD98A31, player, regenRate); } // 0x5DB660B38DD98A31 0x45514731
static void SET_PLAYER_WEAPON_DAMAGE_MODIFIER(Player player, float damageAmount) { invoke<Void>(0xCE07B9F7817AADA3, player, damageAmount); } // 0xCE07B9F7817AADA3 0xB02C2F39
static void SET_PLAYER_WEAPON_DEFENSE_MODIFIER(Player player, float modifier) { invoke<Void>(0x2D83BC011CA14A3C, player, modifier); } // 0x2D83BC011CA14A3C 0xAE446344
static void SET_PLAYER_MELEE_WEAPON_DAMAGE_MODIFIER(Player player, float modifier) { invoke<Void>(0x4A3DC7ECCC321032, player, modifier); } // 0x4A3DC7ECCC321032 0x362E69AD
static void SET_PLAYER_MELEE_WEAPON_DEFENSE_MODIFIER(Player player, float modifier) { invoke<Void>(0xAE540335B4ABC4E2, player, modifier); } // 0xAE540335B4ABC4E2 0x9F3D577F
static void SET_PLAYER_VEHICLE_DAMAGE_MODIFIER(Player player, float damageAmount) { invoke<Void>(0xA50E117CDDF82F0C, player, damageAmount); } // 0xA50E117CDDF82F0C 0x823ECA63
static void SET_PLAYER_VEHICLE_DEFENSE_MODIFIER(Player player, float modifier) { invoke<Void>(0x4C60E6EFDAFF2462, player, modifier); } // 0x4C60E6EFDAFF2462 0xA16626C7
static void SET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_TINT_INDEX(Player player, int tintIndex) { invoke<Void>(0xA3D0E54541D9A5E5, player, tintIndex); } // 0xA3D0E54541D9A5E5 0x8EA12EDB
static void GET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_TINT_INDEX(Player player, int* tintIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x75D3F7A1B0D9B145, player, tintIndex); } // 0x75D3F7A1B0D9B145 0x432B0509
static void SET_PLAYER_RESERVE_PARACHUTE_TINT_INDEX(Player player, int index) { invoke<Void>(0xAF04C87F5DC1DF38, player, index); } // 0xAF04C87F5DC1DF38 0x70689638
static void GET_PLAYER_RESERVE_PARACHUTE_TINT_INDEX(Player player, int* index) { invoke<Void>(0xD5A016BC3C09CF40, player, index); } // 0xD5A016BC3C09CF40 0x77B8EF01
static void SET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_PACK_TINT_INDEX(Player player, int tintIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x93B0FB27C9A04060, player, tintIndex); } // 0x93B0FB27C9A04060 0xD79D5D1B
static void GET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_PACK_TINT_INDEX(Player player, int* tintIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x6E9C742F340CE5A2, player, tintIndex); } // 0x6E9C742F340CE5A2 0x4E418E13
static void SET_PLAYER_HAS_RESERVE_PARACHUTE(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x7DDAB28D31FAC363, player); } // 0x7DDAB28D31FAC363 0xA3E4798E
static BOOL GET_PLAYER_HAS_RESERVE_PARACHUTE(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5DDFE2FF727F3CA3, player); } // 0x5DDFE2FF727F3CA3 0x30DA1DA1
static void SET_PLAYER_CAN_LEAVE_PARACHUTE_SMOKE_TRAIL(Player player, BOOL enabled) { invoke<Void>(0xF401B182DBA8AF53, player, enabled); } // 0xF401B182DBA8AF53 0x832DEB7A
static void SET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_SMOKE_TRAIL_COLOR(Player player, int r, int g, int b) { invoke<Void>(0x8217FD371A4625CF, player, r, g, b); } // 0x8217FD371A4625CF 0x14FE9264
static void GET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_SMOKE_TRAIL_COLOR(Player player, int* r, int* g, int* b) { invoke<Void>(0xEF56DBABD3CD4887, player, r, g, b); } // 0xEF56DBABD3CD4887 0xF66E5CDD
static void SET_PLAYER_RESET_FLAG_PREFER_REAR_SEATS(Player player, int flags) { invoke<Void>(0x11D5F725F0E780E0, player, flags); } // 0x11D5F725F0E780E0 0x725C6174
static void SET_PLAYER_NOISE_MULTIPLIER(Player player, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xDB89EF50FF25FCE9, player, multiplier); } // 0xDB89EF50FF25FCE9 0x15786DD1
static void SET_PLAYER_SNEAKING_NOISE_MULTIPLIER(Player player, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xB2C1A29588A9F47C, player, multiplier); } // 0xB2C1A29588A9F47C 0x8D2D89C4
static BOOL CAN_PED_HEAR_PLAYER(Player player, Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF297383AA91DCA29, player, ped); } // 0xF297383AA91DCA29 0x1C70B2EB
static void SIMULATE_PLAYER_INPUT_GAIT(Player player, float amount, int gaitType, float speed, BOOL p4, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x477D5D63E63ECA5D, player, amount, gaitType, speed, p4, p5); } // 0x477D5D63E63ECA5D 0x0D77CC34
static void RESET_PLAYER_INPUT_GAIT(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x19531C47A2ABD691, player); } // 0x19531C47A2ABD691 0x4A701EE1
static void SET_AUTO_GIVE_PARACHUTE_WHEN_ENTER_PLANE(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x9F343285A00B4BB6, player, toggle); } // 0x9F343285A00B4BB6 0xA97C2059
static void _0xD2B315B6689D537D(Player player, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xD2B315B6689D537D, player, p1); } // 0xD2B315B6689D537D 0xA25D767E
static void SET_PLAYER_STEALTH_PERCEPTION_MODIFIER(Player player, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x4E9021C1FCDD507A, player, value); } // 0x4E9021C1FCDD507A 0x3D26105F
static BOOL _0x690A61A6D13583F6(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x690A61A6D13583F6, p0); } // 0x690A61A6D13583F6 0x1D371529
static void _0x9EDD76E87D5D51BA(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x9EDD76E87D5D51BA, player); } // 0x9EDD76E87D5D51BA 0xE30A64DC
static void SET_PLAYER_SIMULATE_AIMING(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xC54C95DA968EC5B5, player, toggle); } // 0xC54C95DA968EC5B5 0xF1E0CAFC
static void SET_PLAYER_CLOTH_PIN_FRAMES(Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x749FADDF97DFE930, player, toggle); } // 0x749FADDF97DFE930 0xF7A0F00F
static void SET_PLAYER_CLOTH_PACKAGE_INDEX(int index) { invoke<Void>(0x9F7BBA2EA6372500, index); } // 0x9F7BBA2EA6372500 0xB8209F16
static void SET_PLAYER_CLOTH_LOCK_COUNTER(int value) { invoke<Void>(0x14D913B777DFF5DA, value); } // 0x14D913B777DFF5DA 0x8D9FD4D1
static void PLAYER_ATTACH_VIRTUAL_BOUND(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, float p7) { invoke<Void>(0xED51733DC73AED51, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7); } // 0xED51733DC73AED51 0xECD12E60
static void PLAYER_DETACH_VIRTUAL_BOUND() { invoke<Void>(0x1DD5897E2FA6E7C9); } // 0x1DD5897E2FA6E7C9 0x96100EA4
static BOOL HAS_PLAYER_BEEN_SPOTTED_IN_STOLEN_VEHICLE(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD705740BB0A1CF4C, player); } // 0xD705740BB0A1CF4C 0x4A01B76A
static BOOL _0x38D28DA81E4E9BF9(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x38D28DA81E4E9BF9, player); } // 0x38D28DA81E4E9BF9 0x013B4F72
static BOOL _0xBC0753C9CA14B506(Player player, int p1, BOOL p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBC0753C9CA14B506, player, p1, p2); } // 0xBC0753C9CA14B506 0x9DF75B2A
static void _SET_WORLD_BOUNDS_LIMIT(float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x5006D96C995A5827, x, y, z); } // 0x5006D96C995A5827
static BOOL IS_PLAYER_RIDING_TRAIN(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4EC12697209F2196, player); } // 0x4EC12697209F2196 0x9765E71D
static BOOL HAS_PLAYER_LEFT_THE_WORLD(Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD55DDFB47991A294, player); } // 0xD55DDFB47991A294 0xFEA40B6C
static void _0xFF300C7649724A0B(Player player, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xFF300C7649724A0B, player, p1); } // 0xFF300C7649724A0B 0xAD8383FA
static void SET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_VARIATION_OVERRIDE(Player player, int p1, Any p2, Any p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0xD9284A8C0D48352C, player, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0xD9284A8C0D48352C 0x9254249D
static void CLEAR_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_VARIATION_OVERRIDE(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x0F4CC924CF8C7B21, player); } // 0x0F4CC924CF8C7B21 0xFD60F5AB
static void SET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_MODEL_OVERRIDE(Player player, Hash model) { invoke<Void>(0x977DB4641F6FC3DB, player, model); } // 0x977DB4641F6FC3DB 0x5D382498
static void CLEAR_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_MODEL_OVERRIDE(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x8753997EB5F6EE3F, player); } // 0x8753997EB5F6EE3F 0x6FF034BB
static void SET_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_PACK_MODEL_OVERRIDE(Player player, Hash model) { invoke<Void>(0xDC80A4C2F18A2B64, player, model); } // 0xDC80A4C2F18A2B64 0xA877FF5E
static void CLEAR_PLAYER_PARACHUTE_PACK_MODEL_OVERRIDE(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0x10C54E4389C12B42, player); } // 0x10C54E4389C12B42 0xBB62AAC5
static void DISABLE_PLAYER_VEHICLE_REWARDS(Player player) { invoke<Void>(0xC142BE3BB9CE125F, player); } // 0xC142BE3BB9CE125F 0x8C6E611D
static void _0x2F7CEB6520288061(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0x2F7CEB6520288061, p0); } // 0x2F7CEB6520288061 0x2849D4B2
static void _0x5DC40A8869C22141(BOOL p0, ScrHandle p1) { invoke<Void>(0x5DC40A8869C22141, p0, p1); } // 0x5DC40A8869C22141
static BOOL _0x65FAEE425DE637B0(Player p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x65FAEE425DE637B0, p0); } // 0x65FAEE425DE637B0
static void _0x5501B7A5CDB79D37(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x5501B7A5CDB79D37, p0); } // 0x5501B7A5CDB79D37
static Player _0x56105E599CAB0EFA(int* p0) { return invoke<Player>(0x56105E599CAB0EFA, p0); } // 0x56105E599CAB0EFA
namespace ENTITY
static BOOL DOES_ENTITY_EXIST(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7239B21A38F536BA, entity); } // 0x7239B21A38F536BA 0x3AC90869
static BOOL DOES_ENTITY_BELONG_TO_THIS_SCRIPT(Entity entity, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDDE6DF5AE89981D2, entity, p1); } // 0xDDE6DF5AE89981D2 0xACFEB3F9
static BOOL DOES_ENTITY_HAVE_DRAWABLE(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x060D6E96F8B8E48D, entity); } // 0x060D6E96F8B8E48D 0xA5B33300
static BOOL DOES_ENTITY_HAVE_PHYSICS(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDA95EA3317CC5064, entity); } // 0xDA95EA3317CC5064 0x9BCD2979
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_ANIM_FINISHED(Entity entity, char* animDict1, char* animDict2, int p3) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x20B711662962B472, entity, animDict1, animDict2, p3); } // 0x20B711662962B472 0x1D9CAB92
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_BEEN_DAMAGED_BY_ANY_OBJECT(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x95EB9964FF5C5C65, entity); } // 0x95EB9964FF5C5C65 0x6B74582E
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_BEEN_DAMAGED_BY_ANY_PED(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x605F5A140F202491, entity); } // 0x605F5A140F202491 0x53FD4A25
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_BEEN_DAMAGED_BY_ANY_VEHICLE(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDFD5033FDBA0A9C8, entity); } // 0xDFD5033FDBA0A9C8 0x878C2CE0
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_BEEN_DAMAGED_BY_ENTITY(Ped DamagedEntity, Ped DamagingEntity, BOOL p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC86D67D52A707CF8, DamagedEntity, DamagingEntity, p2); } // 0xC86D67D52A707CF8 0x07FC77E0
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_CLEAR_LOS_TO_ENTITY(Entity entity1, Entity entity2, int traceType) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xFCDFF7B72D23A1AC, entity1, entity2, traceType); } // 0xFCDFF7B72D23A1AC 0x53576FA7
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_CLEAR_LOS_TO_ENTITY_IN_FRONT(Entity entity1, Entity entity2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0267D00AF114F17A, entity1, entity2); } // 0x0267D00AF114F17A 0x210D87C8
static BOOL HAS_ENTITY_COLLIDED_WITH_ANYTHING(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8BAD02F0368D9E14, entity); } // 0x8BAD02F0368D9E14 0x662A2F41
static Hash GET_LAST_MATERIAL_HIT_BY_ENTITY(Entity entity) { return invoke<Hash>(0x5C3D0A935F535C4C, entity); } // 0x5C3D0A935F535C4C 0xC0E3AA47
static Vector3 GET_COLLISION_NORMAL_OF_LAST_HIT_FOR_ENTITY(Entity entity) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xE465D4AB7CA6AE72, entity); } // 0xE465D4AB7CA6AE72 0xAB415C07
static void FORCE_ENTITY_AI_AND_ANIMATION_UPDATE(Entity entity) { invoke<Void>(0x40FDEDB72F8293B2, entity); } // 0x40FDEDB72F8293B2 0x58D9775F
static float GET_ENTITY_ANIM_CURRENT_TIME(Entity entity, char* animDict, char* animName) { return invoke<float>(0x346D81500D088F42, entity, animDict, animName); } // 0x346D81500D088F42 0x83943F41
static float GET_ENTITY_ANIM_TOTAL_TIME(Entity entity, char* animDict, char* animName) { return invoke<float>(0x50BD2730B191E360, entity, animDict, animName); } // 0x50BD2730B191E360 0x433A9D18
static float _GET_ANIM_DURATION(char* animDict, char* animName) { return invoke<float>(0xFEDDF04D62B8D790, animDict, animName); } // 0xFEDDF04D62B8D790
static Entity GET_ENTITY_ATTACHED_TO(Entity entity) { return invoke<Entity>(0x48C2BED9180FE123, entity); } // 0x48C2BED9180FE123 0xFE1589F9
static Vector3 GET_ENTITY_COORDS(Entity entity, BOOL alive) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x3FEF770D40960D5A, entity, alive); } // 0x3FEF770D40960D5A 0x1647F1CB
static Vector3 GET_ENTITY_FORWARD_VECTOR(Entity entity) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x0A794A5A57F8DF91, entity); } // 0x0A794A5A57F8DF91 0x84DCECBF
static float GET_ENTITY_FORWARD_X(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0x8BB4EF4214E0E6D5, entity); } // 0x8BB4EF4214E0E6D5 0x49FAE914
static float GET_ENTITY_FORWARD_Y(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0x866A4A5FAE349510, entity); } // 0x866A4A5FAE349510 0x9E2F917C
static float GET_ENTITY_HEADING(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0xE83D4F9BA2A38914, entity); } // 0xE83D4F9BA2A38914 0x972CC383
static float _GET_ENTITY_PHYSICS_HEADING(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0x846BF6291198A71E, entity); } // 0x846BF6291198A71E
static int GET_ENTITY_HEALTH(Entity entity) { return invoke<int>(0xEEF059FAD016D209, entity); } // 0xEEF059FAD016D209 0x8E3222B7
static int GET_ENTITY_MAX_HEALTH(Entity entity) { return invoke<int>(0x15D757606D170C3C, entity); } // 0x15D757606D170C3C 0xC7AE6AA1
static void SET_ENTITY_MAX_HEALTH(Entity entity, int value) { invoke<Void>(0x166E7CF68597D8B5, entity, value); } // 0x166E7CF68597D8B5 0x96F84DF8
static float GET_ENTITY_HEIGHT(Entity entity, float X, float Y, float Z, BOOL atTop, BOOL inWorldCoords) { return invoke<float>(0x5A504562485944DD, entity, X, Y, Z, atTop, inWorldCoords); } // 0x5A504562485944DD 0xEE443481
static float GET_ENTITY_HEIGHT_ABOVE_GROUND(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0x1DD55701034110E5, entity); } // 0x1DD55701034110E5 0x57F56A4D
static void GET_ENTITY_MATRIX(Entity entity, Vector3* rightVector, Vector3* forwardVector, Vector3* upVector, Vector3* position) { invoke<Void>(0xECB2FC7235A7D137, entity, rightVector, forwardVector, upVector, position); } // 0xECB2FC7235A7D137 0xEB9EB001
static Hash GET_ENTITY_MODEL(Entity entity) { return invoke<Hash>(0x9F47B058362C84B5, entity); } // 0x9F47B058362C84B5 0xDAFCB3EC
static Vector3 GET_OFFSET_FROM_ENTITY_GIVEN_WORLD_COORDS(Entity entity, float posX, float posY, float posZ) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x2274BC1C4885E333, entity, posX, posY, posZ); } // 0x2274BC1C4885E333 0x6477EC9E
static Vector3 GET_OFFSET_FROM_ENTITY_IN_WORLD_COORDS(Entity entity, float offsetX, float offsetY, float offsetZ) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x1899F328B0E12848, entity, offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ); } // 0x1899F328B0E12848 0xABCF043A
static float GET_ENTITY_PITCH(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0xD45DC2893621E1FE, entity); } // 0xD45DC2893621E1FE 0xFCE6ECE5
static void GET_ENTITY_QUATERNION(Entity entity, float* x, float* y, float* z, float* w) { invoke<Void>(0x7B3703D2D32DFA18, entity, x, y, z, w); } // 0x7B3703D2D32DFA18 0x5154EC90
static float GET_ENTITY_ROLL(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0x831E0242595560DF, entity); } // 0x831E0242595560DF 0x36610842
static Vector3 GET_ENTITY_ROTATION(Entity entity, int rotationOrder) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xAFBD61CC738D9EB9, entity, rotationOrder); } // 0xAFBD61CC738D9EB9 0x8FF45B04
static Vector3 GET_ENTITY_ROTATION_VELOCITY(Entity entity) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x213B91045D09B983, entity); } // 0x213B91045D09B983 0x9BF8A73F
static char* GET_ENTITY_SCRIPT(Entity entity, ScrHandle* script) { return invoke<char*>(0xA6E9C38DB51D7748, entity, script); } // 0xA6E9C38DB51D7748 0xB7F70784
static float GET_ENTITY_SPEED(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0xD5037BA82E12416F, entity); } // 0xD5037BA82E12416F 0x9E1E4798
static Vector3 GET_ENTITY_SPEED_VECTOR(Entity entity, BOOL relative) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x9A8D700A51CB7B0D, entity, relative); } // 0x9A8D700A51CB7B0D 0x3ED2B997
static float GET_ENTITY_UPRIGHT_VALUE(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0x95EED5A694951F9F, entity); } // 0x95EED5A694951F9F 0xF4268190
static Vector3 GET_ENTITY_VELOCITY(Entity entity) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x4805D2B1D8CF94A9, entity); } // 0x4805D2B1D8CF94A9 0xC14C9B6B
static Object GET_OBJECT_INDEX_FROM_ENTITY_INDEX(Entity entity) { return invoke<Object>(0xD7E3B9735C0F89D6, entity); } // 0xD7E3B9735C0F89D6 0xBC5A9C58
static Ped GET_PED_INDEX_FROM_ENTITY_INDEX(Entity entity) { return invoke<Ped>(0x04A2A40C73395041, entity); } // 0x04A2A40C73395041 0xC46F74AC
static Vehicle GET_VEHICLE_INDEX_FROM_ENTITY_INDEX(Entity entity) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x4B53F92932ADFAC0, entity); } // 0x4B53F92932ADFAC0 0xC69CF43D
static Vector3 GET_WORLD_POSITION_OF_ENTITY_BONE(Entity entity, int boneIndex) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x44A8FCB8ED227738, entity, boneIndex); } // 0x44A8FCB8ED227738 0x7C6339DF
static Player GET_NEAREST_PLAYER_TO_ENTITY(Entity entity) { return invoke<Player>(0x7196842CB375CDB3, entity); } // 0x7196842CB375CDB3 0xCE17FDEC
static Player GET_NEAREST_PLAYER_TO_ENTITY_ON_TEAM(Entity entity, int team) { return invoke<Player>(0x4DC9A62F844D9337, entity, team); } // 0x4DC9A62F844D9337 0xB1808F56
static int GET_ENTITY_TYPE(Entity entity) { return invoke<int>(0x8ACD366038D14505, entity); } // 0x8ACD366038D14505 0x0B1BD08D
static int _GET_ENTITY_POPULATION_TYPE(Entity entity) { return invoke<int>(0xF6F5161F4534EDFF, entity); } // 0xF6F5161F4534EDFF
static BOOL IS_AN_ENTITY(int handle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x731EC8A916BD11A1, handle); } // 0x731EC8A916BD11A1 0xD4B9715A
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_A_PED(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x524AC5ECEA15343E, entity); } // 0x524AC5ECEA15343E 0x55D33EAB
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_A_MISSION_ENTITY(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0A7B270912999B3C, entity); } // 0x0A7B270912999B3C 0x2632E124
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_A_VEHICLE(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6AC7003FA6E5575E, entity); } // 0x6AC7003FA6E5575E 0xBE800B01
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_AN_OBJECT(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8D68C8FD0FACA94E, entity); } // 0x8D68C8FD0FACA94E 0x3F52E561
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_AT_COORD(Entity entity, float xPos, float yPos, float zPos, float xSize, float ySize, float zSize, BOOL p7, BOOL p8, int p9) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x20B60995556D004F, entity, xPos, yPos, zPos, xSize, ySize, zSize, p7, p8, p9); } // 0x20B60995556D004F 0xD749B606
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_AT_ENTITY(Entity entity1, Entity entity2, float xSize, float ySize, float zSize, BOOL p5, BOOL p6, int p7) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x751B70C3D034E187, entity1, entity2, xSize, ySize, zSize, p5, p6, p7); } // 0x751B70C3D034E187 0xDABDCB52
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_ATTACHED(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB346476EF1A64897, entity); } // 0xB346476EF1A64897 0xEC1479D5
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_ATTACHED_TO_ANY_OBJECT(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xCF511840CEEDE0CC, entity); } // 0xCF511840CEEDE0CC 0x0B5DE340
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_ATTACHED_TO_ANY_PED(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB1632E9A5F988D11, entity); } // 0xB1632E9A5F988D11 0x9D7A609C
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_ATTACHED_TO_ANY_VEHICLE(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x26AA915AD89BFB4B, entity); } // 0x26AA915AD89BFB4B 0xDE5C995E
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_ATTACHED_TO_ENTITY(Entity from, Entity to) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xEFBE71898A993728, from, to); } // 0xEFBE71898A993728 0xB0ABFEA8
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_DEAD(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5F9532F3B5CC2551, entity); } // 0x5F9532F3B5CC2551 0xB6F7CBAC
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_IN_AIR(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x886E37EC497200B6, entity); } // 0x886E37EC497200B6 0xA4157987
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_IN_ANGLED_AREA(Entity entity, float originX, float originY, float originZ, float edgeX, float edgeY, float edgeZ, float angle, BOOL p8, BOOL p9, Any p10) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x51210CED3DA1C78A, entity, originX, originY, originZ, edgeX, edgeY, edgeZ, angle, p8, p9, p10); } // 0x51210CED3DA1C78A 0x883622FA
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_IN_AREA(Entity entity, float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, BOOL p7, BOOL p8, Any p9) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x54736AA40E271165, entity, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, p7, p8, p9); } // 0x54736AA40E271165 0x8C2DFA9D
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_IN_ZONE(Entity entity, char* zone) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB6463CF6AF527071, entity, zone); } // 0xB6463CF6AF527071 0x45C82B21
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_IN_WATER(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xCFB0A0D8EDD145A3, entity); } // 0xCFB0A0D8EDD145A3 0x4C3C2508
static float GET_ENTITY_SUBMERGED_LEVEL(Entity entity) { return invoke<float>(0xE81AFC1BC4CC41CE, entity); } // 0xE81AFC1BC4CC41CE 0x0170F68C
static void _0x694E00132F2823ED(Entity entity, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x694E00132F2823ED, entity, p1); } // 0x694E00132F2823ED 0x40C84A74
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_ON_SCREEN(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE659E47AF827484B, entity); } // 0xE659E47AF827484B 0xC1FEC5ED
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_PLAYING_ANIM(Entity entity, char* animDict, char* animName, int p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1F0B79228E461EC9, entity, animDict, animName, p4); } // 0x1F0B79228E461EC9 0x0D130D34
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_STATIC(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1218E6886D3D8327, entity); } // 0x1218E6886D3D8327 0x928E12E9
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_TOUCHING_ENTITY(Entity entity, Entity targetEntity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x17FFC1B2BA35A494, entity, targetEntity); } // 0x17FFC1B2BA35A494 0x6B931477
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_TOUCHING_MODEL(Entity entity, Hash modelHash) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0F42323798A58C8C, entity, modelHash); } // 0x0F42323798A58C8C 0x307E7611
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_UPRIGHT(Entity entity, float angle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5333F526F6AB19AA, entity, angle); } // 0x5333F526F6AB19AA 0x3BCDF4E1
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_UPSIDEDOWN(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1DBD58820FA61D71, entity); } // 0x1DBD58820FA61D71 0x5ACAA48F
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_VISIBLE(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x47D6F43D77935C75, entity); } // 0x47D6F43D77935C75 0x120B4ED5
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_VISIBLE_TO_SCRIPT(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD796CB5BA8F20E32, entity); } // 0xD796CB5BA8F20E32 0x5D240E9D
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_OCCLUDED(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE31C2C72B8692B64, entity); } // 0xE31C2C72B8692B64 0x46BC5B40
static BOOL WOULD_ENTITY_BE_OCCLUDED(Hash entityModelHash, float x, float y, float z, BOOL p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xEE5D2A122E09EC42, entityModelHash, x, y, z, p4); } // 0xEE5D2A122E09EC42 0xEA127CBC
static BOOL IS_ENTITY_WAITING_FOR_WORLD_COLLISION(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD05BFF0C0A12C68F, entity); } // 0xD05BFF0C0A12C68F 0x00AB7A4A
static void APPLY_FORCE_TO_ENTITY_CENTER_OF_MASS(Entity entity, int forceType, float x, float y, float z, BOOL p5, BOOL isRel, BOOL highForce, BOOL p8) { invoke<Void>(0x18FF00FC7EFF559E, entity, forceType, x, y, z, p5, isRel, highForce, p8); } // 0x18FF00FC7EFF559E 0x28924E98
static void APPLY_FORCE_TO_ENTITY(Entity entity, int forceType, float x, float y, float z, float xRot, float yRot, float zRot, int p8, BOOL isRel, BOOL p10, BOOL highForce, BOOL p12, BOOL p13) { invoke<Void>(0xC5F68BE9613E2D18, entity, forceType, x, y, z, xRot, yRot, zRot, p8, isRel, p10, highForce, p12, p13); } // 0xC5F68BE9613E2D18 0xC1C0855A
static void ATTACH_ENTITY_TO_ENTITY(Entity entity1, Entity entity2, int boneIndex, float xPos, float yPos, float zPos, float xRot, float yRot, float zRot, BOOL p9, BOOL useSoftPinning, BOOL collision, BOOL isPed, int vertexIndex, BOOL fixedRot) { invoke<Void>(0x6B9BBD38AB0796DF, entity1, entity2, boneIndex, xPos, yPos, zPos, xRot, yRot, zRot, p9, useSoftPinning, collision, isPed, vertexIndex, fixedRot); } // 0x6B9BBD38AB0796DF 0xEC024237
static void ATTACH_ENTITY_TO_ENTITY_PHYSICALLY(Entity entity1, Entity entity2, int boneIndex1, int boneIndex2, float xPos1, float yPos1, float zPos1, float xPos2, float yPos2, float zPos2, float xRot, float yRot, float zRot, float breakForce, BOOL fixedRot, BOOL p15, BOOL collision, BOOL p17, int p18) { invoke<Void>(0xC3675780C92F90F9, entity1, entity2, boneIndex1, boneIndex2, xPos1, yPos1, zPos1, xPos2, yPos2, zPos2, xRot, yRot, zRot, breakForce, fixedRot, p15, collision, p17, p18); } // 0xC3675780C92F90F9 0x0547417F
static void PROCESS_ENTITY_ATTACHMENTS(Entity entity) { invoke<Void>(0xF4080490ADC51C6F, entity); } // 0xF4080490ADC51C6F 0x6909BA59
static int GET_ENTITY_BONE_INDEX_BY_NAME(Entity entity, char* boneName) { return invoke<int>(0xFB71170B7E76ACBA, entity, boneName); } // 0xFB71170B7E76ACBA 0xE4ECAC22
static void CLEAR_ENTITY_LAST_DAMAGE_ENTITY(Entity entity) { invoke<Void>(0xA72CD9CA74A5ECBA, entity); } // 0xA72CD9CA74A5ECBA 0x2B83F43B
static void DELETE_ENTITY(Entity* entity) { invoke<Void>(0xAE3CBE5BF394C9C9, entity); } // 0xAE3CBE5BF394C9C9 0xFAA3D236
static void DETACH_ENTITY(Entity entity, BOOL p1, BOOL collision) { invoke<Void>(0x961AC54BF0613F5D, entity, p1, collision); } // 0x961AC54BF0613F5D 0xC8EFCB41
static void FREEZE_ENTITY_POSITION(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x428CA6DBD1094446, entity, toggle); } // 0x428CA6DBD1094446 0x65C16D57
static void _SET_ENTITY_REGISTER(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x3910051CCECDB00C, entity, toggle); } // 0x3910051CCECDB00C 0xD3850671
static BOOL PLAY_ENTITY_ANIM(Entity entity, char* animName, char* animDict, float p3, BOOL loop, BOOL stayInAnim, BOOL p6, float delta, Any bitset) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7FB218262B810701, entity, animName, animDict, p3, loop, stayInAnim, p6, delta, bitset); } // 0x7FB218262B810701 0x878753D5
static BOOL PLAY_SYNCHRONIZED_ENTITY_ANIM(Entity entity, int syncedScene, char* animation, char* propName, float p4, float p5, Any p6, float p7) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC77720A12FE14A86, entity, syncedScene, animation, propName, p4, p5, p6, p7); } // 0xC77720A12FE14A86 0x012760AA
static BOOL PLAY_SYNCHRONIZED_MAP_ENTITY_ANIM(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, Any p4, Any p5, Any* p6, Any* p7, float p8, float p9, Any p10, float p11) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB9C54555ED30FBC4, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11); } // 0xB9C54555ED30FBC4 0xEB4CBA74
static BOOL STOP_SYNCHRONIZED_MAP_ENTITY_ANIM(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, Any p4, float p5) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x11E79CAB7183B6F5, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x11E79CAB7183B6F5 0x7253D5B2
static Any STOP_ENTITY_ANIM(Entity entity, char* animation, char* animGroup, float p3) { return invoke<Any>(0x28004F88151E03E0, entity, animation, animGroup, p3); } // 0x28004F88151E03E0 0xC4769830
static BOOL STOP_SYNCHRONIZED_ENTITY_ANIM(Entity entity, float p1, BOOL p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x43D3807C077261E3, entity, p1, p2); } // 0x43D3807C077261E3 0xE27D2FC1
static BOOL HAS_ANIM_EVENT_FIRED(Entity entity, Hash actionHash) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xEAF4CD9EA3E7E922, entity, actionHash); } // 0xEAF4CD9EA3E7E922 0x66571CA0
static BOOL FIND_ANIM_EVENT_PHASE(char* animDictionary, char* animName, char* p2, Any* p3, Any* p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x07F1BE2BCCAA27A7, animDictionary, animName, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x07F1BE2BCCAA27A7 0xC41DDA62
static void SET_ENTITY_ANIM_CURRENT_TIME(Entity entity, char* animDictionary, char* animName, float time) { invoke<Void>(0x4487C259F0F70977, entity, animDictionary, animName, time); } // 0x4487C259F0F70977 0x99D90735
static void SET_ENTITY_ANIM_SPEED(Entity entity, char* animDictionary, char* animName, float speedMultiplier) { invoke<Void>(0x28D1A16553C51776, entity, animDictionary, animName, speedMultiplier); } // 0x28D1A16553C51776 0x3990C90A
static void SET_ENTITY_AS_MISSION_ENTITY(Entity entity, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xAD738C3085FE7E11, entity, p1, p2); } // 0xAD738C3085FE7E11 0x5D1F9E0F
static void SET_ENTITY_AS_NO_LONGER_NEEDED(Entity* entity) { invoke<Void>(0xB736A491E64A32CF, entity); } // 0xB736A491E64A32CF 0xADF2267C
static void SET_PED_AS_NO_LONGER_NEEDED(Ped* ped) { invoke<Void>(0x2595DD4236549CE3, ped); } // 0x2595DD4236549CE3 0x9A388380
static void SET_VEHICLE_AS_NO_LONGER_NEEDED(Vehicle* vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x629BFA74418D6239, vehicle); } // 0x629BFA74418D6239 0x9B0E10BE
static void SET_OBJECT_AS_NO_LONGER_NEEDED(Object* object) { invoke<Void>(0x3AE22DEB5BA5A3E6, object); } // 0x3AE22DEB5BA5A3E6 0x3F6B949F
static void SET_ENTITY_CAN_BE_DAMAGED(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x1760FFA8AB074D66, entity, toggle); } // 0x1760FFA8AB074D66 0x60B6E744
static void SET_ENTITY_CAN_BE_DAMAGED_BY_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP(Entity entity, BOOL bCanBeDamaged, int relGroup) { invoke<Void>(0xE22D8FDE858B8119, entity, bCanBeDamaged, relGroup); } // 0xE22D8FDE858B8119 0x34165B5D
static void SET_ENTITY_CAN_BE_TARGETED_WITHOUT_LOS(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD3997889736FD899, entity, toggle); } // 0xD3997889736FD899 0x3B13797C
static void SET_ENTITY_COLLISION(Entity entity, BOOL toggle, BOOL keepPhysics) { invoke<Void>(0x1A9205C1B9EE827F, entity, toggle, keepPhysics); } // 0x1A9205C1B9EE827F 0x139FD37D
static BOOL _GET_ENTITY_COLLISON_DISABLED(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xCCF1E97BEFDAE480, entity); } // 0xCCF1E97BEFDAE480
static void _0x9EBC85ED0FFFE51C(Entity entity, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x9EBC85ED0FFFE51C, entity, p1, p2); } // 0x9EBC85ED0FFFE51C
static void SET_ENTITY_COORDS(Entity entity, float xPos, float yPos, float zPos, BOOL xAxis, BOOL yAxis, BOOL zAxis, BOOL clearArea) { invoke<Void>(0x06843DA7060A026B, entity, xPos, yPos, zPos, xAxis, yAxis, zAxis, clearArea); } // 0x06843DA7060A026B 0xDF70B41B
static void _SET_ENTITY_COORDS_2(Entity entity, float xPos, float yPos, float zPos, BOOL xAxis, BOOL yAxis, BOOL zAxis, BOOL clearArea) { invoke<Void>(0x621873ECE1178967, entity, xPos, yPos, zPos, xAxis, yAxis, zAxis, clearArea); } // 0x621873ECE1178967
static void SET_ENTITY_COORDS_NO_OFFSET(Entity entity, float xPos, float yPos, float zPos, BOOL xAxis, BOOL yAxis, BOOL zAxis) { invoke<Void>(0x239A3351AC1DA385, entity, xPos, yPos, zPos, xAxis, yAxis, zAxis); } // 0x239A3351AC1DA385 0x4C83DE8D
static void SET_ENTITY_DYNAMIC(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x1718DE8E3F2823CA, entity, toggle); } // 0x1718DE8E3F2823CA 0x236F525B
static void SET_ENTITY_HEADING(Entity entity, float heading) { invoke<Void>(0x8E2530AA8ADA980E, entity, heading); } // 0x8E2530AA8ADA980E 0xE0FF064D
static void SET_ENTITY_HEALTH(Entity entity, int health) { invoke<Void>(0x6B76DC1F3AE6E6A3, entity, health); } // 0x6B76DC1F3AE6E6A3 0xFBCD1831
static void SET_ENTITY_INVINCIBLE(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x3882114BDE571AD4, entity, toggle); } // 0x3882114BDE571AD4 0xC1213A21
static void SET_ENTITY_IS_TARGET_PRIORITY(Entity entity, BOOL p1, float p2) { invoke<Void>(0xEA02E132F5C68722, entity, p1, p2); } // 0xEA02E132F5C68722 0x9729EE32
static void SET_ENTITY_LIGHTS(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x7CFBA6A80BDF3874, entity, toggle); } // 0x7CFBA6A80BDF3874 0xE8FC85AF
static void SET_ENTITY_LOAD_COLLISION_FLAG(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x0DC7CABAB1E9B67E, entity, toggle); } // 0x0DC7CABAB1E9B67E 0xC52F295B
static BOOL HAS_COLLISION_LOADED_AROUND_ENTITY(Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE9676F61BC0B3321, entity); } // 0xE9676F61BC0B3321 0x851687F9
static void SET_ENTITY_MAX_SPEED(Entity entity, float speed) { invoke<Void>(0x0E46A3FCBDE2A1B1, entity, speed); } // 0x0E46A3FCBDE2A1B1 0x46AFFED3
static void SET_ENTITY_ONLY_DAMAGED_BY_PLAYER(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x79F020FF9EDC0748, entity, toggle); } // 0x79F020FF9EDC0748 0x4B707F50
static void SET_ENTITY_ONLY_DAMAGED_BY_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP(Entity entity, BOOL p1, Any p2) { invoke<Void>(0x7022BD828FA0B082, entity, p1, p2); } // 0x7022BD828FA0B082 0x202237E2
static void SET_ENTITY_PROOFS(Entity entity, BOOL bulletProof, BOOL fireProof, BOOL explosionProof, BOOL collisionProof, BOOL meleeProof, BOOL p6, BOOL p7, BOOL drownProof) { invoke<Void>(0xFAEE099C6F890BB8, entity, bulletProof, fireProof, explosionProof, collisionProof, meleeProof, p6, p7, drownProof); } // 0xFAEE099C6F890BB8 0x7E9EAB66
static void SET_ENTITY_QUATERNION(Entity entity, float x, float y, float z, float w) { invoke<Void>(0x77B21BE7AC540F07, entity, x, y, z, w); } // 0x77B21BE7AC540F07 0x83B6046F
static void SET_ENTITY_RECORDS_COLLISIONS(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x0A50A1EEDAD01E65, entity, toggle); } // 0x0A50A1EEDAD01E65 0x6B189A1A
static void SET_ENTITY_ROTATION(Entity entity, float pitch, float roll, float yaw, int rotationOrder, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x8524A8B0171D5E07, entity, pitch, roll, yaw, rotationOrder, p5); } // 0x8524A8B0171D5E07 0x0A345EFE
static void SET_ENTITY_VISIBLE(Entity entity, BOOL toggle, BOOL unk) { invoke<Void>(0xEA1C610A04DB6BBB, entity, toggle, unk); } // 0xEA1C610A04DB6BBB 0xD043E8E1
static void SET_ENTITY_VELOCITY(Entity entity, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x1C99BB7B6E96D16F, entity, x, y, z); } // 0x1C99BB7B6E96D16F 0xFF5A1988
static void SET_ENTITY_HAS_GRAVITY(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x4A4722448F18EEF5, entity, toggle); } // 0x4A4722448F18EEF5 0xE2F262BF
static void SET_ENTITY_LOD_DIST(Entity entity, int value) { invoke<Void>(0x5927F96A78577363, entity, value); } // 0x5927F96A78577363 0xD7ACC7AD
static int GET_ENTITY_LOD_DIST(Entity entity) { return invoke<int>(0x4159C2762B5791D6, entity); } // 0x4159C2762B5791D6 0x4DA3D51F
static void SET_ENTITY_ALPHA(Entity entity, int alphaLevel, BOOL skin) { invoke<Void>(0x44A0870B7E92D7C0, entity, alphaLevel, skin); } // 0x44A0870B7E92D7C0 0xAE667CB0
static int GET_ENTITY_ALPHA(Entity entity) { return invoke<int>(0x5A47B3B5E63E94C6, entity); } // 0x5A47B3B5E63E94C6 0x1560B017
static void RESET_ENTITY_ALPHA(Entity entity) { invoke<Void>(0x9B1E824FFBB7027A, entity); } // 0x9B1E824FFBB7027A 0x8A30761C
static void _0x5C3B791D580E0BC2(Entity entity, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x5C3B791D580E0BC2, entity, p1); } // 0x5C3B791D580E0BC2
static void SET_ENTITY_ALWAYS_PRERENDER(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xACAD101E1FB66689, entity, toggle); } // 0xACAD101E1FB66689 0xD8FF798A
static void SET_ENTITY_RENDER_SCORCHED(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x730F5F8D3F0F2050, entity, toggle); } // 0x730F5F8D3F0F2050 0xAAC9317B
static void SET_ENTITY_TRAFFICLIGHT_OVERRIDE(Entity entity, int state) { invoke<Void>(0x57C5DB656185EAC4, entity, state); } // 0x57C5DB656185EAC4 0xC47F5B91
static void _0x78E8E3A640178255(Entity entity) { invoke<Void>(0x78E8E3A640178255, entity); } // 0x78E8E3A640178255
static void CREATE_MODEL_SWAP(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash originalModel, Hash newModel, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0x92C47782FDA8B2A3, x, y, z, radius, originalModel, newModel, p6); } // 0x92C47782FDA8B2A3 0x0BC12F9E
static void REMOVE_MODEL_SWAP(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash originalModel, Hash newModel, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0x033C0F9A64E229AE, x, y, z, radius, originalModel, newModel, p6); } // 0x033C0F9A64E229AE 0xCE0AA8BC
static void CREATE_MODEL_HIDE(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash model, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x8A97BCA30A0CE478, x, y, z, radius, model, p5); } // 0x8A97BCA30A0CE478 0x7BD5CF2F
static void CREATE_MODEL_HIDE_EXCLUDING_SCRIPT_OBJECTS(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash model, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x3A52AE588830BF7F, x, y, z, radius, model, p5); } // 0x3A52AE588830BF7F 0x07AAF22C
static void REMOVE_MODEL_HIDE(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4, Any p5) { invoke<Void>(0xD9E3006FB3CBD765, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0xD9E3006FB3CBD765 0x993DBC10
static void CREATE_FORCED_OBJECT(float x, float y, float z, Any p3, Hash modelHash, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x150E808B375A385A, x, y, z, p3, modelHash, p5); } // 0x150E808B375A385A 0x335190A2
static void REMOVE_FORCED_OBJECT(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4) { invoke<Void>(0x61B6775E83C0DB6F, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x61B6775E83C0DB6F 0xAED73ADD
static void SET_ENTITY_NO_COLLISION_ENTITY(Entity entity1, Entity entity2, BOOL unknown) { invoke<Void>(0xA53ED5520C07654A, entity1, entity2, unknown); } // 0xA53ED5520C07654A 0x1E11BFE9
static void SET_ENTITY_MOTION_BLUR(Entity entity, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x295D82A8559F9150, entity, toggle); } // 0x295D82A8559F9150 0xE90005B8
static void _0xE12ABE5E3A389A6C(Entity entity, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE12ABE5E3A389A6C, entity, p1); } // 0xE12ABE5E3A389A6C 0x44767B31
static void _0xA80AE305E0A3044F(Entity entity, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA80AE305E0A3044F, entity, p1); } // 0xA80AE305E0A3044F 0xE224A6A5
static void _0xDC6F8601FAF2E893(Entity entity, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xDC6F8601FAF2E893, entity, p1); } // 0xDC6F8601FAF2E893
static void _0x2C2E3DC128F44309(Entity entity, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2C2E3DC128F44309, entity, p1); } // 0x2C2E3DC128F44309
static void _0x1A092BB0C3808B96(Entity entity, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1A092BB0C3808B96, entity, p1); } // 0x1A092BB0C3808B96
namespace PED
static Ped CREATE_PED(int pedType, Hash modelHash, float x, float y, float z, float heading, BOOL isNetwork, BOOL p7) { return invoke<Ped>(0xD49F9B0955C367DE, pedType, modelHash, x, y, z, heading, isNetwork, p7); } // 0xD49F9B0955C367DE 0x0389EF71
static void DELETE_PED(Ped* ped) { invoke<Void>(0x9614299DCB53E54B, ped); } // 0x9614299DCB53E54B 0x13EFB9A0
static Ped CLONE_PED(Ped ped, float heading, BOOL isNetwork, BOOL p3) { return invoke<Ped>(0xEF29A16337FACADB, ped, heading, isNetwork, p3); } // 0xEF29A16337FACADB 0x8C8A8D6E
static void CLONE_PED_TO_TARGET(Ped ped, Ped targetPed) { invoke<Void>(0xE952D6431689AD9A, ped, targetPed); } // 0xE952D6431689AD9A 0xFC70EEC7
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_VEHICLE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, BOOL atGetIn) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA3EE4A07279BB9DB, ped, vehicle, atGetIn); } // 0xA3EE4A07279BB9DB 0x7DA6BC83
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_MODEL(Ped ped, Hash modelHash) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x796D90EFB19AA332, ped, modelHash); } // 0x796D90EFB19AA332 0xA6438D4B
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_VEHICLE(Ped ped, BOOL atGetIn) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x997ABD671D25CA0B, ped, atGetIn); } // 0x997ABD671D25CA0B 0x3B0171EE
static BOOL IS_COP_PED_IN_AREA_3D(float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x16EC4839969F9F5E, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2); } // 0x16EC4839969F9F5E 0xB98DB96B
static BOOL IS_PED_INJURED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x84A2DD9AC37C35C1, ped); } // 0x84A2DD9AC37C35C1 0x2530A087
static BOOL IS_PED_HURT(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5983BB449D7FDB12, ped); } // 0x5983BB449D7FDB12 0x69DFA0AF
static BOOL IS_PED_FATALLY_INJURED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD839450756ED5A80, ped); } // 0xD839450756ED5A80 0xBADA0093
static BOOL IS_PED_DEAD_OR_DYING(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3317DEDB88C95038, ped, p1); } // 0x3317DEDB88C95038 0xCBDB7739
static BOOL IS_CONVERSATION_PED_DEAD(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE0A0AEC214B1FABA, ped); } // 0xE0A0AEC214B1FABA 0x1FA39EFE
static BOOL IS_PED_AIMING_FROM_COVER(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3998B1276A3300E5, ped); } // 0x3998B1276A3300E5 0xDEBAB2AF
static BOOL IS_PED_RELOADING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x24B100C68C645951, ped); } // 0x24B100C68C645951 0x961E1745
static BOOL IS_PED_A_PLAYER(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x12534C348C6CB68B, ped); } // 0x12534C348C6CB68B 0x404794CA
static Ped CREATE_PED_INSIDE_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle, int pedType, Hash modelHash, int seat, BOOL isNetwork, BOOL p5) { return invoke<Ped>(0x7DD959874C1FD534, vehicle, pedType, modelHash, seat, isNetwork, p5); } // 0x7DD959874C1FD534 0x3000F092
static void SET_PED_DESIRED_HEADING(Ped ped, float heading) { invoke<Void>(0xAA5A7ECE2AA8FE70, ped, heading); } // 0xAA5A7ECE2AA8FE70 0x961458F9
static void _FREEZE_PED_CAMERA_ROTATION(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xFF287323B0E2C69A, ped); } // 0xFF287323B0E2C69A 0x290421BE
static BOOL IS_PED_FACING_PED(Ped ped, Ped otherPed, float angle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD71649DB0A545AA3, ped, otherPed, angle); } // 0xD71649DB0A545AA3 0x0B775838
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_MELEE_COMBAT(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4E209B2C1EAD5159, ped); } // 0x4E209B2C1EAD5159 0xFD7814A5
static BOOL IS_PED_STOPPED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x530944F6F4B8A214, ped); } // 0x530944F6F4B8A214 0xA0DC0B87
static BOOL IS_PED_SHOOTING_IN_AREA(Ped ped, float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, BOOL p7, BOOL p8) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7E9DFE24AC1E58EF, ped, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, p7, p8); } // 0x7E9DFE24AC1E58EF 0x741BF04F
static BOOL IS_ANY_PED_SHOOTING_IN_AREA(float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA0D3D71EA1086C55, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, p6, p7); } // 0xA0D3D71EA1086C55 0x91833867
static BOOL IS_PED_SHOOTING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x34616828CD07F1A1, ped); } // 0x34616828CD07F1A1 0xE7C3405E
static void SET_PED_ACCURACY(Ped ped, int accuracy) { invoke<Void>(0x7AEFB85C1D49DEB6, ped, accuracy); } // 0x7AEFB85C1D49DEB6 0x6C17122E
static int GET_PED_ACCURACY(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x37F4AD56ECBC0CD6, ped); } // 0x37F4AD56ECBC0CD6 0x0A2A0AA0
static BOOL IS_PED_MODEL(Ped ped, Hash modelHash) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC9D55B1A358A5BF7, ped, modelHash); } // 0xC9D55B1A358A5BF7 0x5F1DDFCB
static void EXPLODE_PED_HEAD(Ped ped, Hash weaponHash) { invoke<Void>(0x2D05CED3A38D0F3A, ped, weaponHash); } // 0x2D05CED3A38D0F3A 0x05CC1380
static void REMOVE_PED_ELEGANTLY(Ped* ped) { invoke<Void>(0xAC6D445B994DF95E, ped); } // 0xAC6D445B994DF95E 0x4FFB8C6C
static void ADD_ARMOUR_TO_PED(Ped ped, int amount) { invoke<Void>(0x5BA652A0CD14DF2F, ped, amount); } // 0x5BA652A0CD14DF2F 0xF686B26E
static void SET_PED_ARMOUR(Ped ped, int amount) { invoke<Void>(0xCEA04D83135264CC, ped, amount); } // 0xCEA04D83135264CC 0x4E3A0CC4
static void SET_PED_INTO_VEHICLE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int seatIndex) { invoke<Void>(0xF75B0D629E1C063D, ped, vehicle, seatIndex); } // 0xF75B0D629E1C063D 0x07500C79
static void SET_PED_ALLOW_VEHICLES_OVERRIDE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x3C028C636A414ED9, ped, toggle); } // 0x3C028C636A414ED9 0x58A80BD5
static BOOL CAN_CREATE_RANDOM_PED(BOOL unk) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3E8349C08E4B82E4, unk); } // 0x3E8349C08E4B82E4 0xF9ABE88F
static Ped CREATE_RANDOM_PED(float posX, float posY, float posZ) { return invoke<Ped>(0xB4AC7D0CF06BFE8F, posX, posY, posZ); } // 0xB4AC7D0CF06BFE8F 0x5A949543
static Ped CREATE_RANDOM_PED_AS_DRIVER(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL returnHandle) { return invoke<Ped>(0x9B62392B474F44A0, vehicle, returnHandle); } // 0x9B62392B474F44A0 0xB927CE9A
static BOOL CAN_CREATE_RANDOM_DRIVER() { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB8EB95E5B4E56978); } // 0xB8EB95E5B4E56978 0x99861609
static BOOL CAN_CREATE_RANDOM_BIKE_RIDER() { return invoke<BOOL>(0xEACEEDA81751915C); } // 0xEACEEDA81751915C 0x7018BE31
static void SET_PED_MOVE_ANIMS_BLEND_OUT(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x9E8C908F41584ECD, ped); } // 0x9E8C908F41584ECD 0x20E01957
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_DRAGGED_OUT(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xC1670E958EEE24E5, ped, toggle); } // 0xC1670E958EEE24E5 0xAA7F1131
static void _0xF2BEBCDFAFDAA19E(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xF2BEBCDFAFDAA19E, toggle); } // 0xF2BEBCDFAFDAA19E 0x6CD58238
static BOOL IS_PED_MALE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6D9F5FAA7488BA46, ped); } // 0x6D9F5FAA7488BA46 0x90950455
static BOOL IS_PED_HUMAN(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB980061DA992779D, ped); } // 0xB980061DA992779D 0x194BB7B0
static Vehicle GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN(Ped ped, BOOL lastVehicle) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x9A9112A0FE9A4713, ped, lastVehicle); } // 0x9A9112A0FE9A4713 0xAFE92319
static void RESET_PED_LAST_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xBB8DE8CF6A8DD8BB, ped); } // 0xBB8DE8CF6A8DD8BB 0x5E3B5942
static void SET_PED_DENSITY_MULTIPLIER_THIS_FRAME(float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0x95E3D6257B166CF2, multiplier); } // 0x95E3D6257B166CF2 0x039C82BB
static void SET_SCENARIO_PED_DENSITY_MULTIPLIER_THIS_FRAME(float p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x7A556143A1C03898, p0, p1); } // 0x7A556143A1C03898 0x2909ABF0
static void _0x5A7F62FDA59759BD() { invoke<Void>(0x5A7F62FDA59759BD); } // 0x5A7F62FDA59759BD 0xB48C0C04
static void SET_SCRIPTED_CONVERSION_COORD_THIS_FRAME(float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x5086C7843552CF85, x, y, z); } // 0x5086C7843552CF85 0x25EA2AA5
static void SET_PED_NON_CREATION_AREA(float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2) { invoke<Void>(0xEE01041D559983EA, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2); } // 0xEE01041D559983EA 0x7A97283F
static void CLEAR_PED_NON_CREATION_AREA() { invoke<Void>(0x2E05208086BA0651); } // 0x2E05208086BA0651 0x6F7043A3
static void _0x4759CC730F947C81() { invoke<Void>(0x4759CC730F947C81); } // 0x4759CC730F947C81 0x8C555ADD
static BOOL IS_PED_ON_MOUNT(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x460BC76A0E10655E, ped); } // 0x460BC76A0E10655E 0x43103006
static Ped GET_MOUNT(Ped ped) { return invoke<Ped>(0xE7E11B8DCBED1058, ped); } // 0xE7E11B8DCBED1058 0xDD31EC4E
static BOOL IS_PED_ON_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x67722AEB798E5FAB, ped); } // 0x67722AEB798E5FAB 0xA1AE7CC7
static BOOL IS_PED_ON_SPECIFIC_VEHICLE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xEC5F66E459AF3BB2, ped, vehicle); } // 0xEC5F66E459AF3BB2 0x63CB4603
static void SET_PED_MONEY(Ped ped, int amount) { invoke<Void>(0xA9C8960E8684C1B5, ped, amount); } // 0xA9C8960E8684C1B5 0x40D90BF2
static int GET_PED_MONEY(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x3F69145BBA87BAE7, ped); } // 0x3F69145BBA87BAE7 0xEB3C4C7E
static void _0xFF4803BC019852D9(float p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0xFF4803BC019852D9, p0, p1); } // 0xFF4803BC019852D9 0xD41C9AED
static void _0x6B0E6172C9A4D902(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0x6B0E6172C9A4D902, p0); } // 0x6B0E6172C9A4D902 0x30B98369
static void _0x9911F4A24485F653(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0x9911F4A24485F653, p0); } // 0x9911F4A24485F653 0x02A080C8
static void SET_PED_SUFFERS_CRITICAL_HITS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xEBD76F2359F190AC, ped, toggle); } // 0xEBD76F2359F190AC 0x6F6FC7E6
static void _0xAFC976FD0580C7B3(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xAFC976FD0580C7B3, ped, toggle); } // 0xAFC976FD0580C7B3 0x1572022A
static BOOL IS_PED_SITTING_IN_VEHICLE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA808AA1D79230FC2, ped, vehicle); } // 0xA808AA1D79230FC2 0xDDDE26FA
static BOOL IS_PED_SITTING_IN_ANY_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x826AA586EDB9FEF8, ped); } // 0x826AA586EDB9FEF8 0x0EA9CA03
static BOOL IS_PED_ON_FOOT(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x01FEE67DB37F59B2, ped); } // 0x01FEE67DB37F59B2 0xC60D0785
static BOOL IS_PED_ON_ANY_BIKE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x94495889E22C6479, ped); } // 0x94495889E22C6479 0x4D885B2E
static BOOL IS_PED_PLANTING_BOMB(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC70B5FAE151982D8, ped); } // 0xC70B5FAE151982D8 0x0EDAC574
static Vector3 GET_DEAD_PED_PICKUP_COORDS(Ped ped, float p1, float p2) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xCD5003B097200F36, ped, p1, p2); } // 0xCD5003B097200F36 0x129F9DC1
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_BOAT(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2E0E1C2B4F6CB339, ped); } // 0x2E0E1C2B4F6CB339 0x1118A947
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_SUB(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xFBFC01CCFB35D99E, ped); } // 0xFBFC01CCFB35D99E 0xE65F8059
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_HELI(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x298B91AE825E5705, ped); } // 0x298B91AE825E5705 0x7AB5523B
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_PLANE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5FFF4CFC74D8FB80, ped); } // 0x5FFF4CFC74D8FB80 0x51BBCE7E
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_FLYING_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9134873537FA419C, ped); } // 0x9134873537FA419C 0xCA072485
static void SET_PED_DIES_IN_WATER(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x56CEF0AC79073BDE, ped, toggle); } // 0x56CEF0AC79073BDE 0x604C872B
static void SET_PED_DIES_IN_SINKING_VEHICLE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD718A22995E2B4BC, ped, toggle); } // 0xD718A22995E2B4BC 0x8D4D9ABB
static int GET_PED_ARMOUR(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x9483AF821605B1D8, ped); } // 0x9483AF821605B1D8 0x2CE311A7
static void SET_PED_STAY_IN_VEHICLE_WHEN_JACKED(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xEDF4079F9D54C9A1, ped, toggle); } // 0xEDF4079F9D54C9A1 0xB014A09C
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_SHOT_IN_VEHICLE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xC7EF1BA83230BA07, ped, toggle); } // 0xC7EF1BA83230BA07 0x5DB7B3A9
static BOOL GET_PED_LAST_DAMAGE_BONE(Ped ped, int* outBone) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD75960F6BD9EA49C, ped, outBone); } // 0xD75960F6BD9EA49C 0xAB933841
static void CLEAR_PED_LAST_DAMAGE_BONE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x8EF6B7AC68E2F01B, ped); } // 0x8EF6B7AC68E2F01B 0x56CB715E
static void SET_AI_WEAPON_DAMAGE_MODIFIER(float value) { invoke<Void>(0x1B1E2A40A65B8521, value); } // 0x1B1E2A40A65B8521 0x516E30EE
static void RESET_AI_WEAPON_DAMAGE_MODIFIER() { invoke<Void>(0xEA16670E7BA4743C); } // 0xEA16670E7BA4743C 0x6E965420
static void SET_AI_MELEE_WEAPON_DAMAGE_MODIFIER(float modifier) { invoke<Void>(0x66460DEDDD417254, modifier); } // 0x66460DEDDD417254 0x0F9A401F
static void RESET_AI_MELEE_WEAPON_DAMAGE_MODIFIER() { invoke<Void>(0x46E56A7CD1D63C3F); } // 0x46E56A7CD1D63C3F 0x97886238
static void _0x2F3C3D9F50681DE4(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2F3C3D9F50681DE4, p0, p1); } // 0x2F3C3D9F50681DE4 0xCC9D7F1A
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_TARGETTED(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x63F58F7C80513AAD, ped, toggle); } // 0x63F58F7C80513AAD 0x75C49F74
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_TARGETTED_BY_TEAM(Ped ped, int team, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xBF1CA77833E58F2C, ped, team, toggle); } // 0xBF1CA77833E58F2C 0xB103A8E1
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_TARGETTED_BY_PLAYER(Ped ped, Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x66B57B72E0836A76, ped, player, toggle); } // 0x66B57B72E0836A76 0xD050F490
static void _0x061CB768363D6424(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x061CB768363D6424, p0, p1); } // 0x061CB768363D6424 0x7DA12905
static void SET_TIME_EXCLUSIVE_DISPLAY_TEXTURE(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xFD325494792302D7, p0, p1); } // 0xFD325494792302D7 0x7F67671D
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_POLICE_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0BD04E29640C9C12, ped); } // 0x0BD04E29640C9C12 0x84FA790D
static void FORCE_PED_TO_OPEN_PARACHUTE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x16E42E800B472221, ped); } // 0x16E42E800B472221 0xA819680B
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_PARACHUTE_FREE_FALL(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7DCE8BDA0F1C1200, ped); } // 0x7DCE8BDA0F1C1200 0xCD71F11B
static BOOL IS_PED_FALLING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xFB92A102F1C4DFA3, ped); } // 0xFB92A102F1C4DFA3 0xABF77334
static BOOL IS_PED_JUMPING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xCEDABC5900A0BF97, ped); } // 0xCEDABC5900A0BF97 0x07E5BC0E
static BOOL IS_PED_CLIMBING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x53E8CB4F48BFE623, ped); } // 0x53E8CB4F48BFE623 0xBCE03D35
static BOOL IS_PED_VAULTING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x117C70D1F5730B5E, ped); } // 0x117C70D1F5730B5E 0xC3169BDA
static BOOL IS_PED_DIVING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5527B8246FEF9B11, ped); } // 0x5527B8246FEF9B11 0x7BC5BF3C
static BOOL IS_PED_JUMPING_OUT_OF_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x433DDFFE2044B636, ped); } // 0x433DDFFE2044B636 0xB19215F6
static BOOL _0x26AF0E8E30BD2A2C(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x26AF0E8E30BD2A2C, ped); } // 0x26AF0E8E30BD2A2C
static int GET_PED_PARACHUTE_STATE(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x79CFD9827CC979B6, ped); } // 0x79CFD9827CC979B6 0x7D4BC475
static int GET_PED_PARACHUTE_LANDING_TYPE(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x8B9F1FC6AE8166C0, ped); } // 0x8B9F1FC6AE8166C0 0x01F3B035
static void SET_PED_PARACHUTE_TINT_INDEX(Ped ped, int tintIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x333FC8DB079B7186, ped, tintIndex); } // 0x333FC8DB079B7186 0x5AEFEC3A
static void GET_PED_PARACHUTE_TINT_INDEX(Ped ped, int* outTintIndex) { invoke<Void>(0xEAF5F7E5AE7C6C9D, ped, outTintIndex); } // 0xEAF5F7E5AE7C6C9D 0xE9E7FAC5
static void SET_PED_RESERVE_PARACHUTE_TINT_INDEX(Ped ped, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE88DA0751C22A2AD, ped, p1); } // 0xE88DA0751C22A2AD 0x177EFC79
static Entity _0x8C4F3BF23B6237DB(Ped ped, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { return invoke<Entity>(0x8C4F3BF23B6237DB, ped, p1, p2); } // 0x8C4F3BF23B6237DB
static void SET_PED_DUCKING(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x030983CA930B692D, ped, toggle); } // 0x030983CA930B692D 0xB90353D7
static BOOL IS_PED_DUCKING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD125AE748725C6BC, ped); } // 0xD125AE748725C6BC 0x9199C77D
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_TAXI(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6E575D6A898AB852, ped); } // 0x6E575D6A898AB852 0x16FD386C
static void SET_PED_ID_RANGE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0xF107E836A70DCE05, ped, value); } // 0xF107E836A70DCE05 0xEF3B4ED9
static void _0x52D59AB61DDC05DD(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x52D59AB61DDC05DD, ped, p1); } // 0x52D59AB61DDC05DD 0x9A2180FF
static void _0xEC4B4B3B9908052A(Ped ped, float unk) { invoke<Void>(0xEC4B4B3B9908052A, ped, unk); } // 0xEC4B4B3B9908052A 0xF30658D2
static void _0x733C87D4CE22BEA2(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x733C87D4CE22BEA2, p0); } // 0x733C87D4CE22BEA2 0x43709044
static void SET_PED_SEEING_RANGE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0xF29CF591C4BF6CEE, ped, value); } // 0xF29CF591C4BF6CEE 0x4BD72FE8
static void SET_PED_HEARING_RANGE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x33A8F7F7D5F7F33C, ped, value); } // 0x33A8F7F7D5F7F33C 0xB32087E0
static void SET_PED_VISUAL_FIELD_MIN_ANGLE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x2DB492222FB21E26, ped, value); } // 0x2DB492222FB21E26 0x72E2E18B
static void SET_PED_VISUAL_FIELD_MAX_ANGLE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x70793BDCA1E854D4, ped, value); } // 0x70793BDCA1E854D4 0x0CEA0F9A
static void SET_PED_VISUAL_FIELD_MIN_ELEVATION_ANGLE(Ped ped, float angle) { invoke<Void>(0x7A276EB2C224D70F, ped, angle); } // 0x7A276EB2C224D70F 0x5CC2F1B8
static void SET_PED_VISUAL_FIELD_MAX_ELEVATION_ANGLE(Ped ped, float angle) { invoke<Void>(0x78D0B67629D75856, ped, angle); } // 0x78D0B67629D75856 0x39D9102F
static void SET_PED_VISUAL_FIELD_PERIPHERAL_RANGE(Ped ped, float range) { invoke<Void>(0x9C74B0BC831B753A, ped, range); } // 0x9C74B0BC831B753A 0xFDF2F7C2
static void SET_PED_VISUAL_FIELD_CENTER_ANGLE(Ped ped, float angle) { invoke<Void>(0x3B6405E8AB34A907, ped, angle); } // 0x3B6405E8AB34A907 0xE57202A1
static void SET_PED_STEALTH_MOVEMENT(Ped ped, BOOL p1, char* action) { invoke<Void>(0x88CBB5CEB96B7BD2, ped, p1, action); } // 0x88CBB5CEB96B7BD2 0x67E28E1D
static BOOL GET_PED_STEALTH_MOVEMENT(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7C2AC9CA66575FBF, ped); } // 0x7C2AC9CA66575FBF 0x40321B83
static int CREATE_GROUP(int unused) { return invoke<int>(0x90370EBE0FEE1A3D, unused); } // 0x90370EBE0FEE1A3D 0x8DC0368D
static void SET_PED_AS_GROUP_LEADER(Ped ped, int groupId) { invoke<Void>(0x2A7819605465FBCE, ped, groupId); } // 0x2A7819605465FBCE 0x7265BEA2
static void SET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER(Ped ped, int groupId) { invoke<Void>(0x9F3480FE65DB31B5, ped, groupId); } // 0x9F3480FE65DB31B5 0x0EE13F92
static void SET_PED_CAN_TELEPORT_TO_GROUP_LEADER(Ped pedHandle, int groupHandle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x2E2F4240B3F24647, pedHandle, groupHandle, toggle); } // 0x2E2F4240B3F24647 0xD0D8BDBC
static void REMOVE_GROUP(int groupId) { invoke<Void>(0x8EB2F69076AF7053, groupId); } // 0x8EB2F69076AF7053 0x48D72B88
static void REMOVE_PED_FROM_GROUP(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xED74007FFB146BC2, ped); } // 0xED74007FFB146BC2 0x82697713
static BOOL IS_PED_GROUP_MEMBER(Ped ped, int groupId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9BB01E3834671191, ped, groupId); } // 0x9BB01E3834671191 0x876D5363
static BOOL IS_PED_HANGING_ON_TO_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1C86D8AEF8254B78, ped); } // 0x1C86D8AEF8254B78 0x9678D4FF
static void SET_GROUP_SEPARATION_RANGE(int groupHandle, float separationRange) { invoke<Void>(0x4102C7858CFEE4E4, groupHandle, separationRange); } // 0x4102C7858CFEE4E4 0x7B820CD5
static void SET_PED_MIN_GROUND_TIME_FOR_STUNGUN(Ped ped, int ms) { invoke<Void>(0xFA0675AB151073FA, ped, ms); } // 0xFA0675AB151073FA 0x2F0D0973
static BOOL IS_PED_PRONE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD6A86331A537A7B9, ped); } // 0xD6A86331A537A7B9 0x02C2A6C3
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_COMBAT(Ped ped, Ped target) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4859F1FC66A6278E, ped, target); } // 0x4859F1FC66A6278E 0xFE027CB5
static BOOL CAN_PED_IN_COMBAT_SEE_TARGET(Ped ped, Ped target) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xEAD42DE3610D0721, ped, target); } // 0xEAD42DE3610D0721 0xCCD525E1
static BOOL IS_PED_DOING_DRIVEBY(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB2C086CC1BF8F2BF, ped); } // 0xB2C086CC1BF8F2BF 0xAC3CEB9C
static BOOL IS_PED_JACKING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4AE4FF911DFB61DA, ped); } // 0x4AE4FF911DFB61DA 0x3B321816
static BOOL IS_PED_BEING_JACKED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9A497FE2DF198913, ped); } // 0x9A497FE2DF198913 0xD45D605C
static BOOL IS_PED_BEING_STUNNED(Ped ped, int p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4FBACCE3B4138EE8, ped, p1); } // 0x4FBACCE3B4138EE8 0x0A66CE30
static Ped GET_PEDS_JACKER(Ped ped) { return invoke<Ped>(0x9B128DC36C1E04CF, ped); } // 0x9B128DC36C1E04CF 0xDE1DBB59
static Ped GET_JACK_TARGET(Ped ped) { return invoke<Ped>(0x5486A79D9FBD342D, ped); } // 0x5486A79D9FBD342D 0x1D196361
static BOOL IS_PED_FLEEING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBBCCE00B381F8482, ped); } // 0xBBCCE00B381F8482 0x85D813C6
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_COVER(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x60DFD0691A170B88, ped, p1); } // 0x60DFD0691A170B88 0x972C5A8B
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_COVER_FACING_LEFT(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x845333B3150583AB, ped); } // 0x845333B3150583AB 0xB89DBB80
static BOOL _IS_PED_STANDING_IN_COVER(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6A03BF943D767C93, ped); } // 0x6A03BF943D767C93
static BOOL IS_PED_GOING_INTO_COVER(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9F65DBC537E59AD5, ped); } // 0x9F65DBC537E59AD5 0xA3589628
static Any SET_PED_PINNED_DOWN(Ped ped, BOOL pinned, int i) { return invoke<Any>(0xAAD6D1ACF08F4612, ped, pinned, i); } // 0xAAD6D1ACF08F4612 0xCC78999D
static int GET_SEAT_PED_IS_TRYING_TO_ENTER(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x6F4C85ACD641BCD2, ped); } // 0x6F4C85ACD641BCD2 0xACF162E0
static Vehicle GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_TRYING_TO_ENTER(Ped ped) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x814FA8BE5449445D, ped); } // 0x814FA8BE5449445D 0x99968B37
static Entity GET_PED_SOURCE_OF_DEATH(Ped ped) { return invoke<Entity>(0x93C8B64DEB84728C, ped); } // 0x93C8B64DEB84728C 0x84ADF9EB
static Hash GET_PED_CAUSE_OF_DEATH(Ped ped) { return invoke<Hash>(0x16FFE42AB2D2DC59, ped); } // 0x16FFE42AB2D2DC59 0x63458C27
static int _GET_PED_TIME_OF_DEATH(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x1E98817B311AE98A, ped); } // 0x1E98817B311AE98A
static int _0x5407B7288D0478B7(Any p0) { return invoke<int>(0x5407B7288D0478B7, p0); } // 0x5407B7288D0478B7 0xEF0B78E6
static Any _0x336B3D200AB007CB(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4) { return invoke<Any>(0x336B3D200AB007CB, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x336B3D200AB007CB 0xFB18CB19
static void SET_PED_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP_DEFAULT_HASH(Ped ped, Hash hash) { invoke<Void>(0xADB3F206518799E8, ped, hash); } // 0xADB3F206518799E8 0x423B7BA2
static void SET_PED_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP_HASH(Ped ped, Hash hash) { invoke<Void>(0xC80A74AC829DDD92, ped, hash); } // 0xC80A74AC829DDD92 0x79F8C18C
static void SET_RELATIONSHIP_BETWEEN_GROUPS(int relationship, Hash group1, Hash group2) { invoke<Void>(0xBF25EB89375A37AD, relationship, group1, group2); } // 0xBF25EB89375A37AD 0xD4A215BA
static void CLEAR_RELATIONSHIP_BETWEEN_GROUPS(int relationship, Hash group1, Hash group2) { invoke<Void>(0x5E29243FB56FC6D4, relationship, group1, group2); } // 0x5E29243FB56FC6D4 0x994B8C2D
static Any ADD_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP(char* name, Hash* groupHash) { return invoke<Any>(0xF372BC22FCB88606, name, groupHash); } // 0xF372BC22FCB88606 0x8B635546
static void REMOVE_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP(Hash groupHash) { invoke<Void>(0xB6BA2444AB393DA2, groupHash); } // 0xB6BA2444AB393DA2 0x4A1DC59A
static int GET_RELATIONSHIP_BETWEEN_PEDS(Ped ped1, Ped ped2) { return invoke<int>(0xEBA5AD3A0EAF7121, ped1, ped2); } // 0xEBA5AD3A0EAF7121 0xE254C39C
static Hash GET_PED_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP_DEFAULT_HASH(Ped ped) { return invoke<Hash>(0x42FDD0F017B1E38E, ped); } // 0x42FDD0F017B1E38E 0x714BD6E4
static Hash GET_PED_RELATIONSHIP_GROUP_HASH(Ped ped) { return invoke<Hash>(0x7DBDD04862D95F04, ped); } // 0x7DBDD04862D95F04 0x354F283C
static int GET_RELATIONSHIP_BETWEEN_GROUPS(Hash group1, Hash group2) { return invoke<int>(0x9E6B70061662AE5C, group1, group2); } // 0x9E6B70061662AE5C 0x4E372FE2
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_TARGETED_WITHOUT_LOS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x4328652AE5769C71, ped, toggle); } // 0x4328652AE5769C71 0x7FDDC0A6
static void SET_PED_TO_INFORM_RESPECTED_FRIENDS(Ped ped, float radius, int maxFriends) { invoke<Void>(0x112942C6E708F70B, ped, radius, maxFriends); } // 0x112942C6E708F70B 0xD78AC46C
static BOOL IS_PED_RESPONDING_TO_EVENT(Ped ped, Any event) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x625B774D75C87068, ped, event); } // 0x625B774D75C87068 0x7A877554
static void SET_PED_FIRING_PATTERN(Ped ped, Hash patternHash) { invoke<Void>(0x9AC577F5A12AD8A9, ped, patternHash); } // 0x9AC577F5A12AD8A9 0xB4629D66
static void SET_PED_SHOOT_RATE(Ped ped, int shootRate) { invoke<Void>(0x614DA022990752DC, ped, shootRate); } // 0x614DA022990752DC 0xFB301746
static void SET_COMBAT_FLOAT(Ped ped, int combatType, float p2) { invoke<Void>(0xFF41B4B141ED981C, ped, combatType, p2); } // 0xFF41B4B141ED981C 0xD8B7637C
static float GET_COMBAT_FLOAT(Ped ped, int p1) { return invoke<float>(0x52DFF8A10508090A, ped, p1); } // 0x52DFF8A10508090A 0x511D7EF8
static void GET_GROUP_SIZE(int groupID, Any* unknown, int* sizeInMembers) { invoke<Void>(0x8DE69FE35CA09A45, groupID, unknown, sizeInMembers); } // 0x8DE69FE35CA09A45 0xF7E1A691
static BOOL DOES_GROUP_EXIST(int groupId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7C6B0C22F9F40BBE, groupId); } // 0x7C6B0C22F9F40BBE 0x935C978D
static int GET_PED_GROUP_INDEX(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0xF162E133B4E7A675, ped); } // 0xF162E133B4E7A675 0x134E0785
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_GROUP(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5891CAC5D4ACFF74, ped); } // 0x5891CAC5D4ACFF74 0x836D9795
static Player GET_PLAYER_PED_IS_FOLLOWING(Ped ped) { return invoke<Player>(0x6A3975DEA89F9A17, ped); } // 0x6A3975DEA89F9A17 0xDE7442EE
static void SET_GROUP_FORMATION(int groupId, int formationType) { invoke<Void>(0xCE2F5FC3AF7E8C1E, groupId, formationType); } // 0xCE2F5FC3AF7E8C1E 0x08FAC739
static void SET_GROUP_FORMATION_SPACING(int groupId, float p1, float p2, float p3) { invoke<Void>(0x1D9D45004C28C916, groupId, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x1D9D45004C28C916 0xB1E086FF
static void RESET_GROUP_FORMATION_DEFAULT_SPACING(int groupHandle) { invoke<Void>(0x63DAB4CCB3273205, groupHandle); } // 0x63DAB4CCB3273205 0x267FCEAD
static Vehicle GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_USING(Ped ped) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x6094AD011A2EA87D, ped); } // 0x6094AD011A2EA87D 0x6DE3AADA
static Vehicle SET_EXCLUSIVE_PHONE_RELATIONSHIPS(Ped ped) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0xF92691AED837A5FC, ped); } // 0xF92691AED837A5FC 0x56E0C163
static void SET_PED_GRAVITY(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x9FF447B6B6AD960A, ped, toggle); } // 0x9FF447B6B6AD960A 0x3CA16652
static void APPLY_DAMAGE_TO_PED(Ped ped, int damageAmount, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x697157CED63F18D4, ped, damageAmount, p2); } // 0x697157CED63F18D4 0x4DC27FCF
static Any _0x36B77BB84687C318(Ped ped, Any p1) { return invoke<Any>(0x36B77BB84687C318, ped, p1); } // 0x36B77BB84687C318
static void SET_PED_ALLOWED_TO_DUCK(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xDA1F1B7BE1A8766F, ped, toggle); } // 0xDA1F1B7BE1A8766F 0xC4D122F8
static void SET_PED_NEVER_LEAVES_GROUP(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x3DBFC55D5C9BB447, ped, toggle); } // 0x3DBFC55D5C9BB447 0x0E038813
static int GET_PED_TYPE(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0xFF059E1E4C01E63C, ped); } // 0xFF059E1E4C01E63C 0xB1460D43
static void SET_PED_AS_COP(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xBB03C38DD3FB7FFD, ped, toggle); } // 0xBB03C38DD3FB7FFD 0x84E7DE9F
static void SET_PED_MAX_HEALTH(Ped ped, int value) { invoke<Void>(0xF5F6378C4F3419D3, ped, value); } // 0xF5F6378C4F3419D3 0x5533F60B
static int GET_PED_MAX_HEALTH(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x4700A416E8324EF3, ped); } // 0x4700A416E8324EF3 0xA45B6C8D
static void SET_PED_MAX_TIME_IN_WATER(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x43C851690662113D, ped, value); } // 0x43C851690662113D 0xFE0A106B
static void SET_PED_MAX_TIME_UNDERWATER(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x6BA428C528D9E522, ped, value); } // 0x6BA428C528D9E522 0x082EF240
static void _0x2735233A786B1BEF(Ped ped, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2735233A786B1BEF, ped, p1); } // 0x2735233A786B1BEF 0x373CC405
static void _0x952F06BEECD775CC(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0x952F06BEECD775CC, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x952F06BEECD775CC
static void _0xE6CA85E7259CE16B(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xE6CA85E7259CE16B, p0); } // 0xE6CA85E7259CE16B
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_KNOCKED_OFF_VEHICLE(Ped ped, int state) { invoke<Void>(0x7A6535691B477C48, ped, state); } // 0x7A6535691B477C48 0x8A251612
static BOOL CAN_KNOCK_PED_OFF_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x51AC07A44D4F5B8A, ped); } // 0x51AC07A44D4F5B8A 0xC9D098B3
static void KNOCK_PED_OFF_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x45BBCBA77C29A841, ped); } // 0x45BBCBA77C29A841 0xACDD0674
static void SET_PED_COORDS_NO_GANG(Ped ped, float posX, float posY, float posZ) { invoke<Void>(0x87052FE446E07247, ped, posX, posY, posZ); } // 0x87052FE446E07247 0x9561AD98
static Ped GET_PED_AS_GROUP_MEMBER(int groupID, int memberNumber) { return invoke<Ped>(0x51455483CF23ED97, groupID, memberNumber); } // 0x51455483CF23ED97 0x9AA3CC8C
static Ped _GET_PED_AS_GROUP_LEADER(int groupID) { return invoke<Ped>(0x5CCE68DBD5FE93EC, groupID); } // 0x5CCE68DBD5FE93EC
static void SET_PED_KEEP_TASK(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x971D38760FBC02EF, ped, toggle); } // 0x971D38760FBC02EF 0xA7EC79CE
static void _0x49E50BDB8BA4DAB2(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x49E50BDB8BA4DAB2, ped, p1); } // 0x49E50BDB8BA4DAB2 0x397F06E3
static BOOL IS_PED_SWIMMING(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9DE327631295B4C2, ped); } // 0x9DE327631295B4C2 0x7AB43DB8
static BOOL IS_PED_SWIMMING_UNDER_WATER(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC024869A53992F34, ped); } // 0xC024869A53992F34 0x0E8D524F
static void SET_PED_COORDS_KEEP_VEHICLE(Ped ped, float posX, float posY, float posZ) { invoke<Void>(0x9AFEFF481A85AB2E, ped, posX, posY, posZ); } // 0x9AFEFF481A85AB2E 0xD66AE1D3
static void SET_PED_DIES_IN_VEHICLE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x2A30922C90C9B42C, ped, toggle); } // 0x2A30922C90C9B42C 0x6FE1E440
static void SET_CREATE_RANDOM_COPS(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x102E68B2024D536D, toggle); } // 0x102E68B2024D536D 0x23441648
static void SET_CREATE_RANDOM_COPS_NOT_ON_SCENARIOS(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x8A4986851C4EF6E7, toggle); } // 0x8A4986851C4EF6E7 0x82E548CC
static void SET_CREATE_RANDOM_COPS_ON_SCENARIOS(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x444CB7D7DBE6973D, toggle); } // 0x444CB7D7DBE6973D 0xEDC31475
static BOOL CAN_CREATE_RANDOM_COPS() { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5EE2CAFF7F17770D); } // 0x5EE2CAFF7F17770D 0xAA73DAD9
static void SET_PED_AS_ENEMY(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x02A0C9720B854BFA, ped, toggle); } // 0x02A0C9720B854BFA 0xAE620A1B
static void SET_PED_CAN_SMASH_GLASS(Ped ped, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x1CCE141467FF42A2, ped, p1, p2); } // 0x1CCE141467FF42A2 0x149C60A8
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_ANY_TRAIN(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6F972C1AB75A1ED0, ped); } // 0x6F972C1AB75A1ED0 0x759EF63A
static BOOL IS_PED_GETTING_INTO_A_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBB062B2B5722478E, ped); } // 0xBB062B2B5722478E 0x90E805AC
static BOOL IS_PED_TRYING_TO_ENTER_A_LOCKED_VEHICLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x44D28D5DDFE5F68C, ped); } // 0x44D28D5DDFE5F68C 0x46828B4E
static void SET_ENABLE_HANDCUFFS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xDF1AF8B5D56542FA, ped, toggle); } // 0xDF1AF8B5D56542FA 0xAC9BBA23
static void SET_ENABLE_BOUND_ANKLES(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xC52E0F855C58FC2E, ped, toggle); } // 0xC52E0F855C58FC2E 0x9208D689
static void SET_ENABLE_SCUBA(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xF99F62004024D506, ped, toggle); } // 0xF99F62004024D506 0x7BF61471
static void SET_CAN_ATTACK_FRIENDLY(Ped ped, BOOL toggle, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xB3B1CB349FF9C75D, ped, toggle, p2); } // 0xB3B1CB349FF9C75D 0x47C60963
static int GET_PED_ALERTNESS(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0xF6AA118530443FD2, ped); } // 0xF6AA118530443FD2 0xF83E4DAF
static void SET_PED_ALERTNESS(Ped ped, int value) { invoke<Void>(0xDBA71115ED9941A6, ped, value); } // 0xDBA71115ED9941A6 0x2C32D9AE
static void SET_PED_GET_OUT_UPSIDE_DOWN_VEHICLE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xBC0ED94165A48BC2, ped, toggle); } // 0xBC0ED94165A48BC2 0x89AD49FF
static void SET_PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET(Ped ped, char* clipSet, float p2) { invoke<Void>(0xAF8A94EDE7712BEF, ped, clipSet, p2); } // 0xAF8A94EDE7712BEF 0xA817CDEB
static void RESET_PED_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET(Ped ped, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xAA74EC0CB0AAEA2C, ped, p1); } // 0xAA74EC0CB0AAEA2C 0xB83CEE93
static void SET_PED_STRAFE_CLIPSET(Ped ped, char* clipSet) { invoke<Void>(0x29A28F3F8CF6D854, ped, clipSet); } // 0x29A28F3F8CF6D854 0x0BACF010
static void RESET_PED_STRAFE_CLIPSET(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x20510814175EA477, ped); } // 0x20510814175EA477 0xF1967A12
static void SET_PED_WEAPON_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET(Ped ped, char* clipSet) { invoke<Void>(0x2622E35B77D3ACA2, ped, clipSet); } // 0x2622E35B77D3ACA2 0xF8BE54DC
static void RESET_PED_WEAPON_MOVEMENT_CLIPSET(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x97B0DB5B4AA74E77, ped); } // 0x97B0DB5B4AA74E77 0xC60C9ACD
static void SET_PED_DRIVE_BY_CLIPSET_OVERRIDE(Ped ped, char* clipset) { invoke<Void>(0xED34AB6C5CB36520, ped, clipset); } // 0xED34AB6C5CB36520 0xD4C73595
static void CLEAR_PED_DRIVE_BY_CLIPSET_OVERRIDE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x4AFE3690D7E0B5AC, ped); } // 0x4AFE3690D7E0B5AC 0xAEC9163B
static void _0x9DBA107B4937F809(Any p0, char* p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9DBA107B4937F809, p0, p1); } // 0x9DBA107B4937F809
static void _0xC79196DCB36F6121(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xC79196DCB36F6121, p0); } // 0xC79196DCB36F6121
static void _0x80054D7FCC70EEC6(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x80054D7FCC70EEC6, p0); } // 0x80054D7FCC70EEC6
static void SET_PED_IN_VEHICLE_CONTEXT(Ped ped, Hash context) { invoke<Void>(0x530071295899A8C6, ped, context); } // 0x530071295899A8C6 0x27F25C0E
static void RESET_PED_IN_VEHICLE_CONTEXT(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x22EF8FF8778030EB, ped); } // 0x22EF8FF8778030EB 0x3C94D88A
static BOOL IS_SCRIPTED_SCENARIO_PED_USING_CONDITIONAL_ANIM(Ped ped, char* animDict, char* anim) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6EC47A344923E1ED, ped, animDict, anim); } // 0x6EC47A344923E1ED 0x3C30B447
static void SET_PED_ALTERNATE_WALK_ANIM(Ped ped, char* animDict, char* animName, float p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0x6C60394CB4F75E9A, ped, animDict, animName, p3, p4); } // 0x6C60394CB4F75E9A 0x895E1D67
static void CLEAR_PED_ALTERNATE_WALK_ANIM(Ped ped, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x8844BBFCE30AA9E9, ped, p1); } // 0x8844BBFCE30AA9E9 0x5736FB23
static void SET_PED_ALTERNATE_MOVEMENT_ANIM(Ped ped, int stance, char* animDictionary, char* animationName, float p4, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x90A43CC281FFAB46, ped, stance, animDictionary, animationName, p4, p5); } // 0x90A43CC281FFAB46 0xBA84FD8C
static void CLEAR_PED_ALTERNATE_MOVEMENT_ANIM(Ped ped, int stance, float p2) { invoke<Void>(0xD8D19675ED5FBDCE, ped, stance, p2); } // 0xD8D19675ED5FBDCE 0x7A7F5BC3
static void SET_PED_GESTURE_GROUP(Ped ped, char* animGroupGesture) { invoke<Void>(0xDDF803377F94AAA8, ped, animGroupGesture); } // 0xDDF803377F94AAA8 0x170DA109
static Vector3 GET_ANIM_INITIAL_OFFSET_POSITION(char* animDict, char* animName, float x, float y, float z, float xRot, float yRot, float zRot, float p8, int p9) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xBE22B26DD764C040, animDict, animName, x, y, z, xRot, yRot, zRot, p8, p9); } // 0xBE22B26DD764C040 0xC59D4268
static Vector3 GET_ANIM_INITIAL_OFFSET_ROTATION(char* animDict, char* animName, float x, float y, float z, float xRot, float yRot, float zRot, float p8, int p9) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x4B805E6046EE9E47, animDict, animName, x, y, z, xRot, yRot, zRot, p8, p9); } // 0x4B805E6046EE9E47 0x5F7789E6
static int GET_PED_DRAWABLE_VARIATION(Ped ped, int componentId) { return invoke<int>(0x67F3780DD425D4FC, ped, componentId); } // 0x67F3780DD425D4FC 0x29850FE2
static int GET_NUMBER_OF_PED_DRAWABLE_VARIATIONS(Ped ped, int componentId) { return invoke<int>(0x27561561732A7842, ped, componentId); } // 0x27561561732A7842 0x9754C27D
static int GET_PED_TEXTURE_VARIATION(Ped ped, int componentId) { return invoke<int>(0x04A355E041E004E6, ped, componentId); } // 0x04A355E041E004E6 0xC0A8590A
static int GET_NUMBER_OF_PED_TEXTURE_VARIATIONS(Ped ped, int componentId, int drawableId) { return invoke<int>(0x8F7156A3142A6BAD, ped, componentId, drawableId); } // 0x8F7156A3142A6BAD 0x83D9FBE7
static int GET_NUMBER_OF_PED_PROP_DRAWABLE_VARIATIONS(Ped ped, int propId) { return invoke<int>(0x5FAF9754E789FB47, ped, propId); } // 0x5FAF9754E789FB47 0xC9780B95
static int GET_NUMBER_OF_PED_PROP_TEXTURE_VARIATIONS(Ped ped, int propId, int drawableId) { return invoke<int>(0xA6E7F1CEB523E171, ped, propId, drawableId); } // 0xA6E7F1CEB523E171 0x4892B882
static int GET_PED_PALETTE_VARIATION(Ped ped, int componentId) { return invoke<int>(0xE3DD5F2A84B42281, ped, componentId); } // 0xE3DD5F2A84B42281 0xEF1BC082
static BOOL _0x9E30E91FB03A2CAF(Any* p0, Any* p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9E30E91FB03A2CAF, p0, p1); } // 0x9E30E91FB03A2CAF
static Any _0x1E77FA7A62EE6C4C(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x1E77FA7A62EE6C4C, p0); } // 0x1E77FA7A62EE6C4C
static Any _0xF033419D1B81FAE8(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0xF033419D1B81FAE8, p0); } // 0xF033419D1B81FAE8
static BOOL IS_PED_COMPONENT_VARIATION_VALID(Ped ped, int componentId, int drawableId, int textureId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE825F6B6CEA7671D, ped, componentId, drawableId, textureId); } // 0xE825F6B6CEA7671D 0x952ABD9A
static void SET_PED_COMPONENT_VARIATION(Ped ped, int componentId, int drawableId, int textureId, int paletteId) { invoke<Void>(0x262B14F48D29DE80, ped, componentId, drawableId, textureId, paletteId); } // 0x262B14F48D29DE80 0xD4F7B05C
static void SET_PED_RANDOM_COMPONENT_VARIATION(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC8A9481A01E63C28, ped, p1); } // 0xC8A9481A01E63C28 0x4111BA46
static void SET_PED_RANDOM_PROPS(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xC44AA05345C992C6, ped); } // 0xC44AA05345C992C6 0xE3318E0E
static void SET_PED_DEFAULT_COMPONENT_VARIATION(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x45EEE61580806D63, ped); } // 0x45EEE61580806D63 0xC866A984
static void SET_PED_BLEND_FROM_PARENTS(Ped ped, Any p1, Any p2, float p3, float p4) { invoke<Void>(0x137BBD05230DB22D, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x137BBD05230DB22D 0x837BD370
static void SET_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA(Ped ped, int shapeFirstID, int shapeSecondID, int shapeThirdID, int skinFirstID, int skinSecondID, int skinThirdID, float shapeMix, float skinMix, float thirdMix, BOOL isParent) { invoke<Void>(0x9414E18B9434C2FE, ped, shapeFirstID, shapeSecondID, shapeThirdID, skinFirstID, skinSecondID, skinThirdID, shapeMix, skinMix, thirdMix, isParent); } // 0x9414E18B9434C2FE 0x60746B88
static BOOL _GET_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA(Ped ped, Any* headBlendData) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2746BD9D88C5C5D0, ped, headBlendData); } // 0x2746BD9D88C5C5D0
static void UPDATE_PED_HEAD_BLEND_DATA(Ped ped, float shapeMix, float skinMix, float thirdMix) { invoke<Void>(0x723538F61C647C5A, ped, shapeMix, skinMix, thirdMix); } // 0x723538F61C647C5A 0x5CB76219
static void _SET_PED_EYE_COLOR(Ped ped, int index) { invoke<Void>(0x50B56988B170AFDF, ped, index); } // 0x50B56988B170AFDF
static void SET_PED_HEAD_OVERLAY(Ped ped, int overlayID, int index, float opacity) { invoke<Void>(0x48F44967FA05CC1E, ped, overlayID, index, opacity); } // 0x48F44967FA05CC1E 0xD28DBA90
static int _GET_PED_HEAD_OVERLAY_VALUE(Ped ped, int overlayID) { return invoke<int>(0xA60EF3B6461A4D43, ped, overlayID); } // 0xA60EF3B6461A4D43
static int _GET_NUM_HEAD_OVERLAY_VALUES(int overlayID) { return invoke<int>(0xCF1CE768BB43480E, overlayID); } // 0xCF1CE768BB43480E 0xFF43C18D
static void _SET_PED_HEAD_OVERLAY_COLOR(Ped ped, int overlayID, int colorType, int colorID, int secondColorID) { invoke<Void>(0x497BF74A7B9CB952, ped, overlayID, colorType, colorID, secondColorID); } // 0x497BF74A7B9CB952
static void _SET_PED_HAIR_COLOR(Ped ped, int colorID, int highlightColorID) { invoke<Void>(0x4CFFC65454C93A49, ped, colorID, highlightColorID); } // 0x4CFFC65454C93A49
static int _GET_NUM_HAIR_COLORS() { return invoke<int>(0xE5C0CF872C2AD150); } // 0xE5C0CF872C2AD150
static int _GET_NUM_MAKEUP_COLORS() { return invoke<int>(0xD1F7CA1535D22818); } // 0xD1F7CA1535D22818
static void _0x4852FC386E2E1BB5(Any p0, Any* p1, Any* p2, Any* p3) { invoke<Void>(0x4852FC386E2E1BB5, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x4852FC386E2E1BB5
static void _0x013E5CFC38CD5387(Any p0, Any* p1, Any* p2, Any* p3) { invoke<Void>(0x013E5CFC38CD5387, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x013E5CFC38CD5387
static BOOL _0xED6D8E27A43B8CDE(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xED6D8E27A43B8CDE, p0); } // 0xED6D8E27A43B8CDE
static int _0xEA9960D07DADCF10(Any p0) { return invoke<int>(0xEA9960D07DADCF10, p0); } // 0xEA9960D07DADCF10
static BOOL _0x3E802F11FBE27674(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3E802F11FBE27674, p0); } // 0x3E802F11FBE27674
static BOOL _0xF41B5D290C99A3D6(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF41B5D290C99A3D6, p0); } // 0xF41B5D290C99A3D6
static BOOL _IS_PED_HAIR_COLOR_VALID(int colorID) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE0D36E5D9E99CC21, colorID); } // 0xE0D36E5D9E99CC21
static Any _0xAAA6A3698A69E048(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0xAAA6A3698A69E048, p0); } // 0xAAA6A3698A69E048
static BOOL _IS_PED_LIPSTICK_COLOR_VALID(int colorID) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0525A2C2562F3CD4, colorID); } // 0x0525A2C2562F3CD4
static BOOL _IS_PED_BLUSH_COLOR_VALID(int colorID) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x604E810189EE3A59, colorID); } // 0x604E810189EE3A59
static Any _0xC56FBF2F228E1DAC(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2) { return invoke<Any>(0xC56FBF2F228E1DAC, p0, p1, p2); } // 0xC56FBF2F228E1DAC
static void _SET_PED_FACE_FEATURE(Ped ped, int index, float scale) { invoke<Void>(0x71A5C1DBA060049E, ped, index, scale); } // 0x71A5C1DBA060049E
static BOOL HAS_PED_HEAD_BLEND_FINISHED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x654CD0A825161131, ped); } // 0x654CD0A825161131 0x2B1BD9C5
static void _0x4668D80430D6C299(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x4668D80430D6C299, ped); } // 0x4668D80430D6C299 0x894314A4
static void _0xCC9682B8951C5229(Ped ped, int r, int g, int b, int p4) { invoke<Void>(0xCC9682B8951C5229, ped, r, g, b, p4); } // 0xCC9682B8951C5229 0x57E5B3F9
static void _0xA21C118553BBDF02(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xA21C118553BBDF02, p0); } // 0xA21C118553BBDF02 0xC6F36292
static int _GET_FIRST_PARENT_ID_FOR_PED_TYPE(int type) { return invoke<int>(0x68D353AB88B97E0C, type); } // 0x68D353AB88B97E0C 0x211DEFEC
static int _GET_NUM_PARENT_PEDS_OF_TYPE(int type) { return invoke<int>(0x5EF37013A6539C9D, type); } // 0x5EF37013A6539C9D 0x095D3BD8
static Any _0x39D55A620FCB6A3A(Ped ped, int p1, int drawableId, int textureId) { return invoke<Any>(0x39D55A620FCB6A3A, ped, p1, drawableId, textureId); } // 0x39D55A620FCB6A3A 0x45F3BDFB
static BOOL _0x66680A92700F43DF(Ped p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x66680A92700F43DF, p0); } // 0x66680A92700F43DF 0xC6517D52
static void _0x5AAB586FFEC0FD96(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x5AAB586FFEC0FD96, p0); } // 0x5AAB586FFEC0FD96 0x6435F67F
static BOOL _IS_PED_PROP_VALID(Ped ped, int componentId, int drawableId, int TextureId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2B16A3BFF1FBCE49, ped, componentId, drawableId, TextureId); } // 0x2B16A3BFF1FBCE49 0xC0E23671
static BOOL _0x784002A632822099(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x784002A632822099, ped); } // 0x784002A632822099 0x3B0CA391
static void _0xF79F9DEF0AADE61A(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xF79F9DEF0AADE61A, ped); } // 0xF79F9DEF0AADE61A 0xFD103BA7
static int GET_PED_PROP_INDEX(Ped ped, int componentId) { return invoke<int>(0x898CC20EA75BACD8, ped, componentId); } // 0x898CC20EA75BACD8 0x746DDAC0
static void SET_PED_PROP_INDEX(Ped ped, int componentId, int drawableId, int TextureId, BOOL attach) { invoke<Void>(0x93376B65A266EB5F, ped, componentId, drawableId, TextureId, attach); } // 0x93376B65A266EB5F 0x0829F2E2
static void KNOCK_OFF_PED_PROP(Ped ped, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0x6FD7816A36615F48, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x6FD7816A36615F48 0x08D8B180
static void CLEAR_PED_PROP(Ped ped, int propId) { invoke<Void>(0x0943E5B8E078E76E, ped, propId); } // 0x0943E5B8E078E76E 0x2D23D743
static void CLEAR_ALL_PED_PROPS(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xCD8A7537A9B52F06, ped); } // 0xCD8A7537A9B52F06 0x81DF8B43
static void _0xAFF4710E2A0A6C12(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xAFF4710E2A0A6C12, ped); } // 0xAFF4710E2A0A6C12
static int GET_PED_PROP_TEXTURE_INDEX(Ped ped, int componentId) { return invoke<int>(0xE131A28626F81AB2, ped, componentId); } // 0xE131A28626F81AB2 0x922A6653
static void _0x1280804F7CFD2D6C(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x1280804F7CFD2D6C, p0); } // 0x1280804F7CFD2D6C 0x7BCD8991
static void _0x36C6984C3ED0C911(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x36C6984C3ED0C911, p0); } // 0x36C6984C3ED0C911
static void _0xB50EB4CCB29704AC(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xB50EB4CCB29704AC, p0); } // 0xB50EB4CCB29704AC 0x080275EE
static BOOL _0xFEC9A3B1820F3331(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xFEC9A3B1820F3331, p0); } // 0xFEC9A3B1820F3331
static void SET_BLOCKING_OF_NON_TEMPORARY_EVENTS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x9F8AA94D6D97DBF4, ped, toggle); } // 0x9F8AA94D6D97DBF4 0xDFE34E4A
static void SET_PED_BOUNDS_ORIENTATION(Ped ped, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5) { invoke<Void>(0x4F5F651ACCC9C4CF, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x4F5F651ACCC9C4CF 0xCFA20D68
static void REGISTER_TARGET(Ped ped, Ped target) { invoke<Void>(0x2F25D9AEFA34FBA2, ped, target); } // 0x2F25D9AEFA34FBA2 0x50A95442
static void REGISTER_HATED_TARGETS_AROUND_PED(Ped ped, float radius) { invoke<Void>(0x9222F300BF8354FE, ped, radius); } // 0x9222F300BF8354FE 0x7F87559E
static Ped GET_RANDOM_PED_AT_COORD(float x, float y, float z, float xRadius, float yRadius, float zRadius, int pedType) { return invoke<Ped>(0x876046A8E3A4B71C, x, y, z, xRadius, yRadius, zRadius, pedType); } // 0x876046A8E3A4B71C 0xDC8239EB
static BOOL GET_CLOSEST_PED(float x, float y, float z, float radius, BOOL p4, BOOL p5, Ped* outPed, BOOL p7, BOOL p8, int pedType) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC33AB876A77F8164, x, y, z, radius, p4, p5, outPed, p7, p8, pedType); } // 0xC33AB876A77F8164 0x8F6C1F55
static void SET_SCENARIO_PEDS_TO_BE_RETURNED_BY_NEXT_COMMAND(BOOL value) { invoke<Void>(0x14F19A8782C8071E, value); } // 0x14F19A8782C8071E 0x85615FD0
static BOOL _0x03EA03AF85A85CB7(Ped ped, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4, BOOL p5, BOOL p6, BOOL p7, Any p8) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x03EA03AF85A85CB7, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8); } // 0x03EA03AF85A85CB7 0x18DD76A1
static void _0xDED5AF5A0EA4B297(Ped driver, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xDED5AF5A0EA4B297, driver, p1); } // 0xDED5AF5A0EA4B297 0x6D55B3B3
static void SET_DRIVER_ABILITY(Ped driver, float ability) { invoke<Void>(0xB195FFA8042FC5C3, driver, ability); } // 0xB195FFA8042FC5C3 0xAAD4012C
static void SET_DRIVER_AGGRESSIVENESS(Ped driver, float aggressiveness) { invoke<Void>(0xA731F608CA104E3C, driver, aggressiveness); } // 0xA731F608CA104E3C 0x8B02A8FB
static BOOL CAN_PED_RAGDOLL(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x128F79EDCECE4FD5, ped); } // 0x128F79EDCECE4FD5 0xC0EFB7A3
static BOOL SET_PED_TO_RAGDOLL(Ped ped, int time1, int time2, int ragdollType, BOOL p4, BOOL p5, BOOL p6) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAE99FB955581844A, ped, time1, time2, ragdollType, p4, p5, p6); } // 0xAE99FB955581844A 0x83CB5052
static BOOL SET_PED_TO_RAGDOLL_WITH_FALL(Ped ped, int time, int p2, int ragdollType, float x, float y, float z, float p7, float p8, float p9, float p10, float p11, float p12, float p13) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD76632D99E4966C8, ped, time, p2, ragdollType, x, y, z, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11, p12, p13); } // 0xD76632D99E4966C8 0xFA12E286
static void SET_PED_RAGDOLL_ON_COLLISION(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xF0A4F1BBF4FA7497, ped, toggle); } // 0xF0A4F1BBF4FA7497 0x2654A0F4
static BOOL IS_PED_RAGDOLL(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x47E4E977581C5B55, ped); } // 0x47E4E977581C5B55 0xC833BBE1
static BOOL IS_PED_RUNNING_RAGDOLL_TASK(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE3B6097CC25AA69E, ped); } // 0xE3B6097CC25AA69E 0x44A153F2
static void SET_PED_RAGDOLL_FORCE_FALL(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x01F6594B923B9251, ped); } // 0x01F6594B923B9251 0x20A5BDE0
static void RESET_PED_RAGDOLL_TIMER(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x9FA4664CF62E47E8, ped); } // 0x9FA4664CF62E47E8 0xF2865370
static void SET_PED_CAN_RAGDOLL(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xB128377056A54E2A, ped, toggle); } // 0xB128377056A54E2A 0xCF1384C4
static BOOL _0xD1871251F3B5ACD7(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD1871251F3B5ACD7, ped); } // 0xD1871251F3B5ACD7
static BOOL IS_PED_RUNNING_MOBILE_PHONE_TASK(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2AFE52F782F25775, ped); } // 0x2AFE52F782F25775 0xFB2AFED1
static BOOL _0xA3F3564A5B3646C0(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA3F3564A5B3646C0, ped); } // 0xA3F3564A5B3646C0 0x97353375
static void _SET_PED_RAGDOLL_BLOCKING_FLAGS(Ped ped, int flags) { invoke<Void>(0x26695EC767728D84, ped, flags); } // 0x26695EC767728D84 0x9C8F830D
static void _RESET_PED_RAGDOLL_BLOCKING_FLAGS(Ped ped, int flags) { invoke<Void>(0xD86D101FCFD00A4B, ped, flags); } // 0xD86D101FCFD00A4B 0x77CBA290
static void SET_PED_ANGLED_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Ped ped, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, float p7, BOOL p8, BOOL p9) { invoke<Void>(0xC7F76DF27A5045A1, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9); } // 0xC7F76DF27A5045A1 0x3EFBDD9B
static void SET_PED_SPHERE_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float radius, BOOL p5, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0x9D3151A373974804, ped, x, y, z, radius, p5, p6); } // 0x9D3151A373974804 0xBD96D8E8
static void SET_PED_DEFENSIVE_SPHERE_ATTACHED_TO_PED(Ped ped, Ped target, float xOffset, float yOffset, float zOffset, float radius, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0xF9B8F91AAD3B953E, ped, target, xOffset, yOffset, zOffset, radius, p6); } // 0xF9B8F91AAD3B953E 0x40638BDC
static void _0xE4723DB6E736CCFF(Ped ped, Any p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0xE4723DB6E736CCFF, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0xE4723DB6E736CCFF 0x4763B2C6
static void SET_PED_DEFENSIVE_AREA_ATTACHED_TO_PED(Ped ped, Ped attachPed, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, float p7, float p8, BOOL p9, BOOL p10) { invoke<Void>(0x4EF47FE21698A8B6, ped, attachPed, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10); } // 0x4EF47FE21698A8B6 0x74BDA7CE
static void SET_PED_DEFENSIVE_AREA_DIRECTION(Ped ped, float p1, float p2, float p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0x413C6C763A4AFFAD, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x413C6C763A4AFFAD 0xB66B0C9A
static void REMOVE_PED_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x74D4E028107450A9, ped, toggle); } // 0x74D4E028107450A9 0x34AAAFA5
static Vector3 GET_PED_DEFENSIVE_AREA_POSITION(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x3C06B8786DD94CD1, ped, p1); } // 0x3C06B8786DD94CD1 0xCB65198D
static BOOL _0xBA63D9FE45412247(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBA63D9FE45412247, ped, p1); } // 0xBA63D9FE45412247
static void SET_PED_PREFERRED_COVER_SET(Ped ped, Any itemSet) { invoke<Void>(0x8421EB4DA7E391B9, ped, itemSet); } // 0x8421EB4DA7E391B9 0xF3B7EFBF
static void REMOVE_PED_PREFERRED_COVER_SET(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xFDDB234CF74073D9, ped); } // 0xFDDB234CF74073D9 0xA0134498
static void REVIVE_INJURED_PED(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x8D8ACD8388CD99CE, ped); } // 0x8D8ACD8388CD99CE 0x14D3E6E3
static void RESURRECT_PED(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x71BC8E838B9C6035, ped); } // 0x71BC8E838B9C6035 0xA4B82097
static void SET_PED_NAME_DEBUG(Ped ped, char* name) { invoke<Void>(0x98EFA132A4117BE1, ped, name); } // 0x98EFA132A4117BE1 0x20D6273E
static Vector3 GET_PED_EXTRACTED_DISPLACEMENT(Ped ped, BOOL worldSpace) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xE0AF41401ADF87E3, ped, worldSpace); } // 0xE0AF41401ADF87E3 0x5231F901
static void SET_PED_DIES_WHEN_INJURED(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x5BA7919BED300023, ped, toggle); } // 0x5BA7919BED300023 0xE94E24D4
static void SET_PED_ENABLE_WEAPON_BLOCKING(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x97A790315D3831FD, ped, toggle); } // 0x97A790315D3831FD 0x4CAD1A4A
static void _0xF9ACF4A08098EA25(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xF9ACF4A08098EA25, ped, p1); } // 0xF9ACF4A08098EA25 0x141CC936
static void RESET_PED_VISIBLE_DAMAGE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x3AC1F7B898F30C05, ped); } // 0x3AC1F7B898F30C05 0xC4BC4841
static void APPLY_PED_BLOOD_DAMAGE_BY_ZONE(Ped ped, Any p1, float p2, float p3, Any p4) { invoke<Void>(0x816F6981C60BF53B, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x816F6981C60BF53B 0x1E54DB12
static void APPLY_PED_BLOOD(Ped ped, int boneIndex, float xRot, float yRot, float zRot, char* woundType) { invoke<Void>(0x83F7E01C7B769A26, ped, boneIndex, xRot, yRot, zRot, woundType); } // 0x83F7E01C7B769A26 0x376CE3C0
static void APPLY_PED_BLOOD_BY_ZONE(Ped ped, Any p1, float p2, float p3, Any* p4) { invoke<Void>(0x3311E47B91EDCBBC, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x3311E47B91EDCBBC 0x8F3F3A9C
static void APPLY_PED_BLOOD_SPECIFIC(Ped ped, Any p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, Any p6, float p7, Any* p8) { invoke<Void>(0xEF0D582CBF2D9B0F, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8); } // 0xEF0D582CBF2D9B0F 0xFC13CE80
static void APPLY_PED_DAMAGE_DECAL(Ped ped, int p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, int p7, BOOL p8, char* p9) { invoke<Void>(0x397C38AA7B4A5F83, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9); } // 0x397C38AA7B4A5F83 0x8A13A41F
static void APPLY_PED_DAMAGE_PACK(Ped ped, char* damagePack, float damage, float mult) { invoke<Void>(0x46DF918788CB093F, ped, damagePack, damage, mult); } // 0x46DF918788CB093F 0x208D0CB8
static void CLEAR_PED_BLOOD_DAMAGE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x8FE22675A5A45817, ped); } // 0x8FE22675A5A45817 0xF7ADC960
static void CLEAR_PED_BLOOD_DAMAGE_BY_ZONE(Ped ped, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0x56E3B78C5408D9F4, ped, p1); } // 0x56E3B78C5408D9F4 0xF210BE69
static void HIDE_PED_BLOOD_DAMAGE_BY_ZONE(Ped ped, Any p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x62AB793144DE75DC, ped, p1, p2); } // 0x62AB793144DE75DC 0x0CB6C4ED
static void CLEAR_PED_DAMAGE_DECAL_BY_ZONE(Ped ped, int p1, char* p2) { invoke<Void>(0x523C79AEEFCC4A2A, ped, p1, p2); } // 0x523C79AEEFCC4A2A 0x70AA5B7D
static Any GET_PED_DECORATIONS_STATE(Ped ped) { return invoke<Any>(0x71EAB450D86954A1, ped); } // 0x71EAB450D86954A1 0x47187F7F
static void _0x2B694AFCF64E6994(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2B694AFCF64E6994, ped, p1); } // 0x2B694AFCF64E6994
static void CLEAR_PED_WETNESS(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x9C720776DAA43E7E, ped); } // 0x9C720776DAA43E7E 0x629F15BD
static void SET_PED_WETNESS_HEIGHT(Ped ped, float height) { invoke<Void>(0x44CB6447D2571AA0, ped, height); } // 0x44CB6447D2571AA0 0x7B33289A
static void SET_PED_WETNESS_ENABLED_THIS_FRAME(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xB5485E4907B53019, ped); } // 0xB5485E4907B53019 0xBDE749F7
static void _0x6585D955A68452A5(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x6585D955A68452A5, ped); } // 0x6585D955A68452A5 0xA993915F
static void SET_PED_SWEAT(Ped ped, float sweat) { invoke<Void>(0x27B0405F59637D1F, ped, sweat); } // 0x27B0405F59637D1F 0x76A1DB9F
static void _SET_PED_DECORATION(Ped ped, Hash collection, Hash overlay) { invoke<Void>(0x5F5D1665E352A839, ped, collection, overlay); } // 0x5F5D1665E352A839 0x70559AC7
static void _SET_PED_FACIAL_DECORATION(Ped ped, Hash collection, Hash overlay) { invoke<Void>(0x5619BFA07CFD7833, ped, collection, overlay); } // 0x5619BFA07CFD7833
static int _GET_TATTOO_ZONE(Hash collection, Hash overlay) { return invoke<int>(0x9FD452BFBE7A7A8B, collection, overlay); } // 0x9FD452BFBE7A7A8B 0x3543019E
static void CLEAR_PED_DECORATIONS(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x0E5173C163976E38, ped); } // 0x0E5173C163976E38 0xD4496BF3
static void _CLEAR_PED_FACIAL_DECORATIONS(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xE3B27E70CEAB9F0C, ped); } // 0xE3B27E70CEAB9F0C 0xEFD58EB9
static BOOL WAS_PED_SKELETON_UPDATED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x11B499C1E0FF8559, ped); } // 0x11B499C1E0FF8559 0xF7E2FBAD
static Vector3 GET_PED_BONE_COORDS(Ped ped, int boneId, float offsetX, float offsetY, float offsetZ) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x17C07FC640E86B4E, ped, boneId, offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ); } // 0x17C07FC640E86B4E 0x4579CAB1
static void CREATE_NM_MESSAGE(BOOL startImmediately, int messageId) { invoke<Void>(0x418EF2A1BCE56685, startImmediately, messageId); } // 0x418EF2A1BCE56685 0x1CFBFD4B
static void GIVE_PED_NM_MESSAGE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xB158DFCCC56E5C5B, ped); } // 0xB158DFCCC56E5C5B 0x737C3689
static Any ADD_SCENARIO_BLOCKING_AREA(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, BOOL p6, BOOL p7, BOOL p8, BOOL p9) { return invoke<Any>(0x1B5C85C612E5256E, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9); } // 0x1B5C85C612E5256E 0xA38C0234
static void REMOVE_SCENARIO_BLOCKING_AREAS() { invoke<Void>(0xD37401D78A929A49); } // 0xD37401D78A929A49 0x4DDF845F
static void REMOVE_SCENARIO_BLOCKING_AREA(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x31D16B74C6E29D66, p0, p1); } // 0x31D16B74C6E29D66 0x4483EF06
static void SET_SCENARIO_PEDS_SPAWN_IN_SPHERE_AREA(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4) { invoke<Void>(0x28157D43CF600981, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x28157D43CF600981 0x80EAD297
static BOOL IS_PED_USING_SCENARIO(Ped ped, char* scenario) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1BF094736DD62C2E, ped, scenario); } // 0x1BF094736DD62C2E 0x0F65B0D4
static BOOL IS_PED_USING_ANY_SCENARIO(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x57AB4A3080F85143, ped); } // 0x57AB4A3080F85143 0x195EF5B7
static Any _0xFE07FF6495D52E2A(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { return invoke<Any>(0xFE07FF6495D52E2A, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xFE07FF6495D52E2A 0x59DE73AC
static void _0x9A77DFD295E29B09(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9A77DFD295E29B09, p0, p1); } // 0x9A77DFD295E29B09 0xC08FE5F6
static Any _0x25361A96E0F7E419(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { return invoke<Any>(0x25361A96E0F7E419, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x25361A96E0F7E419 0x58C0F6CF
static Any _0xEC6935EBE0847B90(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { return invoke<Any>(0xEC6935EBE0847B90, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xEC6935EBE0847B90 0x761F8F48
static void _0xA3A9299C4F2ADB98(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xA3A9299C4F2ADB98, p0); } // 0xA3A9299C4F2ADB98 0x033F43FA
static void _0xF1C03A5352243A30(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xF1C03A5352243A30, p0); } // 0xF1C03A5352243A30 0x4C684C81
static Any _0xEEED8FAFEC331A70(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { return invoke<Any>(0xEEED8FAFEC331A70, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xEEED8FAFEC331A70 0x7B4C3E6F
static void _0x425AECF167663F48(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x425AECF167663F48, ped, p1); } // 0x425AECF167663F48 0x5BC276AE
static void _0x5B6010B3CBC29095(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x5B6010B3CBC29095, p0, p1); } // 0x5B6010B3CBC29095
static void _0xCEDA60A74219D064(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xCEDA60A74219D064, p0, p1); } // 0xCEDA60A74219D064
static void PLAY_FACIAL_ANIM(Ped ped, char* animName, char* animDict) { invoke<Void>(0xE1E65CA8AC9C00ED, ped, animName, animDict); } // 0xE1E65CA8AC9C00ED 0x1F6CCDDE
static void SET_FACIAL_IDLE_ANIM_OVERRIDE(Ped ped, char* animName, char* animDict) { invoke<Void>(0xFFC24B988B938B38, ped, animName, animDict); } // 0xFFC24B988B938B38 0x9BA19C13
static void CLEAR_FACIAL_IDLE_ANIM_OVERRIDE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x726256CC1EEB182F, ped); } // 0x726256CC1EEB182F 0x5244F4E2
static void SET_PED_CAN_PLAY_GESTURE_ANIMS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xBAF20C5432058024, ped, toggle); } // 0xBAF20C5432058024 0xE131E3B3
static void SET_PED_CAN_PLAY_VISEME_ANIMS(Ped ped, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xF833DDBA3B104D43, ped, p1, p2); } // 0xF833DDBA3B104D43 0xA2FDAF27
static void _0x33A60D8BDD6E508C(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x33A60D8BDD6E508C, ped, p1); } // 0x33A60D8BDD6E508C 0xADB2511A
static void SET_PED_CAN_PLAY_AMBIENT_ANIMS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x6373D1349925A70E, ped, toggle); } // 0x6373D1349925A70E 0xF8053081
static void SET_PED_CAN_PLAY_AMBIENT_BASE_ANIMS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x0EB0585D15254740, ped, toggle); } // 0x0EB0585D15254740 0x5720A5DD
static void _0xC2EE020F5FB4DB53(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xC2EE020F5FB4DB53, ped); } // 0xC2EE020F5FB4DB53 0xB7CD0A49
static void SET_PED_CAN_ARM_IK(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x6C3B4D6D13B4C841, ped, toggle); } // 0x6C3B4D6D13B4C841 0x343B4DE0
static void SET_PED_CAN_HEAD_IK(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xC11C18092C5530DC, ped, toggle); } // 0xC11C18092C5530DC 0xD3B04476
static void SET_PED_CAN_LEG_IK(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x73518ECE2485412B, ped, toggle); } // 0x73518ECE2485412B 0x9955BC6F
static void SET_PED_CAN_TORSO_IK(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xF2B7106D37947CE0, ped, toggle); } // 0xF2B7106D37947CE0 0x8E5D4EAB
static void _0xF5846EDB26A98A24(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xF5846EDB26A98A24, ped, p1); } // 0xF5846EDB26A98A24 0x7B0040A8
static void _0x6647C5F6F5792496(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x6647C5F6F5792496, ped, p1); } // 0x6647C5F6F5792496 0x0FDA62DE
static void SET_PED_CAN_USE_AUTO_CONVERSATION_LOOKAT(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xEC4686EC06434678, ped, toggle); } // 0xEC4686EC06434678 0x584C5178
static BOOL IS_PED_HEADTRACKING_PED(Ped ped1, Ped ped2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5CD3CB88A7F8850D, ped1, ped2); } // 0x5CD3CB88A7F8850D 0x2A5DF721
static BOOL IS_PED_HEADTRACKING_ENTITY(Ped ped, Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x813A0A7C9D2E831F, ped, entity); } // 0x813A0A7C9D2E831F 0x233C9ACF
static void SET_PED_PRIMARY_LOOKAT(Ped ped, Ped lookAt) { invoke<Void>(0xCD17B554996A8D9E, ped, lookAt); } // 0xCD17B554996A8D9E 0x6DEF6F1C
static void _0x78C4E9961DB3EB5B(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x78C4E9961DB3EB5B, p0, p1); } // 0x78C4E9961DB3EB5B 0xFC942D7C
static void SET_PED_CLOTH_PRONE(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x82A3D6D9CC2CB8E3, p0, p1); } // 0x82A3D6D9CC2CB8E3 0x89EEE07B
static void _0xA660FAF550EB37E5(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA660FAF550EB37E5, p0, p1); } // 0xA660FAF550EB37E5
static void SET_PED_CONFIG_FLAG(Ped ped, int flagId, BOOL value) { invoke<Void>(0x1913FE4CBF41C463, ped, flagId, value); } // 0x1913FE4CBF41C463 0x9CFBE10D
static void SET_PED_RESET_FLAG(Ped ped, int flagId, BOOL doReset) { invoke<Void>(0xC1E8A365BF3B29F2, ped, flagId, doReset); } // 0xC1E8A365BF3B29F2 0xCFF6FF66
static BOOL GET_PED_CONFIG_FLAG(Ped ped, int flagId, BOOL p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7EE53118C892B513, ped, flagId, p2); } // 0x7EE53118C892B513 0xABE98267
static BOOL GET_PED_RESET_FLAG(Ped ped, int flagId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAF9E59B1B1FBF2A0, ped, flagId); } // 0xAF9E59B1B1FBF2A0 0x2FC10D11
static void SET_PED_GROUP_MEMBER_PASSENGER_INDEX(Ped ped, int index) { invoke<Void>(0x0BDDB8D9EC6BCF3C, ped, index); } // 0x0BDDB8D9EC6BCF3C 0x2AB3670B
static void SET_PED_CAN_EVASIVE_DIVE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x6B7A646C242A7059, ped, toggle); } // 0x6B7A646C242A7059 0x542FEB4D
static BOOL IS_PED_EVASIVE_DIVING(Ped ped, Entity* evadingEntity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x414641C26E105898, ped, evadingEntity); } // 0x414641C26E105898 0xD82829DC
static void SET_PED_SHOOTS_AT_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x96A05E4FB321B1BA, ped, x, y, z, toggle); } // 0x96A05E4FB321B1BA 0xFD64EAE5
static void SET_PED_MODEL_IS_SUPPRESSED(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xE163A4BCE4DE6F11, ped, toggle); } // 0xE163A4BCE4DE6F11 0x7820CA43
static void STOP_ANY_PED_MODEL_BEING_SUPPRESSED() { invoke<Void>(0xB47BD05FA66B40CF); } // 0xB47BD05FA66B40CF 0x5AD7DC55
static void SET_PED_CAN_BE_TARGETED_WHEN_INJURED(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x638C03B0F9878F57, ped, toggle); } // 0x638C03B0F9878F57 0x6FD9A7CD
static void SET_PED_GENERATES_DEAD_BODY_EVENTS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x7FB17BA2E7DECA5B, ped, toggle); } // 0x7FB17BA2E7DECA5B 0xE9B97A2B
static void _0xE43A13C9E4CCCBCF(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE43A13C9E4CCCBCF, ped, p1); } // 0xE43A13C9E4CCCBCF 0xFF1F6AEB
static void SET_PED_CAN_RAGDOLL_FROM_PLAYER_IMPACT(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xDF993EE5E90ABA25, ped, toggle); } // 0xDF993EE5E90ABA25 0xE9BD733A
static void GIVE_PED_HELMET(Ped ped, BOOL cannotRemove, int helmetFlag, int textureIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x54C7C4A94367717E, ped, cannotRemove, helmetFlag, textureIndex); } // 0x54C7C4A94367717E 0x1862A461
static void REMOVE_PED_HELMET(Ped ped, BOOL instantly) { invoke<Void>(0xA7B2458D0AD6DED8, ped, instantly); } // 0xA7B2458D0AD6DED8 0x2086B1F0
static BOOL _0x14590DDBEDB1EC85(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x14590DDBEDB1EC85, ped); } // 0x14590DDBEDB1EC85
static void SET_PED_HELMET(Ped ped, BOOL canWearHelmet) { invoke<Void>(0x560A43136EB58105, ped, canWearHelmet); } // 0x560A43136EB58105 0xED366E53
static void SET_PED_HELMET_FLAG(Ped ped, int helmetFlag) { invoke<Void>(0xC0E78D5C2CE3EB25, ped, helmetFlag); } // 0xC0E78D5C2CE3EB25 0x12677780
static void SET_PED_HELMET_PROP_INDEX(Ped ped, int propIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x26D83693ED99291C, ped, propIndex); } // 0x26D83693ED99291C 0xA316D13F
static void SET_PED_HELMET_TEXTURE_INDEX(Ped ped, int textureIndex) { invoke<Void>(0xF1550C4BD22582E2, ped, textureIndex); } // 0xF1550C4BD22582E2 0x5F6C3328
static BOOL IS_PED_WEARING_HELMET(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF33BDFE19B309B19, ped); } // 0xF33BDFE19B309B19 0x0D680D49
static void _0x687C0B594907D2E8(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x687C0B594907D2E8, ped); } // 0x687C0B594907D2E8 0x24A1284E
static Any _0x451294E859ECC018(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x451294E859ECC018, p0); } // 0x451294E859ECC018 0x8A3A3116
static Any _0x9D728C1E12BF5518(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x9D728C1E12BF5518, p0); } // 0x9D728C1E12BF5518 0x74EB662D
static BOOL _0xF2385935BFFD4D92(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF2385935BFFD4D92, p0); } // 0xF2385935BFFD4D92 0xFFF149FE
static void SET_PED_TO_LOAD_COVER(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x332B562EEDA62399, ped, toggle); } // 0x332B562EEDA62399 0xCF94BA97
static void SET_PED_CAN_COWER_IN_COVER(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xCB7553CDCEF4A735, ped, toggle); } // 0xCB7553CDCEF4A735 0x5194658B
static void SET_PED_CAN_PEEK_IN_COVER(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xC514825C507E3736, ped, toggle); } // 0xC514825C507E3736 0xC1DAE216
static void SET_PED_PLAYS_HEAD_ON_HORN_ANIM_WHEN_DIES_IN_VEHICLE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x94D94BF1A75AED3D, ped, toggle); } // 0x94D94BF1A75AED3D 0x7C563CD2
static void SET_PED_LEG_IK_MODE(Ped ped, int mode) { invoke<Void>(0xC396F5B86FF9FEBD, ped, mode); } // 0xC396F5B86FF9FEBD 0xFDDB042E
static void SET_PED_MOTION_BLUR(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x0A986918B102B448, ped, toggle); } // 0x0A986918B102B448 0xA211A128
static void SET_PED_CAN_SWITCH_WEAPON(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xED7F7EFE9FABF340, ped, toggle); } // 0xED7F7EFE9FABF340 0xB5F8BA28
static void SET_PED_DIES_INSTANTLY_IN_WATER(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xEEB64139BA29A7CF, ped, toggle); } // 0xEEB64139BA29A7CF 0xFE2554FC
static void _0x1A330D297AAC6BC1(Ped ped, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1A330D297AAC6BC1, ped, p1); } // 0x1A330D297AAC6BC1 0x77BB7CB8
static void STOP_PED_WEAPON_FIRING_WHEN_DROPPED(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xC158D28142A34608, ped); } // 0xC158D28142A34608 0x4AC3421E
static void SET_SCRIPTED_ANIM_SEAT_OFFSET(Ped ped, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x5917BBA32D06C230, ped, p1); } // 0x5917BBA32D06C230 0x7CEFFA45
static void SET_PED_COMBAT_MOVEMENT(Ped ped, int combatMovement) { invoke<Void>(0x4D9CA1009AFBD057, ped, combatMovement); } // 0x4D9CA1009AFBD057 0x12E62F9E
static int GET_PED_COMBAT_MOVEMENT(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0xDEA92412FCAEB3F5, ped); } // 0xDEA92412FCAEB3F5 0xF3E7730E
static void SET_PED_COMBAT_ABILITY(Ped ped, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC7622C0D36B2FDA8, ped, p1); } // 0xC7622C0D36B2FDA8 0x6C23D329
static void SET_PED_COMBAT_RANGE(Ped ped, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0x3C606747B23E497B, ped, p1); } // 0x3C606747B23E497B 0x8818A959
static Any GET_PED_COMBAT_RANGE(Ped ped) { return invoke<Any>(0xF9D9F7F2DB8E2FA0, ped); } // 0xF9D9F7F2DB8E2FA0 0x9B9B7163
static void SET_PED_COMBAT_ATTRIBUTES(Ped ped, int attributeIndex, BOOL enabled) { invoke<Void>(0x9F7794730795E019, ped, attributeIndex, enabled); } // 0x9F7794730795E019 0x81D64248
static void SET_PED_TARGET_LOSS_RESPONSE(Ped ped, int responseType) { invoke<Void>(0x0703B9079823DA4A, ped, responseType); } // 0x0703B9079823DA4A 0xCFA613FF
static BOOL _0xDCCA191DF9980FD7(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDCCA191DF9980FD7, ped); } // 0xDCCA191DF9980FD7 0x139C0875
static BOOL IS_PED_PERFORMING_STEALTH_KILL(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xFD4CCDBCC59941B7, ped); } // 0xFD4CCDBCC59941B7 0x9ADD7B21
static BOOL _0xEBD0EDBA5BE957CF(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xEBD0EDBA5BE957CF, ped); } // 0xEBD0EDBA5BE957CF 0x9BE7C860
static BOOL IS_PED_BEING_STEALTH_KILLED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x863B23EFDE9C5DF2, ped); } // 0x863B23EFDE9C5DF2 0xD044C8AF
static Ped GET_MELEE_TARGET_FOR_PED(Ped ped) { return invoke<Ped>(0x18A3E9EE1297FD39, ped); } // 0x18A3E9EE1297FD39 0xAFEC26A4
static BOOL WAS_PED_KILLED_BY_STEALTH(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF9800AA1A771B000, ped); } // 0xF9800AA1A771B000 0x2EA4B54E
static BOOL WAS_PED_KILLED_BY_TAKEDOWN(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7F08E26039C7347C, ped); } // 0x7F08E26039C7347C 0xBDD3CE69
static BOOL _0x61767F73EACEED21(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x61767F73EACEED21, ped); } // 0x61767F73EACEED21 0x3993092B
static void SET_PED_FLEE_ATTRIBUTES(Ped ped, int attributes, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x70A2D1137C8ED7C9, ped, attributes, p2); } // 0x70A2D1137C8ED7C9 0xA717A875
static void SET_PED_COWER_HASH(Ped ped, char* p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA549131166868ED3, ped, p1); } // 0xA549131166868ED3 0x16F30DF4
static void _0x2016C603D6B8987C(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2016C603D6B8987C, p0, p1); } // 0x2016C603D6B8987C 0xA6F2C057
static void SET_PED_STEERS_AROUND_PEDS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x46F2193B3AD1D891, ped, toggle); } // 0x46F2193B3AD1D891 0x797CAE4F
static void SET_PED_STEERS_AROUND_OBJECTS(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x1509C089ADC208BF, ped, toggle); } // 0x1509C089ADC208BF 0x3BD9B0A6
static void SET_PED_STEERS_AROUND_VEHICLES(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xEB6FB9D48DDE23EC, ped, toggle); } // 0xEB6FB9D48DDE23EC 0x533C0651
static void _0xA9B61A329BFDCBEA(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA9B61A329BFDCBEA, p0, p1); } // 0xA9B61A329BFDCBEA 0x2276DE0D
static void _0x570389D1C3DE3C6B(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x570389D1C3DE3C6B, p0); } // 0x570389D1C3DE3C6B 0x59C52BE6
static void _0x576594E8D64375E2(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x576594E8D64375E2, p0, p1); } // 0x576594E8D64375E2 0x1D87DDC1
static void _0xA52D5247A4227E14(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xA52D5247A4227E14, p0); } // 0xA52D5247A4227E14 0xB52BA5F5
static BOOL IS_ANY_PED_NEAR_POINT(float x, float y, float z, float radius) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x083961498679DC9F, x, y, z, radius); } // 0x083961498679DC9F 0xFBD9B050
static void _0x2208438012482A1A(Ped ped, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x2208438012482A1A, ped, p1, p2); } // 0x2208438012482A1A 0x187B9070
static BOOL _0xFCF37A457CB96DC0(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xFCF37A457CB96DC0, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0xFCF37A457CB96DC0 0x45037B9B
static void _0x7D7A2E43E74E2EB8(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x7D7A2E43E74E2EB8, p0); } // 0x7D7A2E43E74E2EB8 0x840D24D3
static void GET_PED_FLOOD_INVINCIBILITY(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2BC338A7B21F4608, ped, p1); } // 0x2BC338A7B21F4608 0x31C31DAA
static void _0xCD018C591F94CB43(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xCD018C591F94CB43, p0, p1); } // 0xCD018C591F94CB43
static void _0x75BA1CB3B7D40CAF(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x75BA1CB3B7D40CAF, ped, p1); } // 0x75BA1CB3B7D40CAF 0x9194DB71
static BOOL IS_TRACKED_PED_VISIBLE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x91C8E617F64188AC, ped); } // 0x91C8E617F64188AC 0x33248CC1
static Any _0x511F1A683387C7E2(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x511F1A683387C7E2, p0); } // 0x511F1A683387C7E2 0x5B1B70AA
static BOOL IS_PED_TRACKED(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4C5E1F087CD10BB7, ped); } // 0x4C5E1F087CD10BB7 0x7EB613D9
static BOOL HAS_PED_RECEIVED_EVENT(Any p0, Any p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8507BCB710FA6DC0, p0, p1); } // 0x8507BCB710FA6DC0 0xECD73DB0
static BOOL _0x6CD5A433374D4CFB(Any p0, Any p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6CD5A433374D4CFB, p0, p1); } // 0x6CD5A433374D4CFB 0x74A0F291
static BOOL _0x9C6A6C19B6C0C496(Ped p0, Any* p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9C6A6C19B6C0C496, p0, p1); } // 0x9C6A6C19B6C0C496
static int GET_PED_BONE_INDEX(Ped ped, int boneId) { return invoke<int>(0x3F428D08BE5AAE31, ped, boneId); } // 0x3F428D08BE5AAE31 0x259C6BA2
static int GET_PED_RAGDOLL_BONE_INDEX(Ped ped, int bone) { return invoke<int>(0x2057EF813397A772, ped, bone); } // 0x2057EF813397A772 0x849F0716
static void SET_PED_ENVEFF_SCALE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0xBF29516833893561, ped, value); } // 0xBF29516833893561 0xFC1CFC27
static float GET_PED_ENVEFF_SCALE(Ped ped) { return invoke<float>(0x9C14D30395A51A3C, ped); } // 0x9C14D30395A51A3C 0xA3421E39
static void SET_ENABLE_PED_ENVEFF_SCALE(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD2C5AA0C0E8D0F1E, ped, toggle); } // 0xD2C5AA0C0E8D0F1E 0xC70F4A84
static void _0x110F526AB784111F(Ped ped, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x110F526AB784111F, ped, p1); } // 0x110F526AB784111F 0x3B882533
static void _0xD69411AA0CEBF9E9(Ped ped, int p1, int p2, int p3) { invoke<Void>(0xD69411AA0CEBF9E9, ped, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xD69411AA0CEBF9E9 0x87A0C174
static void _0x1216E0BFA72CC703(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1216E0BFA72CC703, p0, p1); } // 0x1216E0BFA72CC703 0x7BD26837
static void _0x2B5AA717A181FB4C(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2B5AA717A181FB4C, p0, p1); } // 0x2B5AA717A181FB4C 0x98E29ED0
static BOOL _0xB8B52E498014F5B0(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB8B52E498014F5B0, ped); } // 0xB8B52E498014F5B0
static int CREATE_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE(float x, float y, float z, float roll, float pitch, float yaw, int p6) { return invoke<int>(0x8C18E0F9080ADD73, x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw, p6); } // 0x8C18E0F9080ADD73 0xFFDDF8FA
static int _0x62EC273D00187DCA(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash object) { return invoke<int>(0x62EC273D00187DCA, x, y, z, radius, object); } // 0x62EC273D00187DCA 0xF3876894
static BOOL IS_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_RUNNING(int sceneId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x25D39B935A038A26, sceneId); } // 0x25D39B935A038A26 0x57A282F1
static void SET_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_ORIGIN(int sceneID, float x, float y, float z, float roll, float pitch, float yaw, BOOL p7) { invoke<Void>(0x6ACF6B7225801CD7, sceneID, x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw, p7); } // 0x6ACF6B7225801CD7 0x2EC2A0B2
static void SET_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_PHASE(int sceneID, float phase) { invoke<Void>(0x734292F4F0ABF6D0, sceneID, phase); } // 0x734292F4F0ABF6D0 0xF5AB0D98
static float GET_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_PHASE(int sceneID) { return invoke<float>(0xE4A310B1D7FA73CC, sceneID); } // 0xE4A310B1D7FA73CC 0xB0B2C852
static void SET_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_RATE(int sceneID, float rate) { invoke<Void>(0xB6C49F8A5E295A5D, sceneID, rate); } // 0xB6C49F8A5E295A5D 0xF10112FD
static float GET_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_RATE(int sceneID) { return invoke<float>(0xD80932D577274D40, sceneID); } // 0xD80932D577274D40 0x89365F0D
static void SET_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_LOOPED(int sceneID, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD9A897A4C6C2974F, sceneID, toggle); } // 0xD9A897A4C6C2974F 0x32ED9F82
static BOOL IS_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_LOOPED(int sceneID) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x62522002E0C391BA, sceneID); } // 0x62522002E0C391BA 0x47D87A84
static void _SET_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_OCCLUSION_PORTAL(Any sceneID, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x394B9CD12435C981, sceneID, p1); } // 0x394B9CD12435C981 0x2DE48DA1
static BOOL _0x7F2F4F13AC5257EF(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7F2F4F13AC5257EF, p0); } // 0x7F2F4F13AC5257EF 0x72CF2514
static void ATTACH_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE_TO_ENTITY(int sceneID, Entity entity, int boneIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x272E4723B56A3B96, sceneID, entity, boneIndex); } // 0x272E4723B56A3B96 0xE9BA6189
static void DETACH_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE(int sceneID) { invoke<Void>(0x6D38F1F04CBB37EA, sceneID); } // 0x6D38F1F04CBB37EA 0x52A1CAB2
static void _DISPOSE_SYNCHRONIZED_SCENE(int scene) { invoke<Void>(0xCD9CC7E200A52A6F, scene); } // 0xCD9CC7E200A52A6F 0xBF7F9035
static BOOL FORCE_PED_MOTION_STATE(Ped ped, Hash motionStateHash, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF28965D04F570DCA, ped, motionStateHash, p2, p3, p4); } // 0xF28965D04F570DCA 0x164DDEFF
static BOOL _0xF60165E1D2C5370B(Ped ped, Any* p1, Any* p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF60165E1D2C5370B, ped, p1, p2); } // 0xF60165E1D2C5370B
static void SET_PED_MAX_MOVE_BLEND_RATIO(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x433083750C5E064A, ped, value); } // 0x433083750C5E064A 0xEAD0269A
static void SET_PED_MIN_MOVE_BLEND_RATIO(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x01A898D26E2333DD, ped, value); } // 0x01A898D26E2333DD 0x383EC364
static void SET_PED_MOVE_RATE_OVERRIDE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x085BF80FA50A39D1, ped, value); } // 0x085BF80FA50A39D1 0x900008C6
static BOOL _0x46B05BCAE43856B0(Ped ped, int flag) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x46B05BCAE43856B0, ped, flag); } // 0x46B05BCAE43856B0 0x79543043
static int GET_PED_NEARBY_VEHICLES(Ped ped, int* sizeAndVehs) { return invoke<int>(0xCFF869CBFA210D82, ped, sizeAndVehs); } // 0xCFF869CBFA210D82 0xCB716F68
static int GET_PED_NEARBY_PEDS(Ped ped, int* sizeAndPeds, int ignore) { return invoke<int>(0x23F8F5FC7E8C4A6B, ped, sizeAndPeds, ignore); } // 0x23F8F5FC7E8C4A6B 0x4D3325F4
static BOOL _0x7350823473013C02(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7350823473013C02, ped); } // 0x7350823473013C02 0xF9FB4B71
static BOOL IS_PED_USING_ACTION_MODE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x00E73468D085F745, ped); } // 0x00E73468D085F745 0x5AE7EDA2
static void SET_PED_USING_ACTION_MODE(Ped ped, BOOL p1, Any p2, char* action) { invoke<Void>(0xD75ACCF5E0FB5367, ped, p1, p2, action); } // 0xD75ACCF5E0FB5367 0x8802F696
static void _0x781DE8FA214E87D2(Ped ped, char* p1) { invoke<Void>(0x781DE8FA214E87D2, ped, p1); } // 0x781DE8FA214E87D2
static void SET_PED_CAPSULE(Ped ped, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x364DF566EC833DE2, ped, value); } // 0x364DF566EC833DE2 0xB153E1B9
static Any REGISTER_PEDHEADSHOT(Ped ped) { return invoke<Any>(0x4462658788425076, ped); } // 0x4462658788425076 0xFFE2667B
static Any _0x953563CE563143AF(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x953563CE563143AF, p0); } // 0x953563CE563143AF 0x4DD03628
static void UNREGISTER_PEDHEADSHOT(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x96B1361D9B24C2FF, ped); } // 0x96B1361D9B24C2FF 0x0879AE45
static int IS_PEDHEADSHOT_VALID(int handle) { return invoke<int>(0xA0A9668F158129A2, handle); } // 0xA0A9668F158129A2 0x0B1080C4
static BOOL IS_PEDHEADSHOT_READY(int handle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7085228842B13A67, handle); } // 0x7085228842B13A67 0x761CD02E
static char* GET_PEDHEADSHOT_TXD_STRING(int handle) { return invoke<char*>(0xDB4EACD4AD0A5D6B, handle); } // 0xDB4EACD4AD0A5D6B 0x76D28E96
static BOOL _0xF0DAEF2F545BEE25(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF0DAEF2F545BEE25, p0); } // 0xF0DAEF2F545BEE25 0x10F2C023
static void _0x5D517B27CF6ECD04(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x5D517B27CF6ECD04, p0); } // 0x5D517B27CF6ECD04 0x0DBB2FA7
static Any _0xEBB376779A760AA8() { return invoke<Any>(0xEBB376779A760AA8); } // 0xEBB376779A760AA8 0x810158F8
static Any _0x876928DDDFCCC9CD() { return invoke<Any>(0x876928DDDFCCC9CD); } // 0x876928DDDFCCC9CD 0x05023F8F
static Any _0xE8A169E666CBC541() { return invoke<Any>(0xE8A169E666CBC541); } // 0xE8A169E666CBC541 0xAA39FD6C
static void _0xC1F6EBF9A3D55538(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC1F6EBF9A3D55538, p0, p1); } // 0xC1F6EBF9A3D55538 0xEF9142DB
static void _0x600048C60D5C2C51(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x600048C60D5C2C51, p0); } // 0x600048C60D5C2C51 0x0688DE64
static void _0x2DF9038C90AD5264(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, int interiorFlags, float scale, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0x2DF9038C90AD5264, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, interiorFlags, scale, duration); } // 0x2DF9038C90AD5264 0x909A1D76
static void _0xB2AFF10216DEFA2F(float x, float y, float z, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, int interiorFlags, float scale, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0xB2AFF10216DEFA2F, x, y, z, p3, p4, p5, p6, interiorFlags, scale, duration); } // 0xB2AFF10216DEFA2F 0x4AAD0ECB
static void _0xFEE4A5459472A9F8() { invoke<Void>(0xFEE4A5459472A9F8); } // 0xFEE4A5459472A9F8 0x492C9E46
static Any _0x3C67506996001F5E() { return invoke<Any>(0x3C67506996001F5E); } // 0x3C67506996001F5E 0x814A28F4
static Any _0xA586FBEB32A53DBB() { return invoke<Any>(0xA586FBEB32A53DBB); } // 0xA586FBEB32A53DBB 0x0B60D2BA
static Any _0xF445DE8DA80A1792() { return invoke<Any>(0xF445DE8DA80A1792); } // 0xF445DE8DA80A1792 0x6B83ABDF
static Any _0xA635C11B8C44AFC2() { return invoke<Any>(0xA635C11B8C44AFC2); } // 0xA635C11B8C44AFC2 0xF46B4DC8
static void _0x280C7E3AC7F56E90(Any p0, Any* p1, Any* p2, Any* p3) { invoke<Void>(0x280C7E3AC7F56E90, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x280C7E3AC7F56E90 0x36A4AC65
static void _0xB782F8238512BAD5(Any p0, Any* p1) { invoke<Void>(0xB782F8238512BAD5, p0, p1); } // 0xB782F8238512BAD5 0xBA699DDF
static void SET_IK_TARGET(Ped ped, int p1, Ped targetPed, int boneLookAt, float x, float y, float z, Any p7, int duration, int duration1) { invoke<Void>(0xC32779C16FCEECD9, ped, p1, targetPed, boneLookAt, x, y, z, p7, duration, duration1); } // 0xC32779C16FCEECD9 0x6FE5218C
static void _0xED3C76ADFA6D07C4(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xED3C76ADFA6D07C4, p0); } // 0xED3C76ADFA6D07C4 0xFB4000DC
static void REQUEST_ACTION_MODE_ASSET(char* asset) { invoke<Void>(0x290E2780BB7AA598, asset); } // 0x290E2780BB7AA598 0x572BA553
static BOOL HAS_ACTION_MODE_ASSET_LOADED(char* asset) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE4B5F4BF2CB24E65, asset); } // 0xE4B5F4BF2CB24E65 0xF7EB2BF1
static void REMOVE_ACTION_MODE_ASSET(char* asset) { invoke<Void>(0x13E940F88470FA51, asset); } // 0x13E940F88470FA51 0x3F480F92
static void REQUEST_STEALTH_MODE_ASSET(char* asset) { invoke<Void>(0x2A0A62FCDEE16D4F, asset); } // 0x2A0A62FCDEE16D4F 0x280A004A
static BOOL HAS_STEALTH_MODE_ASSET_LOADED(char* asset) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE977FC5B08AF3441, asset); } // 0xE977FC5B08AF3441 0x39245667
static void REMOVE_STEALTH_MODE_ASSET(char* asset) { invoke<Void>(0x9219857D21F0E842, asset); } // 0x9219857D21F0E842 0x8C0B243A
static void SET_PED_LOD_MULTIPLIER(Ped ped, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xDC2C5C242AAC342B, ped, multiplier); } // 0xDC2C5C242AAC342B 0x1D2B5C70
static void _0xE861D0B05C7662B8(Any p0, BOOL p1, Any p2) { invoke<Void>(0xE861D0B05C7662B8, p0, p1, p2); } // 0xE861D0B05C7662B8 0x2F9550C2
static void _0x129466ED55140F8D(Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x129466ED55140F8D, ped, toggle); } // 0x129466ED55140F8D 0x37DBC2AD
static void _0xCB968B53FC7F916D(Any p0, BOOL p1, Any p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0xCB968B53FC7F916D, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xCB968B53FC7F916D 0xC0F1BC91
static BOOL _0x68772DB2B2526F9F(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float range) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x68772DB2B2526F9F, ped, x, y, z, range); } // 0x68772DB2B2526F9F 0x1A464167
static BOOL _0x06087579E7AA85A9(Any p0, Any p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x06087579E7AA85A9, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x06087579E7AA85A9 0xD0567D41
static void _0xD8C3BE3EE94CAF2D(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4) { invoke<Void>(0xD8C3BE3EE94CAF2D, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0xD8C3BE3EE94CAF2D 0x4BBE5E2C
static void _0xD33DAA36272177C4(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xD33DAA36272177C4, ped); } // 0xD33DAA36272177C4 0xA89A53F2
static void _0x83A169EABCDB10A2(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x83A169EABCDB10A2, p0, p1); } // 0x83A169EABCDB10A2
static void _0x288DF530C92DAD6F(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x288DF530C92DAD6F, p0, p1); } // 0x288DF530C92DAD6F
namespace VEHICLE
static Vehicle CREATE_VEHICLE(Hash modelHash, float x, float y, float z, float heading, BOOL isNetwork, BOOL p6) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0xAF35D0D2583051B0, modelHash, x, y, z, heading, isNetwork, p6); } // 0xAF35D0D2583051B0 0xDD75460A
static void DELETE_VEHICLE(Vehicle* vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xEA386986E786A54F, vehicle); } // 0xEA386986E786A54F 0x9803AF60
static void _0x7D6F9A3EF26136A0(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x7D6F9A3EF26136A0, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0x7D6F9A3EF26136A0 0xBB54ECCA
static void SET_VEHICLE_ALLOW_NO_PASSENGERS_LOCKON(Vehicle veh, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x5D14D4154BFE7B2C, veh, toggle); } // 0x5D14D4154BFE7B2C 0x8BAAC437
static int _0xE6B0E8CFC3633BF0(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0xE6B0E8CFC3633BF0, vehicle); } // 0xE6B0E8CFC3633BF0 0xFBDE9FD8
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_MODEL(Vehicle vehicle, Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x423E8DE37D934D89, vehicle, model); } // 0x423E8DE37D934D89 0x013B10B6
static BOOL DOES_SCRIPT_VEHICLE_GENERATOR_EXIST(int vehicleGenerator) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF6086BC836400876, vehicleGenerator); } // 0xF6086BC836400876 0xF6BDDA30
static int CREATE_SCRIPT_VEHICLE_GENERATOR(float x, float y, float z, float heading, float p4, float p5, Hash modelHash, int p7, int p8, int p9, int p10, BOOL p11, BOOL p12, BOOL p13, BOOL p14, BOOL p15, int p16) { return invoke<int>(0x9DEF883114668116, x, y, z, heading, p4, p5, modelHash, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11, p12, p13, p14, p15, p16); } // 0x9DEF883114668116 0x25A9A261
static void DELETE_SCRIPT_VEHICLE_GENERATOR(int vehicleGenerator) { invoke<Void>(0x22102C9ABFCF125D, vehicleGenerator); } // 0x22102C9ABFCF125D 0xE4328E3F
static void SET_SCRIPT_VEHICLE_GENERATOR(Any vehicleGenerator, BOOL enabled) { invoke<Void>(0xD9D620E0AC6DC4B0, vehicleGenerator, enabled); } // 0xD9D620E0AC6DC4B0 0x40D73747
static void SET_ALL_VEHICLE_GENERATORS_ACTIVE_IN_AREA(float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { invoke<Void>(0xC12321827687FE4D, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, p6, p7); } // 0xC12321827687FE4D 0xB4E0E69A
static void SET_ALL_VEHICLE_GENERATORS_ACTIVE() { invoke<Void>(0x34AD89078831A4BC); } // 0x34AD89078831A4BC 0xAB1FDD76
static void SET_ALL_LOW_PRIORITY_VEHICLE_GENERATORS_ACTIVE(BOOL active) { invoke<Void>(0x608207E7A8FB787C, active); } // 0x608207E7A8FB787C 0x87F767F2
static void _0x9A75585FB2E54FAD(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3) { invoke<Void>(0x9A75585FB2E54FAD, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x9A75585FB2E54FAD 0x935A95DA
static void _0x0A436B8643716D14() { invoke<Void>(0x0A436B8643716D14); } // 0x0A436B8643716D14 0x6C73E45A
static BOOL SET_VEHICLE_ON_GROUND_PROPERLY(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x49733E92263139D1, vehicle); } // 0x49733E92263139D1 0xE14FDBA6
static Any SET_ALL_VEHICLES_SPAWN(Vehicle p0, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { return invoke<Any>(0xE023E8AC4EF7C117, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xE023E8AC4EF7C117 0xA0909ADB
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_ON_ROOF(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB497F06B288DCFDF, vehicle); } // 0xB497F06B288DCFDF 0x18D07C6C
static void ADD_VEHICLE_UPSIDEDOWN_CHECK(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xB72E26D81006005B, vehicle); } // 0xB72E26D81006005B 0x3A13D384
static void REMOVE_VEHICLE_UPSIDEDOWN_CHECK(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xC53EB42A499A7E90, vehicle); } // 0xC53EB42A499A7E90 0xF390BA1B
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_STOPPED(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5721B434AD84D57A, vehicle); } // 0x5721B434AD84D57A 0x655F072C
static int GET_VEHICLE_NUMBER_OF_PASSENGERS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x24CB2137731FFE89, vehicle); } // 0x24CB2137731FFE89 0x1EF20849
static int GET_VEHICLE_MAX_NUMBER_OF_PASSENGERS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0xA7C4F2C6E744A550, vehicle); } // 0xA7C4F2C6E744A550 0x0A2FC08C
static int GET_VEHICLE_MODEL_NUMBER_OF_SEATS(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<int>(0x2AD93716F184EDA4, modelHash); } // 0x2AD93716F184EDA4 0x838F7BF7
static BOOL _0xF7F203E31F96F6A1(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL flag) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF7F203E31F96F6A1, vehicle, flag); } // 0xF7F203E31F96F6A1 0x769E5CF2
static BOOL _0xE33FFA906CE74880(Vehicle vehicle, Any p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE33FFA906CE74880, vehicle, p1); } // 0xE33FFA906CE74880
static void SET_VEHICLE_DENSITY_MULTIPLIER_THIS_FRAME(float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0x245A6883D966D537, multiplier); } // 0x245A6883D966D537 0xF4187E51
static void SET_RANDOM_VEHICLE_DENSITY_MULTIPLIER_THIS_FRAME(float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xB3B3359379FE77D3, multiplier); } // 0xB3B3359379FE77D3 0x543F712B
static void SET_PARKED_VEHICLE_DENSITY_MULTIPLIER_THIS_FRAME(float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xEAE6DCC7EEE3DB1D, multiplier); } // 0xEAE6DCC7EEE3DB1D 0xDD46CEBE
static void _0xD4B8E3D1917BC86B(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD4B8E3D1917BC86B, toggle); } // 0xD4B8E3D1917BC86B 0x09462665
static void _SET_SOME_VEHICLE_DENSITY_MULTIPLIER_THIS_FRAME(float value) { invoke<Void>(0x90B6DA738A9A25DA, value); } // 0x90B6DA738A9A25DA 0xDAE2A2BE
static void SET_FAR_DRAW_VEHICLES(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x26324F33423F3CC3, toggle); } // 0x26324F33423F3CC3 0x9F019C49
static void SET_NUMBER_OF_PARKED_VEHICLES(int value) { invoke<Void>(0xCAA15F13EBD417FF, value); } // 0xCAA15F13EBD417FF 0x206A58E8
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOORS_LOCKED(Vehicle vehicle, int doorLockStatus) { invoke<Void>(0xB664292EAECF7FA6, vehicle, doorLockStatus); } // 0xB664292EAECF7FA6 0x4CDD35D0
static void SET_PED_TARGETTABLE_VEHICLE_DESTROY(Vehicle vehicle, int vehicleComponent, int destroyType) { invoke<Void>(0xBE70724027F85BCD, vehicle, vehicleComponent, destroyType); } // 0xBE70724027F85BCD 0xD61D182D
static void DISABLE_VEHICLE_IMPACT_EXPLOSION_ACTIVATION(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xD8050E0EB60CF274, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xD8050E0EB60CF274 0xC54156A9
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOORS_LOCKED_FOR_PLAYER(Vehicle vehicle, Player player, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x517AAF684BB50CD1, vehicle, player, toggle); } // 0x517AAF684BB50CD1 0x49829236
static BOOL GET_VEHICLE_DOORS_LOCKED_FOR_PLAYER(Vehicle vehicle, Player player) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF6AF6CB341349015, vehicle, player); } // 0xF6AF6CB341349015 0x1DC50247
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOORS_LOCKED_FOR_ALL_PLAYERS(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xA2F80B8D040727CC, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xA2F80B8D040727CC 0x891BA8A4
static void _0x9737A37136F07E75(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x9737A37136F07E75, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x9737A37136F07E75 0xE4EF6514
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOORS_LOCKED_FOR_TEAM(Vehicle vehicle, int team, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xB81F6D4A8F5EEBA8, vehicle, team, toggle); } // 0xB81F6D4A8F5EEBA8 0x4F85E783
static void EXPLODE_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL isAudible, BOOL isInvisible) { invoke<Void>(0xBA71116ADF5B514C, vehicle, isAudible, isInvisible); } // 0xBA71116ADF5B514C 0xBEDEACEB
static void SET_VEHICLE_OUT_OF_CONTROL(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL killDriver, BOOL explodeOnImpact) { invoke<Void>(0xF19D095E42D430CC, vehicle, killDriver, explodeOnImpact); } // 0xF19D095E42D430CC 0x3764D734
static void SET_VEHICLE_TIMED_EXPLOSION(Vehicle vehicle, Ped ped, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x2E0A74E1002380B1, vehicle, ped, toggle); } // 0x2E0A74E1002380B1 0xDB8CB8E2
static void _0x99AD4CCCB128CBC9(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x99AD4CCCB128CBC9, vehicle); } // 0x99AD4CCCB128CBC9 0x811373DE
static Any _0x6ADAABD3068C5235() { return invoke<Any>(0x6ADAABD3068C5235); } // 0x6ADAABD3068C5235 0xA4E69134
static void _0xEF49CF0270307CBE() { invoke<Void>(0xEF49CF0270307CBE); } // 0xEF49CF0270307CBE 0x65255524
static BOOL _0xAE3FEE8709B39DCB(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAE3FEE8709B39DCB, vehicle); } // 0xAE3FEE8709B39DCB 0xE39DAF36
static void SET_TAXI_LIGHTS(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL state) { invoke<Void>(0x598803E85E8448D9, vehicle, state); } // 0x598803E85E8448D9 0x68639D85
static BOOL IS_TAXI_LIGHT_ON(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7504C0F113AB50FC, vehicle); } // 0x7504C0F113AB50FC 0x6FC4924A
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_IN_GARAGE_AREA(char* garageName, Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xCEE4490CD57BB3C2, garageName, vehicle); } // 0xCEE4490CD57BB3C2 0xA90EC257
static void SET_VEHICLE_COLOURS(Vehicle vehicle, int colorPrimary, int colorSecondary) { invoke<Void>(0x4F1D4BE3A7F24601, vehicle, colorPrimary, colorSecondary); } // 0x4F1D4BE3A7F24601 0x57F24253
static void SET_VEHICLE_FULLBEAM(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x8B7FD87F0DDB421E, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x8B7FD87F0DDB421E 0x9C49CC15
static void STEER_UNLOCK_BIAS(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x07116E24E9D1929D, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x07116E24E9D1929D 0xA59E3DCD
static void SET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_PRIMARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int r, int g, int b) { invoke<Void>(0x7141766F91D15BEA, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0x7141766F91D15BEA 0x8DF9F9BC
static void GET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_PRIMARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int* r, int* g, int* b) { invoke<Void>(0xB64CF2CCA9D95F52, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0xB64CF2CCA9D95F52 0x1C2B9FEF
static void CLEAR_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_PRIMARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x55E1D2758F34E437, vehicle); } // 0x55E1D2758F34E437 0x51E1E33D
static BOOL GET_IS_VEHICLE_PRIMARY_COLOUR_CUSTOM(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF095C0405307B21B, vehicle); } // 0xF095C0405307B21B 0xD7EC8760
static void SET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_SECONDARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int r, int g, int b) { invoke<Void>(0x36CED73BFED89754, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0x36CED73BFED89754 0x9D77259E
static void GET_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_SECONDARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int* r, int* g, int* b) { invoke<Void>(0x8389CD56CA8072DC, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0x8389CD56CA8072DC 0x3FF247A2
static void CLEAR_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_SECONDARY_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x5FFBDEEC3E8E2009, vehicle); } // 0x5FFBDEEC3E8E2009 0x7CE00B29
static BOOL GET_IS_VEHICLE_SECONDARY_COLOUR_CUSTOM(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x910A32E7AAD2656C, vehicle); } // 0x910A32E7AAD2656C 0x288AD228
static void SET_VEHICLE_ENVEFF_SCALE(Vehicle vehicle, float fade) { invoke<Void>(0x3AFDC536C3D01674, vehicle, fade); } // 0x3AFDC536C3D01674 0x8332730C
static float GET_VEHICLE_ENVEFF_SCALE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xA82819CAC9C4C403, vehicle); } // 0xA82819CAC9C4C403 0xD5F1EEE1
static void SET_CAN_RESPRAY_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL state) { invoke<Void>(0x52BBA29D5EC69356, vehicle, state); } // 0x52BBA29D5EC69356 0x37677590
static void _0x33506883545AC0DF(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x33506883545AC0DF, vehicle, p1); } // 0x33506883545AC0DF 0x54E9EE75
static void _JITTER_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1, float yaw, float pitch, float roll) { invoke<Void>(0xC59872A5134879C7, vehicle, p1, yaw, pitch, roll); } // 0xC59872A5134879C7 0x4A46E814
static void SET_BOAT_ANCHOR(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x75DBEC174AEEAD10, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x75DBEC174AEEAD10 0xA3906284
static BOOL _GET_BOAT_ANCHOR(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x26C10ECBDA5D043B, vehicle); } // 0x26C10ECBDA5D043B
static void _0xE3EBAAE484798530(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE3EBAAE484798530, vehicle, p1); } // 0xE3EBAAE484798530 0x0ED84792
static void _0xB28B1FE5BFADD7F5(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xB28B1FE5BFADD7F5, vehicle, p1); } // 0xB28B1FE5BFADD7F5 0xA739012A
static void _0xE842A9398079BD82(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE842A9398079BD82, vehicle, p1); } // 0xE842A9398079BD82 0x66FA450C
static void _0x8F719973E1445BA2(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x8F719973E1445BA2, vehicle, p1); } // 0x8F719973E1445BA2 0x35614622
static void SET_VEHICLE_SIREN(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xF4924635A19EB37D, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xF4924635A19EB37D 0x4AC1EFC7
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_SIREN_ON(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4C9BF537BE2634B2, vehicle); } // 0x4C9BF537BE2634B2 0x25EB5873
static BOOL _IS_VEHICLE_SIREN_SOUND_ON(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB5CC40FBCB586380, vehicle); } // 0xB5CC40FBCB586380
static void SET_VEHICLE_STRONG(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x3E8C8727991A8A0B, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x3E8C8727991A8A0B 0xC758D19F
static void REMOVE_VEHICLE_STUCK_CHECK(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x8386BFB614D06749, vehicle); } // 0x8386BFB614D06749 0x81594917
static void GET_VEHICLE_COLOURS(Vehicle vehicle, int* colorPrimary, int* colorSecondary) { invoke<Void>(0xA19435F193E081AC, vehicle, colorPrimary, colorSecondary); } // 0xA19435F193E081AC 0x40D82D88
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_SEAT_FREE(Vehicle vehicle, int seatIndex) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x22AC59A870E6A669, vehicle, seatIndex); } // 0x22AC59A870E6A669 0xDAF42B02
static Ped GET_PED_IN_VEHICLE_SEAT(Vehicle vehicle, int index) { return invoke<Ped>(0xBB40DD2270B65366, vehicle, index); } // 0xBB40DD2270B65366 0x388FDE9A
static Ped GET_LAST_PED_IN_VEHICLE_SEAT(Vehicle vehicle, int seatIndex) { return invoke<Ped>(0x83F969AA1EE2A664, vehicle, seatIndex); } // 0x83F969AA1EE2A664 0xF7C6792D
static BOOL GET_VEHICLE_LIGHTS_STATE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL* lightsOn, BOOL* highbeamsOn) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB91B4C20085BD12F, vehicle, lightsOn, highbeamsOn); } // 0xB91B4C20085BD12F 0x7C278621
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_TYRE_BURST(Vehicle vehicle, int wheelID, BOOL completely) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBA291848A0815CA9, vehicle, wheelID, completely); } // 0xBA291848A0815CA9 0x48C80210
static void SET_VEHICLE_FORWARD_SPEED(Vehicle vehicle, float speed) { invoke<Void>(0xAB54A438726D25D5, vehicle, speed); } // 0xAB54A438726D25D5 0x69880D14
static void _SET_VEHICLE_HALT(Vehicle vehicle, float distance, int killEngine, BOOL unknown) { invoke<Void>(0x260BE8F09E326A20, vehicle, distance, killEngine, unknown); } // 0x260BE8F09E326A20 0xCBC7D3C8
static void _0x37EBBF3117BD6A25(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x37EBBF3117BD6A25, vehicle, p1); } // 0x37EBBF3117BD6A25 0x943A6CFC
static BOOL SET_PED_ENABLED_BIKE_RINGTONE(Vehicle vehicle, Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x57715966069157AD, vehicle, entity); } // 0x57715966069157AD 0x7FB25568
static BOOL _0x62CA17B74C435651(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x62CA17B74C435651, vehicle); } // 0x62CA17B74C435651 0x593143B9
static Vehicle _GET_VEHICLE_ATTACHED_TO_ENTITY(Object object) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x375E7FC44F21C8AB, object); } // 0x375E7FC44F21C8AB 0x70DD5E25
static BOOL _0x89D630CF5EA96D23(Vehicle vehicle, Entity entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x89D630CF5EA96D23, vehicle, entity); } // 0x89D630CF5EA96D23 0xFBF5536A
static void _0x6A98C2ECF57FA5D4(Vehicle vehicle, Entity entity) { invoke<Void>(0x6A98C2ECF57FA5D4, vehicle, entity); } // 0x6A98C2ECF57FA5D4 0x20AB5783
static void _0x7C0043FDFF6436BC(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x7C0043FDFF6436BC, vehicle); } // 0x7C0043FDFF6436BC 0x0F11D01F
static void _0x8AA9180DE2FEDD45(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x8AA9180DE2FEDD45, vehicle, p1); } // 0x8AA9180DE2FEDD45 0xAE040377
static void _0x0A6A279F3AA4FD70(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x0A6A279F3AA4FD70, vehicle, p1); } // 0x0A6A279F3AA4FD70 0x4C0E4031
static BOOL _0x634148744F385576(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x634148744F385576, vehicle); } // 0x634148744F385576 0x6346B7CC
static void _0xE6F13851780394DA(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE6F13851780394DA, vehicle, p1); } // 0xE6F13851780394DA 0xCCB41A55
static void SET_VEHICLE_TYRE_BURST(Vehicle vehicle, int index, BOOL onRim, float p3) { invoke<Void>(0xEC6A202EE4960385, vehicle, index, onRim, p3); } // 0xEC6A202EE4960385 0x89D28068
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOORS_SHUT(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL closeInstantly) { invoke<Void>(0x781B3D62BB013EF5, vehicle, closeInstantly); } // 0x781B3D62BB013EF5 0xBB1FF6E7
static void SET_VEHICLE_TYRES_CAN_BURST(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xEB9DC3C7D8596C46, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xEB9DC3C7D8596C46 0xA198DB54
static BOOL GET_VEHICLE_TYRES_CAN_BURST(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x678B9BB8C3F58FEB, vehicle); } // 0x678B9BB8C3F58FEB 0x4D76CD2F
static void SET_VEHICLE_WHEELS_CAN_BREAK(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL enabled) { invoke<Void>(0x29B18B4FD460CA8F, vehicle, enabled); } // 0x29B18B4FD460CA8F 0x829ED654
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOOR_OPEN(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex, BOOL loose, BOOL openInstantly) { invoke<Void>(0x7C65DAC73C35C862, vehicle, doorIndex, loose, openInstantly); } // 0x7C65DAC73C35C862 0xBB75D38B
static void REMOVE_VEHICLE_WINDOW(Vehicle vehicle, int windowIndex) { invoke<Void>(0xA711568EEDB43069, vehicle, windowIndex); } // 0xA711568EEDB43069 0xBB8104A3
static void ROLL_DOWN_WINDOWS(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x85796B0549DDE156, vehicle); } // 0x85796B0549DDE156 0x51A16DC6
static void ROLL_DOWN_WINDOW(Vehicle vehicle, int windowIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x7AD9E6CE657D69E3, vehicle, windowIndex); } // 0x7AD9E6CE657D69E3 0xF840134C
static void ROLL_UP_WINDOW(Vehicle vehicle, int windowIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x602E548F46E24D59, vehicle, windowIndex); } // 0x602E548F46E24D59 0x83B7E06A
static void SMASH_VEHICLE_WINDOW(Vehicle vehicle, int index) { invoke<Void>(0x9E5B5E4D2CCD2259, vehicle, index); } // 0x9E5B5E4D2CCD2259 0xDDD9A8C2
static void FIX_VEHICLE_WINDOW(Vehicle vehicle, int index) { invoke<Void>(0x772282EBEB95E682, vehicle, index); } // 0x772282EBEB95E682 0x6B8E990D
static void _DETACH_VEHICLE_WINDSCREEN(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x6D645D59FB5F5AD3, vehicle); } // 0x6D645D59FB5F5AD3 0xCC95C96B
static void _EJECT_JB700_ROOF(Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0xE38CB9D7D39FDBCC, vehicle, x, y, z); } // 0xE38CB9D7D39FDBCC 0xFDA7B6CA
static void SET_VEHICLE_LIGHTS(Vehicle vehicle, int state) { invoke<Void>(0x34E710FF01247C5A, vehicle, state); } // 0x34E710FF01247C5A 0xE8930226
static void _0xC45C27EF50F36ADC(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC45C27EF50F36ADC, vehicle, p1); } // 0xC45C27EF50F36ADC 0x4221E435
static void _SET_VEHICLE_LIGHTS_MODE(Vehicle vehicle, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1FD09E7390A74D54, vehicle, p1); } // 0x1FD09E7390A74D54
static void SET_VEHICLE_ALARM(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL state) { invoke<Void>(0xCDE5E70C1DDB954C, vehicle, state); } // 0xCDE5E70C1DDB954C 0x24877D84
static void START_VEHICLE_ALARM(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xB8FF7AB45305C345, vehicle); } // 0xB8FF7AB45305C345 0x5B451FF7
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_ALARM_ACTIVATED(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4319E335B71FFF34, vehicle); } // 0x4319E335B71FFF34 0xF2630A4C
static void SET_VEHICLE_INTERIORLIGHT(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xBC2042F090AF6AD3, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xBC2042F090AF6AD3 0x9AD1FE1E
static void SET_VEHICLE_LIGHT_MULTIPLIER(Vehicle vehicle, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0xB385454F8791F57C, vehicle, multiplier); } // 0xB385454F8791F57C 0x48039D6A
static void ATTACH_VEHICLE_TO_TRAILER(Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle trailer, float radius) { invoke<Void>(0x3C7D42D58F770B54, vehicle, trailer, radius); } // 0x3C7D42D58F770B54 0x2133977F
static void _0x16B5E274BDE402F8(Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle trailer, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, float p7, float p8, float p9, float p10, float p11) { invoke<Void>(0x16B5E274BDE402F8, vehicle, trailer, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11); } // 0x16B5E274BDE402F8 0x12AC1A16
static void _0x374706271354CB18(Vehicle vehicle, Entity p1, float p2) { invoke<Void>(0x374706271354CB18, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0x374706271354CB18 0x40C4763F
static void DETACH_VEHICLE_FROM_TRAILER(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x90532EDF0D2BDD86, vehicle); } // 0x90532EDF0D2BDD86 0xB5DBF91D
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_ATTACHED_TO_TRAILER(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE7CF3C4F9F489F0C, vehicle); } // 0xE7CF3C4F9F489F0C 0xE142BBCC
static void _0x2A8F319B392E7B3F(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2A8F319B392E7B3F, vehicle, p1); } // 0x2A8F319B392E7B3F 0xE74E85CE
static void _0x95CF53B3D687F9FA(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x95CF53B3D687F9FA, vehicle); } // 0x95CF53B3D687F9FA 0x06C47A6F
static void SET_VEHICLE_TYRE_FIXED(Vehicle vehicle, int tyreIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x6E13FC662B882D1D, vehicle, tyreIndex); } // 0x6E13FC662B882D1D 0xA42EFA6B
static void SET_VEHICLE_NUMBER_PLATE_TEXT(Vehicle vehicle, char* plateText) { invoke<Void>(0x95A88F0B409CDA47, vehicle, plateText); } // 0x95A88F0B409CDA47 0x400F9556
static char* GET_VEHICLE_NUMBER_PLATE_TEXT(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<char*>(0x7CE1CCB9B293020E, vehicle); } // 0x7CE1CCB9B293020E 0xE8522D58
static int GET_NUMBER_OF_VEHICLE_NUMBER_PLATES() { return invoke<int>(0x4C4D6B2644F458CB); } // 0x4C4D6B2644F458CB 0xD24BC1AE
static void SET_VEHICLE_NUMBER_PLATE_TEXT_INDEX(Vehicle vehicle, int plateIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x9088EB5A43FFB0A1, vehicle, plateIndex); } // 0x9088EB5A43FFB0A1 0xA1A1890E
static int GET_VEHICLE_NUMBER_PLATE_TEXT_INDEX(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0xF11BC2DD9A3E7195, vehicle); } // 0xF11BC2DD9A3E7195 0x499747B6
static void SET_RANDOM_TRAINS(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x80D9F74197EA47D9, toggle); } // 0x80D9F74197EA47D9 0xD461CA7F
static Vehicle CREATE_MISSION_TRAIN(int variation, float x, float y, float z, BOOL direction) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x63C6CCA8E68AE8C8, variation, x, y, z, direction); } // 0x63C6CCA8E68AE8C8 0xD4C2EAFD
static void SWITCH_TRAIN_TRACK(int intersectionId, BOOL state) { invoke<Void>(0xFD813BB7DB977F20, intersectionId, state); } // 0xFD813BB7DB977F20 0x68BFDD61
static void _0x21973BBF8D17EDFA(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x21973BBF8D17EDFA, p0, p1); } // 0x21973BBF8D17EDFA 0xD5774FB7
static void DELETE_ALL_TRAINS() { invoke<Void>(0x736A718577F39C7D); } // 0x736A718577F39C7D 0x83DE7ABF
static void SET_TRAIN_SPEED(Vehicle train, float speed) { invoke<Void>(0xAA0BC91BE0B796E3, train, speed); } // 0xAA0BC91BE0B796E3 0xDFC35E4D
static void SET_TRAIN_CRUISE_SPEED(Vehicle train, float speed) { invoke<Void>(0x16469284DB8C62B5, train, speed); } // 0x16469284DB8C62B5 0xB507F51D
static void SET_RANDOM_BOATS(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x84436EC293B1415F, toggle); } // 0x84436EC293B1415F 0xB505BD89
static void SET_GARBAGE_TRUCKS(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x2AFD795EEAC8D30D, toggle); } // 0x2AFD795EEAC8D30D 0xD9ABB0FF
static BOOL DOES_VEHICLE_HAVE_STUCK_VEHICLE_CHECK(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x57E4C39DE5EE8470, vehicle); } // 0x57E4C39DE5EE8470 0x5D91D9AC
static Any GET_VEHICLE_RECORDING_ID(int p0, char* p1) { return invoke<Any>(0x21543C612379DB3C, p0, p1); } // 0x21543C612379DB3C 0x328D601D
static void REQUEST_VEHICLE_RECORDING(Any p0, Any* p1) { invoke<Void>(0xAF514CABE74CBF15, p0, p1); } // 0xAF514CABE74CBF15 0x91AFEFD9
static BOOL HAS_VEHICLE_RECORDING_BEEN_LOADED(Any p0, Any* p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x300D614A4C785FC4, p0, p1); } // 0x300D614A4C785FC4 0xF52CD7F5
static void REMOVE_VEHICLE_RECORDING(Any p0, Any* p1) { invoke<Void>(0xF1160ACCF98A3FC8, p0, p1); } // 0xF1160ACCF98A3FC8 0xD3C05B00
static Vector3 _0x92523B76657A517D(Any p0, float p1) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x92523B76657A517D, p0, p1); } // 0x92523B76657A517D 0xF31973BB
static Vector3 GET_POSITION_OF_VEHICLE_RECORDING_AT_TIME(int p0, float p1, char* p2) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xD242728AA6F0FBA2, p0, p1, p2); } // 0xD242728AA6F0FBA2 0x7178558D
static Vector3 _0xF0F2103EFAF8CBA7(Any p0, float p1) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xF0F2103EFAF8CBA7, p0, p1); } // 0xF0F2103EFAF8CBA7 0x4D1C15C2
static Vector3 GET_ROTATION_OF_VEHICLE_RECORDING_AT_TIME(Any p0, float p1, Any* p2) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x2058206FBE79A8AD, p0, p1, p2); } // 0x2058206FBE79A8AD 0xD96DEC68
static float GET_TOTAL_DURATION_OF_VEHICLE_RECORDING_ID(Any p0) { return invoke<float>(0x102D125411A7B6E6, p0); } // 0x102D125411A7B6E6 0x7116785E
static Any GET_TOTAL_DURATION_OF_VEHICLE_RECORDING(Any p0, Any p1) { return invoke<Any>(0x0E48D1C262390950, p0, p1); } // 0x0E48D1C262390950 0x5B35EEB7
static float GET_POSITION_IN_RECORDING(Any p0) { return invoke<float>(0x2DACD605FC681475, p0); } // 0x2DACD605FC681475 0x7DCD644C
static float GET_TIME_POSITION_IN_RECORDING(Any p0) { return invoke<float>(0x5746F3A7AB7FE544, p0); } // 0x5746F3A7AB7FE544 0xF8C3E4A2
static void START_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle, int p1, char* playback, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x3F878F92B3A7A071, vehicle, p1, playback, p3); } // 0x3F878F92B3A7A071 0xCF614CA8
static void START_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE_WITH_FLAGS(Vehicle vehicle, Any p1, char* playback, Any p3, Any p4, Any p5) { invoke<Void>(0x7D80FD645D4DA346, vehicle, p1, playback, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x7D80FD645D4DA346 0x4E721AD2
static void _0x1F2E4E06DEA8992B(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1F2E4E06DEA8992B, p0, p1); } // 0x1F2E4E06DEA8992B 0x01B91CD0
static void STOP_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x54833611C17ABDEA, p0); } // 0x54833611C17ABDEA 0xAE99C57C
static void PAUSE_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x632A689BF42301B1, p0); } // 0x632A689BF42301B1 0xCCF54912
static void UNPAUSE_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x8879EE09268305D5, p0); } // 0x8879EE09268305D5 0x59060F75
static BOOL IS_PLAYBACK_GOING_ON_FOR_VEHICLE(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1C8A4C2C19E68EEC, p0); } // 0x1C8A4C2C19E68EEC 0x61F7650D
static BOOL IS_PLAYBACK_USING_AI_GOING_ON_FOR_VEHICLE(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAEA8FD591FAD4106, p0); } // 0xAEA8FD591FAD4106 0x63022C58
static Any GET_CURRENT_PLAYBACK_FOR_VEHICLE(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x42BC05C27A946054, p0); } // 0x42BC05C27A946054 0xA3F44390
static void SKIP_TO_END_AND_STOP_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xAB8E2EDA0C0A5883, p0); } // 0xAB8E2EDA0C0A5883 0x8DEA18C8
static void SET_PLAYBACK_SPEED(Any p0, float speed) { invoke<Void>(0x6683AB880E427778, p0, speed); } // 0x6683AB880E427778 0x684E26E4
static void START_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE_USING_AI(Any p0, Any p1, Any* p2, float p3, Any p4) { invoke<Void>(0x29DE5FA52D00428C, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x29DE5FA52D00428C 0x8DE8E24E
static void SKIP_TIME_IN_PLAYBACK_RECORDED_VEHICLE(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9438F7AD68771A20, p0, p1); } // 0x9438F7AD68771A20 0xCF3EFA4B
static void SET_PLAYBACK_TO_USE_AI(Vehicle vehicle, int flag) { invoke<Void>(0xA549C3B37EA28131, vehicle, flag); } // 0xA549C3B37EA28131 0xB536CCD7
static void SET_PLAYBACK_TO_USE_AI_TRY_TO_REVERT_BACK_LATER(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x6E63860BBB190730, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x6E63860BBB190730 0x0C8ABAA4
static void _0x5845066D8A1EA7F7(Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y, float z, Any p4) { invoke<Void>(0x5845066D8A1EA7F7, vehicle, x, y, z, p4); } // 0x5845066D8A1EA7F7 0x943A58EB
static void _0x796A877E459B99EA(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3) { invoke<Void>(0x796A877E459B99EA, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x796A877E459B99EA 0x5C9F477C
static void _0xFAF2A78061FD9EF4(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3) { invoke<Void>(0xFAF2A78061FD9EF4, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xFAF2A78061FD9EF4 0xCD83C393
static void _0x063AE2B2CC273588(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x063AE2B2CC273588, p0, p1); } // 0x063AE2B2CC273588 0x2EF8435C
static void EXPLODE_VEHICLE_IN_CUTSCENE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x786A4EB67B01BF0B, vehicle, p1); } // 0x786A4EB67B01BF0B 0xA85207B5
static void ADD_VEHICLE_STUCK_CHECK_WITH_WARP(Any p0, float p1, Any p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4, BOOL p5, Any p6) { invoke<Void>(0x2FA9923062DD396C, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0x2FA9923062DD396C 0xC8B789AD
static void SET_VEHICLE_MODEL_IS_SUPPRESSED(Hash model, BOOL suppressed) { invoke<Void>(0x0FC2D89AC25A5814, model, suppressed); } // 0x0FC2D89AC25A5814 0x42A08C9B
static Vehicle GET_RANDOM_VEHICLE_IN_SPHERE(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash modelHash, int flags) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x386F6CE5BAF6091C, x, y, z, radius, modelHash, flags); } // 0x386F6CE5BAF6091C 0x57216D03
static Vehicle GET_RANDOM_VEHICLE_FRONT_BUMPER_IN_SPHERE(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, int p4, int p5, int p6) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0xC5574E0AEB86BA68, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0xC5574E0AEB86BA68 0xDCADEB66
static Vehicle GET_RANDOM_VEHICLE_BACK_BUMPER_IN_SPHERE(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, int p4, int p5, int p6) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0xB50807EABE20A8DC, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0xB50807EABE20A8DC 0xD6343F6B
static Vehicle GET_CLOSEST_VEHICLE(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash modelHash, int flags) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0xF73EB622C4F1689B, x, y, z, radius, modelHash, flags); } // 0xF73EB622C4F1689B 0xD7E26B2C
static Entity GET_TRAIN_CARRIAGE(Vehicle train, int trailerNumber) { return invoke<Entity>(0x08AAFD0814722BC3, train, trailerNumber); } // 0x08AAFD0814722BC3 0x2544E7A6
static void DELETE_MISSION_TRAIN(Vehicle* train) { invoke<Void>(0x5B76B14AE875C795, train); } // 0x5B76B14AE875C795 0x86C9497D
static void SET_MISSION_TRAIN_AS_NO_LONGER_NEEDED(Vehicle* train, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xBBE7648349B49BE8, train, p1); } // 0xBBE7648349B49BE8 0x19808560
static void SET_MISSION_TRAIN_COORDS(Vehicle train, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x591CA673AA6AB736, train, x, y, z); } // 0x591CA673AA6AB736 0xD6D70803
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_BOAT(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x45A9187928F4B9E3, model); } // 0x45A9187928F4B9E3 0x10F6085C
static BOOL _IS_THIS_MODEL_AN_EMERGENCY_BOAT(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9537097412CF75FE, model); } // 0x9537097412CF75FE
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_PLANE(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA0948AB42D7BA0DE, model); } // 0xA0948AB42D7BA0DE 0x3B3907BB
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_HELI(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDCE4334788AF94EA, model); } // 0xDCE4334788AF94EA 0x8AF7F568
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_CAR(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7F6DB52EEFC96DF8, model); } // 0x7F6DB52EEFC96DF8 0x60E4C22F
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_TRAIN(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAB935175B22E822B, model); } // 0xAB935175B22E822B 0xF87DCFFD
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_BIKE(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB50C0B0CEDC6CE84, model); } // 0xB50C0B0CEDC6CE84 0x7E702CDD
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_BICYCLE(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBF94DD42F63BDED2, model); } // 0xBF94DD42F63BDED2 0x328E6FF5
static BOOL IS_THIS_MODEL_A_QUADBIKE(Hash model) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x39DAC362EE65FA28, model); } // 0x39DAC362EE65FA28 0xC1625277
static void SET_HELI_BLADES_FULL_SPEED(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xA178472EBB8AE60D, vehicle); } // 0xA178472EBB8AE60D 0x033A9408
static void SET_HELI_BLADES_SPEED(Vehicle vehicle, float speed) { invoke<Void>(0xFD280B4D7F3ABC4D, vehicle, speed); } // 0xFD280B4D7F3ABC4D 0x5C7D4EA9
static void _0x99CAD8E7AFDB60FA(Vehicle vehicle, float p1, float p2) { invoke<Void>(0x99CAD8E7AFDB60FA, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0x99CAD8E7AFDB60FA 0x1128A45B
static void SET_VEHICLE_CAN_BE_TARGETTED(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL state) { invoke<Void>(0x3750146A28097A82, vehicle, state); } // 0x3750146A28097A82 0x64B70B1D
static void _0xDBC631F109350B8C(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xDBC631F109350B8C, vehicle, p1); } // 0xDBC631F109350B8C 0x486C1280
static void SET_VEHICLE_CAN_BE_VISIBLY_DAMAGED(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL state) { invoke<Void>(0x4C7028F78FFD3681, vehicle, state); } // 0x4C7028F78FFD3681 0xC5D94017
static void _0x1AA8A837D2169D94(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1AA8A837D2169D94, vehicle, p1); } // 0x1AA8A837D2169D94 0x009AB49E
static void _0x2311DD7159F00582(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2311DD7159F00582, vehicle, p1); } // 0x2311DD7159F00582 0x758C5E2E
static float GET_VEHICLE_DIRT_LEVEL(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0x8F17BC8BA08DA62B, vehicle); } // 0x8F17BC8BA08DA62B 0xFD15C065
static void SET_VEHICLE_DIRT_LEVEL(Vehicle vehicle, float dirtLevel) { invoke<Void>(0x79D3B596FE44EE8B, vehicle, dirtLevel); } // 0x79D3B596FE44EE8B 0x2B39128B
static BOOL _IS_VEHICLE_DAMAGED(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBCDC5017D3CE1E9E, vehicle); } // 0xBCDC5017D3CE1E9E 0xDAC523BC
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_DOOR_FULLY_OPEN(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3E933CFF7B111C22, vehicle, doorIndex); } // 0x3E933CFF7B111C22 0xC2385B6F
static void SET_VEHICLE_ENGINE_ON(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL value, BOOL instantly, BOOL otherwise) { invoke<Void>(0x2497C4717C8B881E, vehicle, value, instantly, otherwise); } // 0x2497C4717C8B881E 0x7FBC86F1
static void SET_VEHICLE_UNDRIVEABLE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x8ABA6AF54B942B95, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x8ABA6AF54B942B95 0x48D02A4E
static void SET_VEHICLE_PROVIDES_COVER(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x5AFEEDD9BB2899D7, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x5AFEEDD9BB2899D7 0xEFC01CA9
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOOR_CONTROL(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex, int speed, float angle) { invoke<Void>(0xF2BFA0430F0A0FCB, vehicle, doorIndex, speed, angle); } // 0xF2BFA0430F0A0FCB 0x572DD360
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOOR_LATCHED(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0xA5A9653A8D2CAF48, vehicle, doorIndex, p2, p3, p4); } // 0xA5A9653A8D2CAF48 0x4EB7BBFC
static float GET_VEHICLE_DOOR_ANGLE_RATIO(Vehicle vehicle, int door) { return invoke<float>(0xFE3F9C29F7B32BD5, vehicle, door); } // 0xFE3F9C29F7B32BD5 0x0E399C26
static Ped _GET_PED_USING_VEHICLE_DOOR(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex) { return invoke<Ped>(0x218297BF0CFD853B, vehicle, doorIndex); } // 0x218297BF0CFD853B
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOOR_SHUT(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex, BOOL closeInstantly) { invoke<Void>(0x93D9BD300D7789E5, vehicle, doorIndex, closeInstantly); } // 0x93D9BD300D7789E5 0x142606BD
static void SET_VEHICLE_DOOR_BROKEN(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex, BOOL deleteDoor) { invoke<Void>(0xD4D4F6A4AB575A33, vehicle, doorIndex, deleteDoor); } // 0xD4D4F6A4AB575A33 0x8147FEA7
static void SET_VEHICLE_CAN_BREAK(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x59BF8C3D52C92F66, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x59BF8C3D52C92F66 0x90A810D1
static BOOL DOES_VEHICLE_HAVE_ROOF(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8AC862B0B32C5B80, vehicle); } // 0x8AC862B0B32C5B80 0xDB817403
static BOOL IS_BIG_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9F243D3919F442FE, vehicle); } // 0x9F243D3919F442FE 0x9CDBA8DE
static int GET_NUMBER_OF_VEHICLE_COLOURS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x3B963160CD65D41E, vehicle); } // 0x3B963160CD65D41E 0xF2442EE2
static void SET_VEHICLE_COLOUR_COMBINATION(Vehicle vehicle, int colorCombination) { invoke<Void>(0x33E8CD3322E2FE31, vehicle, colorCombination); } // 0x33E8CD3322E2FE31 0xA557AEAD
static int GET_VEHICLE_COLOUR_COMBINATION(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x6A842D197F845D56, vehicle); } // 0x6A842D197F845D56 0x77AC1B4C
static void SET_VEHICLE_IS_CONSIDERED_BY_PLAYER(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x31B927BBC44156CD, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x31B927BBC44156CD 0x14413319
static void _0xBE5C1255A1830FF5(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xBE5C1255A1830FF5, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xBE5C1255A1830FF5 0xA6D8D7A5
static void _0x9BECD4B9FEF3F8A6(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9BECD4B9FEF3F8A6, vehicle, p1); } // 0x9BECD4B9FEF3F8A6 0xACAB8FF3
static void _0x88BC673CA9E0AE99(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x88BC673CA9E0AE99, vehicle, p1); } // 0x88BC673CA9E0AE99 0xF0E5C41D
static void _0xE851E480B814D4BA(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE851E480B814D4BA, vehicle, p1); } // 0xE851E480B814D4BA 0x2F98B4B7
static void GET_RANDOM_VEHICLE_MODEL_IN_MEMORY(BOOL p0, Hash* modelHash, int* p2) { invoke<Void>(0x055BF0AC0C34F4FD, p0, modelHash, p2); } // 0x055BF0AC0C34F4FD 0xE2C45631
static int GET_VEHICLE_DOOR_LOCK_STATUS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x25BC98A59C2EA962, vehicle); } // 0x25BC98A59C2EA962 0x0D72CEF2
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_DOOR_DAMAGED(Vehicle veh, int doorID) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB8E181E559464527, veh, doorID); } // 0xB8E181E559464527 0x4999E3C3
static void _SET_VEHICLE_DOOR_CAN_BREAK(Vehicle vehicle, int doorIndex, BOOL isBreakable) { invoke<Void>(0x2FA133A4A9D37ED8, vehicle, doorIndex, isBreakable); } // 0x2FA133A4A9D37ED8 0x065B92B3
static BOOL _0x27B926779DEB502D(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x27B926779DEB502D, vehicle, p1); } // 0x27B926779DEB502D 0xB3A2CC4F
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_BUMPER_BROKEN_OFF(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL front) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x468056A6BB6F3846, vehicle, front); } // 0x468056A6BB6F3846 0xAF25C027
static BOOL IS_COP_VEHICLE_IN_AREA_3D(float x1, float x2, float y1, float y2, float z1, float z2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x7EEF65D5F153E26A, x1, x2, y1, y2, z1, z2); } // 0x7EEF65D5F153E26A 0xFB16C6D1
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_ON_ALL_WHEELS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB104CD1BABF302E2, vehicle); } // 0xB104CD1BABF302E2 0x10089F8E
static Hash GET_VEHICLE_LAYOUT_HASH(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<Hash>(0x28D37D4F71AC5C58, vehicle); } // 0x28D37D4F71AC5C58 0xE0B35187
static Any _0xA01BC64DD4BFBBAC(Vehicle vehicle, int p1) { return invoke<Any>(0xA01BC64DD4BFBBAC, vehicle, p1); } // 0xA01BC64DD4BFBBAC
static void SET_RENDER_TRAIN_AS_DERAILED(Vehicle train, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x317B11A312DF5534, train, toggle); } // 0x317B11A312DF5534 0x899D9092
static void SET_VEHICLE_EXTRA_COLOURS(Vehicle vehicle, int pearlescentColor, int wheelColor) { invoke<Void>(0x2036F561ADD12E33, vehicle, pearlescentColor, wheelColor); } // 0x2036F561ADD12E33 0x515DB2A0
static void GET_VEHICLE_EXTRA_COLOURS(Vehicle vehicle, int* pearlescentColor, int* wheelColor) { invoke<Void>(0x3BC4245933A166F7, vehicle, pearlescentColor, wheelColor); } // 0x3BC4245933A166F7 0x80E4659B
static void STOP_ALL_GARAGE_ACTIVITY() { invoke<Void>(0x0F87E938BDF29D66); } // 0x0F87E938BDF29D66 0x17A0BCE5
static void SET_VEHICLE_FIXED(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x115722B1B9C14C1C, vehicle); } // 0x115722B1B9C14C1C 0x17469AA1
static void SET_VEHICLE_DEFORMATION_FIXED(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x953DA1E1B12C0491, vehicle); } // 0x953DA1E1B12C0491 0xDD2920C8
static void _0x206BC5DC9D1AC70A(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x206BC5DC9D1AC70A, vehicle, p1); } // 0x206BC5DC9D1AC70A
static void _0x51BB2D88D31A914B(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x51BB2D88D31A914B, vehicle, p1); } // 0x51BB2D88D31A914B 0x88F0F7E7
static void _0x192547247864DFDD(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x192547247864DFDD, vehicle, p1); } // 0x192547247864DFDD 0x90D6EE57
static void SET_DISABLE_VEHICLE_PETROL_TANK_FIRES(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x465BF26AB9684352, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x465BF26AB9684352 0xC40192B5
static void SET_DISABLE_VEHICLE_PETROL_TANK_DAMAGE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x37C8252A7C92D017, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x37C8252A7C92D017 0xAD3E05F2
static void _0x91A0BD635321F145(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x91A0BD635321F145, vehicle, p1); } // 0x91A0BD635321F145 0x1784BA1A
static void _0xC50CE861B55EAB8B(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC50CE861B55EAB8B, vehicle, p1); } // 0xC50CE861B55EAB8B 0x40C323AE
static void _0x6EBFB22D646FFC18(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x6EBFB22D646FFC18, vehicle, p1); } // 0x6EBFB22D646FFC18 0x847F1304
static void _0x25367DE49D64CF16(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x25367DE49D64CF16, vehicle, p1); } // 0x25367DE49D64CF16 0xCBD98BA1
static void REMOVE_VEHICLES_FROM_GENERATORS_IN_AREA(float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, Any unk) { invoke<Void>(0x46A1E1A299EC4BBA, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, unk); } // 0x46A1E1A299EC4BBA 0x42CC15E0
static void SET_VEHICLE_STEER_BIAS(Vehicle vehicle, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x42A8EC77D5150CBE, vehicle, value); } // 0x42A8EC77D5150CBE 0x7357C1EB
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_EXTRA_TURNED_ON(Vehicle vehicle, int extraId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD2E6822DBFD6C8BD, vehicle, extraId); } // 0xD2E6822DBFD6C8BD 0x042098B5
static void SET_VEHICLE_EXTRA(Vehicle vehicle, int extraId, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x7EE3A3C5E4A40CC9, vehicle, extraId, toggle); } // 0x7EE3A3C5E4A40CC9 0x642D065C
static BOOL DOES_EXTRA_EXIST(Vehicle vehicle, int extraId) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1262D55792428154, vehicle, extraId); } // 0x1262D55792428154 0x409411CC
static void SET_CONVERTIBLE_ROOF(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xF39C4F538B5124C2, vehicle, p1); } // 0xF39C4F538B5124C2 0xC87B6A51
static void LOWER_CONVERTIBLE_ROOF(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL instantlyLower) { invoke<Void>(0xDED51F703D0FA83D, vehicle, instantlyLower); } // 0xDED51F703D0FA83D 0xC5F72EAE
static void RAISE_CONVERTIBLE_ROOF(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL instantlyRaise) { invoke<Void>(0x8F5FB35D7E88FC70, vehicle, instantlyRaise); } // 0x8F5FB35D7E88FC70 0xA4E4CBA3
static int GET_CONVERTIBLE_ROOF_STATE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0xF8C397922FC03F41, vehicle); } // 0xF8C397922FC03F41 0x1B09714D
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_A_CONVERTIBLE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x52F357A30698BCCE, vehicle, p1); } // 0x52F357A30698BCCE 0x6EF54490
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_STOPPED_AT_TRAFFIC_LIGHTS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2959F696AE390A99, vehicle); } // 0x2959F696AE390A99 0x69200FA4
static void SET_VEHICLE_DAMAGE(Vehicle vehicle, float xOffset, float yOffset, float zOffset, float damage, float radius, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0xA1DD317EA8FD4F29, vehicle, xOffset, yOffset, zOffset, damage, radius, p6); } // 0xA1DD317EA8FD4F29 0x21B458B2
static float GET_VEHICLE_ENGINE_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xC45D23BAF168AAB8, vehicle); } // 0xC45D23BAF168AAB8 0x8880038A
static void SET_VEHICLE_ENGINE_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle, float health) { invoke<Void>(0x45F6D8EEF34ABEF1, vehicle, health); } // 0x45F6D8EEF34ABEF1 0x1B760FB5
static float GET_VEHICLE_PETROL_TANK_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0x7D5DABE888D2D074, vehicle); } // 0x7D5DABE888D2D074 0xE41595CE
static void SET_VEHICLE_PETROL_TANK_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle, float health) { invoke<Void>(0x70DB57649FA8D0D8, vehicle, health); } // 0x70DB57649FA8D0D8 0x660A3692
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER_UP(Vehicle vehicle, int p1, int p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x679BE1DAF71DA874, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0x679BE1DAF71DA874 0x2FCF58C1
static void RESET_VEHICLE_STUCK_TIMER(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL nullAttributes) { invoke<Void>(0xD7591B0065AFAA7A, vehicle, nullAttributes); } // 0xD7591B0065AFAA7A 0xEF2A6016
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_DRIVEABLE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4C241E39B23DF959, vehicle, p1); } // 0x4C241E39B23DF959 0x41A7267A
static void SET_VEHICLE_HAS_BEEN_OWNED_BY_PLAYER(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL owned) { invoke<Void>(0x2B5F9D2AF1F1722D, vehicle, owned); } // 0x2B5F9D2AF1F1722D 0xB4D3DBFB
static void SET_VEHICLE_NEEDS_TO_BE_HOTWIRED(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xFBA550EA44404EE6, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xFBA550EA44404EE6 0xD8260751
static void _0x9F3F689B814F2599(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9F3F689B814F2599, vehicle, p1); } // 0x9F3F689B814F2599
static void _0x4E74E62E0A97E901(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x4E74E62E0A97E901, vehicle, p1); } // 0x4E74E62E0A97E901
static void START_VEHICLE_HORN(Vehicle vehicle, int duration, Hash mode, BOOL forever) { invoke<Void>(0x9C8C6504B5B63D2C, vehicle, duration, mode, forever); } // 0x9C8C6504B5B63D2C 0x0DF5ADB3
static void _SET_VEHICLE_SILENT(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x9D44FCCE98450843, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x9D44FCCE98450843 0x968E5770
static void SET_VEHICLE_HAS_STRONG_AXLES(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x92F0CF722BC4202F, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x92F0CF722BC4202F 0x0D1CBC65
static char* GET_DISPLAY_NAME_FROM_VEHICLE_MODEL(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<char*>(0xB215AAC32D25D019, modelHash); } // 0xB215AAC32D25D019 0xEC86DF39
static Vector3 GET_VEHICLE_DEFORMATION_AT_POS(Vehicle vehicle, float offsetX, float offsetY, float offsetZ) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x4EC6CFBC7B2E9536, vehicle, offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ); } // 0x4EC6CFBC7B2E9536 0xABF02075
static void SET_VEHICLE_LIVERY(Vehicle vehicle, int livery) { invoke<Void>(0x60BF608F1B8CD1B6, vehicle, livery); } // 0x60BF608F1B8CD1B6 0x7AD87059
static int GET_VEHICLE_LIVERY(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x2BB9230590DA5E8A, vehicle); } // 0x2BB9230590DA5E8A 0xEC82A51D
static int GET_VEHICLE_LIVERY_COUNT(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x87B63E25A529D526, vehicle); } // 0x87B63E25A529D526 0xFB0CA947
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_WINDOW_INTACT(Vehicle vehicle, int windowIndex) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x46E571A0E20D01F1, vehicle, windowIndex); } // 0x46E571A0E20D01F1 0xAC4EF23D
static BOOL ARE_ALL_VEHICLE_WINDOWS_INTACT(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x11D862A3E977A9EF, vehicle); } // 0x11D862A3E977A9EF 0xBB619744
static BOOL ARE_ANY_VEHICLE_SEATS_FREE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2D34FC3BC4ADB780, vehicle); } // 0x2D34FC3BC4ADB780 0x648E685A
static void RESET_VEHICLE_WHEELS(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x21D2E5662C1F6FED, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x21D2E5662C1F6FED 0xD5FFE779
static BOOL IS_HELI_PART_BROKEN(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBC74B4BE25EB6C8A, vehicle, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xBC74B4BE25EB6C8A 0xF4E4C439
static float _GET_HELI_MAIN_ROTOR_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xE4CB7541F413D2C5, vehicle); } // 0xE4CB7541F413D2C5 0xF01E2AAB
static float _GET_HELI_TAIL_ROTOR_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xAE8CE82A4219AC8C, vehicle); } // 0xAE8CE82A4219AC8C 0xA41BC13D
static float _GET_HELI_ENGINE_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xAC51915D27E4A5F7, vehicle); } // 0xAC51915D27E4A5F7 0x8A68388F
static BOOL WAS_COUNTER_ACTIVATED(Vehicle vehicle, Any p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3EC8BF18AA453FE9, vehicle, p1); } // 0x3EC8BF18AA453FE9 0x2916D69B
static void SET_VEHICLE_NAME_DEBUG(Vehicle vehicle, char* name) { invoke<Void>(0xBFDF984E2C22B94F, vehicle, name); } // 0xBFDF984E2C22B94F 0xA712FF5C
static void SET_VEHICLE_EXPLODES_ON_HIGH_EXPLOSION_DAMAGE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x71B0892EC081D60A, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x71B0892EC081D60A 0x38CC692B
static void _0x3441CAD2F2231923(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x3441CAD2F2231923, vehicle, p1); } // 0x3441CAD2F2231923 0xC306A9A3
static void _0x2B6747FAA9DB9D6B(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2B6747FAA9DB9D6B, vehicle, p1); } // 0x2B6747FAA9DB9D6B 0x95A9ACCB
static void CONTROL_LANDING_GEAR(Vehicle vehicle, int state) { invoke<Void>(0xCFC8BE9A5E1FE575, vehicle, state); } // 0xCFC8BE9A5E1FE575 0x24F873FB
static int GET_LANDING_GEAR_STATE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x9B0F3DCA3DB0F4CD, vehicle); } // 0x9B0F3DCA3DB0F4CD 0xA6F02670
static BOOL IS_ANY_VEHICLE_NEAR_POINT(float x, float y, float z, float radius) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x61E1DD6125A3EEE6, x, y, z, radius); } // 0x61E1DD6125A3EEE6 0x2867A834
static void REQUEST_VEHICLE_HIGH_DETAIL_MODEL(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xA6E9FDCB2C76785E, vehicle); } // 0xA6E9FDCB2C76785E 0x9DA21956
static void REMOVE_VEHICLE_HIGH_DETAIL_MODEL(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x00689CDE5F7C6787, vehicle); } // 0x00689CDE5F7C6787 0x382BE070
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_HIGH_DETAIL(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1F25887F3C104278, vehicle); } // 0x1F25887F3C104278 0x55D41928
static void REQUEST_VEHICLE_ASSET(Hash vehicleHash, int vehicleAsset) { invoke<Void>(0x81A15811460FAB3A, vehicleHash, vehicleAsset); } // 0x81A15811460FAB3A 0x902B4F06
static BOOL HAS_VEHICLE_ASSET_LOADED(int vehicleAsset) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1BBE0523B8DB9A21, vehicleAsset); } // 0x1BBE0523B8DB9A21 0x8DAAC3CB
static void REMOVE_VEHICLE_ASSET(int vehicleAsset) { invoke<Void>(0xACE699C71AB9DEB5, vehicleAsset); } // 0xACE699C71AB9DEB5 0x9620E9C6
static void _SET_TOW_TRUCK_CRANE_HEIGHT(Vehicle towTruck, float height) { invoke<Void>(0xFE54B92A344583CA, towTruck, height); } // 0xFE54B92A344583CA 0x88236E22
static void ATTACH_VEHICLE_TO_TOW_TRUCK(Vehicle towTruck, Vehicle vehicle, BOOL rear, float hookOffsetX, float hookOffsetY, float hookOffsetZ) { invoke<Void>(0x29A16F8D621C4508, towTruck, vehicle, rear, hookOffsetX, hookOffsetY, hookOffsetZ); } // 0x29A16F8D621C4508 0x8151571A
static void DETACH_VEHICLE_FROM_TOW_TRUCK(Vehicle towTruck, Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xC2DB6B6708350ED8, towTruck, vehicle); } // 0xC2DB6B6708350ED8 0xC666CF33
static BOOL DETACH_VEHICLE_FROM_ANY_TOW_TRUCK(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD0E9CE05A1E68CD8, vehicle); } // 0xD0E9CE05A1E68CD8 0x3BF93651
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_ATTACHED_TO_TOW_TRUCK(Vehicle towTruck, Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x146DF9EC4C4B9FD4, towTruck, vehicle); } // 0x146DF9EC4C4B9FD4 0x9699CFDC
static Entity GET_ENTITY_ATTACHED_TO_TOW_TRUCK(Vehicle towTruck) { return invoke<Entity>(0xEFEA18DCF10F8F75, towTruck); } // 0xEFEA18DCF10F8F75 0x11EC7844
static Any SET_VEHICLE_AUTOMATICALLY_ATTACHES(Vehicle vehicle, Any p1, Any p2) { return invoke<Any>(0x8BA6F76BC53A1493, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0x8BA6F76BC53A1493 0x4273A8D3
static void _0xF8EBCCC96ADB9FB7(Any p0, float p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xF8EBCCC96ADB9FB7, p0, p1, p2); } // 0xF8EBCCC96ADB9FB7 0xED23C8A3
static void _0x56B94C6D7127DFBA(Any p0, float p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x56B94C6D7127DFBA, p0, p1, p2); } // 0x56B94C6D7127DFBA 0xB1A52EF7
static void _0x1093408B4B9D1146(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1093408B4B9D1146, p0, p1); } // 0x1093408B4B9D1146 0xF30C566F
static void _0x30D779DE7C4F6DD3(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x30D779DE7C4F6DD3, p0, p1); } // 0x30D779DE7C4F6DD3 0xA7DF64D7
static void _0x9AA47FFF660CB932(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9AA47FFF660CB932, p0, p1); } // 0x9AA47FFF660CB932 0xDD7936F5
static BOOL _0xA4822F1CF23F4810(Vector3* outVec, Any p1, Vector3* outVec1, Any p3, Any p4, Any p5, Any p6, Any p7, Any p8) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA4822F1CF23F4810, outVec, p1, outVec1, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8); } // 0xA4822F1CF23F4810 0x34E02FCD
static void SET_VEHICLE_BURNOUT(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xFB8794444A7D60FB, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xFB8794444A7D60FB 0x9B6EF0EA
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_IN_BURNOUT(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1297A88E081430EB, vehicle); } // 0x1297A88E081430EB 0x6632BC12
static void SET_VEHICLE_REDUCE_GRIP(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x222FF6A823D122E2, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x222FF6A823D122E2 0x90D3A0D9
static void SET_VEHICLE_INDICATOR_LIGHTS(Vehicle vehicle, int turnSignal, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xB5D45264751B7DF0, vehicle, turnSignal, toggle); } // 0xB5D45264751B7DF0 0xA6073B5D
static void SET_VEHICLE_BRAKE_LIGHTS(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x92B35082E0B42F66, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x92B35082E0B42F66 0x6D9BA11E
static void SET_VEHICLE_HANDBRAKE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x684785568EF26A22, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x684785568EF26A22 0xBA729A25
static void _0x48ADC8A773564670() { invoke<Void>(0x48ADC8A773564670); } // 0x48ADC8A773564670 0x37BC6ACB
static BOOL _0x91D6DD290888CBAB() { return invoke<BOOL>(0x91D6DD290888CBAB); } // 0x91D6DD290888CBAB 0x71D898EF
static void _0x51DB102F4A3BA5E0(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0x51DB102F4A3BA5E0, p0); } // 0x51DB102F4A3BA5E0 0x0B0523B0
static BOOL GET_VEHICLE_TRAILER_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle* trailer) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1CDD6BADC297830D, vehicle, trailer); } // 0x1CDD6BADC297830D 0xAE84D758
static void _0xCAC66558B944DA67(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xCAC66558B944DA67, vehicle, p1); } // 0xCAC66558B944DA67 0x0B200CE2
static void SET_VEHICLE_RUDDER_BROKEN(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x09606148B6C71DEF, vehicle, p1); } // 0x09606148B6C71DEF 0x3FAC3CD4
static void _0x1A78AD3D8240536F(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1A78AD3D8240536F, vehicle, p1); } // 0x1A78AD3D8240536F 0x0858678C
static float _0x53AF99BAA671CA47(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0x53AF99BAA671CA47, vehicle); } // 0x53AF99BAA671CA47 0x7D1A0616
static float GET_VEHICLE_MAX_BRAKING(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xAD7E85FC227197C4, vehicle); } // 0xAD7E85FC227197C4 0x03B926F6
static float GET_VEHICLE_MAX_TRACTION(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xA132FB5370554DB0, vehicle); } // 0xA132FB5370554DB0 0x7E5A1587
static float GET_VEHICLE_ACCELERATION(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0x5DD35C8D074E57AE, vehicle); } // 0x5DD35C8D074E57AE 0x00478321
static float _GET_VEHICLE_MODEL_MAX_SPEED(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0xF417C2502FFFED43, modelHash); } // 0xF417C2502FFFED43 0x8F291C4A
static float GET_VEHICLE_MODEL_MAX_BRAKING(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0xDC53FD41B4ED944C, modelHash); } // 0xDC53FD41B4ED944C 0x7EF02883
static float _0xBFBA3BA79CFF7EBF(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0xBFBA3BA79CFF7EBF, modelHash); } // 0xBFBA3BA79CFF7EBF 0xF3A7293F
static float GET_VEHICLE_MODEL_MAX_TRACTION(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0x539DE94D44FDFD0D, modelHash); } // 0x539DE94D44FDFD0D 0x7F985597
static float GET_VEHICLE_MODEL_ACCELERATION(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0x8C044C5C84505B6A, modelHash); } // 0x8C044C5C84505B6A 0x29CB3537
static float _0x53409B5163D5B846(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0x53409B5163D5B846, modelHash); } // 0x53409B5163D5B846 0x37FBA7BC
static float _0xC6AD107DDC9054CC(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0xC6AD107DDC9054CC, modelHash); } // 0xC6AD107DDC9054CC 0x95BB67EB
static float _0x5AA3F878A178C4FC(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<float>(0x5AA3F878A178C4FC, modelHash); } // 0x5AA3F878A178C4FC 0x87C5D271
static float _0x00C09F246ABEDD82(int vehicleClass) { return invoke<float>(0x00C09F246ABEDD82, vehicleClass); } // 0x00C09F246ABEDD82 0xCE67162C
static float GET_VEHICLE_CLASS_MAX_TRACTION(int vehicleClass) { return invoke<float>(0xDBC86D85C5059461, vehicleClass); } // 0xDBC86D85C5059461 0x5B4FDC16
static float GET_VEHICLE_CLASS_MAX_AGILITY(int vehicleClass) { return invoke<float>(0x4F930AD022D6DE3B, vehicleClass); } // 0x4F930AD022D6DE3B 0x45F2BD83
static float GET_VEHICLE_CLASS_MAX_ACCELERATION(int vehicleClass) { return invoke<float>(0x2F83E7E45D9EA7AE, vehicleClass); } // 0x2F83E7E45D9EA7AE 0x3E220A9B
static float GET_VEHICLE_CLASS_MAX_BRAKING(int vehicleClass) { return invoke<float>(0x4BF54C16EC8FEC03, vehicleClass); } // 0x4BF54C16EC8FEC03 0xD08CC1A5
static Any _0x2CE544C68FB812A0(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, BOOL p5) { return invoke<Any>(0x2CE544C68FB812A0, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x2CE544C68FB812A0 0xD6685803
static BOOL _0x1033371FC8E842A7(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1033371FC8E842A7, p0); } // 0x1033371FC8E842A7 0x0C0332A6
static void OPEN_BOMB_BAY_DOORS(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x87E7F24270732CB1, vehicle); } // 0x87E7F24270732CB1 0x6574041D
static void CLOSE_BOMB_BAY_DOORS(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x3556041742A0DC74, vehicle); } // 0x3556041742A0DC74 0xF8EC5751
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_SEARCHLIGHT_ON(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC0F97FCE55094987, vehicle); } // 0xC0F97FCE55094987 0xADAF3513
static void SET_VEHICLE_SEARCHLIGHT(Vehicle heli, BOOL toggle, BOOL canBeUsedByAI) { invoke<Void>(0x14E85C5EE7A4D542, heli, toggle, canBeUsedByAI); } // 0x14E85C5EE7A4D542 0xE2C0DD8A
static BOOL _0x639431E895B9AA57(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x639431E895B9AA57, ped, vehicle, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x639431E895B9AA57 0xAB0E79EB
static BOOL CAN_SHUFFLE_SEAT(Vehicle vehicle, Any p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x30785D90C956BF35, vehicle, p1); } // 0x30785D90C956BF35 0xB3EB01ED
static int GET_NUM_MOD_KITS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x33F2E3FE70EAAE1D, vehicle); } // 0x33F2E3FE70EAAE1D 0xE4903AA0
static void SET_VEHICLE_MOD_KIT(Vehicle vehicle, int modKit) { invoke<Void>(0x1F2AA07F00B3217A, vehicle, modKit); } // 0x1F2AA07F00B3217A 0xB8132158
static int GET_VEHICLE_MOD_KIT(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x6325D1A044AE510D, vehicle); } // 0x6325D1A044AE510D 0x9FE60927
static int GET_VEHICLE_MOD_KIT_TYPE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0xFC058F5121E54C32, vehicle); } // 0xFC058F5121E54C32 0xE5F76765
static int GET_VEHICLE_WHEEL_TYPE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0xB3ED1BFB4BE636DC, vehicle); } // 0xB3ED1BFB4BE636DC 0xDA58D7AE
static void SET_VEHICLE_WHEEL_TYPE(Vehicle vehicle, int WheelType) { invoke<Void>(0x487EB21CC7295BA1, vehicle, WheelType); } // 0x487EB21CC7295BA1 0x64BDAAAD
static int GET_NUM_MOD_COLORS(int p0, BOOL p1) { return invoke<int>(0xA551BE18C11A476D, p0, p1); } // 0xA551BE18C11A476D 0x73722CD9
static void SET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_1(Vehicle vehicle, int paintType, int color, int p3) { invoke<Void>(0x43FEB945EE7F85B8, vehicle, paintType, color, p3); } // 0x43FEB945EE7F85B8 0xCBE9A54D
static void SET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_2(Vehicle vehicle, int paintType, int color) { invoke<Void>(0x816562BADFDEC83E, vehicle, paintType, color); } // 0x816562BADFDEC83E 0xC32613C2
static void GET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_1(Vehicle vehicle, int* paintType, int* color, int* p3) { invoke<Void>(0xE8D65CA700C9A693, vehicle, paintType, color, p3); } // 0xE8D65CA700C9A693 0xE625510A
static void GET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_2(Vehicle vehicle, int* paintType, int* color) { invoke<Void>(0x81592BE4E3878728, vehicle, paintType, color); } // 0x81592BE4E3878728 0x9B76BB8E
static char* GET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_1_NAME(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { return invoke<char*>(0xB45085B721EFD38C, vehicle, p1); } // 0xB45085B721EFD38C 0x9A0840FD
static char* GET_VEHICLE_MOD_COLOR_2_NAME(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<char*>(0x4967A516ED23A5A1, vehicle); } // 0x4967A516ED23A5A1 0x9BDC0B49
static BOOL _0x9A83F5F9963775EF(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x9A83F5F9963775EF, vehicle); } // 0x9A83F5F9963775EF 0x112D637A
static void SET_VEHICLE_MOD(Vehicle vehicle, int modType, int modIndex, BOOL customTires) { invoke<Void>(0x6AF0636DDEDCB6DD, vehicle, modType, modIndex, customTires); } // 0x6AF0636DDEDCB6DD 0xB52E5ED5
static int GET_VEHICLE_MOD(Vehicle vehicle, int modType) { return invoke<int>(0x772960298DA26FDB, vehicle, modType); } // 0x772960298DA26FDB 0xDC520069
static BOOL GET_VEHICLE_MOD_VARIATION(Vehicle vehicle, int modType) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB3924ECD70E095DC, vehicle, modType); } // 0xB3924ECD70E095DC 0xC1B92003
static int GET_NUM_VEHICLE_MODS(Vehicle vehicle, int modType) { return invoke<int>(0xE38E9162A2500646, vehicle, modType); } // 0xE38E9162A2500646 0x8A814FF9
static void REMOVE_VEHICLE_MOD(Vehicle vehicle, int modType) { invoke<Void>(0x92D619E420858204, vehicle, modType); } // 0x92D619E420858204 0x9CC80A43
static void TOGGLE_VEHICLE_MOD(Vehicle vehicle, int modType, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x2A1F4F37F95BAD08, vehicle, modType, toggle); } // 0x2A1F4F37F95BAD08 0xD095F811
static BOOL IS_TOGGLE_MOD_ON(Vehicle vehicle, int modType) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x84B233A8C8FC8AE7, vehicle, modType); } // 0x84B233A8C8FC8AE7 0xF0E1689F
static char* GET_MOD_TEXT_LABEL(Vehicle vehicle, int modType, int modValue) { return invoke<char*>(0x8935624F8C5592CC, vehicle, modType, modValue); } // 0x8935624F8C5592CC 0x0BA39CA7
static char* GET_MOD_SLOT_NAME(Vehicle vehicle, int modType) { return invoke<char*>(0x51F0FEB9F6AE98C0, vehicle, modType); } // 0x51F0FEB9F6AE98C0 0x5E113483
static char* GET_LIVERY_NAME(Vehicle vehicle, int liveryIndex) { return invoke<char*>(0xB4C7A93837C91A1F, vehicle, liveryIndex); } // 0xB4C7A93837C91A1F 0xED80B5BE
static Any GET_VEHICLE_MOD_MODIFIER_VALUE(Vehicle vehicle, int modType, int modIndex) { return invoke<Any>(0x90A38E9838E0A8C1, vehicle, modType, modIndex); } // 0x90A38E9838E0A8C1 0x73AE5505
static Any _GET_VEHICLE_MOD_DATA(Vehicle vehicle, int modType, int modIndex) { return invoke<Any>(0x4593CF82AA179706, vehicle, modType, modIndex); } // 0x4593CF82AA179706 0x94850968
static void PRELOAD_VEHICLE_MOD(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2) { invoke<Void>(0x758F49C24925568A, p0, p1, p2); } // 0x758F49C24925568A 0x6EA5F4A8
static BOOL HAS_PRELOAD_MODS_FINISHED(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x06F43E5175EB6D96, p0); } // 0x06F43E5175EB6D96 0xA8A0D246
static void RELEASE_PRELOAD_MODS(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x445D79F995508307, vehicle); } // 0x445D79F995508307 0xD442521F
static void SET_VEHICLE_TYRE_SMOKE_COLOR(Vehicle vehicle, int r, int g, int b) { invoke<Void>(0xB5BA80F839791C0F, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0xB5BA80F839791C0F 0x3EDEC0DB
static void GET_VEHICLE_TYRE_SMOKE_COLOR(Vehicle vehicle, int* r, int* g, int* b) { invoke<Void>(0xB635392A4938B3C3, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0xB635392A4938B3C3 0x75280015
static void SET_VEHICLE_WINDOW_TINT(Vehicle vehicle, int tint) { invoke<Void>(0x57C51E6BAD752696, vehicle, tint); } // 0x57C51E6BAD752696 0x497C8787
static int GET_VEHICLE_WINDOW_TINT(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x0EE21293DAD47C95, vehicle); } // 0x0EE21293DAD47C95 0x13D53892
static int GET_NUM_VEHICLE_WINDOW_TINTS() { return invoke<int>(0x9D1224004B3A6707); } // 0x9D1224004B3A6707 0x625C7B66
static void GET_VEHICLE_COLOR(Vehicle vehicle, int* r, int* g, int* b) { invoke<Void>(0xF3CC740D36221548, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0xF3CC740D36221548 0x03BC8F1B
static int _0xEEBFC7A7EFDC35B4(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0xEEBFC7A7EFDC35B4, vehicle); } // 0xEEBFC7A7EFDC35B4 0x749DEEA2
static Hash GET_VEHICLE_CAUSE_OF_DESTRUCTION(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<Hash>(0xE495D1EF4C91FD20, vehicle); } // 0xE495D1EF4C91FD20 0x7F8C20DD
static BOOL GET_IS_LEFT_VEHICLE_HEADLIGHT_DAMAGED(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5EF77C9ADD3B11A3, vehicle); } // 0x5EF77C9ADD3B11A3 0xA0777943
static BOOL GET_IS_RIGHT_VEHICLE_HEADLIGHT_DAMAGED(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA7ECB73355EB2F20, vehicle); } // 0xA7ECB73355EB2F20 0xF178390B
static void _SET_VEHICLE_ENGINE_POWER_MULTIPLIER(Vehicle vehicle, float value) { invoke<Void>(0x93A3996368C94158, vehicle, value); } // 0x93A3996368C94158 0xE943B09C
static void _0x1CF38D529D7441D9(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x1CF38D529D7441D9, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x1CF38D529D7441D9 0xDF594D8D
static void _0x1F9FB66F3A3842D2(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1F9FB66F3A3842D2, vehicle, p1); } // 0x1F9FB66F3A3842D2 0x4D840FC4
static Any _0x54B0F614960F4A5F(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6) { return invoke<Any>(0x54B0F614960F4A5F, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0x54B0F614960F4A5F 0x5AB26C2B
static void _0xE30524E1871F481D(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xE30524E1871F481D, p0); } // 0xE30524E1871F481D 0xEF05F807
static BOOL _ANY_PASSENGERS_RAPPELING(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x291E373D483E7EE7, vehicle); } // 0x291E373D483E7EE7 0xD656E7E5
static void _SET_VEHICLE_ENGINE_TORQUE_MULTIPLIER(Vehicle vehicle, float value) { invoke<Void>(0xB59E4BD37AE292DB, vehicle, value); } // 0xB59E4BD37AE292DB 0x642DA5AA
static void _0x0AD9E8F87FF7C16F(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x0AD9E8F87FF7C16F, p0, p1); } // 0x0AD9E8F87FF7C16F 0x04F5546C
static void SET_VEHICLE_IS_WANTED(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL state) { invoke<Void>(0xF7EC25A3EBEEC726, vehicle, state); } // 0xF7EC25A3EBEEC726 0xDAA388E8
static void _0xF488C566413B4232(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xF488C566413B4232, p0, p1); } // 0xF488C566413B4232 0xA25CCB8C
static void _0xC1F981A6F74F0C23(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC1F981A6F74F0C23, p0, p1); } // 0xC1F981A6F74F0C23 0x00966934
static void _0x0F3B4D4E43177236(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x0F3B4D4E43177236, p0, p1); } // 0x0F3B4D4E43177236 0x113DF5FD
static float _0x6636C535F6CC2725(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0x6636C535F6CC2725, vehicle); } // 0x6636C535F6CC2725 0x7C8D6464
static void DISABLE_PLANE_AILERON(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x23428FC53C60919C, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0x23428FC53C60919C 0x7E84C45C
static BOOL GET_IS_VEHICLE_ENGINE_RUNNING(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAE31E7DF9B5B132E, vehicle); } // 0xAE31E7DF9B5B132E 0x7DC6D022
static void _0x1D97D1E3A70A649F(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1D97D1E3A70A649F, vehicle, p1); } // 0x1D97D1E3A70A649F 0xA03E42DF
static void _SET_BIKE_LEAN_ANGLE(Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y) { invoke<Void>(0x9CFA4896C3A53CBB, vehicle, x, y); } // 0x9CFA4896C3A53CBB 0x15D40761
static void _0xAB04325045427AAE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xAB04325045427AAE, vehicle, p1); } // 0xAB04325045427AAE 0x1984F88D
static void _0xCFD778E7904C255E(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xCFD778E7904C255E, vehicle); } // 0xCFD778E7904C255E 0x3FBE904F
static void SET_LAST_DRIVEN_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xACFB2463CC22BED2, vehicle); } // 0xACFB2463CC22BED2 0xD1B71A25
static Vehicle GET_LAST_DRIVEN_VEHICLE() { return invoke<Vehicle>(0xB2D06FAEDE65B577); } // 0xB2D06FAEDE65B577 0xFEB0C0C8
static void _0xE01903C47C7AC89E() { invoke<Void>(0xE01903C47C7AC89E); } // 0xE01903C47C7AC89E
static void _0x02398B627547189C(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x02398B627547189C, p0, p1); } // 0x02398B627547189C 0x08CD58F9
static void _SET_PLANE_MIN_HEIGHT_ABOVE_GROUND(Vehicle plane, int height) { invoke<Void>(0xB893215D8D4C015B, plane, height); } // 0xB893215D8D4C015B 0x8C4B63E2
static void SET_VEHICLE_LOD_MULTIPLIER(Vehicle vehicle, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0x93AE6A61BE015BF1, vehicle, multiplier); } // 0x93AE6A61BE015BF1 0x569E5AE3
static void _0x428BACCDF5E26EAD(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x428BACCDF5E26EAD, vehicle, p1); } // 0x428BACCDF5E26EAD 0x1604C2F5
static Any _0x42A4BEB35D372407(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x42A4BEB35D372407, p0); } // 0x42A4BEB35D372407 0x8CDB0C09
static Any _0x2C8CBFE1EA5FC631(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x2C8CBFE1EA5FC631, p0); } // 0x2C8CBFE1EA5FC631 0xABC99E21
static void _0x4D9D109F63FEE1D4(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x4D9D109F63FEE1D4, p0, p1); } // 0x4D9D109F63FEE1D4 0x900C878C
static void _0x279D50DE5652D935(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x279D50DE5652D935, p0, p1); } // 0x279D50DE5652D935 0xB3200F72
static void _0xE44A982368A4AF23(Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle vehicle2) { invoke<Void>(0xE44A982368A4AF23, vehicle, vehicle2); } // 0xE44A982368A4AF23 0xBAE491C7
static void _0xF25E02CB9C5818F8() { invoke<Void>(0xF25E02CB9C5818F8); } // 0xF25E02CB9C5818F8 0xF0E59BC1
static void _0xBC3CCA5844452B06(float p0) { invoke<Void>(0xBC3CCA5844452B06, p0); } // 0xBC3CCA5844452B06 0x929801C6
static void SET_VEHICLE_SHOOT_AT_TARGET(Ped driver, Entity entity, float xTarget, float yTarget, float zTarget) { invoke<Void>(0x74CD9A9327A282EA, driver, entity, xTarget, yTarget, zTarget); } // 0x74CD9A9327A282EA 0x2343FFDF
static BOOL _GET_VEHICLE_OWNER(Vehicle vehicle, Entity* entity) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8F5EBAB1F260CFCE, vehicle, entity); } // 0x8F5EBAB1F260CFCE 0x4A557117
static void SET_FORCE_HD_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x97CE68CB032583F0, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x97CE68CB032583F0 0xE0FC6A32
static void _0x182F266C2D9E2BEB(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x182F266C2D9E2BEB, vehicle, p1); } // 0x182F266C2D9E2BEB 0x7D0DE7EA
static int GET_VEHICLE_PLATE_TYPE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x9CCC9525BF2408E0, vehicle); } // 0x9CCC9525BF2408E0 0x65CA9286
static void TRACK_VEHICLE_VISIBILITY(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x64473AEFDCF47DCA, vehicle); } // 0x64473AEFDCF47DCA 0x78122DC1
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_VISIBLE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAA0A52D24FB98293, vehicle); } // 0xAA0A52D24FB98293 0x7E0D6056
static void SET_VEHICLE_GRAVITY(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x89F149B6131E57DA, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x89F149B6131E57DA 0x07B2A6DC
static void _0xE6C0C80B8C867537(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0xE6C0C80B8C867537, p0); } // 0xE6C0C80B8C867537 0xD2B8ACBD
static Any _0x36492C2F0D134C56(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x36492C2F0D134C56, p0); } // 0x36492C2F0D134C56 0xA4A75FCF
static void _0x06582AFF74894C75(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x06582AFF74894C75, p0, p1); } // 0x06582AFF74894C75 0x50F89338
static void _0xDFFCEF48E511DB48(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xDFFCEF48E511DB48, p0, p1); } // 0xDFFCEF48E511DB48 0xEB7D7C27
static BOOL _0x8D474C8FAEFF6CDE(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8D474C8FAEFF6CDE, vehicle); } // 0x8D474C8FAEFF6CDE 0x5EB00A6A
static void SET_VEHICLE_ENGINE_CAN_DEGRADE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x983765856F2564F9, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x983765856F2564F9 0x081DAC12
static void _0xF0E4BA16D1DB546C(Vehicle vehicle, int p1, int p2) { invoke<Void>(0xF0E4BA16D1DB546C, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0xF0E4BA16D1DB546C 0x5BD8D82D
static void _0xF87D9F2301F7D206(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xF87D9F2301F7D206, p0); } // 0xF87D9F2301F7D206 0x450AD03A
static BOOL _VEHICLE_HAS_LANDING_GEAR(BOOL p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4198AB0022B15F87, p0); } // 0x4198AB0022B15F87 0xBD085DCA
static BOOL _ARE_PROPELLERS_UNDAMAGED(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x755D6D5267CBBD7E, vehicle); } // 0x755D6D5267CBBD7E 0xABBDD5C6
static void _0x0CDDA42F9E360CA6(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x0CDDA42F9E360CA6, vehicle, p1); } // 0x0CDDA42F9E360CA6 0x9B581DE7
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_STOLEN(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x4AF9BD80EEBEB453, vehicle); } // 0x4AF9BD80EEBEB453 0x20B61DDE
static void SET_VEHICLE_IS_STOLEN(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL isStolen) { invoke<Void>(0x67B2C79AA7FF5738, vehicle, isStolen); } // 0x67B2C79AA7FF5738 0x70912E42
static void _0xAD2D28A1AFDFF131(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xAD2D28A1AFDFF131, vehicle, p1); } // 0xAD2D28A1AFDFF131 0xED159AE6
static BOOL ADD_A_MARKER_OVER_VEHICLE(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5991A01434CE9677, p0); } // 0x5991A01434CE9677 0xAF8CB3DF
static void _0xB264C4D2F2B0A78B(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xB264C4D2F2B0A78B, vehicle); } // 0xB264C4D2F2B0A78B 0x45F72495
static void DETACH_VEHICLE_FROM_CARGOBOB(Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle cargobob) { invoke<Void>(0x0E21D3DF1051399D, vehicle, cargobob); } // 0x0E21D3DF1051399D 0x83D3D331
static BOOL DETACH_VEHICLE_FROM_ANY_CARGOBOB(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xADF7BE450512C12F, vehicle); } // 0xADF7BE450512C12F 0x50E0EABE
static BOOL IS_VEHICLE_ATTACHED_TO_CARGOBOB(Vehicle cargobob, Vehicle vehicleAttached) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD40148F22E81A1D9, cargobob, vehicleAttached); } // 0xD40148F22E81A1D9 0x5DEEC76C
static Vehicle GET_VEHICLE_ATTACHED_TO_CARGOBOB(Vehicle cargobob) { return invoke<Vehicle>(0x873B82D42AC2B9E5, cargobob); } // 0x873B82D42AC2B9E5 0x301A1D24
static void ATTACH_VEHICLE_TO_CARGOBOB(Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle cargobob, int p2, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x4127F1D84E347769, vehicle, cargobob, p2, x, y, z); } // 0x4127F1D84E347769 0x607DC9D5
static void _0x571FEB383F629926(Vehicle cargobob, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x571FEB383F629926, cargobob, p1); } // 0x571FEB383F629926
static Vector3 _GET_CARGOBOB_HOOK_POSITION(Vehicle cargobob) { return invoke<Vector3>(0xCBDB9B923CACC92D, cargobob); } // 0xCBDB9B923CACC92D
static BOOL _IS_CARGOBOB_HOOK_ACTIVE(Vehicle cargobob) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1821D91AD4B56108, cargobob); } // 0x1821D91AD4B56108 0xAF769B81
static void _ENABLE_CARGOBOB_HOOK(Vehicle cargobob, int state) { invoke<Void>(0x7BEB0C7A235F6F3B, cargobob, state); } // 0x7BEB0C7A235F6F3B 0x4D3C9A99
static void _RETRACT_CARGOBOB_HOOK(Vehicle cargobob) { invoke<Void>(0x9768CF648F54C804, cargobob); } // 0x9768CF648F54C804 0xA8211EE9
static void _SET_CARGOBOB_HOOK_POSITION(Any p0, float p1, float p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x877C1EAEAC531023, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x877C1EAEAC531023 0x3A8AB081
static void _0xCF1182F682F65307(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xCF1182F682F65307, p0, p1); } // 0xCF1182F682F65307
static BOOL _IS_CARGOBOB_MAGNET_ACTIVE(Vehicle cargobob) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x6E08BF5B3722BAC9, cargobob); } // 0x6E08BF5B3722BAC9
static void _CARGOBOB_MAGNET_GRAB_VEHICLE(Vehicle cargobob, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x9A665550F8DA349B, cargobob, toggle); } // 0x9A665550F8DA349B
static void _0xBCBFCD9D1DAC19E2(Vehicle cargobob, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xBCBFCD9D1DAC19E2, cargobob, p1); } // 0xBCBFCD9D1DAC19E2
static void _0xA17BAD153B51547E(Vehicle cargobob, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA17BAD153B51547E, cargobob, p1); } // 0xA17BAD153B51547E
static void _0x66979ACF5102FD2F(Vehicle cargobob, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x66979ACF5102FD2F, cargobob, p1); } // 0x66979ACF5102FD2F
static void _0x6D8EAC07506291FB(Vehicle cargobob, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x6D8EAC07506291FB, cargobob, p1); } // 0x6D8EAC07506291FB
static void _0xED8286F71A819BAA(Vehicle cargobob, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xED8286F71A819BAA, cargobob, p1); } // 0xED8286F71A819BAA
static void _0x685D5561680D088B(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x685D5561680D088B, p0, p1); } // 0x685D5561680D088B
static void _0xE301BD63E9E13CF0(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE301BD63E9E13CF0, p0, p1); } // 0xE301BD63E9E13CF0
static void _0x9BDDC73CC6A115D4(Any p0, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x9BDDC73CC6A115D4, p0, p1, p2); } // 0x9BDDC73CC6A115D4
static void _0x56EB5E94318D3FB6(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x56EB5E94318D3FB6, p0, p1); } // 0x56EB5E94318D3FB6
static BOOL DOES_VEHICLE_HAVE_WEAPONS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x25ECB9F8017D98E0, vehicle); } // 0x25ECB9F8017D98E0 0xB2E1E1FB
static void _0x2C4A1590ABF43E8B(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x2C4A1590ABF43E8B, p0, p1); } // 0x2C4A1590ABF43E8B 0x2EC19A8B
static void DISABLE_VEHICLE_WEAPON(BOOL disabled, Hash weaponHash, Vehicle vehicle, Ped owner) { invoke<Void>(0xF4FC6A6F67D8D856, disabled, weaponHash, vehicle, owner); } // 0xF4FC6A6F67D8D856 0xA688B7D1
static void _0xE05DD0E9707003A3(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE05DD0E9707003A3, p0, p1); } // 0xE05DD0E9707003A3 0x123E5B90
static void _0x21115BCD6E44656A(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x21115BCD6E44656A, p0, p1); } // 0x21115BCD6E44656A 0xEBC225C1
static int GET_VEHICLE_CLASS(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<int>(0x29439776AAA00A62, vehicle); } // 0x29439776AAA00A62 0xC025338E
static int GET_VEHICLE_CLASS_FROM_NAME(Hash modelHash) { return invoke<int>(0xDEDF1C8BD47C2200, modelHash); } // 0xDEDF1C8BD47C2200 0xEA469980
static void SET_PLAYERS_LAST_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xBCDF8BAF56C87B6A, vehicle); } // 0xBCDF8BAF56C87B6A 0xDE86447D
static void SET_VEHICLE_CAN_BE_USED_BY_FLEEING_PEDS(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x300504B23BD3B711, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x300504B23BD3B711 0x5130DB1E
static void _0xE5810AC70602F2F5(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE5810AC70602F2F5, vehicle, p1); } // 0xE5810AC70602F2F5 0xB6BE07E0
static void _SET_VEHICLE_CREATES_MONEY_PICKUPS_WHEN_EXPLODED(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x068F64F2470F9656, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x068F64F2470F9656 0x4BB5605D
static void _SET_VEHICLE_JET_ENGINE_ON(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xB8FBC8B1330CA9B4, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xB8FBC8B1330CA9B4 0x51E0064F
static void _0x10655FAB9915623D(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x10655FAB9915623D, p0, p1); } // 0x10655FAB9915623D
static void _0x79DF7E806202CE01(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x79DF7E806202CE01, p0, p1); } // 0x79DF7E806202CE01 0xAEF9611C
static void _0x9007A2F21DC108D4(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x9007A2F21DC108D4, p0, p1); } // 0x9007A2F21DC108D4 0x585E49B6
static void _SET_HELICOPTER_ROLL_PITCH_YAW_MULT(Vehicle helicopter, float multiplier) { invoke<Void>(0x6E0859B530A365CC, helicopter, multiplier); } // 0x6E0859B530A365CC 0x6E67FD35
static void SET_VEHICLE_FRICTION_OVERRIDE(Vehicle vehicle, float friction) { invoke<Void>(0x1837AF7C627009BA, vehicle, friction); } // 0x1837AF7C627009BA 0x32AFD42E
static void SET_VEHICLE_WHEELS_CAN_BREAK_OFF_WHEN_BLOW_UP(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xA37B9A517B133349, vehicle, toggle); } // 0xA37B9A517B133349 0x670913A4
static BOOL _0xF78F94D60248C737(Any p0, BOOL p1) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF78F94D60248C737, p0, p1); } // 0xF78F94D60248C737
static void SET_VEHICLE_CEILING_HEIGHT(Vehicle vehicle, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA46413066687A328, vehicle, p1); } // 0xA46413066687A328 0x98A10A86
static void _0x5E569EC46EC21CAE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x5E569EC46EC21CAE, vehicle, toggle); } // 0x5E569EC46EC21CAE 0xBC649C49
static void _0x6D6AF961B72728AE(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x6D6AF961B72728AE, vehicle); } // 0x6D6AF961B72728AE 0x8DD9AA0C
static BOOL DOES_VEHICLE_EXIST_WITH_DECORATOR(char* decorator) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x956B409B984D9BF7, decorator); } // 0x956B409B984D9BF7 0x39E68EDD
static void SET_VEHICLE_EXCLUSIVE_DRIVER(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x41062318F23ED854, vehicle, p1); } // 0x41062318F23ED854 0xAA8BD440
static void _SET_VEHICLE_EXCLUSIVE_DRIVER_2(Vehicle vehicle, Ped ped, int p2) { invoke<Void>(0xB5C51B5502E85E83, vehicle, ped, p2); } // 0xB5C51B5502E85E83
static void _0x500873A45724C863(Vehicle vehicle, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x500873A45724C863, vehicle, p1); } // 0x500873A45724C863
static void _0xB055A34527CB8FD7(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xB055A34527CB8FD7, vehicle, p1); } // 0xB055A34527CB8FD7
static void _DISPLAY_DISTANT_VEHICLES(BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xF796359A959DF65D, toggle); } // 0xF796359A959DF65D 0xB5CC548B
static void _SET_VEHICLE_NEON_LIGHTS_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int r, int g, int b) { invoke<Void>(0x8E0A582209A62695, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0x8E0A582209A62695
static void _GET_VEHICLE_NEON_LIGHTS_COLOUR(Vehicle vehicle, int* r, int* g, int* b) { invoke<Void>(0x7619EEE8C886757F, vehicle, r, g, b); } // 0x7619EEE8C886757F
static void _SET_VEHICLE_NEON_LIGHT_ENABLED(Vehicle vehicle, int index, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x2AA720E4287BF269, vehicle, index, toggle); } // 0x2AA720E4287BF269
static BOOL _IS_VEHICLE_NEON_LIGHT_ENABLED(Vehicle vehicle, int index) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8C4B92553E4766A5, vehicle, index); } // 0x8C4B92553E4766A5
static void _0x35E0654F4BAD7971(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0x35E0654F4BAD7971, p0); } // 0x35E0654F4BAD7971
static void _0xB088E9A47AE6EDD5(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xB088E9A47AE6EDD5, vehicle, p1); } // 0xB088E9A47AE6EDD5
static void _0xDBA3C090E3D74690(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0xDBA3C090E3D74690, vehicle); } // 0xDBA3C090E3D74690
static float GET_VEHICLE_BODY_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xF271147EB7B40F12, vehicle); } // 0xF271147EB7B40F12 0x2B2FCC28
static void SET_VEHICLE_BODY_HEALTH(Vehicle vehicle, float value) { invoke<Void>(0xB77D05AC8C78AADB, vehicle, value); } // 0xB77D05AC8C78AADB 0x920C2517
static void _0xDF7E3EEB29642C38(Vehicle vehicle, Any p1, Any p2) { invoke<Void>(0xDF7E3EEB29642C38, vehicle, p1, p2); } // 0xDF7E3EEB29642C38
static float _GET_VEHICLE_SUSPENSION_HEIGHT(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0x53952FD2BAA19F17, vehicle); } // 0x53952FD2BAA19F17 0xB73A1486
static void _0x84FD40F56075E816(float p0) { invoke<Void>(0x84FD40F56075E816, p0); } // 0x84FD40F56075E816
static void _0xA7DCDF4DED40A8F4(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA7DCDF4DED40A8F4, vehicle, p1); } // 0xA7DCDF4DED40A8F4
static float _GET_VEHICLE_BODY_HEALTH_2(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<float>(0xB8EF61207C2393A9, vehicle); } // 0xB8EF61207C2393A9
static BOOL _0xD4C4642CB7F50B5D(Vehicle vehicle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD4C4642CB7F50B5D, vehicle); } // 0xD4C4642CB7F50B5D
static void _0xC361AA040D6637A8(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC361AA040D6637A8, p0, p1); } // 0xC361AA040D6637A8
static void _SET_VEHICLE_HUD_SPECIAL_ABILITY_BAR_ACTIVE(Vehicle vehicle, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x99C82F8A139F3E4E, vehicle, p1); } // 0x99C82F8A139F3E4E
static void _0xE16142B94664DEFD(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xE16142B94664DEFD, p0, p1); } // 0xE16142B94664DEFD
namespace OBJECT
static Object CREATE_OBJECT(Object modelHash, float x, float y, float z, BOOL isNetwork, BOOL p5, BOOL dynamic) { return invoke<Object>(0x509D5878EB39E842, modelHash, x, y, z, isNetwork, p5, dynamic); } // 0x509D5878EB39E842 0x2F7AA05C
static Object CREATE_OBJECT_NO_OFFSET(Hash modelHash, float x, float y, float z, BOOL isNetwork, BOOL p5, BOOL dynamic) { return invoke<Object>(0x9A294B2138ABB884, modelHash, x, y, z, isNetwork, p5, dynamic); } // 0x9A294B2138ABB884 0x58040420
static void DELETE_OBJECT(Object* object) { invoke<Void>(0x539E0AE3E6634B9F, object); } // 0x539E0AE3E6634B9F 0xD6EF9DA7
static BOOL PLACE_OBJECT_ON_GROUND_PROPERLY(Object object) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x58A850EAEE20FAA3, object); } // 0x58A850EAEE20FAA3 0x8F95A20B
static BOOL SLIDE_OBJECT(Object object, float toX, float toY, float toZ, float speedX, float speedY, float speedZ, BOOL collision) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2FDFF4107B8C1147, object, toX, toY, toZ, speedX, speedY, speedZ, collision); } // 0x2FDFF4107B8C1147 0x63BFA7A0
static void SET_OBJECT_TARGETTABLE(Object object, BOOL targettable) { invoke<Void>(0x8A7391690F5AFD81, object, targettable); } // 0x8A7391690F5AFD81 0x3F88CD86
static void _0x77F33F2CCF64B3AA(Object object, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x77F33F2CCF64B3AA, object, p1); } // 0x77F33F2CCF64B3AA 0x483C5C88
static Object GET_CLOSEST_OBJECT_OF_TYPE(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash modelHash, BOOL isMission, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { return invoke<Object>(0xE143FA2249364369, x, y, z, radius, modelHash, isMission, p6, p7); } // 0xE143FA2249364369 0x45619B33
static BOOL HAS_OBJECT_BEEN_BROKEN(Object object) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8ABFB70C49CC43E2, object); } // 0x8ABFB70C49CC43E2 0xFE21F891
static BOOL HAS_CLOSEST_OBJECT_OF_TYPE_BEEN_BROKEN(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, Hash modelHash, Any p5) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x761B0E69AC4D007E, p0, p1, p2, p3, modelHash, p5); } // 0x761B0E69AC4D007E 0x6FC0353D
static BOOL _0x46494A2475701343(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, Hash modelHash, BOOL p5) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x46494A2475701343, p0, p1, p2, p3, modelHash, p5); } // 0x46494A2475701343 0x7DB578DD
static Vector3 _GET_OBJECT_OFFSET_FROM_COORDS(float xPos, float yPos, float zPos, float heading, float xOffset, float yOffset, float zOffset) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x163E252DE035A133, xPos, yPos, zPos, heading, xOffset, yOffset, zOffset); } // 0x163E252DE035A133 0x87A42A12
static Any _0x163F8B586BC95F2A(Any coords, float radius, Hash modelHash, float x, float y, float z, Vector3* p6, int p7) { return invoke<Any>(0x163F8B586BC95F2A, coords, radius, modelHash, x, y, z, p6, p7); } // 0x163F8B586BC95F2A 0x65213FC3
static void SET_STATE_OF_CLOSEST_DOOR_OF_TYPE(Hash type, float x, float y, float z, BOOL locked, float heading, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0xF82D8F1926A02C3D, type, x, y, z, locked, heading, p6); } // 0xF82D8F1926A02C3D 0x38C951A4
static void GET_STATE_OF_CLOSEST_DOOR_OF_TYPE(Hash type, float x, float y, float z, BOOL* locked, float* heading) { invoke<Void>(0xEDC1A5B84AEF33FF, type, x, y, z, locked, heading); } // 0xEDC1A5B84AEF33FF 0x4B44A83D
static void _DOOR_CONTROL(Hash doorHash, float x, float y, float z, BOOL locked, float p5, float p6, float p7) { invoke<Void>(0x9B12F9A24FABEDB0, doorHash, x, y, z, locked, p5, p6, p7); } // 0x9B12F9A24FABEDB0 0x4E0A260B
static void ADD_DOOR_TO_SYSTEM(Hash doorHash, Hash modelHash, float x, float y, float z, BOOL p5, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { invoke<Void>(0x6F8838D03D1DC226, doorHash, modelHash, x, y, z, p5, p6, p7); } // 0x6F8838D03D1DC226 0x9D2D778D
static void REMOVE_DOOR_FROM_SYSTEM(Hash doorHash) { invoke<Void>(0x464D8E1427156FE4, doorHash); } // 0x464D8E1427156FE4 0x00253286
static void _SET_DOOR_ACCELERATION_LIMIT(Hash doorHash, int limit, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x6BAB9442830C7F53, doorHash, limit, p2, p3); } // 0x6BAB9442830C7F53 0xDF83DB47
static int _0x160AA1B32F6139B8(Hash doorHash) { return invoke<int>(0x160AA1B32F6139B8, doorHash); } // 0x160AA1B32F6139B8 0xD42A41C2
static int _0x4BC2854478F3A749(Hash doorHash) { return invoke<int>(0x4BC2854478F3A749, doorHash); } // 0x4BC2854478F3A749 0xD649B7E1
static void _0x03C27E13B42A0E82(Hash doorHash, float p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x03C27E13B42A0E82, doorHash, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x03C27E13B42A0E82 0x4F44AF21
static void _0x9BA001CB45CBF627(Hash doorHash, float heading, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x9BA001CB45CBF627, doorHash, heading, p2, p3); } // 0x9BA001CB45CBF627 0x47531446
static void _SET_DOOR_AJAR_ANGLE(Hash doorHash, float ajar, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0xB6E6FBA95C7324AC, doorHash, ajar, p2, p3); } // 0xB6E6FBA95C7324AC 0x34883DE3
static float _0x65499865FCA6E5EC(Hash doorHash) { return invoke<float>(0x65499865FCA6E5EC, doorHash); } // 0x65499865FCA6E5EC 0xB74C3BD7
static void _0xC485E07E4F0B7958(Hash doorHash, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0xC485E07E4F0B7958, doorHash, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xC485E07E4F0B7958 0xB4A9A558
static void _0xD9B71952F78A2640(Hash doorHash, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xD9B71952F78A2640, doorHash, p1); } // 0xD9B71952F78A2640 0xECE58AE0
static void _0xA85A21582451E951(Hash doorHash, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA85A21582451E951, doorHash, p1); } // 0xA85A21582451E951 0xF736227C
static BOOL _DOES_DOOR_EXIST(Hash doorHash) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC153C43EA202C8C1, doorHash); } // 0xC153C43EA202C8C1 0x5AFCD8A1
static BOOL IS_DOOR_CLOSED(Hash door) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xC531EE8A1145A149, door); } // 0xC531EE8A1145A149 0x48659CD7
static void _0xC7F29CA00F46350E(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0xC7F29CA00F46350E, p0); } // 0xC7F29CA00F46350E 0x9BF33E41
static void _0x701FDA1E82076BA4() { invoke<Void>(0x701FDA1E82076BA4); } // 0x701FDA1E82076BA4 0xF592AD10
static BOOL _0xDF97CDD4FC08FD34(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDF97CDD4FC08FD34, p0); } // 0xDF97CDD4FC08FD34 0x17FF9393
static BOOL _0x589F80B325CC82C5(float p0, float p1, float p2, Any p3, Any* p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x589F80B325CC82C5, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x589F80B325CC82C5 0xE9AE494F
static BOOL IS_GARAGE_EMPTY(Any garage, BOOL p1, int p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x90E47239EA1980B8, garage, p1, p2); } // 0x90E47239EA1980B8 0xA8B37DEA
static BOOL _0x024A60DEB0EA69F0(Any p0, Player player, float p2, int p3) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x024A60DEB0EA69F0, p0, player, p2, p3); } // 0x024A60DEB0EA69F0 0xC33ED360
static BOOL _0x1761DC5D8471CBAA(Any p0, Player player, int p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x1761DC5D8471CBAA, p0, player, p2); } // 0x1761DC5D8471CBAA 0x41924877
static BOOL _0x85B6C850546FDDE2(Any p0, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, Any p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x85B6C850546FDDE2, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x85B6C850546FDDE2 0x4BD59750
static BOOL _0x673ED815D6E323B7(Any p0, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, Any p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x673ED815D6E323B7, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x673ED815D6E323B7 0x7B44D659
static BOOL _0x372EF6699146A1E4(Any p0, Entity entity, float p2, int p3) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x372EF6699146A1E4, p0, entity, p2, p3); } // 0x372EF6699146A1E4 0x142C8F76
static BOOL _0xF0EED5A6BC7B237A(Any p0, Entity entity, int p2) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF0EED5A6BC7B237A, p0, entity, p2); } // 0xF0EED5A6BC7B237A 0x95A9AB2B
static void _0x190428512B240692(Any p0, BOOL p1, BOOL p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0x190428512B240692, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x190428512B240692 0xA565E27E
static void _0xF2E1A7133DD356A6(Hash hash, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xF2E1A7133DD356A6, hash, toggle); } // 0xF2E1A7133DD356A6 0x43BB7E48
static void _0x66A49D021870FE88() { invoke<Void>(0x66A49D021870FE88); } // 0x66A49D021870FE88 0x6158959E
static BOOL DOES_OBJECT_OF_TYPE_EXIST_AT_COORDS(float x, float y, float z, float radius, Hash hash, BOOL p5) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xBFA48E2FF417213F, x, y, z, radius, hash, p5); } // 0xBFA48E2FF417213F 0x23FF2BA4
static BOOL IS_POINT_IN_ANGLED_AREA(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, float p7, float p8, float p9, BOOL p10, BOOL p11) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2A70BAE8883E4C81, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11); } // 0x2A70BAE8883E4C81 0x73BCFFDC
static void _0x4D89D607CB3DD1D2(Object object, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x4D89D607CB3DD1D2, object, toggle); } // 0x4D89D607CB3DD1D2 0x19B17769
static void SET_OBJECT_PHYSICS_PARAMS(Object object, float weight, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float gravity, float p7, float p8, float p9, float p10, float buoyancy) { invoke<Void>(0xF6DF6E90DE7DF90F, object, weight, p2, p3, p4, p5, gravity, p7, p8, p9, p10, buoyancy); } // 0xF6DF6E90DE7DF90F 0xE8D11C58
static float GET_OBJECT_FRAGMENT_DAMAGE_HEALTH(Any p0, BOOL p1) { return invoke<float>(0xB6FBFD079B8D0596, p0, p1); } // 0xB6FBFD079B8D0596 0xF0B330AD
static void SET_ACTIVATE_OBJECT_PHYSICS_AS_SOON_AS_IT_IS_UNFROZEN(Object object, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x406137F8EF90EAF5, object, toggle); } // 0x406137F8EF90EAF5 0x3E263AE1
static BOOL IS_ANY_OBJECT_NEAR_POINT(float x, float y, float z, float range, BOOL p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x397DC58FF00298D1, x, y, z, range, p4); } // 0x397DC58FF00298D1 0xE9E46941
static BOOL IS_OBJECT_NEAR_POINT(Hash objectHash, float x, float y, float z, float range) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8C90FE4B381BA60A, objectHash, x, y, z, range); } // 0x8C90FE4B381BA60A 0x50A62C43
static void _0x4A39DB43E47CF3AA(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x4A39DB43E47CF3AA, p0); } // 0x4A39DB43E47CF3AA 0xE3261B35
static void _0xE7E4C198B0185900(Object p0, Any p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xE7E4C198B0185900, p0, p1, p2); } // 0xE7E4C198B0185900 0x1E82C2AE
static void _0xF9C1681347C8BD15(Object object) { invoke<Void>(0xF9C1681347C8BD15, object); } // 0xF9C1681347C8BD15
static void TRACK_OBJECT_VISIBILITY(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0xB252BC036B525623, p0); } // 0xB252BC036B525623 0x46D06B9A
static BOOL IS_OBJECT_VISIBLE(Object object) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8B32ACE6326A7546, object); } // 0x8B32ACE6326A7546 0xF4FD8AE4
static void _0xC6033D32241F6FB5(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xC6033D32241F6FB5, p0, p1); } // 0xC6033D32241F6FB5 0xF4A1A14A
static void _0xEB6F1A9B5510A5D2(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xEB6F1A9B5510A5D2, p0, p1); } // 0xEB6F1A9B5510A5D2 0xAF016CC1
static void _0xBCE595371A5FBAAF(Any p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xBCE595371A5FBAAF, p0, p1); } // 0xBCE595371A5FBAAF 0x3A68AA46
static int _GET_DES_OBJECT(float x, float y, float z, float rotation, char* name) { return invoke<int>(0xB48FCED898292E52, x, y, z, rotation, name); } // 0xB48FCED898292E52 0xA286DE96
static void _SET_DES_OBJECT_STATE(int handle, int state) { invoke<Void>(0x5C29F698D404C5E1, handle, state); } // 0x5C29F698D404C5E1 0x21F51560
static Any _GET_DES_OBJECT_STATE(int handle) { return invoke<Any>(0x899BA936634A322E, handle); } // 0x899BA936634A322E 0xF1B8817A
static BOOL _DOES_DES_OBJECT_EXIST(int handle) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x52AF537A0C5B8AAD, handle); } // 0x52AF537A0C5B8AAD 0xE08C834D
static float _0x260EE4FDBDF4DB01(Any p0) { return invoke<float>(0x260EE4FDBDF4DB01, p0); } // 0x260EE4FDBDF4DB01 0x020497DE
static Pickup CREATE_PICKUP(Hash pickupHash, float posX, float posY, float posZ, int p4, int value, BOOL p6, Hash modelHash) { return invoke<Pickup>(0xFBA08C503DD5FA58, pickupHash, posX, posY, posZ, p4, value, p6, modelHash); } // 0xFBA08C503DD5FA58 0x5E14DF68
static Pickup CREATE_PICKUP_ROTATE(Hash pickupHash, float posX, float posY, float posZ, float rotX, float rotY, float rotZ, int flag, int amount, Any p9, BOOL p10, Hash modelHash) { return invoke<Pickup>(0x891804727E0A98B7, pickupHash, posX, posY, posZ, rotX, rotY, rotZ, flag, amount, p9, p10, modelHash); } // 0x891804727E0A98B7 0xF015BFE2
static Pickup CREATE_AMBIENT_PICKUP(Hash pickupHash, float posX, float posY, float posZ, int p4, int value, Hash modelHash, BOOL p7, BOOL p8) { return invoke<Pickup>(0x673966A0C0FD7171, pickupHash, posX, posY, posZ, p4, value, modelHash, p7, p8); } // 0x673966A0C0FD7171 0x17B99CE7
static Pickup CREATE_PORTABLE_PICKUP(Hash pickupHash, float x, float y, float z, BOOL placeOnGround, Hash modelHash) { return invoke<Pickup>(0x2EAF1FDB2FB55698, pickupHash, x, y, z, placeOnGround, modelHash); } // 0x2EAF1FDB2FB55698 0x8C886BE5
static Pickup _CREATE_PORTABLE_PICKUP_2(Hash pickupHash, float x, float y, float z, BOOL placeOnGround, Hash modelHash) { return invoke<Pickup>(0x125494B98A21AAF7, pickupHash, x, y, z, placeOnGround, modelHash); } // 0x125494B98A21AAF7 0x56A02502
static void ATTACH_PORTABLE_PICKUP_TO_PED(Ped ped, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x8DC39368BDD57755, ped, p1); } // 0x8DC39368BDD57755 0x184F6AB3
static void DETACH_PORTABLE_PICKUP_FROM_PED(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xCF463D1E9A0AECB1, ped); } // 0xCF463D1E9A0AECB1 0x1D094562
static void _0x0BF3B3BD47D79C08(Any p0, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0x0BF3B3BD47D79C08, p0, p1); } // 0x0BF3B3BD47D79C08 0x7EFBA039
static void _0x78857FC65CADB909(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0x78857FC65CADB909, p0); } // 0x78857FC65CADB909 0xA3CDF152
static Vector3 GET_SAFE_PICKUP_COORDS(float x, float y, float z, Any p3, Any p4) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x6E16BC2503FF1FF0, x, y, z, p3, p4); } // 0x6E16BC2503FF1FF0 0x618B5F67
static Vector3 GET_PICKUP_COORDS(Pickup pickup) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x225B8B35C88029B3, pickup); } // 0x225B8B35C88029B3 0xC2E1E2C5
static void REMOVE_ALL_PICKUPS_OF_TYPE(Hash pickupHash) { invoke<Void>(0x27F9D613092159CF, pickupHash); } // 0x27F9D613092159CF 0x40062C53
static BOOL HAS_PICKUP_BEEN_COLLECTED(Pickup pickup) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x80EC48E6679313F9, pickup); } // 0x80EC48E6679313F9 0x0BE5CCED
static void REMOVE_PICKUP(Pickup pickup) { invoke<Void>(0x3288D8ACAECD2AB2, pickup); } // 0x3288D8ACAECD2AB2 0x64A7A0E0
static void CREATE_MONEY_PICKUPS(float x, float y, float z, int value, int amount, Hash model) { invoke<Void>(0x0589B5E791CE9B2B, x, y, z, value, amount, model); } // 0x0589B5E791CE9B2B 0x36C9A5EA
static BOOL DOES_PICKUP_EXIST(Pickup pickup) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAFC1CA75AD4074D1, pickup); } // 0xAFC1CA75AD4074D1 0x9C6DA0B3
static BOOL DOES_PICKUP_OBJECT_EXIST(Object pickupObject) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xD9EFB6DBF7DAAEA3, pickupObject); } // 0xD9EFB6DBF7DAAEA3 0xE0B32108
static Object GET_PICKUP_OBJECT(Pickup pickup) { return invoke<Object>(0x5099BC55630B25AE, pickup); } // 0x5099BC55630B25AE 0x6052E62E
static BOOL _0x0378C08504160D0D(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0378C08504160D0D, p0); } // 0x0378C08504160D0D
static BOOL _IS_PICKUP_WITHIN_RADIUS(Hash pickupHash, float x, float y, float z, float radius) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF9C36251F6E48E33, pickupHash, x, y, z, radius); } // 0xF9C36251F6E48E33 0xF139681B
static void SET_PICKUP_REGENERATION_TIME(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x78015C9B4B3ECC9D, p0, p1); } // 0x78015C9B4B3ECC9D 0xAB11267D
static void _0x616093EC6B139DD9(Player player, Hash pickupHash, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x616093EC6B139DD9, player, pickupHash, p2); } // 0x616093EC6B139DD9 0x7FADB4B9
static void _0x88EAEC617CD26926(Hash p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x88EAEC617CD26926, p0, p1); } // 0x88EAEC617CD26926 0x3A8F1BF7
static void SET_TEAM_PICKUP_OBJECT(Object object, Any p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x53E0DF1A2A3CF0CA, object, p1, p2); } // 0x53E0DF1A2A3CF0CA 0x77687DC5
static void _0x92AEFB5F6E294023(Object object, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x92AEFB5F6E294023, object, p1, p2); } // 0x92AEFB5F6E294023 0xCBB5F9B6
static void _0xA08FE5E49BDC39DD(Any p0, float p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xA08FE5E49BDC39DD, p0, p1, p2); } // 0xA08FE5E49BDC39DD 0x276A7807
static Any _0xDB41D07A45A6D4B7(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0xDB41D07A45A6D4B7, p0); } // 0xDB41D07A45A6D4B7 0x000E92DC
static void _0x318516E02DE3ECE2(float p0) { invoke<Void>(0x318516E02DE3ECE2, p0); } // 0x318516E02DE3ECE2 0x9879AC51
static void _0x31F924B53EADDF65(BOOL p0) { invoke<Void>(0x31F924B53EADDF65, p0); } // 0x31F924B53EADDF65 0xDB18FA01
static void _0xF92099527DB8E2A7(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0xF92099527DB8E2A7, p0, p1); } // 0xF92099527DB8E2A7 0xA7E936FD
static void _0xA2C1F5E92AFE49ED() { invoke<Void>(0xA2C1F5E92AFE49ED); } // 0xA2C1F5E92AFE49ED 0xB241806C
static void _0x762DB2D380B48D04(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x762DB2D380B48D04, p0); } // 0x762DB2D380B48D04 0xD1BAAFB7
static void _HIGHLIGHT_PLACEMENT_COORDS(float x, float y, float z, int colorIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x3430676B11CDF21D, x, y, z, colorIndex); } // 0x3430676B11CDF21D 0x63B02FAD
static void _0xB2D0BDE54F0E8E5A(Object object, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xB2D0BDE54F0E8E5A, object, toggle); } // 0xB2D0BDE54F0E8E5A 0x132B6D92
static Hash _GET_WEAPON_HASH_FROM_PICKUP(Pickup pickupHash) { return invoke<Hash>(0x08F96CA6C551AD51, pickupHash); } // 0x08F96CA6C551AD51 0xEDD01937
static BOOL _0x11D1E53A726891FE(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x11D1E53A726891FE, p0); } // 0x11D1E53A726891FE
static void _SET_OBJECT_TEXTURE_VARIANT(Object object, int paintIndex) { invoke<Void>(0x971DA0055324D033, object, paintIndex); } // 0x971DA0055324D033
static Hash _0x5EAAD83F8CFB4575(Pickup pickupHash) { return invoke<Hash>(0x5EAAD83F8CFB4575, pickupHash); } // 0x5EAAD83F8CFB4575 0x6AE36192
static void SET_FORCE_OBJECT_THIS_FRAME(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0xF538081986E49E9D, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xF538081986E49E9D 0x3DA41C1A
static void _MARK_OBJECT_FOR_DELETION(Object object) { invoke<Void>(0xADBE4809F19F927A, object); } // 0xADBE4809F19F927A 0x2048A7DD
namespace AI
static void TASK_PAUSE(Ped ped, int ms) { invoke<Void>(0xE73A266DB0CA9042, ped, ms); } // 0xE73A266DB0CA9042 0x17A64668
static void TASK_STAND_STILL(Ped ped, int time) { invoke<Void>(0x919BE13EED931959, ped, time); } // 0x919BE13EED931959 0x6F80965D
static void TASK_JUMP(Ped ped, BOOL unused) { invoke<Void>(0x0AE4086104E067B1, ped, unused); } // 0x0AE4086104E067B1 0x0356E3CE
static void TASK_COWER(Ped ped, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0x3EB1FE9E8E908E15, ped, duration); } // 0x3EB1FE9E8E908E15 0x9CF1C19B
static void TASK_HANDS_UP(Ped ped, int duration, Ped facingPed, int p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0xF2EAB31979A7F910, ped, duration, facingPed, p3, p4); } // 0xF2EAB31979A7F910 0x8DCC19C5
static void UPDATE_TASK_HANDS_UP_DURATION(Ped ped, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0xA98FCAFD7893C834, ped, duration); } // 0xA98FCAFD7893C834 0x3AA39BE9
static void TASK_OPEN_VEHICLE_DOOR(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int timeOut, int doorIndex, float speed) { invoke<Void>(0x965791A9A488A062, ped, vehicle, timeOut, doorIndex, speed); } // 0x965791A9A488A062 0x8EE06BF4
static void TASK_ENTER_VEHICLE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int timeout, int seat, float speed, int p5, Any p6) { invoke<Void>(0xC20E50AA46D09CA8, ped, vehicle, timeout, seat, speed, p5, p6); } // 0xC20E50AA46D09CA8 0xB8689B4E
static void TASK_LEAVE_VEHICLE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int flags) { invoke<Void>(0xD3DBCE61A490BE02, ped, vehicle, flags); } // 0xD3DBCE61A490BE02 0x7B1141C6
static void _TASK_GET_OFF_BOAT(Ped ped, Vehicle boat) { invoke<Void>(0x9C00E77AF14B2DFF, ped, boat); } // 0x9C00E77AF14B2DFF
static void TASK_SKY_DIVE(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x601736CFE536B0A0, ped); } // 0x601736CFE536B0A0 0xD3874AFA
static void TASK_PARACHUTE(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xD2F1C53C97EE81AB, ped, p1); } // 0xD2F1C53C97EE81AB 0xEC3060A2
static void TASK_PARACHUTE_TO_TARGET(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0xB33E291AFA6BD03A, ped, x, y, z); } // 0xB33E291AFA6BD03A 0xE0104D6C
static void SET_PARACHUTE_TASK_TARGET(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0xC313379AF0FCEDA7, ped, x, y, z); } // 0xC313379AF0FCEDA7 0x6ED3AD81
static void SET_PARACHUTE_TASK_THRUST(Ped ped, float thrust) { invoke<Void>(0x0729BAC1B8C64317, ped, thrust); } // 0x0729BAC1B8C64317 0xD07C8AAA
static void TASK_RAPPEL_FROM_HELI(Ped ped, int unused) { invoke<Void>(0x09693B0312F91649, ped, unused); } // 0x09693B0312F91649 0x2C7ADB93
static void TASK_VEHICLE_DRIVE_TO_COORD(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y, float z, float speed, Any p6, Hash vehicleModel, int drivingMode, float stopRange, float p10) { invoke<Void>(0xE2A2AA2F659D77A7, ped, vehicle, x, y, z, speed, p6, vehicleModel, drivingMode, stopRange, p10); } // 0xE2A2AA2F659D77A7 0xE4AC0387
static void TASK_VEHICLE_DRIVE_TO_COORD_LONGRANGE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y, float z, float speed, int driveMode, float stopRange) { invoke<Void>(0x158BB33F920D360C, ped, vehicle, x, y, z, speed, driveMode, stopRange); } // 0x158BB33F920D360C 0x1490182A
static void TASK_VEHICLE_DRIVE_WANDER(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float speed, int drivingStyle) { invoke<Void>(0x480142959D337D00, ped, vehicle, speed, drivingStyle); } // 0x480142959D337D00 0x36EC0EB0
static void TASK_FOLLOW_TO_OFFSET_OF_ENTITY(Ped ped, Entity entity, float offsetX, float offsetY, float offsetZ, float movementSpeed, int timeout, float stoppingRange, BOOL persistFollowing) { invoke<Void>(0x304AE42E357B8C7E, ped, entity, offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ, movementSpeed, timeout, stoppingRange, persistFollowing); } // 0x304AE42E357B8C7E 0x2DF5A6AC
static void TASK_GO_STRAIGHT_TO_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float speed, int timeout, float targetHeading, float distanceToSlide) { invoke<Void>(0xD76B57B44F1E6F8B, ped, x, y, z, speed, timeout, targetHeading, distanceToSlide); } // 0xD76B57B44F1E6F8B 0x80A9E7A7
static void TASK_GO_STRAIGHT_TO_COORD_RELATIVE_TO_ENTITY(Entity entity1, Entity entity2, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, Any p6) { invoke<Void>(0x61E360B7E040D12E, entity1, entity2, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0x61E360B7E040D12E 0xD26CAC68
static void TASK_ACHIEVE_HEADING(Ped ped, float heading, int timeout) { invoke<Void>(0x93B93A37987F1F3D, ped, heading, timeout); } // 0x93B93A37987F1F3D 0x0A0E9B42
static void TASK_FLUSH_ROUTE() { invoke<Void>(0x841142A1376E9006); } // 0x841142A1376E9006 0x34219154
static void TASK_EXTEND_ROUTE(float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x1E7889778264843A, x, y, z); } // 0x1E7889778264843A 0x43271F69
static void TASK_FOLLOW_POINT_ROUTE(Ped ped, float speed, int unknown) { invoke<Void>(0x595583281858626E, ped, speed, unknown); } // 0x595583281858626E 0xB837C816
static void TASK_GO_TO_ENTITY(Entity entity, Entity target, int duration, float distance, float speed, float p5, int p6) { invoke<Void>(0x6A071245EB0D1882, entity, target, duration, distance, speed, p5, p6); } // 0x6A071245EB0D1882 0x374827C2
static void TASK_SMART_FLEE_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float distance, int time, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { invoke<Void>(0x94587F17E9C365D5, ped, x, y, z, distance, time, p6, p7); } // 0x94587F17E9C365D5 0xB2E686FC
static void TASK_SMART_FLEE_PED(Ped ped, Ped fleeTarget, float distance, Any fleeTime, BOOL p4, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x22B0D0E37CCB840D, ped, fleeTarget, distance, fleeTime, p4, p5); } // 0x22B0D0E37CCB840D 0xE52EB560
static void TASK_REACT_AND_FLEE_PED(Ped ped, Ped fleeTarget) { invoke<Void>(0x72C896464915D1B1, ped, fleeTarget); } // 0x72C896464915D1B1 0x8A632BD8
static void TASK_SHOCKING_EVENT_REACT(Ped ped, int eventHandle) { invoke<Void>(0x452419CBD838065B, ped, eventHandle); } // 0x452419CBD838065B 0x9BD00ACF
static void TASK_WANDER_IN_AREA(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float radius, float minimalLength, float timeBetweenWalks) { invoke<Void>(0xE054346CA3A0F315, ped, x, y, z, radius, minimalLength, timeBetweenWalks); } // 0xE054346CA3A0F315 0xC6981FB9
static void TASK_WANDER_STANDARD(Ped ped, float p1, int p2) { invoke<Void>(0xBB9CE077274F6A1B, ped, p1, p2); } // 0xBB9CE077274F6A1B 0xAF59151A
static void TASK_VEHICLE_PARK(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y, float z, float heading, int mode, float radius, BOOL keepEngineOn) { invoke<Void>(0x0F3E34E968EA374E, ped, vehicle, x, y, z, heading, mode, radius, keepEngineOn); } // 0x0F3E34E968EA374E 0x5C85FF90
static void TASK_STEALTH_KILL(Ped killer, Ped target, Hash killType, float p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0xAA5DC05579D60BD9, killer, target, killType, p3, p4); } // 0xAA5DC05579D60BD9 0x0D64C2FA
static void TASK_PLANT_BOMB(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float heading) { invoke<Void>(0x965FEC691D55E9BF, ped, x, y, z, heading); } // 0x965FEC691D55E9BF 0x33457535
static void TASK_FOLLOW_NAV_MESH_TO_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float speed, int timeout, float stoppingRange, BOOL persistFollowing, float unk) { invoke<Void>(0x15D3A79D4E44B913, ped, x, y, z, speed, timeout, stoppingRange, persistFollowing, unk); } // 0x15D3A79D4E44B913 0xFE4A10D9
static void TASK_FOLLOW_NAV_MESH_TO_COORD_ADVANCED(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float speed, int timeout, float unkFloat, int unkInt, float unkX, float unkY, float unkZ, float unk_40000f) { invoke<Void>(0x17F58B88D085DBAC, ped, x, y, z, speed, timeout, unkFloat, unkInt, unkX, unkY, unkZ, unk_40000f); } // 0x17F58B88D085DBAC 0x6BF6E296
static void SET_PED_PATH_CAN_USE_CLIMBOVERS(Ped ped, BOOL Toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x8E06A6FE76C9EFF4, ped, Toggle); } // 0x8E06A6FE76C9EFF4 0xB7B7D442
static void SET_PED_PATH_CAN_USE_LADDERS(Ped ped, BOOL Toggle) { invoke<Void>(0x77A5B103C87F476E, ped, Toggle); } // 0x77A5B103C87F476E 0x53A879EE
static void SET_PED_PATH_CAN_DROP_FROM_HEIGHT(Ped ped, BOOL Toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xE361C5C71C431A4F, ped, Toggle); } // 0xE361C5C71C431A4F 0x394B7AC9
static void _0x88E32DB8C1A4AA4B(Ped ped, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x88E32DB8C1A4AA4B, ped, p1); } // 0x88E32DB8C1A4AA4B 0x55E06443
static void SET_PED_PATHS_WIDTH_PLANT(Ped ped, BOOL mayEnterWater) { invoke<Void>(0xF35425A4204367EC, ped, mayEnterWater); } // 0xF35425A4204367EC 0x9C606EE3
static void SET_PED_PATH_PREFER_TO_AVOID_WATER(Ped ped, BOOL avoidWater) { invoke<Void>(0x38FE1EC73743793C, ped, avoidWater); } // 0x38FE1EC73743793C 0x0EA39A29
static void SET_PED_PATH_AVOID_FIRE(Ped ped, BOOL avoidFire) { invoke<Void>(0x4455517B28441E60, ped, avoidFire); } // 0x4455517B28441E60 0xDCC5B934
static void SET_GLOBAL_MIN_BIRD_FLIGHT_HEIGHT(float height) { invoke<Void>(0x6C6B148586F934F7, height); } // 0x6C6B148586F934F7 0x2AFB14B8
static Any GET_NAVMESH_ROUTE_DISTANCE_REMAINING(Ped ped, Any* p1, Any* p2) { return invoke<Any>(0xC6F5C0BCDC74D62D, ped, p1, p2); } // 0xC6F5C0BCDC74D62D 0xD9281778
static int GET_NAVMESH_ROUTE_RESULT(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x632E831F382A0FA8, ped); } // 0x632E831F382A0FA8 0x96491602
static BOOL _0x3E38E28A1D80DDF6(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3E38E28A1D80DDF6, ped); } // 0x3E38E28A1D80DDF6
static void TASK_GO_TO_COORD_ANY_MEANS(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float speed, Any p5, BOOL p6, int walkingStyle, float p8) { invoke<Void>(0x5BC448CB78FA3E88, ped, x, y, z, speed, p5, p6, walkingStyle, p8); } // 0x5BC448CB78FA3E88 0xF91DF93B
static void TASK_GO_TO_COORD_ANY_MEANS_EXTRA_PARAMS(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float speed, Any p5, BOOL p6, int walkingStyle, float p8, Any p9, Any p10, Any p11) { invoke<Void>(0x1DD45F9ECFDB1BC9, ped, x, y, z, speed, p5, p6, walkingStyle, p8, p9, p10, p11); } // 0x1DD45F9ECFDB1BC9 0x094B75EF
static void TASK_GO_TO_COORD_ANY_MEANS_EXTRA_PARAMS_WITH_CRUISE_SPEED(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float speed, Any p5, BOOL p6, int walkingStyle, float p8, Any p9, Any p10, Any p11, Any p12) { invoke<Void>(0xB8ECD61F531A7B02, ped, x, y, z, speed, p5, p6, walkingStyle, p8, p9, p10, p11, p12); } // 0xB8ECD61F531A7B02 0x86DC03F9
static void TASK_PLAY_ANIM(Ped ped, char* animDictionary, char* animationName, float speed, float speedMultiplier, int duration, int flag, float playbackRate, BOOL lockX, BOOL lockY, BOOL lockZ) { invoke<Void>(0xEA47FE3719165B94, ped, animDictionary, animationName, speed, speedMultiplier, duration, flag, playbackRate, lockX, lockY, lockZ); } // 0xEA47FE3719165B94 0x5AB552C6
static void TASK_PLAY_ANIM_ADVANCED(Ped ped, char* animDict, char* animName, float posX, float posY, float posZ, float rotX, float rotY, float rotZ, float speed, float speedMultiplier, int duration, Any flag, float animTime, Any p14, Any p15) { invoke<Void>(0x83CDB10EA29B370B, ped, animDict, animName, posX, posY, posZ, rotX, rotY, rotZ, speed, speedMultiplier, duration, flag, animTime, p14, p15); } // 0x83CDB10EA29B370B 0x3DDEB0E6
static void STOP_ANIM_TASK(Ped ped, char* animDictionary, char* animationName, float p3) { invoke<Void>(0x97FF36A1D40EA00A, ped, animDictionary, animationName, p3); } // 0x97FF36A1D40EA00A 0x2B520A57
static void TASK_SCRIPTED_ANIMATION(Ped ped, Any* p1, Any* p2, Any* p3, float p4, float p5) { invoke<Void>(0x126EF75F1E17ABE5, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x126EF75F1E17ABE5 0xFC2DCF47
static void PLAY_ENTITY_SCRIPTED_ANIM(Any p0, Any* p1, Any* p2, Any* p3, float p4, float p5) { invoke<Void>(0x77A1EEC547E7FCF1, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x77A1EEC547E7FCF1 0x02F72AE5
static void STOP_ANIM_PLAYBACK(Ped ped, Any p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0xEE08C992D238C5D1, ped, p1, p2); } // 0xEE08C992D238C5D1 0xE5F16398
static void SET_ANIM_WEIGHT(Any p0, float p1, Any p2, Any p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0x207F1A47C0342F48, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x207F1A47C0342F48 0x17229D98
static void SET_ANIM_RATE(Any p0, float p1, Any p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x032D49C5E359C847, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x032D49C5E359C847 0x6DB46584
static void SET_ANIM_LOOPED(Any p0, BOOL p1, Any p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x70033C3CC29A1FF4, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x70033C3CC29A1FF4 0x095D61A4
static void TASK_PLAY_PHONE_GESTURE_ANIMATION(Ped ped, char* animDict, char* animation, char* boneMaskType, float p4, float p5, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { invoke<Void>(0x8FBB6758B3B3E9EC, ped, animDict, animation, boneMaskType, p4, p5, p6, p7); } // 0x8FBB6758B3B3E9EC 0x1582162C
static void _TASK_STOP_PHONE_GESTURE_ANIMATION(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x3FA00D4F4641BFAE, ped); } // 0x3FA00D4F4641BFAE
static BOOL IS_PLAYING_PHONE_GESTURE_ANIM(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB8EBB1E9D3588C10, ped); } // 0xB8EBB1E9D3588C10 0x500B6805
static float GET_PHONE_GESTURE_ANIM_CURRENT_TIME(Ped ped) { return invoke<float>(0x47619ABE8B268C60, ped); } // 0x47619ABE8B268C60 0x7B72AFD1
static float GET_PHONE_GESTURE_ANIM_TOTAL_TIME(Ped ped) { return invoke<float>(0x1EE0F68A7C25DEC6, ped); } // 0x1EE0F68A7C25DEC6 0xEF8C3959
static void TASK_VEHICLE_PLAY_ANIM(Vehicle vehicle, char* animation_set, char* animation_name) { invoke<Void>(0x69F5C3BD0F3EBD89, vehicle, animation_set, animation_name); } // 0x69F5C3BD0F3EBD89 0x2B28F598
static void TASK_LOOK_AT_COORD(Entity entity, float x, float y, float z, float duration, Any p5, Any p6) { invoke<Void>(0x6FA46612594F7973, entity, x, y, z, duration, p5, p6); } // 0x6FA46612594F7973 0x7B784DD8
static void TASK_LOOK_AT_ENTITY(Ped ped, Entity lookAt, int duration, int unknown1, int unknown2) { invoke<Void>(0x69F4BE8C8CC4796C, ped, lookAt, duration, unknown1, unknown2); } // 0x69F4BE8C8CC4796C 0x991D6619
static void TASK_CLEAR_LOOK_AT(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x0F804F1DB19B9689, ped); } // 0x0F804F1DB19B9689 0x60EB4054
static void OPEN_SEQUENCE_TASK(Object* taskSequence) { invoke<Void>(0xE8854A4326B9E12B, taskSequence); } // 0xE8854A4326B9E12B 0xABA6923E
static void CLOSE_SEQUENCE_TASK(Object taskSequence) { invoke<Void>(0x39E72BC99E6360CB, taskSequence); } // 0x39E72BC99E6360CB 0x1A7CEBD0
static void TASK_PERFORM_SEQUENCE(Ped ped, Object taskSequence) { invoke<Void>(0x5ABA3986D90D8A3B, ped, taskSequence); } // 0x5ABA3986D90D8A3B 0x4D9FBD11
static void CLEAR_SEQUENCE_TASK(Object* taskSequence) { invoke<Void>(0x3841422E9C488D8C, taskSequence); } // 0x3841422E9C488D8C 0x47ED03CE
static void SET_SEQUENCE_TO_REPEAT(Object taskSequence, BOOL repeat) { invoke<Void>(0x58C70CF3A41E4AE7, taskSequence, repeat); } // 0x58C70CF3A41E4AE7 0xCDDF1508
static int GET_SEQUENCE_PROGRESS(Ped ped) { return invoke<int>(0x00A9010CFE1E3533, ped); } // 0x00A9010CFE1E3533 0xA3419909
static BOOL GET_IS_TASK_ACTIVE(Ped ped, int taskNumber) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB0760331C7AA4155, ped, taskNumber); } // 0xB0760331C7AA4155 0x86FDDF55
static int GET_SCRIPT_TASK_STATUS(Ped targetPed, Hash taskHash) { return invoke<int>(0x77F1BEB8863288D5, targetPed, taskHash); } // 0x77F1BEB8863288D5 0xB2477B23
static int GET_ACTIVE_VEHICLE_MISSION_TYPE(Vehicle veh) { return invoke<int>(0x534AEBA6E5ED4CAB, veh); } // 0x534AEBA6E5ED4CAB 0xAFA914EF
static void TASK_LEAVE_ANY_VEHICLE(Ped ped, int p1, int p2) { invoke<Void>(0x504D54DF3F6F2247, ped, p1, p2); } // 0x504D54DF3F6F2247 0xDBDD79FA
static void TASK_AIM_GUN_SCRIPTED(Ped ped, Hash scriptTask, BOOL p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x7A192BE16D373D00, ped, scriptTask, p2, p3); } // 0x7A192BE16D373D00 0x9D296BCD
static void TASK_AIM_GUN_SCRIPTED_WITH_TARGET(Any p0, Any p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, Any p5, BOOL p6, BOOL p7) { invoke<Void>(0x8605AF0DE8B3A5AC, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7); } // 0x8605AF0DE8B3A5AC 0xFD517CE3
static void UPDATE_TASK_AIM_GUN_SCRIPTED_TARGET(Ped p0, Ped p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x9724FB59A3E72AD0, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x9724FB59A3E72AD0 0x67E73525
static char* GET_CLIP_SET_FOR_SCRIPTED_GUN_TASK(int p0) { return invoke<char*>(0x3A8CADC7D37AACC5, p0); } // 0x3A8CADC7D37AACC5 0x249EB4EB
static void TASK_AIM_GUN_AT_ENTITY(Ped ped, Entity entity, int duration, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x9B53BB6E8943AF53, ped, entity, duration, p3); } // 0x9B53BB6E8943AF53 0xBE32B3B6
static void TASK_TURN_PED_TO_FACE_ENTITY(Ped ped, Entity entity, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0x5AD23D40115353AC, ped, entity, duration); } // 0x5AD23D40115353AC 0x3C37C767
static void TASK_AIM_GUN_AT_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, int time, BOOL p5, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0x6671F3EEC681BDA1, ped, x, y, z, time, p5, p6); } // 0x6671F3EEC681BDA1 0xFBF44AD3
static void TASK_SHOOT_AT_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, int duration, Hash firingPattern) { invoke<Void>(0x46A6CC01E0826106, ped, x, y, z, duration, firingPattern); } // 0x46A6CC01E0826106 0x601C22E3
static void TASK_SHUFFLE_TO_NEXT_VEHICLE_SEAT(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x7AA80209BDA643EB, ped, vehicle); } // 0x7AA80209BDA643EB 0xBEAF8F67
static void CLEAR_PED_TASKS(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xE1EF3C1216AFF2CD, ped); } // 0xE1EF3C1216AFF2CD 0xDE3316AB
static void CLEAR_PED_SECONDARY_TASK(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0x176CECF6F920D707, ped); } // 0x176CECF6F920D707 0xA635F451
static void TASK_EVERYONE_LEAVE_VEHICLE(Vehicle vehicle) { invoke<Void>(0x7F93691AB4B92272, vehicle); } // 0x7F93691AB4B92272 0xC1971F30
static void TASK_GOTO_ENTITY_OFFSET(Ped ped, Any p1, Any p2, float x, float y, float z, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0xE39B4FF4FDEBDE27, ped, p1, p2, x, y, z, duration); } // 0xE39B4FF4FDEBDE27 0x1A17A85E
static void TASK_GOTO_ENTITY_OFFSET_XY(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, Any p7) { invoke<Void>(0x338E7EF52B6095A9, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7); } // 0x338E7EF52B6095A9 0xBC1E3D0A
static void TASK_TURN_PED_TO_FACE_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0x1DDA930A0AC38571, ped, x, y, z, duration); } // 0x1DDA930A0AC38571 0x30463D73
static void TASK_VEHICLE_TEMP_ACTION(Ped driver, Vehicle vehicle, int action, int time) { invoke<Void>(0xC429DCEEB339E129, driver, vehicle, action, time); } // 0xC429DCEEB339E129 0x0679DFB8
static void TASK_VEHICLE_MISSION(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, float p4, Any p5, float p6, float p7, BOOL p8) { invoke<Void>(0x659427E0EF36BCDE, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8); } // 0x659427E0EF36BCDE 0x20609E56
static void TASK_VEHICLE_MISSION_PED_TARGET(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, Ped pedTarget, int mode, float maxSpeed, int drivingStyle, float minDistance, float p7, BOOL p8) { invoke<Void>(0x9454528DF15D657A, ped, vehicle, pedTarget, mode, maxSpeed, drivingStyle, minDistance, p7, p8); } // 0x9454528DF15D657A 0xC81C4677
static void TASK_VEHICLE_MISSION_COORS_TARGET(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y, float z, int p5, int p6, int p7, float p8, float p9, BOOL p10) { invoke<Void>(0xF0AF20AA7731F8C3, ped, vehicle, x, y, z, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10); } // 0xF0AF20AA7731F8C3 0x6719C109
static void TASK_VEHICLE_ESCORT(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle targetVehicle, int mode, float speed, int drivingStyle, float minDistance, int p7, float noRoadsDistance) { invoke<Void>(0x0FA6E4B75F302400, ped, vehicle, targetVehicle, mode, speed, drivingStyle, minDistance, p7, noRoadsDistance); } // 0x0FA6E4B75F302400 0x9FDCB250
static void _TASK_VEHICLE_FOLLOW(Ped driver, Vehicle vehicle, Entity targetEntity, int drivingStyle, float speed, int minDistance) { invoke<Void>(0xFC545A9F0626E3B6, driver, vehicle, targetEntity, drivingStyle, speed, minDistance); } // 0xFC545A9F0626E3B6
static void TASK_VEHICLE_CHASE(Ped driver, Entity targetEnt) { invoke<Void>(0x3C08A8E30363B353, driver, targetEnt); } // 0x3C08A8E30363B353 0x55634798
static void TASK_VEHICLE_HELI_PROTECT(Ped pilot, Vehicle vehicle, Entity entityToFollow, float targetSpeed, int p4, float radius, int altitude, int p7) { invoke<Void>(0x1E09C32048FEFD1C, pilot, vehicle, entityToFollow, targetSpeed, p4, radius, altitude, p7); } // 0x1E09C32048FEFD1C 0x0CB415EE
static void SET_TASK_VEHICLE_CHASE_BEHAVIOR_FLAG(Ped ped, int flag, BOOL set) { invoke<Void>(0xCC665AAC360D31E7, ped, flag, set); } // 0xCC665AAC360D31E7 0x2A83083F
static void SET_TASK_VEHICLE_CHASE_IDEAL_PURSUIT_DISTANCE(Ped ped, float distance) { invoke<Void>(0x639B642FACBE4EDD, ped, distance); } // 0x639B642FACBE4EDD 0x04FD3EE7
static void TASK_HELI_CHASE(Ped pilot, Entity entityToFollow, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0xAC83B1DB38D0ADA0, pilot, entityToFollow, x, y, z); } // 0xAC83B1DB38D0ADA0 0xAC290A21
static void TASK_PLANE_CHASE(Ped pilot, Entity entityToFollow, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x2D2386F273FF7A25, pilot, entityToFollow, x, y, z); } // 0x2D2386F273FF7A25 0x12FA1C28
static void TASK_PLANE_LAND(Ped pilot, Vehicle plane, float runwayStartX, float runwayStartY, float runwayStartZ, float runwayEndX, float runwayEndY, float runwayEndZ) { invoke<Void>(0xBF19721FA34D32C0, pilot, plane, runwayStartX, runwayStartY, runwayStartZ, runwayEndX, runwayEndY, runwayEndZ); } // 0xBF19721FA34D32C0 0x5F7E23EA
static void TASK_HELI_MISSION(Ped pilot, Vehicle vehicle, Vehicle vehicleToFollow, Ped pedToFollow, float posX, float posY, float posZ, int mode, float speed, float radius, float angle, int p11, int height, float p13, int p14) { invoke<Void>(0xDAD029E187A2BEB4, pilot, vehicle, vehicleToFollow, pedToFollow, posX, posY, posZ, mode, speed, radius, angle, p11, height, p13, p14); } // 0xDAD029E187A2BEB4 0x0C143E97
static void TASK_PLANE_MISSION(Ped pilot, Vehicle plane, Vehicle targetVehicle, Ped targetPed, float destinationX, float destinationY, float destinationZ, int missionType, float vehicleSpeed, float p9, float heading, float maxAltitude, float minAltitude) { invoke<Void>(0x23703CD154E83B88, pilot, plane, targetVehicle, targetPed, destinationX, destinationY, destinationZ, missionType, vehicleSpeed, p9, heading, maxAltitude, minAltitude); } // 0x23703CD154E83B88 0x1D007E65
static void TASK_BOAT_MISSION(Ped pedDriver, Vehicle boat, Any p2, Any p3, float x, float y, float z, Any p7, float maxSpeed, int drivingStyle, float p10, Any p11) { invoke<Void>(0x15C86013127CE63F, pedDriver, boat, p2, p3, x, y, z, p7, maxSpeed, drivingStyle, p10, p11); } // 0x15C86013127CE63F 0x5865B031
static void TASK_DRIVE_BY(Ped driverPed, Ped targetPed, Vehicle targetVehicle, float targetX, float targetY, float targetZ, float distanceToShoot, int pedAccuracy, BOOL p8, Hash firingPattern) { invoke<Void>(0x2F8AF0E82773A171, driverPed, targetPed, targetVehicle, targetX, targetY, targetZ, distanceToShoot, pedAccuracy, p8, firingPattern); } // 0x2F8AF0E82773A171 0x2B84D1C4
static void SET_DRIVEBY_TASK_TARGET(Ped shootingPed, Ped targetPed, Vehicle targetVehicle, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0xE5B302114D8162EE, shootingPed, targetPed, targetVehicle, x, y, z); } // 0xE5B302114D8162EE 0xDA6A6FC1
static void CLEAR_DRIVEBY_TASK_UNDERNEATH_DRIVING_TASK(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xC35B5CDB2824CF69, ped); } // 0xC35B5CDB2824CF69 0x9B76F7E6
static BOOL IS_DRIVEBY_TASK_UNDERNEATH_DRIVING_TASK(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x8785E6E40C7A8818, ped); } // 0x8785E6E40C7A8818 0xB23F46E6
static BOOL CONTROL_MOUNTED_WEAPON(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDCFE42068FE0135A, ped); } // 0xDCFE42068FE0135A 0x500D9244
static void SET_MOUNTED_WEAPON_TARGET(Ped shootingPed, Ped targetPed, Vehicle targetVehicle, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0xCCD892192C6D2BB9, shootingPed, targetPed, targetVehicle, x, y, z); } // 0xCCD892192C6D2BB9 0x98713C68
static BOOL IS_MOUNTED_WEAPON_TASK_UNDERNEATH_DRIVING_TASK(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA320EF046186FA3B, ped); } // 0xA320EF046186FA3B 0x291E938C
static void TASK_USE_MOBILE_PHONE(Ped ped, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0xBD2A8EC3AF4DE7DB, ped, p1); } // 0xBD2A8EC3AF4DE7DB 0x225A38C8
static void TASK_USE_MOBILE_PHONE_TIMED(Ped ped, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0x5EE02954A14C69DB, ped, duration); } // 0x5EE02954A14C69DB 0xC99C19F5
static void TASK_CHAT_TO_PED(Ped ped, Ped target, Any p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, float p6, float p7) { invoke<Void>(0x8C338E0263E4FD19, ped, target, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7); } // 0x8C338E0263E4FD19 0xA2BE1821
static void TASK_WARP_PED_INTO_VEHICLE(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, int seat) { invoke<Void>(0x9A7D091411C5F684, ped, vehicle, seat); } // 0x9A7D091411C5F684 0x65D4A35D
static void TASK_SHOOT_AT_ENTITY(Entity entity, Entity target, int duration, Hash firingPattern) { invoke<Void>(0x08DA95E8298AE772, entity, target, duration, firingPattern); } // 0x08DA95E8298AE772 0xAC0631C9
static void TASK_CLIMB(Ped ped, BOOL unused) { invoke<Void>(0x89D9FCC2435112F1, ped, unused); } // 0x89D9FCC2435112F1 0x90847790
static void TASK_CLIMB_LADDER(Ped ped, int p1) { invoke<Void>(0xB6C987F9285A3814, ped, p1); } // 0xB6C987F9285A3814 0x35BB4EE0
static void CLEAR_PED_TASKS_IMMEDIATELY(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xAAA34F8A7CB32098, ped); } // 0xAAA34F8A7CB32098 0xBC045625
static void TASK_PERFORM_SEQUENCE_FROM_PROGRESS(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0x89221B16730234F0, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x89221B16730234F0 0xFA60601B
static void SET_NEXT_DESIRED_MOVE_STATE(float p0) { invoke<Void>(0xF1B9F16E89E2C93A, p0); } // 0xF1B9F16E89E2C93A 0x4E937D57
static void SET_PED_DESIRED_MOVE_BLEND_RATIO(Ped ped, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x1E982AC8716912C5, ped, p1); } // 0x1E982AC8716912C5 0xC65FC712
static float GET_PED_DESIRED_MOVE_BLEND_RATIO(Ped ped) { return invoke<float>(0x8517D4A6CA8513ED, ped); } // 0x8517D4A6CA8513ED 0x5FEFAB72
static void TASK_GOTO_ENTITY_AIMING(Ped ped, Entity target, float distanceToStopAt, float StartAimingDist) { invoke<Void>(0xA9DA48FAB8A76C12, ped, target, distanceToStopAt, StartAimingDist); } // 0xA9DA48FAB8A76C12 0xF1C493CF
static void TASK_SET_DECISION_MAKER(Ped p0, Hash p1) { invoke<Void>(0xEB8517DDA73720DA, p0, p1); } // 0xEB8517DDA73720DA 0x830AD50C
static void TASK_SET_SPHERE_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4) { invoke<Void>(0x933C06518B52A9A4, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x933C06518B52A9A4 0x9F3C5D6A
static void TASK_CLEAR_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Any p0) { invoke<Void>(0x95A6C46A31D1917D, p0); } // 0x95A6C46A31D1917D 0x7A05BF0D
static void TASK_PED_SLIDE_TO_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float heading, float p5) { invoke<Void>(0xD04FE6765D990A06, ped, x, y, z, heading, p5); } // 0xD04FE6765D990A06 0x225380EF
static void TASK_PED_SLIDE_TO_COORD_HDG_RATE(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float heading, float p5, float p6) { invoke<Void>(0x5A4A6A6D3DC64F52, ped, x, y, z, heading, p5, p6); } // 0x5A4A6A6D3DC64F52 0x38A995C1
static ScrHandle ADD_COVER_POINT(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, Any p4, Any p5, Any p6, BOOL p7) { return invoke<ScrHandle>(0xD5C12A75C7B9497F, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7); } // 0xD5C12A75C7B9497F 0xA0AF0B98
static void REMOVE_COVER_POINT(ScrHandle coverpoint) { invoke<Void>(0xAE287C923D891715, coverpoint); } // 0xAE287C923D891715 0x0776888B
static BOOL DOES_SCRIPTED_COVER_POINT_EXIST_AT_COORDS(float x, float y, float z) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xA98B8E3C088E5A31, x, y, z); } // 0xA98B8E3C088E5A31 0x29F97A71
static Vector3 GET_SCRIPTED_COVER_POINT_COORDS(ScrHandle coverpoint) { return invoke<Vector3>(0x594A1028FC2A3E85, coverpoint); } // 0x594A1028FC2A3E85 0xC6B6CCC1
static void TASK_COMBAT_PED(Ped ped, Ped targetPed, int p2, int p3) { invoke<Void>(0xF166E48407BAC484, ped, targetPed, p2, p3); } // 0xF166E48407BAC484 0xCB0D8932
static void TASK_COMBAT_PED_TIMED(Any p0, Ped ped, int p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0x944F30DCB7096BDE, p0, ped, p2, p3); } // 0x944F30DCB7096BDE 0xF5CA2A45
static void TASK_SEEK_COVER_FROM_POS(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, int duration, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x75AC2B60386D89F2, ped, x, y, z, duration, p5); } // 0x75AC2B60386D89F2 0x83F18EE9
static void TASK_SEEK_COVER_FROM_PED(Ped ped, Ped target, int duration, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x84D32B3BEC531324, ped, target, duration, p3); } // 0x84D32B3BEC531324 0xC1EC907E
static void TASK_SEEK_COVER_TO_COVER_POINT(Any p0, Any p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, Any p5, BOOL p6) { invoke<Void>(0xD43D95C7A869447F, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0xD43D95C7A869447F 0x3D026B29
static void TASK_SEEK_COVER_TO_COORDS(Ped ped, float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, Any p7, BOOL p8) { invoke<Void>(0x39246A6958EF072C, ped, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, p7, p8); } // 0x39246A6958EF072C 0xFFFE754E
static void TASK_PUT_PED_DIRECTLY_INTO_COVER(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, Any timeout, BOOL p5, float p6, BOOL p7, BOOL p8, Any p9, BOOL p10) { invoke<Void>(0x4172393E6BE1FECE, ped, x, y, z, timeout, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10); } // 0x4172393E6BE1FECE 0xC9F00E68
static void TASK_EXIT_COVER(Any p0, Any p1, float p2, float p3, float p4) { invoke<Void>(0x79B258E397854D29, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x79B258E397854D29 0xC829FAC9
static void TASK_PUT_PED_DIRECTLY_INTO_MELEE(Ped ped, Ped meleeTarget, float p2, float p3, float p4, BOOL p5) { invoke<Void>(0x1C6CD14A876FFE39, ped, meleeTarget, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x1C6CD14A876FFE39 0x79E1D27D
static void TASK_TOGGLE_DUCK(BOOL p0, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xAC96609B9995EDF8, p0, p1); } // 0xAC96609B9995EDF8 0x61CFBCBF
static void TASK_GUARD_CURRENT_POSITION(Ped p0, float p1, float p2, BOOL p3) { invoke<Void>(0x4A58A47A72E3FCB4, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x4A58A47A72E3FCB4 0x2FB099E9
static void TASK_GUARD_ASSIGNED_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, Any p6) { invoke<Void>(0xD2A207EEBDF9889B, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6); } // 0xD2A207EEBDF9889B 0x7AF0133D
static void TASK_GUARD_SPHERE_DEFENSIVE_AREA(Ped p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, Any p6, float p7, float p8, float p9, float p10) { invoke<Void>(0xC946FE14BE0EB5E2, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10); } // 0xC946FE14BE0EB5E2 0x86B76CB7
static void TASK_STAND_GUARD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float heading, char* scenarioName) { invoke<Void>(0xAE032F8BBA959E90, ped, x, y, z, heading, scenarioName); } // 0xAE032F8BBA959E90 0xD130F636
static void SET_DRIVE_TASK_CRUISE_SPEED(Ped driver, float cruiseSpeed) { invoke<Void>(0x5C9B84BD7D31D908, driver, cruiseSpeed); } // 0x5C9B84BD7D31D908 0x3CEC07B1
static void SET_DRIVE_TASK_MAX_CRUISE_SPEED(Any p0, float p1) { invoke<Void>(0x404A5AA9B9F0B746, p0, p1); } // 0x404A5AA9B9F0B746 0x7FDF6131
static void SET_DRIVE_TASK_DRIVING_STYLE(Ped ped, int drivingStyle) { invoke<Void>(0xDACE1BE37D88AF67, ped, drivingStyle); } // 0xDACE1BE37D88AF67 0x59C5FAD7
static void ADD_COVER_BLOCKING_AREA(float playerX, float playerY, float playerZ, float radiusX, float radiusY, float radiusZ, BOOL p6, BOOL p7, BOOL p8, BOOL p9) { invoke<Void>(0x45C597097DD7CB81, playerX, playerY, playerZ, radiusX, radiusY, radiusZ, p6, p7, p8, p9); } // 0x45C597097DD7CB81 0x3536946F
static void REMOVE_ALL_COVER_BLOCKING_AREAS() { invoke<Void>(0xDB6708C0B46F56D8); } // 0xDB6708C0B46F56D8 0xCF9221A7
static void TASK_START_SCENARIO_IN_PLACE(Ped ped, char* scenarioName, int unkDelay, BOOL playEnterAnim) { invoke<Void>(0x142A02425FF02BD9, ped, scenarioName, unkDelay, playEnterAnim); } // 0x142A02425FF02BD9 0xE50D6DDE
static void TASK_START_SCENARIO_AT_POSITION(Ped ped, char* scenarioName, float x, float y, float z, float heading, int duration, BOOL sittingScenario, BOOL teleport) { invoke<Void>(0xFA4EFC79F69D4F07, ped, scenarioName, x, y, z, heading, duration, sittingScenario, teleport); } // 0xFA4EFC79F69D4F07 0xAA2C4AC2
static void TASK_USE_NEAREST_SCENARIO_TO_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float distance, int duration) { invoke<Void>(0x277F471BA9DB000B, ped, x, y, z, distance, duration); } // 0x277F471BA9DB000B 0x9C50FBF0
static void TASK_USE_NEAREST_SCENARIO_TO_COORD_WARP(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float radius, Any p5) { invoke<Void>(0x58E2E0F23F6B76C3, ped, x, y, z, radius, p5); } // 0x58E2E0F23F6B76C3 0x1BE9D65C
static void TASK_USE_NEAREST_SCENARIO_CHAIN_TO_COORD(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, Any p5) { invoke<Void>(0x9FDA1B3D7E7028B3, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x9FDA1B3D7E7028B3 0xE32FFB22
static void TASK_USE_NEAREST_SCENARIO_CHAIN_TO_COORD_WARP(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, Any p5) { invoke<Void>(0x97A28E63F0BA5631, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x97A28E63F0BA5631 0xBAB4C0AE
static BOOL DOES_SCENARIO_EXIST_IN_AREA(float x, float y, float z, float radius, BOOL b) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5A59271FFADD33C1, x, y, z, radius, b); } // 0x5A59271FFADD33C1 0xFA7F5047
static BOOL DOES_SCENARIO_OF_TYPE_EXIST_IN_AREA(float p0, float p1, float p2, Any* p3, float p4, BOOL p5) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x0A9D0C2A3BBC86C1, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5); } // 0x0A9D0C2A3BBC86C1 0x0FB138A5
static BOOL IS_SCENARIO_OCCUPIED(float p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, BOOL p4) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x788756D73AC2E07C, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x788756D73AC2E07C 0x697FC008
static BOOL PED_HAS_USE_SCENARIO_TASK(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x295E3CCEC879CCD7, ped); } // 0x295E3CCEC879CCD7 0x9BE9C691
static void PLAY_ANIM_ON_RUNNING_SCENARIO(Ped ped, char* animDict, char* animName) { invoke<Void>(0x748040460F8DF5DC, ped, animDict, animName); } // 0x748040460F8DF5DC 0x1984A5D1
static BOOL DOES_SCENARIO_GROUP_EXIST(char* scenarioGroup) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xF9034C136C9E00D3, scenarioGroup); } // 0xF9034C136C9E00D3 0x5F072EB9
static BOOL IS_SCENARIO_GROUP_ENABLED(char* scenarioGroup) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x367A09DED4E05B99, scenarioGroup); } // 0x367A09DED4E05B99 0x90991122
static void SET_SCENARIO_GROUP_ENABLED(char* scenarioGroup, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0x02C8E5B49848664E, scenarioGroup, p1); } // 0x02C8E5B49848664E 0x116997B1
static void RESET_SCENARIO_GROUPS_ENABLED() { invoke<Void>(0xDD902D0349AFAD3A); } // 0xDD902D0349AFAD3A 0xBF55025D
static void SET_EXCLUSIVE_SCENARIO_GROUP(char* scenarioGroup) { invoke<Void>(0x535E97E1F7FC0C6A, scenarioGroup); } // 0x535E97E1F7FC0C6A 0x59DB8F26
static void RESET_EXCLUSIVE_SCENARIO_GROUP() { invoke<Void>(0x4202BBCB8684563D); } // 0x4202BBCB8684563D 0x17F9DFE8
static BOOL IS_SCENARIO_TYPE_ENABLED(char* scenarioType) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x3A815DB3EA088722, scenarioType); } // 0x3A815DB3EA088722 0xAE37E969
static void SET_SCENARIO_TYPE_ENABLED(char* scenarioType, BOOL toggle) { invoke<Void>(0xEB47EC4E34FB7EE1, scenarioType, toggle); } // 0xEB47EC4E34FB7EE1 0xDB18E5DE
static void RESET_SCENARIO_TYPES_ENABLED() { invoke<Void>(0x0D40EE2A7F2B2D6D); } // 0x0D40EE2A7F2B2D6D 0xF58FDEB4
static BOOL IS_PED_ACTIVE_IN_SCENARIO(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xAA135F9482C82CC3, ped); } // 0xAA135F9482C82CC3 0x05038F1A
static BOOL _0x621C6E4729388E41(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x621C6E4729388E41, ped); } // 0x621C6E4729388E41
static void _0x8FD89A6240813FD0(Ped ped, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x8FD89A6240813FD0, ped, p1, p2); } // 0x8FD89A6240813FD0
static void TASK_COMBAT_HATED_TARGETS_IN_AREA(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float radius, Any p5) { invoke<Void>(0x4CF5F55DAC3280A0, ped, x, y, z, radius, p5); } // 0x4CF5F55DAC3280A0 0xDF099E18
static void TASK_COMBAT_HATED_TARGETS_AROUND_PED(Ped ped, float radius, int p2) { invoke<Void>(0x7BF835BB9E2698C8, ped, radius, p2); } // 0x7BF835BB9E2698C8 0x2E7064E4
static void TASK_COMBAT_HATED_TARGETS_AROUND_PED_TIMED(Any p0, float p1, Any p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0x2BBA30B854534A0C, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x2BBA30B854534A0C 0xF127AD6A
static void TASK_THROW_PROJECTILE(int ped, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x7285951DBF6B5A51, ped, x, y, z); } // 0x7285951DBF6B5A51 0xF65C20A7
static void TASK_SWAP_WEAPON(Ped ped, BOOL p1) { invoke<Void>(0xA21C51255B205245, ped, p1); } // 0xA21C51255B205245 0xDAF4F8FC
static void TASK_RELOAD_WEAPON(Ped ped, BOOL unused) { invoke<Void>(0x62D2916F56B9CD2D, ped, unused); } // 0x62D2916F56B9CD2D 0xCA6E91FD
static BOOL IS_PED_GETTING_UP(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2A74E1D5F2F00EEC, ped); } // 0x2A74E1D5F2F00EEC 0x320813E6
static void TASK_WRITHE(Ped ped, Ped target, int time, int p3) { invoke<Void>(0xCDDC2B77CE54AC6E, ped, target, time, p3); } // 0xCDDC2B77CE54AC6E 0x0FDC54FC
static BOOL IS_PED_IN_WRITHE(Ped ped) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xDEB6D52126E7D640, ped); } // 0xDEB6D52126E7D640 0x09E61921
static void OPEN_PATROL_ROUTE(char* patrolRoute) { invoke<Void>(0xA36BFB5EE89F3D82, patrolRoute); } // 0xA36BFB5EE89F3D82 0xF33F83CA
static void CLOSE_PATROL_ROUTE() { invoke<Void>(0xB043ECA801B8CBC1); } // 0xB043ECA801B8CBC1 0x67305E59
static void ADD_PATROL_ROUTE_NODE(int p0, char* p1, float x1, float y1, float z1, float x2, float y2, float z2, int p8) { invoke<Void>(0x8EDF950167586B7C, p0, p1, x1, y1, z1, x2, y2, z2, p8); } // 0x8EDF950167586B7C 0x21B48F10
static void ADD_PATROL_ROUTE_LINK(Any p0, Any p1) { invoke<Void>(0x23083260DEC3A551, p0, p1); } // 0x23083260DEC3A551 0xD8761BB3
static void CREATE_PATROL_ROUTE() { invoke<Void>(0xAF8A443CCC8018DC); } // 0xAF8A443CCC8018DC 0x0A6C7864
static void DELETE_PATROL_ROUTE(char* patrolRoute) { invoke<Void>(0x7767DD9D65E91319, patrolRoute); } // 0x7767DD9D65E91319 0x2A4E6706
static void TASK_PATROL(Ped ped, char* p1, Any p2, BOOL p3, BOOL p4) { invoke<Void>(0xBDA5DF49D080FE4E, ped, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0xBDA5DF49D080FE4E 0xB92E5AF6
static void TASK_STAY_IN_COVER(Ped ped) { invoke<Void>(0xE5DA8615A6180789, ped); } // 0xE5DA8615A6180789 0xA27A9413
static void ADD_VEHICLE_SUBTASK_ATTACK_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x5CF0D8F9BBA0DD75, ped, x, y, z); } // 0x5CF0D8F9BBA0DD75 0x50779A2C
static void ADD_VEHICLE_SUBTASK_ATTACK_PED(Ped ped, Ped ped2) { invoke<Void>(0x85F462BADC7DA47F, ped, ped2); } // 0x85F462BADC7DA47F 0x80461113
static void TASK_VEHICLE_SHOOT_AT_PED(Ped ped, Ped target, float p2) { invoke<Void>(0x10AB107B887214D8, ped, target, p2); } // 0x10AB107B887214D8 0x59677BA0
static void TASK_VEHICLE_AIM_AT_PED(Ped ped, Ped target) { invoke<Void>(0xE41885592B08B097, ped, target); } // 0xE41885592B08B097 0x920AE6DB
static void TASK_VEHICLE_SHOOT_AT_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float p4) { invoke<Void>(0x5190796ED39C9B6D, ped, x, y, z, p4); } // 0x5190796ED39C9B6D 0xA7AAA4D6
static void TASK_VEHICLE_AIM_AT_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z) { invoke<Void>(0x447C1E9EF844BC0F, ped, x, y, z); } // 0x447C1E9EF844BC0F 0x010F47CE
static void TASK_VEHICLE_GOTO_NAVMESH(Ped ped, Vehicle vehicle, float x, float y, float z, float speed, int behaviorFlag, float stoppingRange) { invoke<Void>(0x195AEEB13CEFE2EE, ped, vehicle, x, y, z, speed, behaviorFlag, stoppingRange); } // 0x195AEEB13CEFE2EE 0x55CF3BCD
static void TASK_GO_TO_COORD_WHILE_AIMING_AT_COORD(Ped ped, float x, float y, float z, float aimAtX, float aimAtY, float aimAtZ, float moveSpeed, BOOL p8, float p9, float p10, BOOL p11, Any flags, BOOL p13, Hash firingPattern) { invoke<Void>(0x11315AB3385B8AC0, ped, x, y, z, aimAtX, aimAtY, aimAtZ, moveSpeed, p8, p9, p10, p11, flags, p13, firingPattern); } // 0x11315AB3385B8AC0 0x1552DC91
static void TASK_GO_TO_COORD_WHILE_AIMING_AT_ENTITY(Any p0, float p1, float p2, float p3, Any p4, float p5, BOOL p6, float p7, float p8, BOOL p9, Any p10, BOOL p11, Any p12, Any p13) { invoke<Void>(0xB2A16444EAD9AE47, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11, p12, p13); } // 0xB2A16444EAD9AE47 0x9BD52ABD
static void TASK_GO_TO_COORD_AND_AIM_AT_HATED_ENTITIES_NEAR_COORD(Ped pedHandle, float goToLocationX, float goToLocationY, float goToLocationZ, float focusLocationX, float focusLocationY, float focusLocationZ, float speed, BOOL shootAtEnemies, float distanceToStopAt, float noRoadsDistance, BOOL unkTrue, int unkFlag, int aimingFlag, Hash firingPattern) { invoke<Void>(0xA55547801EB331FC, pedHandle, goToLocationX, goToLocationY, goToLocationZ, focusLocationX, focusLocationY, focusLocationZ, speed, shootAtEnemies, distanceToStopAt, noRoadsDistance, unkTrue, unkFlag, aimingFlag, firingPattern); } // 0xA55547801EB331FC 0x3F91358E
static void TASK_GO_TO_ENTITY_WHILE_AIMING_AT_COORD(Any p0, Any p1, float p2, float p3, float p4, float p5, BOOL p6, float p7, float p8, BOOL p9, BOOL p10, Any p11) { invoke<Void>(0x04701832B739DCE5, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7, p8, p9, p10, p11); } // 0x04701832B739DCE5 0xD896CD82
static void TASK_GO_TO_ENTITY_WHILE_AIMING_AT_ENTITY(Ped ped, Entity entityToWalkTo, Entity entityToAimAt, float speed, BOOL shootatEntity, float p5, float p6, BOOL p7, BOOL p8, Hash firingPattern) { invoke<Void>(0x97465886D35210E9, ped, entityToWalkTo, entityToAimAt, speed, shootatEntity, p5, p6, p7, p8, firingPattern); } // 0x97465886D35210E9 0x68E36B7A
static void SET_HIGH_FALL_TASK(Ped ped, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0x8C825BDC7741D37C, ped, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x8C825BDC7741D37C 0xBBB26172
static void REQUEST_WAYPOINT_RECORDING(char* name) { invoke<Void>(0x9EEFB62EB27B5792, name); } // 0x9EEFB62EB27B5792 0xAFABFB5D
static BOOL GET_IS_WAYPOINT_RECORDING_LOADED(char* name) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xCB4E8BE8A0063C5D, name); } // 0xCB4E8BE8A0063C5D 0x87125F5D
static void REMOVE_WAYPOINT_RECORDING(char* name) { invoke<Void>(0xFF1B8B4AA1C25DC8, name); } // 0xFF1B8B4AA1C25DC8 0x624530B0
static BOOL WAYPOINT_RECORDING_GET_NUM_POINTS(char* name, int* points) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x5343532C01A07234, name, points); } // 0x5343532C01A07234 0xF5F9B71E
static BOOL WAYPOINT_RECORDING_GET_COORD(char* name, int point, Vector3* coord) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x2FB897405C90B361, name, point, coord); } // 0x2FB897405C90B361 0x19266913
static float WAYPOINT_RECORDING_GET_SPEED_AT_POINT(char* name, int point) { return invoke<float>(0x005622AEBC33ACA9, name, point); } // 0x005622AEBC33ACA9 0xC765633A
static BOOL WAYPOINT_RECORDING_GET_CLOSEST_WAYPOINT(char* name, float x, float y, float z, int* point) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xB629A298081F876F, name, x, y, z, point); } // 0xB629A298081F876F 0xC4CD35AF
static void TASK_FOLLOW_WAYPOINT_RECORDING(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3, Any p4) { invoke<Void>(0x0759591819534F7B, p0, p1, p2, p3, p4); } // 0x0759591819534F7B 0xADF9904D
static BOOL IS_WAYPOINT_PLAYBACK_GOING_ON_FOR_PED(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0xE03B3F2D3DC59B64, p0); } // 0xE03B3F2D3DC59B64 0x85B7725F
static Any GET_PED_WAYPOINT_PROGRESS(Any p0) { return invoke<Any>(0x2720AAA75001E094, p0); } // 0x2720AAA75001E094 0x3595B104
static float GET_PED_WAYPOINT_DISTANCE(Any p0) { return invoke<float>(0xE6A877C64CAF1BC5, p0); } // 0xE6A877C64CAF1BC5 0x084B35B0
static Any SET_PED_WAYPOINT_ROUTE_OFFSET(Any p0, Any p1, Any p2, Any p3) { return invoke<Any>(0xED98E10B0AFCE4B4, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0xED98E10B0AFCE4B4 0xF867F747
static float GET_WAYPOINT_DISTANCE_ALONG_ROUTE(char* p0, int p1) { return invoke<float>(0xA5B769058763E497, p0, p1); } // 0xA5B769058763E497 0xE8422AC4
static BOOL WAYPOINT_PLAYBACK_GET_IS_PAUSED(Any p0) { return invoke<BOOL>(0x701375A7D43F01CB, p0); } // 0x701375A7D43F01CB 0xA6BB5717
static void WAYPOINT_PLAYBACK_PAUSE(Any p0, BOOL p1, BOOL p2) { invoke<Void>(0x0F342546AA06FED5, p0, p1, p2); } // 0x0F342546AA06FED5 0xFE39ECF8
static void WAYPOINT_PLAYBACK_RESUME(Any p0, BOOL p1, Any p2, Any p3) { invoke<Void>(0x244F70C84C547D2D, p0, p1, p2, p3); } // 0x244F70C84C547D2D 0x50F392EF