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MoimHossain/SetAcl.cs Secret

Created Sep 19, 2019
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public async Task<bool> SetAccessControlAsync(string fileSystemName, string path, AclEntry[] acls)
var targetPath = $"{WebUtility.UrlEncode(fileSystemName)}{path}";
var tokenInfo = await tokenProvider.GetAccessTokenV2EndpointAsync();
var jsonContent = new StringContent(string.Empty);
var headers = Statics.Http.DefaultRequestHeaders;
headers.Add("Authorization", $"Bearer {tokenInfo.access_token}");
headers.Add(ACK_HEADER_NAME, string.Join(',', acls.Select(a => a.ToString()).ToArray()));
var response = await Statics.Http.PatchAsync($"{baseUri}{targetPath}?action=setAccessControl", jsonContent);
return response.IsSuccessStatusCode;
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