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@Moelf Moelf/HW2.jl
Created Oct 10, 2019

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using Plots, Statistics
using StatsPlots
using Distributions #this pkg actually is end game, but we're just using gaussian pdf
function custom_gaussian(n)
#parent distribution is Gaussian
μ = 10
parent = Distributions.Normal(10) #μ = 10
parent_pdf(x) = Distributions.pdf(parent, x)
rᵢ = rand(n)
a = 6
b = 14
xᵢ = a .+ (b-a) .* rᵢ
βᵢ = parent_pdf.(xᵢ) ./ parent_pdf(median(xᵢ))
sᵢ = rand(n)
msk = βᵢ .> sᵢ
result = xᵢ[msk]
big_array = []
@gif for n = 1:11^2
append!(big_array, custom_gaussian(25))
histogram(big_array, bin=7:0.3:13, normed=true, label="Normalized hist")
plot!(Normal(10), label="True PDF")
title!("Customized sampler with n=$(n*1000)")

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Moelf commented Oct 10, 2019

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