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@MohammedFouad MohammedFouad/index.js
Last active Sep 19, 2019

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This code is for device to device firebase notifications, Thanks for TVAC Studio channel for great tutorial on youtube
'use strict'
// The Cloud Functions for Firebase SDK to create Cloud Functions and setup triggers.
const functions = require('firebase-functions');
// The Firebase Admin SDK to access the Firebase Realtime Database.
const admin = require('firebase-admin');
exports.sendNotification = functions.firestore.document('Users/{user_id}/Notifications/{notification_id}').onWrite ((change, context) => {
const user_id = context.params.user_id;
const notification_id = context.params.notification_id;
console.log(" user_id " + user_id);
console.log("notification_id" + notification_id);
return admin.firestore().collection("Users").doc(user_id).collection("Notifications").doc(notification_id).get().then(queryResult=> {
const from_user_id =;
const from_message =;
const from_data = admin.firestore().collection("Users").doc(from_user_id).get();
const to_data = admin.firestore().collection("Users").doc(user_id).get();
return Promise.all([from_data, to_data]).then(results =>{
const from_name = results[0].data().name;
const to_name = results[1].data().name;
const token_id = results[1].data().token_id;
console.log("from :"+ from_name+" To "+ to_name);
const payLoad = {
notification: {
title : "Notification From: " + from_name,
body : from_message,
icon : "default"
return admin.messaging().sendToDevice(token_id,payLoad).then(results=>{
console.log("Notification sent")
return true;
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